Flappy Bird: His Loss is Our Gain

By Jonathan Howard – 5th February 2014
Flappy Bird: His Loss is Our Gain

The first time I ever played Flappy Bird I was unable to make it through the first pillar. As someone who considers himself a seasoned gamer, this small game had no business defeating me time and time again. Yet through my frustration with the fact that ole’ flappy is about as frail as a peace of tin foil, as well as my constant refusal to believe I actually touched that blasted pillar, I continued to play.

First, it was a score of one. Six came soon after. It wasn’t long before my fiancé came running downstairs telling me she had somehow achieved a score of 50. What!?! 50? Needless to say, I had to continue playing.

While I still haven’t broken that record, and I honestly don’t think I will any time soon, Flappy Bird places gamers in a position where they always lose and never win. In an attempt to guide Flappy through an endless course of pillars, users find themselves at ever increasing odds as they die over and over in an attempt to beat their personal best record. It is a frustratingly beautiful experience that allows for simple competition among friends and foes alike.

flappy bird hack

Skeptical? You should be. It’s a hack.

Flappy Bird excels in its simplicity offering users the opportunity to fill short gaps of time. There’s nothing complicated about it, yet it’s one of the most difficult games you’ve played. It only offers a one-sided experience and yet users find them either mind-numbingly frustrated or incredibly self-fulfilled.

As the numbers continue to climb and gamers become better and better at guiding poor Flappy, more and more pictures and results will be shared. It’s for that reason alone you should head over to the app store, or Google Play and pick up Flappy Bird for free so that you can show that little girl on Facebook what’s up! Why not? You’ll probably end up playing for hours. It’s either that or you’ll accept the fact that the little girl on Facebook is better than you and you’ll quit on your fifth try. It’s your choice.