The TOP 5 PS4 Video games Available at the Official PS4 Launch Date

By Satyendra Mishra – 26th November 2013
The TOP 5 PS4 Video games Available at the Official PS4 Launch Date
laystation 4 was released on November 15 but many users and fans of the console argued that in fact, there are just a few games created and distributed for the next gen console and that they have nothing to choose from. Despite that fact however, they should keep a stiff upper lip as the titles available at launch are some of the most important video games released this year.

While we are still waiting for new titles to be released (whether they’ll be exclusive PS4 titles or not), we have managed to put together a PS4 launch date video games top 5. The most wanted five games that should be on every PS4 owner’s shelf are, as follows:

1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is most definitely the one title that every PS4 user should buy before even unpacking the console. The game was released by Ubisoft for all the major gaming platforms. The story develops during the golden years of piracy and revolves around Edward Kenway, the grandfather of Connor Kenway, the main character from the previous game of the series.

2. Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals was released several weeks ago by Electronic Arts for all the major gaming platforms, including PS4 and Xbox One. This is another most anticipated game and a title which will definitely satisfy the fans of the Need for Speed series. NFS Rivals brings back the old rivalry between illegal drivers and the police officers and many new features according to the gaming industry’s requirements of the present days.

3. Battlefield 4

BF4 was one of the most expected games of this year (2013). It was even more successful than the previous title and this time, offering a refined single-player mode with a story. While every single fan of the series played the game for its multiplayer impressive gameplay, the single player campaign will take us into the year 2020, a few years after the war with Iran has ended. Now, the United States must face another problem, as tension is growing and the relationship with Russia seems to be on the edge.

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts was released on November 5 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and NintendoWiiU. Apart from the classic retail version, two other editions, Hardened Edition and Prestige Edition will be available for COD fans from all the corners of the World. The first of these two extra editions will contain a season pass for all the future DLC’s and a Paracord bracelet. The Prestige Edition will feature all of the above, plus a Call Of Duty Ghosts tactical Camera, a full 1080p video camera which can be mounted on the head, like those wore by real life soldiers.

5. Resogun

Resogun is a new and impressive shooter game released as an exclusive PS4 title. Moreover, those who have purchased a Playstation Plus membership will receive the game for free. Basically, Resogun is a simple, fast but fantastic video game that takes the shooter genre to a whole new meaning as you will not just have to shoot around like a maniac, you will also have to save humans.