Mass Effect 4 gets new environments while a cinematic is being prepared

By Teo Borconi – 2nd February 2014
Mass Effect 4 gets new environments while a cinematic is being prepared

It’s been awhile since we’ve last heard about the progress of Mass Effect 4. When we previously covered the development of Mass Effect 4, we didn’t have extremely much to share, apart from the fact that the game is already in a playable state, and that according to the developers, it feels and plays amazing. Some new information has been released by Bioware though, and we know that the Mass Effect 4 team is already working on the motion capture process for a new trailer.

Seeing a first cinematic for the game might shed some light on who the protagonist will be (Bioware stated clearly that it won’t be Shepard), as well as on the possible timeline in which the game takes place. Michael Gamble, the producer for Mass Effect 4 also graced us with some new breadcrumbs, mentioning that the game has just received some new and “amazing” environments. Well, thanks for getting us all hyped again Michael!

That’s not to say that the Mass Effect 4 team is all work and no fun. In fact, it seems that this weekend, some of the Bioware guys decided to take a skiing trip. Sadly, this means the release date of Mass Effect 4 might be delayed two days. How dare they have fun?

In any case, we’re not sure when the game will arrive and on what platforms, but we can be sure it will eventually be here. The most reasonable estimation seems to be a mid-2015 release, but more will be revealed during this year’s E3. Bioware always releases their games on the PC, and this time, the most likely bet is that it’s going to be developed for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One too.


The story seems to be a sequel, with neither Shepard or his allies returning. That makes sense, considering how Mass Effect 3 ended. All-in-all, we’re extremely curious to see what that cinematic will look like, and we’re anxiously waiting for some more detail about Mass Effect 4 and its new environments.