Fallout 4: Fact and Fiction

By Ivan Ivanoff – 9th January 2014
Fallout 4: Fact and Fiction

In a previous article we covered every rumor on the highly anticipated Bethesda’s Fallout 4, but what is actually a true fact and what is pure fiction?

A few weeks ago, it came to light that the hype created by Survivor2299.com was pointless, as the site was proven to be a hoax. However, just a few days later Kotaku released new information about the game – seemingly real casting documents for a project called the ‘Institue.’ But could this information actually refer to Fallout 4 or is it just another rumor that is created by a hardcore Fallout fan? Here we come to a point where we can discuss what is fact and what is fiction.

The Fact is that Kotaku is a credible gaming network. The information they’ve received should come or is confirmed by a source they have thoroughly checked. As they decided to go through with it, the most probable situation is that the documents are real.

Most of the Fallout 4 fans, let down by Survivor2299.com, have every reason to be doubtful as the documents also state that the player will be saying the words ‘War. War Never Changes.’ whereas in other games, the Player was never narrated.

However, The Fact is that in most casting documents it is a common practice to include content relevant to the topic (game) at hand, but not one that will be in the actual finished work.

That means the text in the documents could be Fiction and probably does not reveal anything about the actual Fallout 4 game Bethesda is working on. So the game won’t be set in Boston?

The Fact is that Bethesda was pretty outraged at the hoax website, but they could have taken advantage of the hype and released the information to Kotaku just in time to preform a good media stunt. Yet, no official comment about the casting documents has been released to date.


A more recent rumor about an email that hints at an announcement of Fallout 4 set for December 1, 2014 hit reddit yesterday. However, it is far more likely that this is actually Fiction. If read in the metric system the date is January 12 and it is more probable that the mail is related to a rumored release of Skyrim for the next-gen consoles. This confusion will be resolved once January 12 hits.

UPDATE: Bethesda officially confirmed that the e-mail is a hoax and doesn’t have anything to do with Skyrim or Fallout 4.

The hype about Fallout 4 and all the rumors that are going around the internet, nothing being officially confirmed, has enraged and disappointed fans to a point where an official petition currently signed by 5,700 people was released on Change.org begging Bethesda for some official information about the development of the next title in the Fallout franchise.

Do you believe that the casting documents from Kotaku are fact or fiction? And is the email hinting at a Fallout 4 announcement or a Skyrim one? Does the Fallout 4 development resemble the Half Life 3 Paradox?

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