Valve’s SteamOS has been officialy released

By Ivan Ivanoff – 14th December 2013
Valve’s SteamOS has been officialy released

During the last few hours Valve’s Steam OS has been officially released. Fans of Valve all over the world are able to start downloading the linux based system at the very moment. The installation file is only 960 MB and can be downloaded from the official Steam server.

Valve has also published additional information about their Steam OS in the form of a FAQ via the Steam community forums. The first version, as we understand, is called ‘Alchemist’ and has quite higher hardware requirements than anticipated. Users working on machines without UEFI boot support or 4GB of memory won’t be able to run the operation system.

As expected, the linux-based SteamOS is open-sourced. The source can be found at the aforementioned link. The only proprietary software, except the third party drivers would be the Steam client itself.

Although the system is designed to run games, people will be able to freely use it on their desktop computer, just like they can with almost any other Linux based OS. However, you won’t be able to run any of your familiar windows based software applications. You would have to wait for the official release of any application to the SteamOS, which should not be that far away.

If you want to read more information about the SteamOS – Debian Linux, you can go here. For a full installation guide and answers to additional questions – visit the official SteamOS frequently asked questions.