Target Discount Sale on Black Friday 2013 for iPad Mini Retina

By Satyendra Mishra – 12th November 2013
Target Discount Sale on  Black Friday 2013 for iPad Mini Retina
t hasn’t been long since Apple’s iPad Mini Retina was made available and the busy retailers are already talking about various discounts. The front runner among these is Target discount sale. With Inclusion of iPad Mini in Black Friday sale, discount sale by Target has been catching all the eyes.
So what’s the deal? Along with a 6GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini which is available for $299, you get a $75 gift card which you can spend as per your convenience. If you happen to buy iPad Air, you receive a additional gift card of $100.

To add, cyber Monday is going to follow Black Friday. It is a day when supposedly online shoppers might get crazy for online deals and might end up spending hefty amount on bargains, sales or offers. So keep an eye on your favorite sites so that you don’t miss a deal.

Target discount sale will start online for few selected deals on Sunday November 24th. However, there is still public announcement if the Apple models are going to be a part of online deals.  So gaming freaks who use iPad as their sole gaming console, watch for these deals very closely. Make sure you closely watch the company return policies before you purchase the item.