The Much-awaited GTA 5 Update Launched

By Ivan Staraj – 13th November 2013
The Much-awaited GTA 5 Update Launched

The recently released patch and GTA 5 update has rigged a wide array of bugs and issues. The biggest of them was vehicle related. Players were frustrated over vehicle disappearance but Thank God, it has been fixed earlier than expected.  

The latest GTA 5 update is on the internet for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There’s no need to search for it as it will get downloaded automatically, if you are connected to the internet while playing the game. The Rockstar media cell described the vehicle disappearing problem as an issue with a “Cloud Save Failure”.  Now this is something interesting and complex because “Cloud Save” will continue to create hassles for players in some other ways. Any created character will be momentary. So it makes clear that whenever the cloud saves would be down, players will get annoyed.  

Another issue addressed in this patch is also related to vehicles. The problem of one vehicle getting sold again and again is no more a problem now. In addition to this, utility bills are not getting paid and the starting point of tutorial race problem has also been solved.

GTA 5 update 

A notable tweak has been added which is quiet understandable and exciting for the new players. It is that if you get killed in free mode, you will not lose more than 500 dollars. It certainly is a sigh of relief for players of public games.

So far, major problems regarding GTA 5 update online have been resolved. The company has publically announced that the players who played the game in October with $500,000 money in game will be rewarded. It sounds a sufficient apology, as the company assured the players of two consecutive $250,000 deposits in the upcoming week.  This was a comment made by Rockstar including that this update has all major fixes in it. Let’s take a look at the list of all the fixes and tweaks included in this patch:


  • Fixed various vehicle related issues that were causing automobile loss.
  • Fixed the car replacing issue in the garage, as wrong cars were getting replaced.
  • Fixed the vehicle selling error which was allowing the players to sell a single vehicle again and again.
  • Fixed the vehicle duplication issue.
  • Fixed the utility bills problem where some players were not able to pay the dues of a house.
  • Fixed the crew initiative issue, in which players were not getting it.
  • Fixed the starting point of tutorial problem, it wasn’t appearing for many players.
  • Fixed issue of a gamer- owned garage, for instance players weren’t able to join jobs.
  • Fixed playlist issues as players were getting stuck over it.
  • Fixed the issues creating black screens, getting stuck in sky cams and extended game loading time.
  • Details have been added in the patch that in case of heavy or low cloud saves, character will be temporary.
  • Random option has been added at the character customization to create a cool character.
  • Players in public games will only lose $500 for getting killed in the free mode.

Let’s hope the remaining concerns and issues of players regarding GTA 5 update will be addressed soon.