GTA 6 Release date, news and rumors

By Satyendra Mishra – 6th November 2013
GTA 6 Release date, news and rumors
lthough Grand Theft Auto V has been available on the market for nearly two months, Rockstar announced that they have “some ideas” already about the next game of the franchise, Gta 6. “We have enough ideas for the next 45 years” said Leslie Benzies, producer of Rockstar North. “We don’t know how GTA 6 will look like but we have some ideas” he added.

For the moment however, Rockstar North seems more focused on stabilizing the online multiplayer mode of GTA 5 and putting together the first DLC that will be released soon for the game fans. “We don’t know which direction GTA VI will take, but we’ve got some great plans moving forward. GTA Online is our main focus right now. We haven’t had much time to rest between wrapping up GTA 5 and moving onto GTA 5′s online content”, Benzies continued. For the now being, GTA 5 is the best sold game in history, with more than a billion dollars income in its first 72 hours. What shall we expect from the next installment? What should we expect to see in the future GTA 6?

Will GTA 6 take us to a different timeline?

Many fans of the series have gone tired of the modern-day cities, the modern-day lifestyle and the modern-day crime. They would rather experience a story that develops in a different timeline, in the classical past when computers and mobile phones were not even concepts, or a futuristic sci-fi setting.

What about a different setting?

There will be, however, enough fans that would rather stick to the present but in a different setting. They would prefer GTA 6 to take place in another US city like Boston or South America.

The multi-character structure

GTA 5 came up with this brand new concept, at least in the Grand Theft Auto Series: the multi-character structure. Players may switch between the three characters at any time and consequently, the story becomes more unexpected. The narrative part of the game has been improved and so has the overall experience. Suffice to say that fans of the series would want the same concept implemented in GTA 6. There will be a massive disappointment if the Rockstar developers would choose not to. While all games of the series until GTA 5 came with technical improvements and bigger worlds, the last one definitely left a mark in the GTA timeline, a mark that fans would not be quite happy to see taken out of the equation.

How about you? What do you like in GTA 5? What did you expect to find and you didn’t? What would you like to see in GTA 6?

  • Emmanuel Salinas

    I would like to see gta vi take place in Chicago. It is the third largest city in America, following the pattern of the had gta settings that go from largest city to smaller ones

  • Emmanuel Salinas


  • Emmanuel Salinas

    Plus, Chicago is arguably the most American of the major cities. It is the heart of America.

  • De’Aunte Malone

    i want it to be more real such as havin more animals and also havin kids in the game

    • corey feskun

      they wont pput kids in the game cause they think its crule if u kill them i want them to

    • Angelea Marie

      Thats a good idea too definitely kids and aninals

    • kevin

      exactly they need to make it more realistic

  • george poulos

    I think they should make it so u can fly to different cities like tdu 2

  • graylon

    you should make it seasons like ,summer ,winter

    • Mike

      That would be awesome! I want to drive in the snow! (in the game, not irl)


      that already happened, make it south American rain forsest with rum and ak’s. brazil slums.sick accents but understandable. OR MOB DON CRIME RING days putting hits on mofos. ownin crime rings. WARRIORS STATUS

      • Michael J Bechtel

        That would be cool maybe even import cars from all over the world and mod them like fast and the furious

  • Liam Wilson

    A different US state where you can fly to the caribbean and explore the beaches

    • thowedthanka

      this could be vice city easy

      • kevin

        no it couldn’t cause that game was STUPID

  • kevin taylor

    make it where like the ac 130 in the back of the plane you wont fall out and also they should be more missions where you get more money online!!! NOW who else would like this hit a reply!!!

    • Juda

      I don’t think that would be possible, because Putting a AC130 Would cause too much space. It may happen, but I’m just saying it might not happen.

      • Peter L

        The Titan is an AC130 Hercules

    • kevin

      i am right with you man i dont like how they dont have a lot of missions. i love long games

  • Mike

    Vice City 2 PLEASE Rockstar PLEASE!!! The 80s are the BEST!!!

  • ????????

    I stopped playing gta online since they significantly reduced the payout from jobs.

  • Leah

    You should make it to were we can have turning signals for the cars.

    • thowedthanka

      AI has it in gta5. possible control could be hold right d-pad plus a shoulder button

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      What would be the point in this exactly
      It’s not as though anyone ever actually finds driving like a normal person fun anyways. Besides that, there’s too many complications involved in that. Making GTA too realistic would ruin the franchise.

    • kevin


  • Patricia Garrett

    make one of the characters a female

    • Samir Khan

      or shemale

      • UndoingBeast24

        You’re gross you fucking weirdo

        • Guest

          I’m totally open to the inclusion of female/transgendered characters if it works for the game/story. The reason I play as female character in GTA: Online was cause I’d spent enough time playing as three guys in the main story, lol.

          • JojoMiin


      • PG Wackiest

        I’m totally open to the inclusion of female/transgendered characters if it works for the game/story. The reason I play as female character in GTA: Online was cause I’d spent enough time playing as three guys in the main story, lol

      • Shad

        trevor was a shemale…lol

    • Peter L

      Pussi Riot; all female avatar crew!

  • Adrian1254

    The main character for gta6 should be Jason Statham. That guy its an all around BAD ASS!!! Would fit the charterer perfectly.

  • Saratje

    I wouldn’t care about another timeline at all. There’s enough early 1900′s mobster games out there, besides that theme has been chewed out by the movie industry for the past 30 years. I’d rather see less hand-holding when it comes to the main storyline, by letting it unfold in far more different directions, letting us end up as anything in between a goodguy vigilant and a wacko psychopath warlord. And let the main char’s friends and girlfriend/boyfriend randomly walk around the streets, that’ll make us think twice before hit-and-running pedestrians without second though: we might accidently kill our beloved who simply was out shopping that way.

  • Adrian1254

    The main character for gta6 should be Jason Statham. That guy is an all around BAD ASS!!! Would fit the character perfectly.

    • Peter L

      They already did its called the movie Crank

  • Kyle

    It’d be cool to have an option of being a cop, firefighter, or in the military as a career in the game. Then of course, the run around and do whatever guy.

  • prokiller2297

    they should include b-52,also dogs that you can buy and keep in your apartment,car should alert us while running out of gas and we have to go to gas station,rocket launcher that can lock into aircrafts,restaurants and partying in planes drinking and some other stuff inside planes. all these things should include in gta online.

  • owen

    please please do not introduce super powers or anything like that just keep it as MODERN as possible and as realistic as human life

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      Oh god, just the mere mention of Super powers makes me cringe as flashbacks of SR4 come to mind.

  • JavierTheBrownieMaster

    If R* are sticking with their three character idea, they could make one of the characters a cop, the other a fugitive on the run from said cop, and the other a criminal making their way into the organised crime business. Could be set in Vice City, Chicago, Boston, or London. Just chipping in my idea.

  • Raivis Rakstiņš

    I think they should take it back to Vice City, and to the 80s. Basically a sequel to Vice City, which tells us how Tommy keeps on conquering the city, and why Rosenberg is kicked out. All the original cast back (With a suitable replacement for Dennis Hopper of course) and add some new characters.

  • Dakota

    don’t do any old school or future. keep it how it is but in las Vegas. I would be really disappointed to see stupid future shit or no cell phones an stuff. I love gta but that would turn me away.

    • firebird84gt

      i’d like to see the old style charger cars actually look like 69 dodge chargers

  • Dakota

    put rodeos in the red neck parts of the town, that’d go great with the game and/or Kinect.


    south America would be sick nasty. like DAMN. bein nagro drinkin rum with a ak in the forest. past time line would be sick nasty to, some MOB DON shit. o lawd organized crime or south American slums??? Max Payne was cool setting. and gameplay to add fuck all that gay shit ppl be talkin bout. that already happened…


    I think old school alcohol smuggling shootin ppl with tommy’s and getting crime rings goin would be sick nasty. THE WARRIORS, SAPRANOS, and MAFIA all in one. there isn’t enough old school games to be honest. with the graphics today it would be cool yo. just sayin. fuck current times and present that shits old.


    except for south America and congo type ghetto shiz… thanks


    that would be DIRTY DIGIDDY

  • gregory dress

    the best thing people could ask
    for with gta6 would be a theme like san andreas in my oppinion gta san andreas was the best story line so far if there was san andrea is with the effects as well as the grafics of modern day gta then it would make twice as much as gta 5 and up to three times as much as gta 4 and belowe. the thing i wanna see in gta 6 is an old town with new problums and bring back the gang members have more aggresive cops and more off rodeing hill jumps. these are the things people will always have fun doing

    • gregory dress

      and bring back planes and trains i loved driving them and derailing

  • Gustav Degeer

    All I want is that the damn irritating police helicopter don’t respawn all of the time. They are impossible to get rid of. You shoot one down and in 2 seconds there are another one coming, you shoot that one down and there is another one.

    If you have a silencer, you are in the forst and you shoot a hitchiker you will get 1 star for that. The cops are really annoying and destroying all the fun with this game.

    With that said..

    It would be fun to be in another time era. Without telephones, internet and modern weapons. After seeing Boardwalk Empire I would love if they made a Grand Theft Auto in the 20s.

    1990 and before would have been awesome.
    I guess GTA has to be in the US but it would be refreshing with a GTA in Europe.

    And most important, make a GOOD story that is LONG! This story was a total let down.

  • Amy Tree

    I would love to see GTA 6 set in Newcastle, with all characters speaking in a Geordie accent and a few characters from Viz.

  • Brandon Crawford

    you should put together ideas from different games where there is weather change, where you must fill up on gas(as in mafia 2), buy more properties(as in gta: san andreas), animal adoption, so you are not limited to just one animal. try making the game as realistic as it can be like what Leah was saying turning signal. im sure many people noticed in gta 4 that certain cars did have a signal if you waited at a stop light. And like many on this page are saying, travel. You should be able to travel around the country or to more than one city. If many noticed, in San Andreas you did travel a bit. The main story was in a California like setting, but if you traveled a bit to where the casinos where, then you would have ended up in a Las Vegas like setting.

  • John

    first, put in a huge monster ( JAM) truck, second fly to different cities such as Vegas, Mexico and Detroit. maybe a mission of taking over the white house. Need more available vehicle upgrades, such as suspension lifts for both cars and trucks, tires with different treads and traction/ handling is different based on terrain, spoilers, body kits for both cars and trucks, and last but not least create what each playable character looks like such as one redneck theme with different hats/ torn shirts, accessories maybe beer can, a zombie character, russian tough shit, nerd, and stressed out average American. also more real estate. build a house from scratch, and design it. also a garage to store vehicles and call number for buddy to bring car to your location.

    • Mr.Cookie Monster

      John you already have most of that in Saints Row IV.

  • Gogidy Log

    Ooooo I’m hopping to see the background of the driving wheels in first person,make it more realistic.

  • Corin


    • Samir Khan

      for once

  • Echo Ayotte

    Would love to see a female main character in GTA6 and have two male main ones to it and you can switch between them like in GTA5

    • Brianna

      Yes a female character would be good for all the girls that play!

    • corey feskun

      i wanna redneck hillbilly like trever

    • Angelea Marie


  • zwagio you can travel any wkrldnin the world.

  • Elias

    Make a map, that’s more than double as big as the map in GTA V.. THAT, would be awesome.

  • Wayne Bisconer

    A few options in my opinion would be twice the size of GTA 5 MINIMUM.
    1 A whole state? rhode island? new york?
    2 maybe a duel country like Canada and WA or Mexico and CA, AR, or TX
    this could allow missions to escort illegals into America? or to stop them from entering.
    3 middle eastern???
    4 Russia or Japan or China
    5 multi country Europe
    6 2 player local
    7 career pathways where you choose cop criminal or other and then have some type of moral system that rewards you for being bad or good like exclusive weapons and outfits as well as missions. this would give players more routes to play the game. as well as giving them the chance to play the robin hood of crime. or the corrupt cop or an undercover cop.
    8 Bring back gangs. I would be happy with 4-8 depending on location and size of map.
    9 BRING garages into the story like the ones in Online GTA 5
    10 more servers and 32 player Online
    These are just a few thanks.
    Like this up if you agree with any of this and comment below what you don’t want and what you do want thank you.

  • Jahvis Kingi

    bring grove st its old glory. bring cj back!!

  • Johnson and Johnson

    Guys wanna know what would be the best thing? Is if they made GTA 6 open world across the entire world. Meaning you can travel to the other countries and do stuff there. Where every building is a actual building, and it would be nice to add in destroyable buildings. That would be nice.

    • hasay67

      that would be awesome but sadly it would take forever to make the game:(

    • kevin

      they can not put real life things in gta 6 cause that is called copyright

  • thowedthanka

    they should keep all the locations “up to date” and combine them. they should do this with gta 5 though, update liberty city, vice city (in current time era), san fierro and las venturas and allow travel between them.
    id settle if none were reachable by car or anything and just an instance “warp” at airport or something..

  • Ryan Jones

    They should put cruise ships in the next GTA 6 game. With PS4 and the new xbox with 500 GB rockstar should be able to make the GTA world much bigger, with everything being open and being able to fly to different parts of the world.

  • Jaleel Whitworth

    Gta6 should have all 50 states this time. I want to be able to travel different states to do missions and to just screw around, better yet how about instead of all 50 states. Every country that would make Gta6 the best game of all times, and hopefully most fans would agree, I say take your time we’re good for now I mean we have gta5 lol, So with that said take all the time you need deciding how you’ll do gta6 we can wait. Just surprise us all with something spectacular.

  • Rachel Griffin

    Please make a female PLAYABLE character that matters, not just some eye candy or a hooker. Girls can be criminals, too. And we can do it in really cute shoes.

    • Brianna

      Gta needs a female character!!!

  • Wolfman

    It should be different than IV and V but still awesome.

  • Juda

    I Heard that Gta VI is going to be Vice City 2, Considering the easter egg It might be official that the game will be heading towards the Vice City Era again. But that is my opinion, I dunno if it will come back to Vice City but I think it’s going to be.

  • James

    Make it the whole of the usa

  • Samir Khan

    I think you should be able to have a wife have children own a better apartment like billionares, have puppies,cats etc every apartment (not every) in gta 5 are cleary exact same as 400 k one ?

  • Kolton

    Ok there needs to be nascar,demo derby, car shows,drag races,more older cars, but also new ones to and have a HUGE MAP where you have you take plane or train or go off roading

  • Microwave

    Gta 6 Asia?maybe?

  • Brianna

    You should have one girl character for all the girls who play gta. You should also have turning signals because that would make the game more life like.

  • Caiden Collins

    you should be able to cuis your carickers

  • john matthew Galang

    I wish that you guys continue gta 5 stories with the other gta like liberty city, vice city and make all the characters meet up in one point and that we can go to the cities by using boats or any airplane that would be cool

  • Nitant

    they should remake gta vice city :P
    n it should be like GTA VIce city
    my wish :P :D

    • Distrayz

      With all the references they maked over the course of the 4 last games, including the two DLC episodes, this is highly possible. Actually I feel that this is very likely to happen, there is so much potential with Vice City, I’m not aware of what will goes on in real life Miami in five years, because real life events takes a main role in the past games, but to wonder how a fully restructured, HD era Vice City would appears. Epic.

  • Dtuned

    Next one should be called GTA: American Dream
    Set in the US, you should be able to build your own character/s…travel to major cities, and have an mp3 player in your vehicle that plays customized playlists from your PlayStation…

  • haidar ali

    i want real car and from english and usa plane

  • UndoingBeast24

    It should be im Washington DC this time or Vice City because GTA 5 is san andreas so Vice City can come back to life as well.

  • KinqCalb

    Put gasoline in the vehicles make the cars have real engine troubles Exampl: Wont start, cutting off if you dont first fix problems,Oil changes exedra…it would be awesome

    • Dakarai

      If they are going to do that they need to make it able to call someone who can pick up the car and take it to a workshop and fix it like 2 in game days or something.

  • Blake Halstrom

    They need to make it in Los Venturas (a recreating on las vegas) because that would be even better than Los Santos (Las angeles)

  • Dino Goranovic

    I think that the next GTA should take place in Boston, its an awesome city with a lot of crime, being from Massachusetts, not much happens in our little state, so if you guys could make it in Boston and make the slums around Boston included such as: Mattapan, Hyde Park, Roxbury, and Dorchester that would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chase

    i think they should add skateboards and scooters

  • chase

    and make the tanks more expensive ai hate it when someone gets a tank and keeps killing you in gta online every time I respawn im dead I go in passive get ran over by tank

  • chase

    state and u guys want the whole world

  • tra

    I think it would be nice if the character had a double life like working job today and commit crimes by night

  • optic scott

    You should carry on with franklin Michel and Trevor.
    Make a new one that effects the old story and gives us a new perspective on m and t. I was doing issapointed that they diddnt show match of m and ts background so you could do a prequel to GTA 5.

  • optic scott

    They should carry on with m t and f in GTA 5 when they make number six by making a sequel. I was disappointed that they didn’t show more about Trevor’s and Michaels background.

  • Evan

    they could do ChiTown or Toronto, although im really liking the warmer, tropical feel of Los Santos (LA), though. Im sure they’ll pick a good place but i really hope they don’t change the timeline. like, GTA in the 1800′s? you know how lame that would be to GTA’s audience?

  • Cigogne Mahfouz

    You should make this :
    Different Countries (make traveling by planes, there would be america, there would be the Asia, Europe…etc.)
    Naval Bases (add naval bases, that are well.. on shore ofcourse, like for zancudo but they specialize only in the navy, with battleships, torpedoes and maybe a flare gun xD)
    Seasons (someone else in the comments said that :) )
    Fuel (add fuel, to ALL vehicles, planes, cars, the gas stations aren’t just for exploding you :P )
    TANKS (add more kinds of tanks, why only have a rhino tank… either call it tank, or make more tanks )

    Do these, and this would be the best game, and don’t overwork yourselves ;)

    Have a nice day

  • javi

    They should change the cops when like you run a red light they stop you and you have a choice either run away or pay the fine

  • javi

    Or they can create the whole world can like all the cars and motorcycles run out of gas that would be more realistic you would have to refill every time you run out

  • bas

    I want not like old cars and shit i want that tokyo drift feel and drift in the desert and in the forest

  • bas

    You play as 3 presidents and you can fly to them and switch between them

  • Peter L

    boston? who the hell cares about boston?? you can visit all the famous landmarks like….. LONDON

  • Guest


  • Trent

    It would be nice if u could travel to every city town state in the united states even like buy ur house where u live and buy and sell or rent out different houses and start ir own business and mod them lol

  • Alin Maties

    They should be able to make the charictor fat and fin like in gta san andreas,
    they should also make all the islands in gta 6 be available to fly to. This is a good idea rigtht?

  • Jamie

    Rockstar please use this idea. Two female twin sisters and one guy. You decide who the guy is, but have a structure where based on your choices the two could end up hating each other to become rivals or jealousa fter disagreement. Or one of them could bea secret agent and turn on the other later. Set in russia

  • sam

    I think gta 6 should be set in the uk because most of them are mainly in America and the fact the characters are always men use a woman for a change lol

  • hasay67

    Make it so like you can have jobs like police milatary and make it so you can destroy buildings without on a mission

  • hasay67

    you should also add somthing goes wrong in the middle of the story like zombies

  • Andy Armijos Rojas

    It should be in Colombia or Ecuador!!!

  • Hunter Freeman

    Please put in a main menu and make it so cars can get customized more and you can get hydrolics in cars. i think it was cool but i wish that GTA 5 was realised a year later so that it could be that much more amazing.

  • Hunter Freeman

    make it so you are abel to get actual jobs on gta online

  • jason wand

    to buy big houses

  • Dakarai

    Something I always discuss with my friends is why hasn’t it been a female character in GTA? That is something that’s gotta be in GTA 6. And I would love to see it appear in Miami (Vice City). If you take it back to the 80′s in Miami (Vice City) Tommy Vercetti need to be in it maybe not as a playable character just as a guy who hand out missions. It would be great to see Tommy in the “HD generation”. Or you take it to some place where it can be summer and winter, when u made it snow in GTA Online made me really happy. Finally snow in GTA for the first time! Rockstar need to keep the “Pay ‘n’ Spray” with that I mean the “Los Santos Customs” where u are able to modify cars both appearance and performance. Something that I don’t want to see removed from GTA 6 is the function to switch between characters. When you make GTA 6 I wan’t you to think outside the box, come up with things that fans never would come up by them self. But you still need to listen to your fans more than you have done before to top GTA 5. In GTA 6 I want to be able to fly between difference places and with that I don’t mean to go and take a plane and fly to another city but buy a plane ticket and fly to another city. I want to be able to go in a car shop and buy a car not just over the internet I want to be able to try the car before I buy it. Take back the gym, casino, fast food, buying houses and whatever Rockstar come up with. Rockstar really need to think big to top GTA 5 and not let the fans down.

    And over to GTA 5! There are some things that I miss in GTA 5. Like gym, casino, buying houses, go and eat fast food and a lot of other stuff.

    The wheelie on the bikes sucks, and that we can’t ride two people on the atv is really irritating. And something that still is a problem in single player is that if I like fall off my bike and flying away really far and get in a car to drive back to the bike the bike disappear, and no it’s not in the impound. And you could add the car icon to the personal car and the cars that I buy like in GTA Online, like the tracker and you can buy a tracker in single player also if you steal a car. And insurance wouldn’t be that bad in single player.

  • Erivanel Dias

    I think we should have at least 2 players its kind of complicated, and we could be able to make our own character face(rockstar makes up something like the character sufored an acident in a heist or something), speaking of heist we should be able to make our own heists not the mission heist, and about the new location makee a new fictional city like medricCity in state of Wihicoast, it would be cool to create my own gang

  • tbrew

    put like a cop mode on there or something (actually join law enforcement). just for fun after the campaign.

  • Jomama

    They should put vice city, liberty city(san andreas), and gta southern california(gta 5) together.

  • Jomama

    It would also be nice to have real brands, of stores, shoes, clothing, cars, signs(such as Hollywood and more), I know it will cost Rockstar more to have real brands of things in real life, but its worth a try, and they will make more money. It would also be nice to play with your buddy next to you, meaning not online, but multiplayer(with two controllers, and not single player).

  • Nicholas Nagawiecki

    I think Seattle during fall would be PERFECT for GTA 6. There would of course be the city, and then there would be a countryside with farms. There would be a lot of water activities, and there would be snow covered mountains for you to ski, snowboard, snowmobile and the likes. It would be the ultimate GTA game.

  • JojoMiin

    You gotta make it more funnier, driving in the snow is awesome to bad it don’t come often. The next one GTA 6 should take place in New Mexico, going down into mexico. Make it better then ever I’m happy with that!!!!!

  • xavier

    you should put NYC in the game like a big world us and upgrade like very strong power like super man or Gods and you can ride UFO and not down buliding and brides like a real world like running a air plane threw a buliding and.bombing down houses for fun you and seasons like will bad lighting and storm tornado winded cars moving plane get lighting on fire tree falling down be good by strong wind.You know like the real world

  • Andrew

    The need to make the game more realistic like become friends with people on street date the girls or men make more place to enter like in GTA 5 make it where you can have a family or move to a new house. Make it where you can buy more safe houses to move into. I like the seasons idea a lot you should be able to help the police out without getting into trouble and it would be awesome to like go from los santos to like London and back.

  • James

    there should be more activities in the game and the world should be bigger than gta5 and have garges like online so if a car is ruined you can get it back and more different biomes like sno and desert and forest and then in the city and it should be set in chicago or something like that and owning more than one apartment or house with being able eo have families and doing stuff with them and of course switching between characters and also a tropical part in the game plus have better waves in the game and be able to skii snowboard and skateboard and water skiing being towed behind a boat. if there was stuff like this plus all previous stuf in gta 5 i would love this game

  • James

    have a bigger variety of 4 wheel drives and offroad tracks

  • darwin

    they should make gta world like atleast 5 cities that you can go to in a plane or by the airport

  • Naomi

    I think Rockstar should introduce a female character. Considering that lots of my friends who play GTA are females. It would be brilliant to see a female charcter!

  • tmjla

    Modern just like gta 5 MODERNNN

  • tmjla

    And I loved trevor franklin and michael do.a sequel with same characters!!!!!

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      Can’t be done due to the storyline of GTA 5. You can’t have the option to kill off a character then if anyone actually killed that character, bring them back in a sequel.

      • Distrayz

        Actually, just like in the GTA IV canon where Roman was the one who survived, which is proven in V as he is on LifeInvader, the canonical story is the C option. Following this logic the three are still alive, although in my opinion it is impossible any of them will be featured as a protagonist. However there will likely be some references to them as well as past events in Los Santos. Who knows maybe even some cameos R* like to put surprises.

      • Distrayz

        Actually, just like in the GTA IV canon where Roman was the one who survived, which is proven in V as he is on LifeInvader, the canonical story is the C option. Following this logic the three are still alive, although in my opinion it is impossible any of them will be featured as a protagonist. However there will likely be some references to them as well as past events in Los Santos. Who knows maybe even some cameos R* like to put surprises.

  • Zitlali Meladiee Ramos

    Could we go into outer space? Other galaxies ? That would be amazing !

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      I hear the next Saints Row might be heading in that direction.

  • Ika Bik Diggitle Diggitle

    What rockstar needs to do
    1.) When you get busted you go to prison. While in prison you have missions inside prison. You can also be broken out of prison, and start riots
    2.) You can get girls pregnant and are responsible for them
    3.) Bring back san andreas staying in shape.
    4.) Connect San andreas, Vice city, and Liberty city

    5.) or Just Make a MMORPG out of GTA.

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      #5 – No, just no. GTA Online was bad enough with players camping outside of your garage and driving around in tanks killing anyone in sight. Imagine what a mmopg would be like if that was the result of GTA Online. You’d be killed by a higher level player the instant you tried to go anywhere because of the online community for GTA.

  • corey feskun

    they should put in valcanos the whole world mudding more land more customization options seasons i want to make my dream car house and i want to do activities like hunt race muding ride through axual woods kill alligators lions deer stuff like that then in the city i want to pick up girls they should put in way more things the earth so we never run out of places to explore and make it easier to get money theyre litterly should be the earth and real cars people like chief keef drakke driving around and stuff like that i want tot put a bigger lift kit on my cars bullbars and real life customizations and i wanna go mudding race dirtbike and real brands of vehicles and clothing

    • FinalFantasyXForever

      GTA Meets the Sims.

  • corey feskun

    buy more than 1 garage i ran out of space with my 10 car garage in gta 5

  • Nathaniel Gross

    I could go for a futuristic sci fi setting none else

  • FinalFantasyXForever

    Somewhere we haven’t already seen in a GTA game. No more Liberty City, No more San Andreas, No more Vice City. Just somewhere interesting. Somewhere we can actually be impressed by instead of disappointed. The problem with returning to old settings is that there will always be people who are feeling let down because it’s not what they expected.

  • corey feskun

    follow me on instagram @coreyfeskun69

  • Angelea Marie

    I,think there should be a girl character you can be and maybe different holidays and seasons,in,Boston or new hampshire or just usa period

  • Dionte

    You should make the game come to life where as u can travel to different states ride on trains and also make it more realistic like it is out here in life and make the story mode longer and fun to play put all weather forcast like snow tornadoes and much more and make online much fun like gta 5. Please note make it to were as u can rob people houses this time and make buildings collapse from explosives.

  • Anoymous

    ppls have way more clothes and car and u can have sex with girl/boys porno more hairstyles and all that

  • max

    you should set it in Italia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • max

    you should be able to choose your dog. and adopt children

  • christian

    rockstar must create more interiors for all your properties, more garages cause in the story mod you can buy only 4 cars and there are more than 50 in the game.I also think it will be grat you can do more activityes and jobs and more differen properties and safehouses to buy cause in gta5 you have money but you can’t use it.And one more thing-I don’t like play online so please concentreate more in single player

  • max

    they should make every major us city and let you fly to other cities

  • Justin


    gta 6 should feature a young Mexican returning to a mexico city like map after fleeing to america after pissing off the wrong people but now he has returned after being deported. He must deal with the mean who wanted him dead, past love interests as well as new one, The humiliation from of being deported, Friends and family and most importantly the cold shoulder of his war harden father. The game should highlight the mass poverty in mexico with slums on top of slums decked with rabid dogs, dirty children, blood thirsty gang members and of course Hookers.


    After head protagonist gets sent back to mock up mexico city or possibly cuba he must deal with his five or so trouble brothers, vast amount of friends, Very critical father and the Mexican underground he wronged in some way so many years ago (possible stole money from them, Got mob bosses daughter pregnant, Maybe he was framed for a murder who knows). It should be all about smuggling drugs to the states. you start out as just another thug maybe doing ransom kidnapping. heist, car theft just your normal small time. as the game goes on you’ll find yourself the head of the city from living in dirty dumps to huge villas, form sweaty rags on your back to designer suits then having the choice to risk it all for family in the end.



    {if their going to get mexico city they gotta think big and i mean big lots of people lots of crimes lots of fun.)


    casual hook ups at bars,clubs,parties ect
    (its unrealistic to have a young bachelor going threw a whole city and not having one gf. And c’mon look at franklin He’s young and attractive in a huge city and he only sleeps with strippers… no. We need sick underground clubs with women you can romance and bring home and maybe date or at least have an ongoing love interest in the story.)


    (Its Gta C’mon we need that fire power we need Aks and nines real gritty guns and we need a lot of em}


    Remember the good old days of san andreas when you could have YOUR chaceter be jacked, fat, skinny or what ever. well what happened to that i like that a lot as well as many of the other gta fan


    Means dogs barking behind the fence Raccoons digging in trash cans. and coyotes howling at the cold moon. Animals really brought five to life lets keep that going.


    when i say this I don’t mean go pick out little dresses for your new adopted love child, but really theirs no children anywhere. How much of a vibe would you get if out of a blue a 12yr old tries to sell to knock watches or even drugs.

  • younes elmaasri

    It seems better when they make it in egypt and changing seasons like winter,spring,autumm and play in the story mode as a multiplayer

  • toney

    Mafia timeline would be cool based in like 199050 ish

  • Jovi Brooks

    Main character: Girl that hot like lara croft
    Vehicles: more mods like nfs underground 2 had and more 90s cars
    places: schools, clubs, a mall like dead rising had and more walkins
    Map: islands, more citys, vegas is a must, multiple airports to travel to
    Other: more stuff take it to a whole new level and be able to costumize house and own more property or buy your own land, seasons

  • alen

    We should be able to interact more stores and other things

    Also I’d be cool if cars could run out of gas
    There should be more gun

    Different guns

  • bkirimli

    Modern-time is great
    But it’d be awesome if a new GTA game has story between 90s-00s and in California about Westside, street, gangs, rappers, weed, drugs with more nudity

  • Greg

    They should add ufo’s that you could fly

  • josh ashton

    you should make it more realistic with indicators and fuel ect as this would be a more real life experience which is what us people want…

  • Postolache Razvan

    i like to see the old caracters . Like CJ or Tomy

  • Macdonald

    I think gta 6 should continue with M T and F. I also think it should be fully kinect

  • Macdonald

    The location gta vi should be in Atlanta,Georgia or in Washington, D.C.

  • Jasmin Burnett

    they do one in for australia with going to all states

  • ryan

    Cockpit view in cars!!!

  • Joe

    I think gta VI should have a female character. i like the characters on gta V… keep them and intruduce a female. The player could choose and change any time a character and could travel to more than one city. On missions could get more Money and after u spend were ever u want. ( new homes, cars, tanks, upgrades and business). Can choose sometimes your dialogue between characters. Turn the storyline bigger. Do this and the game will be better. This is it what i think left to the GTA VI.

  • Mateusz P

    they should add a bigger town

  • David McCallum

    They should add an Italian mobster, a Carribean drug dealer (like Tony Montana), and a hood gangster as the protagonists. The setting should be 80′s/90′s Florida/Georgia featuring Atlanta, Savanna, Fernadina, Orlando, and Miami. I think it would be really hard to make, but the final outcome would be sick with 5 cities and 3 unique characters.

  • Isaiah

    They should make it to where you can fly anywhere in the world, switch between characters in the process andmake the cars be adapting to each part the world, such as Tokyo having imports and Australia having like jeeps and kangaroos hopping around.

  • S.A.H

    I just want them to improve on the minor graphics, like the interior of the cars, the engine&engine bay, and the undercarage…and making it available to go into steering wheel view..and i would love for them to license all the cars in real life so i can drive a real bugatti veyron, but of course that would cost alot of $…but look at Forza, making those bills…and Of course make the map the whole freaking world already and stop puttin off… And please make gas required for your car to run, and for all the nay sayers, give them an option to turn it off so they can be satisfied…

  • niesha

    Please add a female character to GTA 6

  • Steve Monks

    I’ve done with gta 5. 100% completed a few times! all outcomes and online level 100 but the hackers and lack of variety along with slow boring content added…times up, sold, over for me now and so onto the long wait for gta 6.
    I’d like one main character, who you can build up like San Andreas, more set out rather than the random way it appeared to up your stats. More obvious what’s needed to increase if you like…I’d like return to traditional taxi jobs and burger shots, clucking bells, selling the food. Keep in the snacks too from the stores. In fact More stores and food chains if the map is going to be same size and more ammunations.
    Incorporated into this, when on missions, the switch available and sometimes compulsory,auto,into lots of other characters to help doing the missions.
    Yes, be able to flick a switch in certain parts of missions to help complete… but predominantly, one strong main character we can fall in love with.
    Also,maybe have some female characters to switch into. Better revenue streams too, from businesses. More continuous and realistic. The only way to afford everything in 5 is buy stock market thru Lester missions…this shouldn’t be the case. Working hard on jobs, and your business all way through should bring rewards.
    More potential homes too. Have loads of access to properties, and businesses. I’d like to be able, after the main story, to be able to keep building, working up to stuff rather than the wam bam…thankyou mam share system now. All the best things, San Andreas, 4 and 5. I’d even say if the map had to be smaller, less mountainous regions in order to make more buildings businesses

  • Steve Monks

    Also..location…back to liberty city. Use this one to tie up stories from previous charcacters… Maybe have answers to where a lot of people are. Nico, a 60 year old cj…etc etc… Try to involve as many previous characters as possible. Cjs old girlfriends with kids he Nico…maybe running a restaurant named Romans! With obviously a nice meth lab underneath, ( like breaking bad). Hell, even make us sheamus mcreary… Paddys son from a hooker in San Andreas that’s come to liberty looking for his father! I got so many ideas too….lol.

  • ∞Makayla♡

    I think GTA 6 should have where you can get gas. Build your own house, have a job to get more money, and buy your own dog. Have a school, have kids, and also get married. More stores and a bigger world. And indeed a female character or mame your own charactee. More cars to pick from. Food places like burger shot and cluckin bell, etc. More walk-in places. And I think it should be like in Vegas of California. It should be modern day. Steering wheel view in the car. And some improvement on graphics. And also turn signals because when I’m driving super fast and some idiot driver turns I crash every time.

  • ∞Makayla♡

    Or the location should he the whole united states and you can fly to different places and stuff.

    • Steve Monks

      It would be a ball ache travelling too much. After a while it would do ya head in. I think the size this time in 5 was about perfect IMO.

      • ∞Makayla♡

        That is true, never thought of that.

  • ∞Makayla♡

    And play multiplayer without having to do it online.

  • Gustav

    Hej! Jeg er dansker!
    ØØØØHHHMMM…. jeg har egentlig ikke, noget at sige men….. er der nogen, der kender en side hvor, ALLE-KODER/Koderne står??????

  • TheRightWing

    I’ve always thought about having different levels of realism that could be selected by the player. So maybe one player can choose to play his story mode on realistic mode and another can play through on classic mode. Or they could even individually toggle certain aspects of realism (gas, amount of guns, regenerative health, car handling). This way, everyone wins.

  • Thomas Callen

    Should be in Sydney/London/Hong Kong.. Somewhere different?

  • josh jenkins

    Should be able to be cops. Be the good guys for once. But i know its grand THEFT auto so that wouldnt make since but. Make a multi person thng like gta v n have one as a good guy a cop or something and outher a bad guy. Make more bulidings enterable and more cars acessable and more mods