Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend has started

By Ivan Ivanoff – 4th January 2014
Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend has started

The official Double XP weekend for Battlefield 4 premium subscribers has started. Although, it was scheduled to start at December 30, DICE postponed it. Official reason wasn’t announced, but DICE informed Battlefield 4 players that they may be experiencing connectivity issues.

The double XP event started yesterday at 8 a.m. EST. It will continue throughout the weekend and end at 6 p.m. EST on January 5.

The Battlefield 4 Premium subscription costs $49.99 and includes new weekly game content and in-game events. Moreover, DICE informed that when they fix the initial problems of Battlefield 4, premium subscribers would be able to enjoy five planned expansion packs.

People who aren’t able to attend the Double XP weekend should be happy to hear that this won’t be the only one during January. The next such event for Battlefield 4 is scheduled for January 27. However, as they did last month, they could postpone it without initial warning, so if you want the XP badly be sure to start playing Battlefield 4 now.