Clint Hockey leaves Valve – Left 4 Dead 3 affected?

By Teo Borconi – 6th January 2014
Clint Hockey leaves Valve – Left 4 Dead 3 affected?

It’s safe to assume that Clint Hockey is one of the best in the industry when it comes to creative genius. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory stands as testimony, a game that Mr. Hockey directed on the creative side while working at Ubisoft, and a game that to this day is being regarded as the best of the series.


During his time at Valve, Clint Hockey has also been a general and level designer on projects like Far Cry 2.


It seems that the time for Clint to move on has come, as his Linkedin profile suggests. Clint Hockey had been working for Valve since 2012, and rumors have it that his main project was the yet-to-be-announced Left 4 Dead 3. Of course, without an official announcement, it’s hard to judge how his career change will affect a game that Valve has been keeping under the shroud so far. But, based on the quality of Mr. Hockey’s work so far, we can only hope there’s someone good enough to fill in his shoes.

Regardless of the fate of Left 4 Dead 3, we wish Clint Hockey the absolute best, and wherever he decides to re-emerge, we’re hoping to see some of his great work again soon!