GTA 5 Stock Market tips to earn big money PART I

By Flaxtick – 2nd November 2013
GTA 5 Stock Market tips to earn big money PART I

Los Santos is a cold, hard place to everyone who visits it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a criminal psychopath, a teacher, a politician or a bank robber; there is only one way to conquer the city and that is through money, lots and lots of money.

While my previous article explained how to make a quick buck without using cheats of any kind, this one deals with even more profound ways of making money by playing the stock market. Grand Theft Auto 5 is probably the only game that has been able to employ such a well-defined stock market within a game so that players may able to trade stocks just like in real life.

The Stock Market in GTA 5 works in a similar way to the real stock markets. So we need to understand the underlying psyche of it in order to make it a profitable venture. So let’s get down to it shall we?

There are in total two major stock markets in the game which the player can get involved with. They are: the LCN and the BAWSAQ and both can be accessed by the player via the in-game browser. But the two are not so similar in their workings. The LCN is completely affected by the game-events and the player’s individual acts whereas in case of the BAWSAQ, it is affected by all the in-game players’ actions.

All the registered stocks in the game usually follow a pattern going through highs and lows where if the stocks fall, and then after a brief lull, they rise again. By understanding these ups and downs, the player can predict the best times for buying and selling shares.

Firstly, the most important thing is to notice when a certain stock share hits the peaks, note down how often it peaks and the time of day or week when that happens. This is a good way of knowing when it’s going to hit the next peak and sell them off for a profit.

Our second tip is to invest in new stocks that offer a good growth trajectory. See that the ‘% change’ in the stock information is high enough, which it will be since it’s a new stock and the shares grow. But overtime the growth slows down, and this is the best time to quickly get rid of them by selling. Buy low sell high, that’s the motto!