Mass Effect 4: Playable, Explorable, and Yet Still Unknown

By Jonathan Howard – 9th February 2014
Mass Effect 4: Playable, Explorable, and Yet Still Unknown

Gamers have an interesting stereotype associated with them: they don’t like reading. Or at least, that’s what many people tend to think. Apparently, Mass Effect 4 has changed all of that. Gamers are Googling the title at the speed of light trying to squeeze out every last bit of information they can possibly get from the title. There’s no denying the fact that Mass Effect 4 will be huge when it hits, but we still have a way to go before we get the controller in our hand.

This isn’t helped by the fact that Bioware continues to throw tiny hints and gestures toward progress without revealing too much information.

While there are still many aspects of the game that we’re very unsure of(and trust me, there’s a lot), we’ve compiled some tidbits we’ve gathered ourselves and it’s information we can both observe and discuss:

mass effect 4

Everyone else trying to see that screen?

Mass Effect 4: Currently in a playable state:

Not for us, unfortunately, but the team over at Bioware has been enjoying it. The game is reportedly in a “very” playable state and they seem to be testing it in an attempt to iron out the last bit of wrinkles. Of course this leaves gamers wondering why we haven’t been given a release date. About that…

Bioware Rumored to be Releasing an official trailer soon: 

Gamers love hearing that there has been an official trailer announced. Up until that point, the game that we’ve so anxiously been waiting for seems more like a fairy tail. Many speculate that the release of the official trailer will allow for a release date announcement in the near future.

What will the title be?

Of course, we all refer to it as “Mass Effect 4.” But as is the case with “Fallout 4” we really have no idea what the title of this is going to be until it is announced. Bioware is rumored to go with something other than “Mass Effect 4” due to the fact that many gamers will feel like they’ll be seeing Shepard again. While it has reportedly been confirmed that Shepard nor any of his acquaintances will be in the game, fans still shouldn’t assume that the game is set after the events of Mass Effect 3. Yes, there are rumors suggesting that a new (possible) race insinuates that the sequel will find itself taking place after the events of the original trilogy; however, there also rumors suggesting that the game will refer to Shepard in no way. If that’s the case, it’s possible that fans could be looking at a prequel.

It’s suppose to be big:

One of the greatest aspects of Bioware games is the explorable universe we find ourselves a part of.  It has been reported that Mass Effect 4 is supposed to host a very large explorable galaxy and that its scope and scale will be close to what we’ll see in the new Dragon Age game.

When Mass Effect 4 is officially announced with a release date, players will definitely react on social media. Don’t worry. You’ll be in the know. Be sure to comment below discussing this with us. We would love to hear your input on what you feel about these issues.