Multiple Mass Effect 4 updates coming during the next weeks

By Teo Borconi – 17th February 2014
Multiple Mass Effect 4 updates coming during the next weeks

Frustrated by the lack of transparency Mass Effect 4 developer Bioware shows with the production? So are we! But fear not, things are about to change! We’ve been picking up scraps, bits and pieces up until now, hoping that Bioware will save us the agony and at least release some screenshots for the now confirmed Mass Effect 4. That wasn’t the case so far, and all we’ve gotten were some hints at new environments, and the fact that Bioware is working on a cinematic trailer for the game. The devs have been going on and on about how great the game looks and feels, but we’ve been anxiously waiting for some concrete information about the sequel to Shepard’s epic saga.

Well, it seems Bioware has finally decided to listen to the pleads of fans, and will be releasing constant devblogs over the next few weeks. It won’t be one major announcement, instead, the announcements will be spread out over time, up until March. They probably have our health interests at heart and don’t want us to die from massive Mass Effect 4 hype overdose. When asked about plans for future developer blogs, Aaryn Flynn, GM of Bioware Montreal detailed that there will be several devblogs over the next few weeks, and the amount of information to be revealed is enough to split them into bits. I guess at this point, the more we’re getting, the better!

In a less official but possibly also relevant way, it seems that the Mass Effect 4 team is also a huge fan of House of Cards, the Netflix political drama starring Kevin Spacey. While this might seem like irrelevant information, consider that the Mass Effect universe has a complicated and intriguing political system that was not explored enough in the trilogy. Perhaps with Mass Effect 4 and without a sole focus on Shepard and imminent annihilation, the devs can dive deeper into this aspect of the universe and provide an in-depth analysis of the complex political system, and create an original and engaging plot. Guess we’ll know more in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned with Gamerheadlines for the latest Mass Effect 4 news, and hop over to our forums to share your enthusiasm about the game.