Playstation 2 Emulation Coming Soon to the PS4

By David R – 5th February 2014
Playstation 2 Emulation Coming Soon to the PS4

In what has been one of Sony’s most requested areas of focus, backwards compatibility is coming to the Playstation 4, and in a big way. Digital Foundry recently announced that Sony is looking to release two emulators onto the PS4 sometime this year which will allow it to play Playstation 1 games, as well as the much sought-after Playstation 2 games. This coming on the heels of a heated console war between Sony  and rival Microsoft, which released its Xbox One a week after the Playstation 4 hit shelves.

Pick your collective jaws up off the ground, because there’s more. It is also being said that Sony plans on enhancing the visual quality of the games in each system library, allowing its new emulators to run each console of yesteryear’s titles in High Definition, so as to avoid the blurriness found in the Playstation 3‘s handling of PS1 games. In a heated battle that currently sees Sony slightly ahead of Microsoft, might this be the update that Sony’s been looking for, one that will allow it to finally seize control over its giant competitor once and for all?

Probably not, as this ‘war’ has seen more ups and downs than an Olympic Diving competition, and with no end in sight; but I wouldn’t have it any other way, as the Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis war is still one of the premier highlights of my youth; but, then again, isn’t it everyone’s?