The Forest preview

By Teo Borconi – 14th January 2014
The Forest preview

Survival games seem to be extremely popular among gamers nowadays. The success of DayZ stands as a testimony, but other recent releases also seem to underline this fact. Rust, the Minecraft/DayZ hybrid that has been receiving increased press and player attention is fascinating to play, and Don’t Starve shows that survival games shouldn’t be limited to zombies alone.

That being said, we’re glad to see that Endnight Games is also working on an interesting survival concept, The Forest. No, you won’t have to worry about psychotic relatives of Treebeard! The Forest will drop players off in a world inhabited with cannibals, with the only apparent goal being survival. There won’t be much of a story, and even though there will be some sort of ending to the game, the developers promise that players will be so busy trying to survive, that they won’t have time to consider aspects such as a story and an ending.


“We wanted to create a world where we could drop the player into and give them free range to do whatever they want, similar to something like¬†Minecraft,¬†where a lot of the fun comes from decisions that you make.” stated developers Endnight.

There’s a plane crash, you end up on an island, and there are cannibals that are trying to eat you. That’s pretty much all you’re getting, the rest is up to you. Endnight promises to eliminate all aspects of linear gameplay, and doesn’t want players to feel like their hands are being held. If you want to uncover the mysteries of the island, you’ll have to search for clues while you’re beating off cannibals. The game will provide a skill progression and a crafting system that will include the building of structures.

The cannibals are also replacing the typical zombies, and the differences should be notable. You won’t always get attacked by them, as you might discover that the natives will simply stalk you from a distance and ambush you later on. Or, if you kill some of their tribe members, the less brave will simply run away. And while we’re speaking about killing, well, you can expect it to be quite varied. As the trailer shows, you can use even a rock to bash in the skulls of your assailants (in quite a brutal fashion), or you can simply have at them with your club or axe. Things won’t be easy though, as the game will feature a realistic day and night cycle, and playing during the pitch-black darkness of the night will be a serious challenge.

Getting to an ending won’t be the goal of the game. Instead, surviving for long periods of time is the main focus, and there will be leader-board rankings for the sturdiest survivors. And, for the really masochistic players, a perma-death mode will also be included. If your interest is peaked, you can expect the game to enter the beta phase in several months, and an end-of-year release is most likely.