How to Make More WoW Gold than Ever with your WoW Character

By Satyendra Mishra – 24th November 2013
How to Make More WoW Gold than Ever with your WoW Character

World of Warcraft, (WoW) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game (MMORPG) created by Blizzard Entertainment. The fourth installment of the Warcraft series is also the one that became the most popular one, among fans of the Warcraft Universe and casual gamers as well.

The gameplay is very interesting and offers many possibilities for each player. For instance, you have the opportunity to specialize in a profession through which you can earn money (gold). Professions are therefore quite important for multiple reasons such as food (cooking), equipment and weapons improvements, to obtain clothing, accessories, potions, elixirs and transmutation (alchemy), to create armor and weapons (blacksmithing), mechanisms (engineering), the recovery of life with bandages (first aid), fishing, herbalism, jewel crafting and so on. But what happens when you need more gold than your profession can give? What if what you can do is not enough for you character’s needs?

The art of making gold in WOW

Well, in this case, we have a simple and quite handy solution: The Manaview Tycoon. How does it work? What makes Tycoon the best tool for making money in World of Warcraft? First, you have to choose your main method of making gold. And Tycoon offers not one but four such methods: Farming, Crafting, Gathering, or Playing the Auction House. Then, based on your option of choosing, the Tycoon will reveal the best way to make maximum gold in the least amount of time. Finally, you’ll have at your disposal several power tools that will speed up the gold making process.

Is it safe? Yes, definitely!

Manaview Tycoon is the best way to make gold in World of Warcraft because it is one hundred percent safe. The tools provided by Manaview do not break Blizzard’s terms of service and therefore, you and your character are safe and under no danger to be banned from the server.

Which is the gold making method that suits me best?

Well, this answer will be answered individually by each player. Some of you will prefer gathering, other farming or even auctions. If you are still in doubt, let’s analyze each method in detail:

1. Gathering: This module will give you a list of the most profitable items you may buy and sell in the World of Warcraft Universe. Moreover, the toll will help you discover even the lower level items that will help you make more gold than with higher level ones. Why is this important? Because lower level items are in no competition and they are easier to find, craft or buy. Once you have chose the most profitable tools and items from the Tycoon list, you will also get the required information on the most optimized route that will lead you to a specific gold making location.

2. Farming: Want to farm and still make more gold than ever with your WOW character? No problem, Tycoon has a way to help you farm for money as well. Basically, it will tell you the most profitable items to farm. Moreover, you will discover that in fact there are items you can farm that you did not know they exist until now. You’ll make more gold than expected and you will be also guided to the best areas on the map where competition is scarce and mobs with high drop rates are roaming free, waiting for you to harvest.

3. Crafting: Tycoon’s Crafting Module will give you a list similar to the previous ones but specialized in high profit items. Find out the items other users are desperate for and craft them for a huge spike in profits. When the market is hungry for a specific item, its price will rise to the stars. This is one of the best methods as the only limit in gold gathering is your skills to craft items and how fast you are at this job.

4. Auction House: The easiest way to make gold in WOW is through the Auction House. The module will inform you on the items that are underpriced, let you buy them and resell for a higher price.

In conclusion, Manaview Tycoon is a must have for every passionate player of World of Warcraft. You can make more gold than ever, without effort and without braking the Blizzard’s rules and terms of agreement. Need more reasons to acquire this perfect tool? Visit the official web site and you will be convinced!