GTA 5 Cheats & Tricks: Easy Money through Random Missions

By Ivan Ivanoff – 22nd December 2013
GTA 5 Cheats & Tricks: Easy Money through Random Missions

Continuing with our series of GTA 5 Cheats & Tricks we would like to discuss a few missions for those, who do not want to exploit the game in various ways in order to get rich fast. There are two missions giving you a lot of cash without much effort – one gives you $100K in-game cash and the other $60K. As a bonus, we will discuss the easiest way to earn in-game money through robberies. With this short and simple guide you will quickly become rich, without any GTA 5 Cheats.

The $60 000 Mission

This random mission is quite easy to do. You need to go in a certain location in Paleto Bay, where you will become a witness of two guys getting ready to kill a girl. If you do not gta-v-mission-1help them, but rather save the girl you will actually be getting as much as $60 000. All you need to do is kill the guys, get the girl to her home, save and sound and later you will receive a ‘Thank You’ via a $60 000 cash transfer. You don’t even need to use any GTA 5 cheats during this mission, as after you kill the guys you won’t encounter any other problems on the road.

If you are interested in this mission story-wise and you are wondering why you will get as much as $60K for just saving a girl, you should know that this girl is not any other, but the daughter of the mafia boss Sonny.

The $100 000 Mission

This mission is a quite random one. Most people have received it while playing with Franklin, but there are quite a few players who got this mission with Michael as well.

The only thing you have to do is roam around your house. As you do, a blue marker should pop up. After you investigate it you will see a kid yelling that his bike got stolen. If you help the kid, you will receive yet another ‘Thank You’ note, this time – $100K.

Story-wise the kid tells you nothing, except that he is a millionaire. Yet it is interesting how Rockstar are giving GTA players the opportunity to gain cash by doing good deeds in the game.

Bonus: The Best Robberies Strategy

As we mentioned in our previous GTA 5 Cheats & Tips tutorials, one of the easiest ways to earn cash without using cheat codes is through robberies. This time we are letting you in on a little secret (if you haven’t come across it yourself) on how to become a millionaire quite quickly by robbing places.

The little secret is as simple as – money re-spawns fastest at the Ammu-Nation shops throughout the map. It may not sound as a huge deal, but it is. If you get into the store, shoot the clerk get the cash from the registers, get out, walk about a block distance away and get back into the store you will see that everything has already re-spawned.


Some of the players that do not want to use any GTA 5 cheats or exploits argue that the Ammu-Nation re-spawn robbery strategy is exploiting a glitch. However, re-spawning is just a part of the game mechanics and should not be considered as a glitch.

Overall there are quite a few ways to earn hard-cold (in-game) cash without the use of any GTA 5 cheats. These two missions just go to show that if you notice the other NPCs in the game and their stories and if there is kindness in your heart (while playing GTA 5) you may get a quite nice reward. If you didn’t know that you were going to get $60K would you have saved the girl?