Final Fantasy 14 Updates: 5 We Would Love To See

By Jonathan Howard – 12th February 2014
Final Fantasy 14 Updates: 5 We Would Love To See

Final Fantasy 14 has been out for over half a year now. During this time, I explored the depths of Eorzea, grew to love its characters, and reached level cap. While I really enjoyed my time there, there was one fault that I found with the game: the time between updates. For what felt like an eternity, I grinded through the few late game dungeons in an attempt to get the best gear. Now, I will be the first to say that most recent patch added more to the game for endgame players. Crystal Tower and the random dungeon finder were both much needed additions. However, there are a number of updates players would love to see in the game sooner rather than later.

final fantasy 14

I want this in ff14…

5. A Card Game: This is the  update on my mind. Why? Because I’ve spent the past few days dabbling in Hearthstone, and it’s a lot of fun. This idea has been thrown around a lot and we’ll more than likely see it implemented at sometime in the future. Weary from the tedious grind of war, players could make their way to a hall designed specifically for socialization and mini-games. It would be a virtual card shop; a dream come true for fans of the series. Trading, dueling, accusing others of cheating– yes, this final fantasy 14 update would be awesome.

4. The Gold Saucer: Again another final fantasy 14 update that we’ll likely see in the future. Made famous  in Final Fantasy 7, the Gold Saucer stole much of my life as I took part in mini-game after mini game. Of all the features that the Golden Saucer had to offer, the snowboarding was both fun and addictive. I would expect it to return should they ever decide to act on this. While I’m not sure how the controls would work in this matter, I can say that possible mentions of Cloud and the gang would be awesome even though it probably wouldn’t be considered part of the same universe.

3. Primal summoning: When Final Fantasy 14 updates are searched, many players are trying to make sense of the whole primal debacle. When I first purchased the game, I was under the impression that primals would be random encounters in the world (like Odin) and that the guild lucky enough to find and down them would gain the right to summon it whenever they wish. Also, all  those on the server at the time of the summoning would know due to the world around changing, signaling the fact that a primal would soon be up for grabs again. Of course, this option would likely cause some balancing issues. Having a hard time on Coil turn 5? TITAN SAYS WE WIN! Regardless, if Square Enix could find a way to get past the balancing act, it would be an update that would simply be awesome.

2. A More Frequently Updated Story: Final Fantasy 14 updates are terribly far apart in my opinion. Since it’s one of the first MMOs to ever engage me in an active and amusing story, it’s simply disappointing to see my familiarity with these characters crumble since I last progressed. I’m the type of player who can’t go on long breaks during games. If I’m half way through a game and am forced to take an extended break, I’ll start over when I return. Why? Because I feel disconnected from the characters and plot and honestly can’t remember the journey that got me there. It would be nice to see the story, or at least character engagement with the more important NPCs, more frequently.

1. New Jobs and Classes: When we think of the older final fantasy games (and now Bravely Default), we think of a variety of jobs and classes. While Final Fantasy 14 updates are currently focusing on more important issues, is it really too soon to start discussing this? Currently, for the most part, a class line ultimately ends in one job. It would be nice to see players have to actively choose which line they would like to follow at a certain point.

These are currently the updates that are on my mind. There are many others that I would love to see such as additions onto the player housing system, interactions with other Final Fantasy characters, and more variety in the appearance of gear. (Please, why do I have to have a helmet as a warrior? It looks like I’m wearing a freakin’ trash can. I’m also not willing to discuss the dress that drops at the end of AK.) So, what do you guys think? What are some Final Fantasy 14 updates that you would like to see in the future?