The Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality coming to you soon

By Ivan Staraj – 30th November 2013
The Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality coming to you soon

Virtual Reality has always been a dream for the gamer. Whether you want to play the latest shooter, RPG or races, wouldn’t it be awesome if you are looking through the eyes of your character into the virtual world? Technology wasn’t able to deliver this experience years ago; however, now it is and we will soon be able to get the ultimate virtual reality experience with the Oculus Rift.

As it was announced earlier in the year, the Oculus have managed to capture the imagination of gamers around the world. And while we were uncertain of when it would be in our hands, now we have a more stable period of time, as Palmer Luckey, founder of OculusVR has assured us that the virtual reality goggles will be coming to our doorstep in late 2014.

The developers and kickstarter backers will be able to receive their developer edition goggles even sooner in the upcoming month of December. Palmer stated that more and more developers who have tried the goggles first hand are taking them into consideration for their future games. The kickstarter backers will receive the first two available titles, including Doom 3. However, there is already support for quite a few games on the market, including Hawken, Team Fortress 2 and others. The easy to work with development kit though will be offering companies a chance to quickly upgrade their game and make it compatible with the Oculus Rift.

We should expect anything from Minecraft, through World of WarCraft and Mirror’s Edge – everything is up to the developers.

The Oculus Rift is not ready to give us the full virtual experience though, yet it is a step closer to the future. Steam has already taken it into consideration and if everything works correctly, a few devices working together could make us feel like we are completely in the virtual world.

If you are unfamiliar with the Oculus Rift, you can check their official site here. All in all, the goggles are offering full motion control of the head of the character and are able to receive and send the commands as quickly as for you not to experience any lagging whatsoever.

One other device, which in combination with the oculus could lead to a true VR experience, is the Omni treadmill. With it games will be taking fitness into account as well. It is basically a treadmill, which allows you to move freely, whilst you are standing in one spot. With the third device, being the PrioVR, which captures the movement of your whole body you will be able to purchase your full VR gaming set for no more than 1,300$. It may sound as a bit over the edge; however taking into account the quality you are getting and that it is definitely something that will last you quite a long time, it may yet be worth it. As the future is changing fast we are getting closer and closer of having the opportunity to have a whole virtual reality set in our homes for cheap.

  • Late Bloomer

    What excites me about the Occulus Rift is the prospect of perhaps being able to use it for virtually visiting cool places… and for sharing the places you visit – that is, to be able to shoot 3D footage of cool places & make that available to your social circle.Also, for when you are fed up with your current surroundings & want to take a little vacation without having to actually leave… you could virtually “be there” in a matter of moments & get a much appreciated change of surroundings. I can’t wait for them to go 4k!!! (I think I read something about that somewhere, that there are plans to upgrade the display to 4k).

  • Late Bloomer

    Thinking along the same lines…. consider – wouldn’t it be cool if on the job, when you are able to take a break, or on lunch-time, to be able to virtually escape the work environment and spend a few minutes on a caribbean beach, on a mountain, or in a tropical rain forest. Cool stuff, especially if the experience becomes very REAL.