Titanfall – Stryder Mech trailer revealed

By Teo Borconi – 20th December 2013
Titanfall – Stryder Mech trailer revealed

Titanfall is definitely in the spotlight, and it comes as no surprise that the devs keep feeding us bits of information to keep the interest levels as high as possible. While previously showing off the Ogre mech, it’s the Stryder’s turn to get some attention, and we’ve gotten a brand new trailer for the agile mech class today.

Speed and agility are the aces in the Stryder’s mechanical sleeve, and it looks like it will be the perfect Mech to counter the equally agile pilots. If you need objectives secured, send in one of these to get an edge. You’ll have to be equally quick to be successful in this mech, but skilled players will be able to dodge the heavy artillery strikes of the Ogre or Assault Mechs. I was extremely impressed with the design and animations of the Stryder, and can’t wait to test it out in Titanfall myself.

Titanfall will be landing on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 11th of March. And, in case you want some more Stryder footage, check out the not much older VGX trailer as well: