Hackers reveal details of GTA Online Heists

By David R – 4th February 2014

Days after the class-action lawsuit against Rockstar for not delivering what they advertised with GTA Online was dismissed, hackers have revealed a few more shreds of information about the long-awaited heists of GTA Online. Since it was hinted at in an early gameplay trailer as well as several references to it in-game, people (myself included) have been drooling over the the thought of pulling off the perfect heist with their friends, or being forced to shoot their way to freedom à la Heat.

The heists will apparently play out much like the single player game in terms of objective; the quote below is a mission brief, pulled from GTA Online by gtaforums user funmw2:

“Get a team together and break into the vault of Vinewood’s Maze Bank and steal the gold held there. You’ll need a hacker, a couple of crack shots and your best getaway driver. You’ll also need to get some wheels which can outrun the cops.”

There’s a lot of speculation in the thread on the website gtaforums, with users suggesting that there may be several players assigned to particular roles (see: below screenshot) and then given their own specific objectives which will tie in with the overall mission objective.

GTA Online game creator classes

However some string values found not only reveal a large number of possible roles within a team, but also suggest that the heists could be played out in a versus mode, due to roles such as defenders and attackers. This would definitely be a great way to bring back the Cops’n’Crooks game mode and would ensure that each heist would play out differently every time you played.


Of course, this is all just speculation; Rockstar have been tight-lipped on specific details of the game mode. Players are hoping for an announcement in the next few weeks, as it has been almost five months since the launch of GTAV and four since the release of GTA Online.

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