Grand Theft Auto Online may get a future DLC update

By Ivan Staraj – 30th November 2013
Grand Theft Auto Online may get a future DLC update

Rumors are spreading around the gaming world, as a user of Grand Theft Auto Online has recently found interesting audio files and submitted them to YouTube. You are able to hear the whole message here. It is buried deep in the Beach Bum DLC.

The Beach Bum update was released recently, giving the GTA Online players a lot of new addictive mini games and skins. This alleged and rumor update, as we can learn from the hidden audio file is mentioning spying, new camera phone upgrades, pink slips racing and even casinos.

We can’t yet be sure if the information is correct or not and why the file is put there in the Beach Bum update; however, one thing is certain – Rockstar is looking forward to giving the GTA online players and fans the best experience they can get. The game is getting more and more addictive and if you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series and you haven’t yet tried the online version you should definitely do it.

As to the audio files, their authenticity is not questionable, yet we have to wait and see, which ones of the rumors that spread around the web about GTA Online will actually turn out to be true.