League of Legends – Lunar Revel brings new skins

By Teo Borconi – 11th January 2014
League of Legends – Lunar Revel brings new skins

It’s tradition for Riot to host a Lunar Revel event for League of Legends in every January, and this year’s Revel is coming up soon, with new ward and champion skins.

The League of Legends Lunar Revel is themed around the annual Asian New Year celebrations, and this year is no different. Along with new limited edition skins, three new champions will be getting an Asian rework: Diana, Tryndamere and Riven. You can check out their new models and splash-art below!




You can also expect re-themed potions and other goodies during the event. The new patch will likely bring new summoner icons too, as well as changes to Darius and Nautilus. The patch will most likely be released sometime next week, and is already available on the League of Legends PBE servers!