Mass Effect 4 – A full year in review

By Ivan Ivanoff – 13th January 2014
Mass Effect 4 – A full year in review

As 2014 is already here, every day fans are expecting to get something new on the next game in the Mass Effect series. However, the past year wasn’t so bad either, as quite a few tweets and even images of the game were released. Here’s a quick roundup of everything that happened in 2013 regarding Mass Effect 4 that you should know about.

Going back as far as the beginning of 2013, February to be exact, Bioware’s Community Manager Chris Priestly started talking about the sequel of the franchise, saying that calling it ‘Mass Effect 4′ actually does the game a disservice. In a few forum posts he explained that the game won’t have anything to do with Commander Shepard’s story and will have its own storyline. According to Priestly’s words, later backed up by BioWare Montreal chief Yanick Roy, the game will be set in the Mass Effect universe a few years after the end the previous trilogy.

Later, in March 2013 at the annual PAX East Expo, the executive producers of Mass Effect noted that they are building a whole new fictional universe for another project. He added that he will still be the executive producer for Mass Effect, even though the game will be handled at Bioware’s studios at Montreal.


In June, via a twitter conversation, Yanick Roy explained to the fans that Mass Effect 4 will be borrowing some of its core mechanics from Dragon Age 3. BioWare continued to tease fans in twitter revealing almost nothing, but keeping the interest in the franchise at its high.

Later in the year, a few images of the game development progress were shared on twitter, only to increase the interest of the fans. It has been made official that more information on the game will be released in 2014, but nothing on what exactly we could expect has been revealed.


The past year was a rollercoaster ride for Mass Effect fans. Although quite a lot of information regarding the next game in the franchise hit the internet, including a few images, it is yet uncertain of when the game is actually going to be released. Nonetheless, fans were reassured that new information will definitely be coming out this year.

What do you want to see in Mass Effect 4? What do you think the new story will feature?