DayZ Standalone – alpha release might be imminent

By Teo Borconi – 15th December 2013
DayZ Standalone – alpha release might be imminent

It seems Dean “Rocket” Hall, the lead developer behind the highly anticipated standalone version of DayZ has spilled the beans…well, almost. In a recent stream, he talked about the weekend working schedule for the devs. In the process, he had annoyed his colleague, chocked on his “Pipsi” (yes, the fans can’t help but make a littlbe bit of fun of Dean’s New Zealand accent) and publicly announced that the team is getting ready to lock the build for the alpha.

If you don’t know what that means, let’s clarify…locking a build means the game is receiving a fixed version which can be published on Steam. Obviously, future updates and fixes will continue to come, but they all will rely on that locked build.

Here’s the extremely funny video:

As you can hear for yourself, he bit his tongue at the last second, but it’s not that hard to figure out where he was going with his idea. Which makes us very happy. Sure, we realize that there’s still a lot of work to be done, but this confirms our earlier beliefs that the alpha version of the DayZ Standalone might be hitting Steam this month.

In other news, we have another summary video of Rocket’s 13th of December stream. Now, some of the information might not be entirely new, but we can finally see the Mosin bolt-action rifle in action, with scope and everything. Other great features include demonstrations of the new reworked lighting system (say goodbye to the unusable flashlight of the mod) and of course, we get to see those really cool chest-holsters. Yes, you’ll be able to wear various holsters for your side-arms, from chest-holsters to thigh attached ones. Not only will that make your character look insanely bad-ass, but they will also increase carrying capacity.

For more, check out the summary of Rocket’s latest stream below:

  • DeWaldo

    Check out Rocket’s twitter – has Rocket let the cat out of the bag? Mike Bethany asks should he buy 7 Days to Die or be patient a few more days and get Day Z on Early Access in Steam…to which Rocket responds why not both? Can we expect Day Z SA in the next few days?

    • Grant Butler

      Reading too much into it, he’s simply saying why can’t you own both? That doesn’t mean there is a time frame.

    • Teo Borconi

      Things tend to add up, there are hints here and there, breadcrumbs to pick up. Overall, I’m pretty sure the alpha will come out this month (I’m a bit skeptical about next week though, as far as I know they haven’t successfully locked a build yet).

  • bob

    Really? 30 bucks for Wait for Host?