Xbox One Problems vs. PS4 Problems

By Satyendra Mishra – 20th November 2013
Xbox One Problems vs. PS4 Problems
he million dollar question right now hovering across the mind of gamers across the world is the obvious one- which one is better, Xbox One or PS4? The problem is that opinions of people are obviously divided. It does not help that most of the people would actually possess only one of the systems available; so the point remains that for most people the feedback being generated is only partially first hand. It would also probably be some time before the actual differences would emerge and hence, the difference in quality and appeal in terms of actual usage could be determined.

Till the time when actual differences are a lot clearer than now, one could take a safe look at both these systems. To start with, one could simply go by the description of the systems. Obviously, both the systems are comparatively easier to start by setting up if the specifications are anything to go by. However, the absence of a power brick layer tilts the scale slightly in favor of PS4 as Xbox One is slightly lagging behind in this factor at least.

Another factor is the ease with which sharing is possible with PS4, which is probably the trademark of all the PS systems that have been introduced in the market so far. While Xbox lovers might argue against this point, the truth remains that whenever anyone is affiliated to either of the two systems, usually the affiliation shows in the way they respond to the other being better in any one aspect.

But the PS4 too has some shortcomings that should not be overlooked at all. The optional camera option is not the best to offer making it a problem to consider and Xbox One a head start in this factor. There are a few more points that could be argued up on to be in favor of Xbox One. However, none of the points actually constitute of a problem top stand out against any of the systems so far. It is only a comparative difference in terms of being better and probably by a minuscule margin in the end. It is also this comparison where price point wise purchasing an Xbox one is troublesome when compared to PS4. Then again, gamers hardly care for such factors.

Perhaps it is best to leave the comparison to gamers who would yield results only after some time; there is a possibility that certain games might be better experienced on one of the systems while certain other games might be better experienced on the other system. Hence, the popularity and demand for a game too might tilt the scale in favor of one of the systems. Till then, it is a matter to be kept a close watch up on rather than putting an outright verdict in the open.