GTA 5 Cheats and Tips – Finding Bigfoot, Cars and More

By Ivan Staraj – 23rd January 2014
GTA 5 Cheats and Tips – Finding Bigfoot, Cars and More

There is simply no way that you aren’t a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games. Since the release of the new GTA 5 people have been looking and searching for GTA 5 cheats, tips and tricks in order to be able to get the full GTA experience more quickly. As it tries to simulate the real world in bizarre ways, if you know the right GTA 5 cheats and tricks you will be able to hunt Bigfoot and earn money from real estate investments. And as it is a fictional game, it lets you do unimaginable stuff like duplicate cars for example. Read on to find out just how to do the aforementioned stuff.

Hunting Bigfoot

Probably one of the most interesting GTA 5 cheats is the one where you are able to basically hunt Bigfoot. In order to get this conspiracy theory based experience you have to complete your GTA 5 at 100%, in order for “The Last One” mission to be unlocked. You may receive this mission at the secret Strangers and Freaks for Franklin at Mount Chiliad. In it you are chasing a Sasquatch by chasing him in the forest. It is really fun and definitely worth it, especially if you believe in conspiracy theories.

Investing Money

If you don’t want to be one of the people who uses straightforward GTA 5 cheats and gets a lot of money and if you want more satisfaction for earning your income, there are a lot of ways to bend a little the rules of the game and get a lot of cash in your virtual wallet. One of the ways is to use the stock market cheat, which we discussed in our previous GTA 5 cheats & tips article, you can read right here.  Another method is to buy lots of property as early in the game as you possibly can. If you do a lot of side missions and objectives and budget your money correctly, for weapons and more, you will be able to spend some cash on property. Once you do so, you will be able to have a stable weekly income, and if you do it as early as possible, you will be earning money on the go and as the game progresses you will earn more and more. Off-road races, midnight street races and even sea races could also bring you a lot of cash, if you are a good driver. So hone your skills, spend a little cash and you will be able to swim in a sea of virtual money in no time.

Duplicating Cars

An interesting GTA 5 cheat, the duplicating cars is a rather easy one and can be exploited to earn money as well. It is an interesting one, but kind of complicated to explain, so read the following sentences carefully in order to get the right idea of how to use the cheat. In order to duplicate a car, customize any car as your heart desires. Once you do so, put the car in the characters garage. Switch to another character, where you want to receive the duplicated car, meet the two characters, immediately switch to the original character who owns the garage, take the car out. Switch to the second character; get in the vehicle, save it in that character’s garage. The original character, owner of the car would have to pay only $250 fine to get the vehicle back; however it will be duplicated. You may also do that sever times and can be exploited with cars, which are worth over $1 million.

Overall, using the simple button-pressing GTA 5 cheats does not bring the full satisfaction of the game. However, if you don’t want to spend thousands of hours into the game, just to get a nice car, you can bend the rules of the game a little, use the aforementioned GTA 5 cheats and get the full experience of the game. Grand Theft Auto 5 will remain one of the best games on the market and is the only one, which can make you experience life in such a way. Use these GTA 5 cheats to get the best Grand Theft Auto experience.