Mass Effect 4 will draw heavily on the qualities of its predecessors

By Teo Borconi – 10th February 2014
Mass Effect 4 will draw heavily on the qualities of its predecessors

Fans of the Mass Effect trilogy have been worried that the upcoming Mass Effect 4 game will throw all the positive aspects of the previous games through it’s new take on the Mass Effect universe. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Bioware seems to acknowledge the importance of the game’s legacy, and wants to better understand what exactly players loved about the franchise. Ian S. Frazier himself (he’s the Lead Designer working on Mass Effect 4) seems to have picked up the ME trilogy again, both for an excuse to slack a bit on the job, as well as a great opportunity to do some research.

His tweeter activity seems to be indicating that Ian is well-aware of exactly how big shoes his team has to fill with Mass Effect 4. Going back to the roots of the series seems to be crucial in building a successful game, and while it has been confirmed that Shepard isn’t coming back for the 4th installment of the series, that doesn’t mean that every aspect of past titles have to be scratched. There are certainly enough good things to import from previous Mass Effect titles, and many aspects need to be avoided (such as the dreadful ending of Mass Effect 3) or improved (the multiplayer feature).

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So, what can we expect in Mass Effect 4? Based on this information, all of the positives of the franchise and none of the downsides, we hope. A new game-engine is more-or-less a given, and we can expect a large variety of colorful new characters in the upcoming game. Easter-eggs will also most likely be included. Lastly, we’re hoping Ian’s team is up for the task of actually catching the essence of the previous titles and extracting the best ingredients from each game, mixing them up with some new concepts and features, and pouring them into the (hopefully) masterpiece that Mass Effect 4 needs to be.


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