Diablo 3 – New patch coming soon

By Teo Borconi – 13th December 2013
Diablo 3 – New patch coming soon

The new major patch for Diablo 3, 2.0.1, is being developed at full speed, and is already available on the Public Test Realm. The patch will completely change several aspects of the game, and will likely be the foundation stone for the upcoming Auction House elimination and the future expansion pack, Reaper of Souls.

Let’s go over some of the changes, shall we? First things first, we’re getting a new loot system, called Loot 2.0, which will introduce some long-awaited changes, such as loot-drops that are tailored to your stats and class. Rare and Legendary items are getting new stats, item properties are split into primary and secondary (which no longer conflict with each-other when the item values are rolled) and the general range of properties have been tightened up, depending on your level.

Another major rework is affecting difficulty. Instead of the previous difficulty modes (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno), players will face “dynamic difficulty” monsters, which basically means that monsters are generated based on your level. There will be new difficulty settings to choose from (Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, which unlocks at level 60, and Torment, which unlocks at level 70). Torment will have additional sliders to further adjust difficulty, based on how masochistic you’re feeling at that particular time. New affixes have been added to elites (such as Orbiter or Poison Enchanted), which leads us to believe we’re going to see some new gameplay elements.

In addition, clans will be added (sort of like guilds in MMORPG’s), as well as communities, which players will be able to join. New events will land also, in the form of Cursed Chests, which will spawn various nasty things for you to deal with, but those that don’t get whacked into oblivion and survive will be able to pick up some great loot. Lastly, classes will be receiving major reworks and balancing changes, but no information regarding who gets nerfed and who gets buffed has been revealed yet.

For a full list of changes, check out the official patch notes here.¬†And, if you haven’t seen the trailer for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (shame on you for missing out on Blizzard cinematics), you can view it below.