GTA 5 Stock Market tips to earn big money PART II

By Flaxtick – 6th November 2013
GTA 5 Stock Market tips to earn big money PART II

Right, so in the first part of the stock market guide, we explained how the stock markets work in GTA 5, the different types and how each of them work. In case you missed it, check it out here.

The article also talked about how you as the player can play the stock market in a passive way. Although it is good enough for your average gamer who’s happy with a few thousands of dollars, we get the funny feeling that it doesn’t strike a chord with the rest of you hard-core players.

Remember what we said in the first part, this is a guide to make lots and lots of money and that’s where we are going to take you. So without further ado, we present the second of the three part strategy guide.

As revealed before, the Liberty City National Stock Exchange or the LCN is affected by only the player’s in-game events while the BASWAQ, which happens to be a parody of NASDAQ, is affected by the overall actions of all the players’ actions in the GTA online community.

The BAWSAQ is much more difficult to make sense of, so concentrate on LCN

The BAWSAQ is much more difficult to make sense of, so concentrate on LCN

It is more difficult to manipulate the BAWSAQ as its variations depend on the multitude of players’ choices through the Rockstar Social Club where it’s hard to predict the other players’ buying and selling choices of stocks. However, the LCN is much more of a viable option to control once we understand its deeper workings.


What we need to understand is that the LCN is no different from the real stock exchanges that we have. It is influenced by the current events and fluctuates based on the people’s perception of the particular company. So if, to say, something bad were to happen to a company that is in fact doing well, its shares will eventually drop. What a pity, if that were to happen?

And it’s your job to ensure that it happens! Let’s say you’re a fan of Clucking Bell chain of restaurants. The shares of the company are doing fine as well. So in order to bring down its prices first go and create large-scale mayhem and destruction to all Clucking Bell food joints in the city. This will undoubtedly bring down its’ stocks.

With the reduced prices, it should be easy to buy a truck-load of its shares with your saved up money. Now here’s the fun part, after you have bought the shares, go out and repeat the same destructive antic with its competitor TacoBomb. Through this act, your company shares will go through the roof while its competitors’ will go down simply because you won’t let them run their business.

Then later when your company shares are so unbelievable high enough, you can sell them off for a huge profit. This simple concept can be applied to any company that is listed in the stock market. Every company has a competitor in its line of business and all you have to do is pick one and destroy the other to make a ton of money.

We list below some of the competitors in the game whom you can choose to employ this strategy.

Clucking Bell | TacoBomb
CoolBeans | BeanMachine
FlyUS | AirEmu
Redwood | Debonaire
MazeBank | BankOfLiberty
Bilkington | DollarPills
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter | Bullhead
CoolBeans | BeanMachine
RadioLosSantos | WorldwideFM
Burgershot | Up-An-Atom
eCola | Raine
GoPostal | PostOP
Pisswasser | Logger