How to make quick money in GTA 5 without cheats

By Flaxtick – 31st October 2013
How to make quick money in GTA 5 without cheats

If this were to have been a guide on how to make a quick buck in GTA 5 with cheats enabled, then there are of course ton of ways to do that. But some of us gamers like to keep it clean and dominate the game in a “proper” way without using cheats. So if you’ve been looking for ways to make some cash quickly and legally, then this guide is for you.

Committing Heists

Heists as we all know provide some of the biggest payouts by completing the main missions of the game so we urge you take them seriously. One small bit of advice is that when hiring a crew for the job, make sure you go with the best available people and inventory for the job as this has a bearing on how the heists go.

Loot stores

This can be a really quick and easy job provided you pull it off well. All you want to do is walk over to the sales person and point the gun at them and they will provide you a plastic bag full of money to walk out with. However be advised to have backup in hand as the police will be after you.

Mugging People

You can always go on a mugging spree no matter where you are by killing people and instantly getting their cash. However, we like to point out that you look for richer neighbourhoods to carry out your mugging since it yields better results rather than poor neighbourhoods. Another great tip is to mug those who have just visited the ton of ATM machines all over the city.


Never forget the collectibles that are littered throughout the game world as in the previous games. These collectibles could be in the form of hidden packages, letters, submarine pieces and spaceship parts. Our tip for you is making sure that you take Chop along with you when searching for collectibles as he can be a real help in finding them.

Loot Security Vans and Armored Cars

The loot job can be very profitable when the situation arises to commit them. In case of the security vans, the player is needed to disable the van or kill the driver and escape with the money; and in the case of Armored Cars, the player is required to hold it up and shoot the back in order for it to open up and get the contents.

Purchasing Businesses

As with previous GTA games, you can purchase various businesses and get a steady source of income from them. The businesses range from $204,000 like for pharmacy shop to about 150 million dollars for the Los Santos Golf Club.

Win Races

You can partake in many different races like street races, off-road, sea races and many more to make a quick buck. Of all these, street races provide better payout than the other ones.

Playing the Stock Market
One of the unique and probably the best ways of earning money is by playing the Stock Market. There are two different stock exchanges called LCN and BAWSAQ; here LCN is directly affected by player actions so it more reliable and with BAWSAQ, it is affected by the whole community and is somewhat unreliable. We advise you to make each of the three playable characters invest in the market especially before the start of a mission as it will have the best outcome.