Mafia 3 may see delays, 2K’s office in Prague closing

By Teo Borconi – 10th January 2014
Mafia 3 may see delays, 2K’s office in Prague closing

Mafia 3 is supposedly being developed for awhile now, and 2K was aiming to release Mafia 3 as one of the early titles for the new-gen consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4. A 2014 release was estimated for the game, but this might not come to fruition just yet.


According to recent news, 2K’s office in Prague is closing down, with some employees being laid off, while others are being relocated to 2K’s main office in the United States, located in Novato, California. Considering an August 2012 announcement that Mafia 3 would launch shortly after the new consoles are released on the market, it’s safe to assume Mafia 3 has been in works for awhile now, and the game is most likely in an advanced stage of development. Still, the closing of the Prague office indicates that 2K is either going through difficult times, or is simply making drastic changes, and in both cases, a delay on Mafia 3 could come as a consequence.

2K’s Prague office has seen lay-offs before, and now that it’s closing, remaining members of the team are either being relocated overseas to the American office, or to 2K Czech’s office in Brno. It is also unclear if Rod Fergusson is leading the Mafia 3 development or not, and if he is, where from. According to his Tweeter data, he is currently located in Marin County, California (this is where the 2K Novato office is located) and is working an an unspecified project.

We are hoping the devs will make an official statement and shed some light on the fate of Mafia 3 in the coming days.