Check Out the Full Notes for COD: Ghosts Recently Released Patch 1.04

By Ivan Staraj – 30th November 2013
Check Out the Full Notes for COD: Ghosts Recently Released Patch 1.04

Just a few days after a big update was released for the PS4 version and a hot fix was released for PS3 version, patch 1.04 has been released by Infinity Ward for its game Call of Duty Ghosts. This brings along plenty of different changes and fixes. Below are the full patch notes:

New features

The #CODeSports option was added. Its addition has provided further MLG support. It not only possesses the ability of enabling the most current MLG rule-set in online System Link and Private Matches, but also a Broadcast mode.


  • The patch has increased stability by making some fixes of the game. They are:-
  • There was a rare crash that occurred when a player was quitting out of an MP based match at the same time calling in a squad mate equipped with a riot-shield.
  • A rare stability issue of a private match, which occurred when playlist updates were published.
  • During the starting match process, renaming a loadout normally caused a crash to occur.
  • When the host of a war game match was pulled out of the same during a 5 player party, a crash would occur.
  • A rare crash occurring on load of an MP Siege
  • A rare crash that normally occurred on load

Key changes

  • Destroy and Search currently has its own playlist online
  • An increase of destroy and search XP to offer 10x XP in place of 5x XP
  • Care package having exploit fix
  • Multiple maps had collision bugs fixed
  • Fixes of numerous Anti-Cheat
  • Numerous fixes of map exploits in Extinction and MP.
  • Search and Destroy mode had leader board added
  • Early tier weapon and operation challenges had XP rewards slightly increased.
  • It fixed an exploit of spawn where a player would constantly respawn at his team spawn in the first quarter minute of a game. This was even if the enemy was close by
  • Improvements on further spawn logic

Additional fixes

  • Un-localized text present in the unlock screen for abilities of extinction were fixed
  • An issue where a player backing out of a particular error popup resulted with the player sitting in a lobby which in Squad Assault would not fill up was fixed.
  • In extinction HUD, thermal hybrid scope was added.
  • In extinction mode, mismatched player cards were fixed.
  • Made it in a way that when a player backs out of a field edit popup, the CoD Anywhere confirm button will no longer disappear.
  • The menu for operation selection got an addition of a ‘Track Operation” helper text button
  • Rewards are explained by use of improved UI messages
  • To account for rolling over of multi-tier operations, operation completion bonus was fixed.
  • Challenge balancing assisted by riot shield
  • A bug that shot down a heli sniper using a gryphon was fixed.
  • Text description of an item was replaced by a generic unlock icon i.e. (uniform / helmet / head.
  • Made sure that the ratchet sound would only play after a game when first entering the summary.
  • In Rescue and Search, dog tags are now shown to spectators
  • Sometimes a player would be sent back to the previous menu screen if they changed the leader board before scrolling. This issue was fixed.
  • The XP / Score popup, which is +100, did not appear when a player was killed in Squads Mode. This rare issue has been fixed.
  • In safeguard, sometimes the ammo counter did not show up properly. This issue was fixed.
  • New MP spawn music has been added.
  • In Extinction, a few last stand weapon bugs for revive have been fixed.
  • In Extinction, in some instances spawning from last stand was capable while lacking a weapon in hand. This issue was fixed.
  • My Modes and Recent History lists had multiple fixes.
  • When an attack chopper was bought in a particular window of time, the hive chopper failed to show up. This issue occurred ion Extinction and it was fixed.
  • There was a rare issue in extinction where the alien failed to retreat. It was fixed.
  • Call of Duty Account Registration was added a background and patch reward.
  • Sometimes, players would not be teleported when they were mantling as they were going through a blitz portal. This issue has been fixed.
  • On the Clan Details page, there was an issue where a bug caused clan tag colors not to show up. The bug has been fixed.
  • The view-kick scale of Focus Perk’s has been balanced.
  • The game will now return a player to the main menu if they lose their internet connection and then attempt to modify a loadout’s perks.
  • When the service is down, there is an addition of an error message which will be displayed on the Friend’s List Clan section.
  • When the service is not available, create clan button is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle explosions sometimes were not visible in kill cams.
  • There was a rare issue that was fixed which involved the left pistol shooting two bullets instead of shooting one.
  • A more accurate 0ms is now returned by ping for bots
  • When a player is too close to dog, it no longer twitches.
  • It is now possible to ADS when a player is moving in a remote turret.
  • When performing a melee charge, there has been a reduction in upward velocity.
  • There was an issue where an empty player name was seen when joining a game in progress. This issue was fixed.
  • Fixes for dedicated server implemented.
  • Clan tags are not any longer missing a bracket when they are viewed in-game.
  • The COD app has been added more support.
  • Improvements on spectator movements
  • On the Player Stats lobby page, there was an issue for the Preferred Weapon Stat. It has been fixed.
  • When using the gryphon to view players, there is an improvement in character models rendering.

Hope you enjoyed the full notes on COD. Let us know what you think about the update.