GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List

By Ivan Ivanoff – 11th February 2014
GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List

To start up our new series GH’s Before Release Wish List we decided to discuss one of the most anticipated games of 2014 – Fallout 4. Major rumors got the hopes of fans up, but everything turned to dust in a rather emotional roller coaster of hope and disappointment. We are still unable to confirm any official release date, nor even an upcoming announcement, but we are sure that the game is currently in development. Having said that, without further adieu here is GH’s Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List.

Fallout 4 Before Release WishList Maps

More to explore!

Although in the previous games we were able to explore a pretty big world, Fallout 4 will greatly benefit from having multiple locations. In the previous titles players were stuck to one location, which did not give the game that much of a variety in the environment. Yes, we know that Fallout does offer one of the most various gameplays a game can offer, but just imagine what it would be like if you are able to go through different cities and explore different environments. We love to explore, find hidden treasures and feast our eyes of the beautifully designed artificial post-apocalyptic world. That being said, we hope that Bethesda adds cities like Boston, Pittsburgh, Arlington or basically any location as long there is a variety.

Fallout 4 Before Release WishList Combat

Big Explosions! Large Scale Battles!

Do you remember how cool it was to see opposing forces run into each other in the Wasteland fighting it out like real man? We do too! And we would love to see a battle participation option via which the player shall be given the opportunity to join a faction of his choosing and actually be a part of the colossal fight. Although just a part of our imagination, if Bethesda could make this possible in Fallout 4 it may be one of the greatest games ever created.

Fallout 4 Before Release WishList Crafting

More to Craft!

We were really inspired by the crafting system presented in Fallout 3. Finding random junk and being able to actually use it in various ways rather than selling it to a vendor was a really innovative concept presented by Bethesda. If we manage to see a next-gen Fallout title, it should definitely add improvements and bigger variety in the features of the crafting system.

Fallout 4 Before Release WishList Combat

Improved Combat!

The combat should be improved as well. Although the VATS mechanic is working pretty well, improved gun-play would not harm the franchise. Being able to optionally switch between VATS and a more arcade-y shooter styled gun-play will add some additional thrill and variety to the gameplay.

Fallout 4 Before Release Wish List Co-Op

“Massively Multiplayer? No, Thanks! Co-Op? Gimme!”

Although it would be nice for Bethesda to keep Fallout 4 a completely single-player experience, it would be nice to see a co-op mode featured in the game. We love the way Rockstar managed to keep the story rolling, whilst in the massively multiplayer GTA Online. However, we feel that Fallout 4 will just not be as a rewarding of an experience as it singe-player predecessors.

Official details about the development of Fallout 4 or even a release date hasn’t been announced. Even though, it most probably won’t be announced at PAX 2014 or in 2014 as a whole, we are sure that Bethesda is just keeping the audience calm as the fans might have to wait until 2015 or 2016 for the game to be released on the market.

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