GTA 6 Release date, news and rumors

By Satyendra Mishra – 6th November 2013
GTA 6 Release date, news and rumors
lthough Grand Theft Auto V has been available on the market for nearly two months, Rockstar announced that they have “some ideas” already about the next game of the franchise, Gta 6. “We have enough ideas for the next 45 years” said Leslie Benzies, producer of Rockstar North. “We don’t know how GTA 6 will look like but we have some ideas” he added.

For the moment however, Rockstar North seems more focused on stabilizing the online multiplayer mode of GTA 5 and putting together the first DLC that will be released soon for the game fans. “We don’t know which direction GTA VI will take, but we’ve got some great plans moving forward. GTA Online is our main focus right now. We haven’t had much time to rest between wrapping up GTA 5 and moving onto GTA 5′s online content”, Benzies continued. For the now being, GTA 5 is the best sold game in history, with more than a billion dollars income in its first 72 hours. What shall we expect from the next installment? What should we expect to see in the future GTA 6?

Will GTA 6 take us to a different timeline?

Many fans of the series have gone tired of the modern-day cities, the modern-day lifestyle and the modern-day crime. They would rather experience a story that develops in a different timeline, in the classical past when computers and mobile phones were not even concepts, or a futuristic sci-fi setting.

What about a different setting?

There will be, however, enough fans that would rather stick to the present but in a different setting. They would prefer GTA 6 to take place in another US city like Boston or South America.

The multi-character structure

GTA 5 came up with this brand new concept, at least in the Grand Theft Auto Series: the multi-character structure. Players may switch between the three characters at any time and consequently, the story becomes more unexpected. The narrative part of the game has been improved and so has the overall experience. Suffice to say that fans of the series would want the same concept implemented in GTA 6. There will be a massive disappointment if the Rockstar developers would choose not to. While all games of the series until GTA 5 came with technical improvements and bigger worlds, the last one definitely left a mark in the GTA timeline, a mark that fans would not be quite happy to see taken out of the equation.

How about you? What do you like in GTA 5? What did you expect to find and you didn’t? What would you like to see in GTA 6?