Wasteland 2 Open beta is now available for select backers

By Teo Borconi – 13th December 2013
Wasteland 2 Open beta is now available for select backers

If you’ve been backing inXile’s kickstarer funded project, Wasteland 2, with $55 or more, then you probably already know that you’re now able to play the game in the early beta access stage. For those that didn’t back the game yet, threat not, it’s coming to Steam Early Access as well. There is only a Windows version available at the time, but a MAC and Linux version will be coming along shortly as well.


What’s Wasteland 2? Well, it’s sort of what you get when you throw in Fallout, Jagged Alliance and Xcom into a huge cooking pot, mix, add a bit of radiation, fan-love flavor and development dedication as spice, and serve it on a rusty platter. It’s also a reboot (or a sequel, whichever term you prefer) to the legendary and apparently not forgotten Wasteland of 1988. The game is a kickstarer-funded project undertaken by inXile and founded by a huge community of fans. And when I mean huge, I’m talking about a $900.000 targeted budget milestone which has turned to almost $3 million by now.


And I have to say, I’m very grateful for inXile for taking up this project and seeing it through. It’s not often we get to play a quality tactical RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. And it’s even less often that we get to play one that looks as interesting as Wasteland 2 looks.


As far as the developer’s point of view is concerned, lead developer Brain Fargo (yea, the same guy that founded the legendary Interplay – you know, the guys behind Fallout, Descent, MDK, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape and other projects that left a mark on gaming history) stated that “We’ve all been pouring our heart and soul into Wasteland 2, and I hope it shows. I’ll never forget the elation from those first two days of our Kickstarter campaign and how happy I was to get this chance. Now, after the long journey, I am filled with excitement and nervousness.” Yes Brian, we’re also filled with excitement and nervousness, and I’m sure the people funding the kickstarter project can’t wait to get their hands on the game! And, it’s still not too late for you either! You can hop on to Wasteland 2’s kickstarter page here, throw the devs a bone, or join the open-beta once it’s available for everyone and help provide inXile with some invaluable feedback and bug-hunting.


You can take a look at some gameplay footage below!