GTA 5 – How to Become Rich

By Ivan Staraj – 8th November 2013
GTA 5 – How to Become Rich

Giving out a gigantic $500,000 on the stimulus package of GTA 5 online has put Rockstar in the news again. I was playing the game again and again and here I am with some tips and tricks to generate money in the offline version of game. I regret it for not writing it a week ago, however here is the “to do list” today to oversight.  

Let’s get started with some of the basics. Every player wants to make millions of dollars in GTA 5, right? Above all, you need to stop spending the stolen money on useless crap. Obviously, you need weapons to proceed, however what you should avoid is spending money at Ammu-Nation. Be steady and try to keep moving on with one of each type. Same rule for wardrobe and hair styles. Well, I agree how fascinating and satisfying it feels, when you customize your character as per your wish but till now I haven’t witnessed a single benefit of it. Having several clothes in your closet will certainly not help you with anything in the game. Don’t expect anything rubbish in this piece of information, as I will not waste my words for something unimportant like attire.


Copying the real world and absorbing it is the real way to make money in GTA 5. Invest in the market in order to get closer for acclaiming a part of Los Santos. You need to move your funds intelligently. Want to make it lightening fast? Go for a day trade. They are risky in nature but who knows it can be your day.

Another way to make some cash in GTA 5 is the time traveler process. All you have to do is to take a stock prices note. Take a screenshot with your phone or with a pen and you are done. Wait anxiously for 3 to 5 hours and check out the stock prices, pen down the names of companies with a sheer rise in stock market. Close your eyes and invest on them. Now here is the key, go back in the time. I mean in your saved games and invest as much as you can in those companies. It’s the right time for the time you waited to pay back. You will get maximum money in a short span of time. Moreover, assassinations are indeed a great way to earn money.  After the story mode, kill the first and don’t give a damn about the rest.

That’s all for now about GTA 5. I have some more interesting stuff for you but definitely you have to wait a bit for them. If you have found out any ways about making bucks in Los Santos and if they are more interesting and tricky, post them below so everybody gets benefitted. Believe me, your comments are my source of motivation. Try to be nice and feel free to share anything new and interesting. It’s like opening a door for the newbie’s and an entrance is all what they want. I will come up with other ways of earning money in GTA 5 very soon. Keep the fingers crossed.