A list of cool math games for youngsters

By Teo Borconi – 20th December 2013
A list of cool math games for youngsters

Gaming isn’t just about killing and gore. We often overlook the educational advantages, and games such as Doki Doki Universe are a good reminder that young gamers can also be captivated and educated in a fun manner. Today we’re breaking off from the conventional and we’re taking a look at 5 great websites that offer online flash games that aim to provide support in learning basic math and logical thinking.


Math 1

SoftSchools.com is a neat website that offers various games for learning math, based on various categories. From Addition to Division, the website covers everything relating very simple and basic math. The best thing about the website is that it’s not extremely overcrowded with ads, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your children unsupervised too much. The list of games can be accessed here.


Math 2

Funbrain.com has a nice selection of cool math games that cover various levels of knowledge, based on the player’s math grade level. The games scale depending on what grade was selected, so older children can find a challenge, while younger children can pick up the basics. It’s also designed in a children-friendly manner, and the games revolve around fast thinking and calculating. Ads appear only rarely and don’t interfere with the game experience. You can start playing here.

Hooda Math

Math 3

This website has various games, and while not all of them are great or related to math specifically, there are some great games that promote logical thinking and quick reaction. It runs really well, it’s free and it’s also among the cleanest websites in terms of ads. Multiplication Gran Prix for instance is a great way to speed up your basic math skills. I highly recommend the game, and you can also stumble across some nicely done Christmas themed games as well. For more advanced users, there are challenging titles such as Cargo Bridge. Take a look here.

Math Game Time

Math 4

From preK to 7th grade, Math Game Time has it covered. The site is clean, neatly and logically structured, and provides from very interactive games that make boring sheets come to life. There’s no explicit content to be worried about and it’s free. Definitely worth a shot.


Math 5

Mangahigh has some really addictive and educational games. They are surprisingly well done and look good, work good and even have music to accompany the player. The only downside is that your school needs to register in order for full access. Still, a school registration is free. And, if you can’t get your school to register, the demo versions provide enough content to keep your kids busy for a long time. You can take a look at what the site has to offer here.

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