Grand Theft Auto 5 new major update brings UI Improvements, glitch fixes and more

By Ivan Ivanoff – 13th February 2014
Grand Theft Auto 5 new major update brings UI Improvements, glitch fixes and more

Earlier today the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 update was rolled out. The 1.10 patch is bringing hundreds of UI improvements, bug fixes and small changes to the gameplay of GTA Online. Players who prefer fair play would be happy to know that most of the GTA 5 Online glitches and cheats have also been addressed.

Even though, players are creative and always find a way to get around and exploit the system, Rockstar continues to fight against the cheaters. In the GTA 5 Online patch 1.10 the glitches that allowed the duplication of vehicles and the ones that allowed getting too much RP during mission have been fixed. Major issues with the Cornrows haircut, the baldness some players experienced after using a max and the incorrect time display on the “Bad Sport” pool timer have also been addressed.

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Players will no longer be able to use the duplicating car glitch.

Other major changes in the update include the new fair play system that makes a player who kill a passive player in the game pay their hospital bills. The mechanic will no longer be available, as the personal vehicle will now be created nearby instead. Changes in the UI for both the single player and the multiplayer mode and the availability of the Rat Loader in the online version of Los Santos have also been added.

Bugs in the single player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 have also been fixed. Players will no longer experience the issue where all shops could remain closed with their blips missing.┬áThe update also brings the romantic Valentine’s Day Massacre Special DLC pack┬áthat was announced a few days prior.

GTA Online New Valentine's Day DLC

The new DLC will bring love in the air of Los Santos.

If you need help in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, you can visit our GTA 5 Tips & Cheats guide. Do you think we will soon see a GTA Online post 1.10 patch glitch? Do you approve or disapprove of game exploits? Let us know in the comments below or in our new forums.

Source: Rockstar Official GTA 5 1.10 Full Patch Notes