GH’s Top 10 Most Visually Stunning HD Games of the Last Generation

By Ivan Ivanoff – 7th February 2014
GH’s Top 10 Most Visually Stunning HD Games of the Last Generation

The next-gen is already here with the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As a spike in game quality can be noticed on every platform about an year after the release of new major gaming consoles, it is no wonder that everyone is so excited about the upcoming game titles. However, we here at Gamer Headlines decided to take a look back at recent history and give you the Top 10 Most Visually Stunning HD Games of the Last Generation.

The list contains video games from the last generation, which have not only the best graphics, but inspire with aesthetics, impress with stunning visual effects, move with their graphical fidelity as well as deliver on good quality textures. As you are now aware what we mean by visually stunning games of the last generation, you probably know how hard it was far us to choose just ten from the long list of games.

Deep apologizes to the fans of Uncharted, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Day Z, Beyond Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto 5 and more. Even though these games are visually impressive, they are not as stunning as a whole. We also decided to include two honorable mentions and a special tenth and a half place, for appropriate reasons. Without further adieu here are our top ten picks for most visually stunning games of the last generation.

Honorable Mention Number 2: Bioshock Infinite

The silver Honorable Mention badge for visual performance goes to Bioshock: Infinite. Even though the graphics are not that impressive technically, the game does impress with stunning art. Creating an innovative steam-punk feel, the game is a true masterpiece in the modern day game art design. Even though the game is amazing aesthetics-wise and has some great visual effects, it just does not fit the criteria as the textures, the graphical fidelity and the whole feel of the visuals in the game don’t impress.

Honorable Mention Number 1: Borderlands 2 Infinite

The gold Honorable Mention badge is for Borderlands 2 for obvious reasons. The Borderlands series captured the attention of every comic book lover and not only, by creating a unique visual style in gaming. Other games of such style are Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. However, being the successor of Borderlands and having the best fidelity, Borderlands 2 made our list as the gold Honorable Mention gold badge.

Number 10.5: Hitman: Absolution

 Taking our special number 10.5 place in our list is Hitman: Absolution. Due to amazing slow motion effect, quite impressive textures and fidelity, we simply had to include the latest addition in the Agent 47 saga in our list.

Number 10: Max Payne 3

Actually, the main reason for Hitman taking a special place in our list is the resemblance between the feel given off by it and Max Payne 3 graphically. The amazing slow motion visual effects lets us notice the little details in the graphical fidelity of both games and truly appreciate them. Max Payne 3 takes tenth place in our list.

Number 9: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The Assassin’s Creed game franchise is creating an entire alternative history world. The latest addition of the series – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is set in the Colonial Era and lets us enjoy some intense naval action. Although the gameplay of the game is quite extensive, the visuals take it only to the night place in our list.

Number 8: Sleeping Dogs

Grand Theft Auto enthusiast who haven’t heard of this game will love it. Although it is not as famous, Sleeping Dogs has an extensive open world filled with beautifully looking and stunning graphics and effects.

Number 7: Battlefield 4

The wounded soldier, that is constantly getting patched up, Battlefield 4 still does have some minor issues. However, ever though according to the fans the game was released a whole year too early, its graphical fidelity marks new heights as its predecessor. However, because the overall quality of the game ruined the visual experience as well it takes only the seventh place in our list.

Number 6: Tomb Raider

The next game featuring Lara Croft and the restart of the series, Tomb Raider, makes us emotional several times with its compelling story and mind-grabbing gameplay. However, if it wasn’t for the visual quality of the game, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Number 5: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Even though the game is quite old, players would still have to buy impressive gaming machines in order to run The Witcher 2: Assassination of Kings at its highest settings. The rich world of The Witcher 2 comes alive due to the truly stunning visual environment in the game.

Number 4: Metro: Last Light

The successor of Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light lives up to the name of the first game. The life in the Moscow metro in the nuclear winter, while the world is filled with mutated zombie-like creatures is a truly harsh experience, that the player is able to feel only because of the impressive quality of the graphics.

Number 3: ARMA III

Although it was expected that ARMA III would be impressive enough to be called the most visually stunning game of its generation, the game did not deliver. However, it is still impressive enough to take the bronze.

Number 2: Far Cry 3

Does it come to you as a surprise? Even though the game has been out for more than an year and a half, Far Cry 3 manages to deliver what it is supposed to – a graphically impressive seemingly crazy experience. Far Cry 3 comes just a bit short of the first place, taking the silver in our list.

Number 1: Crysis 3

Trivial, not surprising, expected? Yes, it is! However, there is no way past the fact that Crysis 3 is the most deserving game of the gold medal for most visually stunning game of the last generation.

What do you think about our list? Did we miss out on something?

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