A Major Killer Instinct Patch Released

By Ivan Ivanoff – 3rd January 2014
A Major Killer Instinct Patch Released

A new major patch for Killer Instinct was released yesterday. The patch fixes multiple issues and introduces new ranking system, character-specific fixes and more.

One of the most major changes in Killer Instinct that the patch provides is the character rotation. Players will now be able to play as Saberwolf as a free character instead of Jago. Other general fixes include a full controller support, save data fixes and party invite fixes. Leaderboards will now be viewable from non-gold members as well. Players will also be able to disable the toasts options from the menu.

Except the new skin and UI updates, the new patch also does significant changes to the gameplay. The Instinct Mode shadow combos will now be breakable, the “ENDERS” moves have also been fixed. Another significant change, when it comes to online play is the new and updated game ranking system.┬áThere are some major character-based fixes as well.

For more information visit the official Double Helix Games’ forums, where they’ve officially posted the full patch notes.