Xbox One Already had some Serious Problems : You should Read This

By Satyendra Mishra – 27th November 2013
Xbox One Already had some Serious Problems : You should Read This

The launch of the Xbox One next-gen console is not uneventful, given the fact that news about the console’s problems are starting to become more and more serious. After we found out that PS 4 users were asked to download updates since the day one, we hear that Xbox One users will have to do the same thing, immediately after the launch of the console.

Unfortunately, updates on the Xbox One will be more aggressive and users will have to perform several restarts in order to apply the updates. Except the restart problem, here are the main other issues that the users of Microsoft’s “Xbox One” will have to deal with in the days following the launch of the console:

Xbox One is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games

While PS 4 users will not even think about these kinds of issues, Xbox One users had to deal with lack of backwards compatibility ever since day one. Xbox 360 and Xbox One are completely different platforms and therefore, users who have stocked up on piles and piles of games, will have to keep their old platforms in order to be able to play them. According to Microsoft’s officials, the backwards compatibility could be achieved only through cloud streaming, a technology that at this moment is almost impossible to implement. As a conclusion, Xbox One users will not benefit from a PS4 style gaming streaming service. The good news is that some of the developers are considering giving users some low costs next gen upgrades. The bad news is that we’re talking about just a handful of titles and that in fact, the upgrade may require you to pay an additional fee.

Xbox One will not support external hard drives at launch

This is another reason for us to think that Microsoft has somehow rushed the launch of the console, before it was ready for the market. The support for external hard drives will also be missing at launch. According to Microsoft, users will me able to use external storage devices in the future, but only after they will get a specific update. Let’s hope that the update will be released before we shall fill up our internal drives.

The new PS 4 is more powerful than Xbox One

And this is a piece of bad news especially for Microsoft’s console fans. According to the specifications, PS 4 has a faster GPU and a faster RAM as well. Furthermore, it seems that despite the fact that Xbox One is being advertised as a next gen console, not all the games created for it will support Full HD resolution. While the developers had to cross-develop their games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it’s rather obvious why they would use the same lower-res textures for both the consoles, making their jobs easier. 

The Xbox One consoles are already sold out 

Whether you believe it or not, despite all the problems Microsoft is facing with even before launch, the online retailers are already out of stock. Sure, users may be able to preorder the consoles but some of the specialized stores have already a waiting list that would make it impossible to get a new device before Christmas. We expect however that the situation will calm down after the New Year’s Eve. However, it seems to be a long waiting time for those who are trying to get their hands on an Xbox One device as soon as possible.