Thief gets two new 1080p HD Gameplay Videos

By Ivan Ivanoff – 26th January 2014
Thief gets two new 1080p HD Gameplay Videos

Sony has released two new Thief gameplay videos on their PlayStation Access YouTube account. Featuring a brand new level of the next-gen PlayStation 4 stealth game, Eidos Montreal’s  level designer Daniel Schmidt takes us through the level showing various ways in which the player will be able to address and tackle some challenges in the game.

The main video is 17 minutes long and in it Schmidt takes the tame and effort to explain some of the core mechanics the developers focused on. He also mentions certain problems he had, while designing the levels for a game with so many variables.

The second video is 7 minutes long and shows the diverse gameplay of Thief as Daniel Schmidt further explains how the players will be able to approach the game in their own play-style.

Thief will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as the PC on February 25. If you want to learn more about the highly anticipated title you can check out the PC Specifications of the game as well as read our full preview of the game.