Mass Effect 4 Rumored Release Date

By David R – 22nd February 2014
Mass Effect 4 Rumored Release Date

You can bet Bioware is hard at work with the next Mass Effect installment (which probably will not be called Mass Effect 4).

There have been plenty of rumors flying around the internet about the possible plot-line for the game, but so far Bioware has been very discreet.

Mass Effect 4 or New Mass Effect?

We do, however, have a few details about where the creators may intend to take the franchise.

First, the only concrete information we have is that the game will run on the Frostbite 3 engine, so it’ll likely only be for next gen consoles. (Actually, the Xbox 360 and PS3 might be able to run it, but definitely not the WiiU). Second, the new game will definitely not be about Shepard. Bioware has constantly stated that ME3 was Shepard’s final tale very forcibly on both their forums and in interviews. Shepard’s story is over. Casey Hudson has publicly stated that not only will the next game not feature Shepard, but it will in no way imitate him/her whatsoever:

“So first, we don’t want to make ‘Shepard 2′, or Mass Effect 4 with like, ‘oh there’s no more Shepard but you’re a soldier in the universe’. So this will be a very, very different context for sure, and nothing has been decided on the rest.”

It’s obvious Bioware wants to try something different. It also sounds to me that the Reapers, integral to the other three games, will not play a major roll at all. Bioware, it seems, wants to explore and expand the vast universe they created.

“We are starting to get ready to develop another Mass Effect game, and it’s going to be a new thing. We want to be able to give fans an opportunity to get back into the world with these things you’ve come to know and love about the Mass Effect experience but start something fresh and new — a new way for you to explore the whole universe in Mass Effect.”

“There’s so much that could be told in the Mass Effect universe. It’d be cool to do something completely unrelated to the larger storyline, like a story about a private investigator on the Citadel…”

This alone tells us a few things. First, despite what some have suggested, the next game will take place in the current cycle (so we’re definitely not going to be fighting Reapers as a Prothean, thank God). This makes sense. Bioware already created a vast universe; it’d be silly if they tried to start from scratch a whole new universe and races to produce a game in which we already know the inevitable ending to. It also seems that the story will take place before the Reaper war, not after. Again, this makes sense. I can’t imagine you could play a detective in the Citadel if it was destroyed. There were multiple endings to Mass Effect 3. If Bioware created a game after the war, they would have to choose one specific ending over the others. What if you destroyed the Reapers? What if you took control of them? What if you choose synthesis? These endings are simply too stark to try to mask over.

Aside from creating an entirely new and unrelated story, Bioware has also discussed the possibility of spin-offs in great detail.

“…Or maybe something detailing Garrus’ time in C-Sec.”

“While being one of Shepard’s most loyal friends, Garrus has also had some of the most driven personal goals. He’s a hero in his own right, as Archangel and beyond. Who wouldn’t want to see the further adventures of the bold, charming Garrus Vakarian (there’s a lot of guns out there to calibrate)”

“Aria. The Illusive Man. Kai Leng. Any henchman. The list goes on. I think most of them could have successful spin-offs of their own in some fashion.”

“Following the story of Javik a little bit more would be pretty cool. As the last remaining member of a lost race, I think that we could tell a lot of stories about his adventures in the Milky Way, and coming to terms with his place in the new Galaxy.”

These statements also, at least in my opinion, seem to discount any rumors about historical prequels to the ME universe. So we’ll likely not see a game about the First Contact War, The Krogan Rebellions, or the Rachni Wars. Of course, this is all just speculation on my part based on very limited information. What do you guys think? Should we have a ‘Garrus as Archangel’ spin-off? Should we have an ‘L.A. Noir-esque’ C-Sec saga?

What are you guys hoping for? What do you want to see?

  • Akil McKenzie

    I think that it’d be easier to base the next game off in the distant future for a few reasons. Although it’d be great to have something completely unrelated to Shepard, I don’t think that gives the fans of ME any time to move on from him or to lose attachment. Because then it just becomes another character within Shepard’s universe. If, instead, you were to find a way to base the game after the disasters of ME3 with, as E71 said, a huge statue of Shepard or something… then the fans would be forced to move on from Shepard and to explore an entirely new storyline because there would no longer be the whole “okay…so what’s Shepard doing now?” kind of thing.
    If the game was based AFTER the destruction of the Mass Relays, the writers could find one plot line that would have caused all of the three stories to all come to the same conclusion, thus allowing them to write one story instead of three different ones to correspond with the previous ending. Then they could have the chance for an unknown, locked away, Reaper Hybrid to try and restore the Catalyst or something so they can complete their job. I’m not saying that THAT has to be the storyline… but I feel that it’d be easier to make a storyline in the future because you would have more freedom and it would be a good way for the fans to finally move on from Shepard and immerse themselves in the new characters.
    Let’s be honest. If the story was based in a different place, but in the same time span of Shepard… all we gamers are going to be looking for are clues to how that story connects to what Shepard was going through at the same time. Just sayin…

  • Beare

    A story about Elcor Shakespeare, Krogan warrior or playing as Blasto but not Kai Leng. I love everything about the Mass Effect universe except that character. He belonged in a completely different game.

    • War1ok

      Due if you didn’t read the ME BOOKS, i don’t blame you for hating Kai. But that’s because ME3 Kai is a completely different impostor person that has NOTHING to do with the Kai from the books.
      I read every book before every game installment of ME(chronologically correct order), and by the time i was done with 3rd book i could not wait for ME3 simply because i was so excited for the first apearance of Kai Leng in game.
      Sadly i was disappointed, and not only with the way they mascaraed the 1 character i really liked from the books, but also because the entire ME3 was done in a rather hasty pasty way and overall the 3rd game was a lesser experience then the 2nd game.

      • Beare

        Thanks for the info. Got me interested in reading the mass effect books.

        • War1ok

          If you want to read the books, avoid the 4th one. Its written by some guy who probably didn’t even read the first 3 books or played any of the games.

  • Kosmos Agamemnon

    I’m sorry, but… This ‘News’ item is titled “Rumored Release date” not “Speculation about stuff we already know.” Correct the title so that it actually reflects the content of the article.

  • Nesharo Braggs

    No Shepard no buy, call me old school but you make a hero you keep the hero. Plus what is the point of carrying games over. What’s best is scrapping it and call it something else.

  • Lew Lainhart

    I think that it would be cool to have something like what Dragon Age
    Origins had, being able to to choose what race you want and then what
    you’re place in society is. So it would be cool to be an Asari on Illuim
    or so on, it would also be cool to have it where you can import your
    choices from ME 1-3 that way, say Shepard romanced Liara, you could have
    the option of having your origin be that you are an Asari, but also the
    daughter of Shepard or the granddaughter of Shepard and Liara. So
    Shepard isn’t really around but you still have a connection with him or
    her and can play as one of the different races.
    Also I think that
    there should be references to Shepard like that, such as if you were
    Shepard’s Child “You look just like him.” or “You act just like your
    father did.” or later on maybe Liara or Wrex or someone might say “If
    Shepard where he he’d know what to do.” Or as some said having a statue
    of him. So on, countless things. This way Shepard still has connections
    and is relevant but he just isn’t around anymore.
    Also to continue on, it might be cool if you could work your way to become a Councillor or an Admiral, an Ambassador.
    Just my ideas, take on the matter.


    No those sound super boring. If I can’t have another solider then let me create a guy that becomes a solider. I really just want a true sequel to Mass Effect 3; like in the future by maybe a century and Shepard is remembered fondly but never seen in person and is not playable would be great!

    • MrAbyssal

      I think a few centuries to a millenia after would be best. Far enough that Bioware can be vague about what happened to the reapers and have damage repaired for those who don’t import saved games and for those who do you can have some more accurate information – such as ‘Your’ Shep as a statue and being able to find what happened to the reapers on a hidden terminal etc. Bear in mind that even with the mass relays ‘destroyed’ it probably wouldn’t take too much longer for all the finest minds in the galaxy, armed with salvaged reaper tech to get them rebuilt and working more or less as before – maybe with some still under construction.

      I think having actual cameos from previous squadmates might be taking things a bit far but certainly some things can be alluded to. If they were going to do spinoffs for Garrus etc. they’d have to be separate games and not ‘The game that may or may not be known as Mass Effect 4’

  • The Tank

    The events of the First Contact War is my bet.

  • tokio

    I just finished the game. I loved it. It was sad to let go, especially when you invest so much into the characters. I really love my Shepard and would hate to have no mention of the legend and history in ME4. I get why they are making this part of the Mass Effect series, however, it is hard to not think about Shepard not being at the center of the games. For many people Shepard is what Mass Effect is.

    I am interested in what they will bring. I rather they just name it differently though but have it within the same universe as ME. As others have said I would love to be able to play an Asari or the other races and start a new story.

  • Joey Angelo

    Synthesis didn’t kill the Geth either you know.

    • Mylo bo tak

      I know it, but I didn’t mention it deliberately. I don’t take this solution seriously, because it is stupid, immoral and degenerate. More than the other choices.

  • Benjamin Collins

    I personally would like a MMO in the mass effect universe in which I can play my little red Quarren that I invented accidentally during one of the missions. You know what I mean right? There’s six or seven awesome species besides humans that you never get to experience because Sheppard HAS to be human. It would be nice to have a game where we can chose which of those species we want to play.

    • Thales Claro

      Oh no… NO more mmo’s please =(

      • Benjamin Collins

        and because of you we will never have one

  • Dwigt

    The main problem with rebuilding Shepard is that they would have to take into consideration every major choice she/he made over the course of the trilogy, which would be a serious burden to any creativity. It’s better to start with a clean slate, rather than trying to handle a more and more convoluted life story.

  • Scott Lear

    What I would like to see has to do with Shepard’s legacy on the galaxy.
    Perhaps a totally new story set in a time after Shepard defeated the
    Reapers centered around his child, grandchild, or some other descendant.
    Why revisit portions of the storyline which have already been covered?
    While I agree that the end of Shepard was very sad I also see the need
    for the Mass Effect franchise to push toward the new and unimagined.
    After all, that was what drew me into the first three in the first
    place; the exploration of something new and unimagined…something no
    other game developer had ever done before. Besides, that was the biggest
    reason I have held onto my collector edition of the original
    trilogy…I can personally go back and relive Shep’s glory any time I
    want to, but I want to see something completely new. So, to Bioware I
    say take the story in a new direction…to those like myself who are
    huge fans of Commander Shepard I say it’s time to let him go and move

  • Lee Sandra

    i was hoping to know what actually happened to the Normandy thou..and i wish Jane Shephard(i picked female), never die. kinda sad. i was hoping for sequel actually

  • Smeeea

    i think Thane’s story would be awesome.

  • familyguy2095

    if the ME series was about Shepard, then would it be cool if they have not done it yet, to have this new ME be the back-story for what was going on while Shepard was doing what he had to do in ME:1-3. Like what they did in the “the bourne film series movies” Be cool to have this new ME game be like the “The Bourne Legacy” that was showing what happened behind the main movies.

  • masseffan1104

    I personally think, that if they’re starting a new game, they should incorporate some new ideas, such as picking your species (human, turian, krogan, asari, quarian, and salarian) each species would have its own perks. You could still pick a class, but if you’re a krogan and you pick adept, you’re not going to be a very good one. If a krogan and you select soldier, you get increased perks, making you a better soldier right off the get go. Quarians would make good engineers, turians would be good infiltrators, asari would be good adepts and vanguards, humans would be a good all around class, and as I said, krogan would be good soldiers. Salarians would make good sentinels. Of course, If you’re a krogan you dont HAVE to pick soldier, but it would be the most logical choice, at least for a beginner

  • masseffan1104

    I apologize for leaving out important races. Other races could be the drell and the batarians. Drell would be good vanguards and batarians could be a balanced species, such as humans. I did not include vorcha or volus because vorcha are known for their ignorance. It would open upbsoke funny dialogue, but also kill the dramatic mood of the game. I think we all know why volus shouldn’t be playable. They are stubby little chubsters with their heavy breathing and grubby little mits. Can you really imagine a short, obese, and asthmatic alien charging into battle, killing his enemies like a bada**? Of course you can’t. I want to be a volus, but even if the race selection is incorporated into me4, I doubt volus would be available.

  • Nick

    i see no reason why they cant do a story line say 50 or 100 years after the war with the reapers. they’re definitely not going to do anything outside the current time line as they would have to re-create the whole galaxy from scratch

  • Marcus Dawn

    Ya. Go with a canon ending. (Destroy would be the most likely). I’m hoping they’ll go with the Dragon Age Origins route. A character with his own background that you get to see and take part in, not some references to a war. Getting to pilot your own ship, it needs to happen. Different races of course, loads of side quests and DLC. A balance between ME2 and ME3 gameplay. True RPG elements like ME2, and those cinematic action scenes from ME3. Major space exploration. No vehicle missions though. No one likes those.

  • Marcus Dawn

    Can’t agree with you more. Build upon what ME2 was. Keep those awesome RPG elements, and maintain them while setting up those crazy cinematic moments from ME3. And making a name for yourself would be awesome. Be a Han Solo type of character. Maybe picking your origins too. Like maybe you use to be an Eclipse merc, but gained a conscious and left, but not before stealing your Captain’s ship, one of the fastest ship’s in the system. You go around the galaxy helping with various deeds while being targeted by the mercs. That’d be cool. Sounds more of a movie plot than a game though. A lot of possibilites with the ME universe

  • Heart_N_Soul013

    So, why can’t bioware just take the most common ending from the players from when they finished the game the first time and base it an after-the-reaper-war game? It just seems like a fair way to decide what happens next.