Class-action lawsuit against Rockstar Games dismissed

By David R – 4th February 2014
Class-action lawsuit against Rockstar Games dismissed

A few days ago, a class-action lawsuit against Take-Two and Rockstar Games was thrown out of a Californian District court in the USA.

On October 4th last year, plaintiffs Bruce McMahon and Christopher Bengtson filed the suit, claiming that Rockstar Games and Take-Two had failed to deliver on the product and had falsely advertised features that were not available at launch; specifically the multiplayer portion of the game, which was officially released two weeks after the retail release of GTAV on PS3 and 360. They suit stated that the state of Grand Theft Auto 5 at launch last September was “unlawful,” “unfair” and “fraudulent”.

Judge Virginia A. Philips said that the retail box doesn’t state that multiplayer would be available immediately on release and that some gameplay features “may not be available to all users.” for those reasons, she dismissed the case.

I also choose to believe that she recognized a couple of people that were just complaining and probably looking for a quick payday at the expense of the billion-dollar franchise; after all, this isn’t the first time that gamers have tried to take publishers and developers to court. In 2012, unhappy fans banded together to make a complaint against Bioware and EA to the FTC, claiming false advertising in regards to the somewhat lacklustre conclusion of Mass Effect 3. Fortunately, the claims didn’t have enough traction to make it to court and Bioware were still nice enough to make an extended version of the ending to the epic Mass Effect series.

Unfortunately, unfounded complaints like this will continue to arise as games become bigger and more advanced. Let’s hope good developers like Rockstar Games and Bioware will continue to emerge unscathed.

[via: CinemaBlend]