Titanfall Preview – New Titans Revealed

By Teo Borconi – 10th December 2013
Titanfall Preview – New Titans Revealed

If you haven’t been watching the gaming news lately, you’ll be pleased to learn about Titanfall, a futuristic sci-fi FPS game from Respawn Entertainment, a studio founded by Call of Dudy creators Jason West and Vince Zampella. Seeing these guys behind the project gives us hope, as they have also worked on older, yet equally popular titles, such as the Medal of Honor franchise.


This time, it’s not dusty Springfields or sandy M4’s that we’re going to use. Instead, gamers in Titanfall will be given control over Pilots, highly agile soldiers that use mobility to dominate the battlefield, as well as Titan’s, mechs that players can use to inflict lots and lots of pain.


Now, we know that there are three classes for pilots, as follows: 

Assault – These pilots come packing assault rifles and are the standard soldiers, doing nothing fancy but getting the job done

Tactical – More mobile than Assault pilots, these guys use a futuristic weapon system to lock on to targets and take them out

CQB – Close Combat Brawler – This is the class that likes to go up-close and personal, using a semi-automatic shotgun to take opponents down


As far as the Titans are concerned, players will get to pick one of the 3 following:

Assault – Pretty much the same thing as with the Assault pilots, these will be the jack of all trades of titans, being capable of carrying different weapon loadouts

Ogre – The first of the two Titan classes to be announced at VGX, these mechs will be bigger and stronger than their counterparts, relying on sheer brute force to take down opponents

Stryder – The second of the recently announced classes, Stryders are light and agile, focusing on dodging and mobility in order to achieve their goals

Of course, nothing will be set in stone, as you’ll be able to customize the equipment used by both your Pilot and your Titan, and there will be plenty of various devastating weapons to choose from. The game will most likely require an internet connection to be played at all, and it will rely heavily on online competitive gameplay. There is a single-player mode in works, but it’s likely to still require online connection for achievements and the likes.


From what we’ve seen, the gameplay will be extremely mobile, and perhaps even chaotic. Pilots can double-jump off walls, hop onto structures and get in and out of titans. All in all, we’re pretty excited. We have a developer that seems to have the necessary experience to pull such an ambitious project off successfully, and the gameplay footage available looks fun and dynamic.

We’ve added some videos for you to view, so you can get a glimpse of the game yourselves.