GH’s Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014

By Ivan Ivanoff – 12th February 2014
GH’s Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014

Already a month in the new year, we here at Gamer Headlines decided to share with you our top Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014. While everyone else is hyping over the next-gen consoles and upcoming titles, we haven’t forgotten the exciting new titles that will hit Sony’s portable console this year. Without further adieu here are our top choices for most anticipated PS Vita titles of 2014.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Pavilion


Developed by the indie team at Visiontrick Media, Pavilion is a “fourth-person exploratory experience.” Set in a surrealistic dream-like place, the game is a mix of the puzzle and adventure genre. The breath of fresh air that the game provides is enchanced by the developers idea of “guidance, infulance and subliminal control” that will make the gameplay of the game unique. Pavilion was announced back in September, 2013 and is planned for release the Spring of 2014.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Metrico


An imaginative platformer, Metrico is a unique take of how iconography can turn into a rather fun and addictive experience. Developed by Digital Dreams, the game is focused around an unpredictable environment. While playing with your character platforms will appear out of nowhere, will become higher and lower based on your performance in the game. Official release date for the game hasn’t been announced, but as the game was revealed back in 2013 at the annual PAX expo, we are certain that it will be made available for the PS Vita some time this year.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 The Walking Dead Season Two

The Walking Dead Season 2

Although you may have already played through the first two chapters of The Walking Dead Season 2 on other platform, we are waiting in anticipation for their release on the PS Vita. Currently no information about a certain release date for the availability of the game on the portable console has been released yet. However, it is certain that sometime this year it will be released and everyone would be able to enjoy the successor of Telltale Game’s award winning title based on the TV series.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

The PS Vita does hold amazing power in it. We here at GH can’t wait to see the portable version of Borderlands 2 hit the stores. Imagine sitting in the bus, while at the same time being a Valut hunter? Moreover, according to a report from Polygon, there should be a bundle coming to North America featuring the PS Vita Slim sometime this spring. Will it feature a special Borderlands 2 themed PS Vita skin? We can’t wait to see!

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Helldivers


Being released on the the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita the PS Exclusive Helldivers is an innovative top down shooter game. In development by Arrowhead Game Studios, players will be able to enjoy a series of randomly generated maps, while using special tactics, skills and a variety of weapons to accomplish their tasks. Helldivers is quite enjoyable and is definitely worthy of a spot in our list of top anticipated PS Vita games of 2014.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 CounterSpy


Even though CounterSpy may seem as a simple platformer it is far more than that. The 2D side-scrolling video game is revolving around an alternate history timeline during the Cold War. With some amazing stealth elements, CounterSpy should sneak its way in on the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Mobile sometime this year.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Ever since the release of Final Fantasy VII, the guys at Square Enix have been trying to make as worthy of a successor as the game deserves. Even though, Final Fantasy X doesn’t really fill in the shoes of FFVII, it is an amazing journey and a true part of the whole Final Fantasy experience. A PS Vita version of either Final Fantasy X or X-2 HD Remaster should be made available later this year. Fingers crossed!

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Hohokum


Expected to be released later in 2014, Hohokum is an innovative and colorful game developed by Honeyslug and the SCE Santa Monica Studio. The player will take control of a serpent creature called the “Long Mover” and dive into a unique non-linear experience full of colorful environments, dozens of different world and be able to enjoy a relaxing experience. Even though the game will be available on the PS3 and PS4 as well, we believe that it will be best played on the PlayStation Vita, because of its designs and the controls it has to offer.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The epic finale of the Hotline Miami Saga will hit the PS Vita in the third quarter of 2014. With hundreds of the new animations, effects and areas, players will once again be able to step into the minds of the murderous characters the game has to offer. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a game every PS Vita owner should get once it hits the stores.

PS Vita Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2014 Soul Saga

Soul Saga

Inspired by the original PlayStation classic, Soul Saga is an upcoming JRPG for both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita platforms. The kickstarter funded project is expected to deliver in July, 2014. However, no official release date has been mentioned at this point.

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