Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Beta Key Give Away

By David R – 29th October 2013
Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Beta Key Give Away

UPDATE: Winners have been chosen please check your email if you have received a hearthstone beta key. Good luck to everyone!

ORIGINAL: After much anticipation and waiting blizzard finally got back to us with a bunch of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beta keys, we currently have 300 keys ready to hand out okay maybe 299 as ill be taking one to use myself!

Those of you who aren’t aware of blizzards most addictive immense card game ever made, a game that will put you in a magical mind state thinking what to do next while the timer ticks down. Check out the full game at Hearthstone Official Site.

We know how hard it is to get these keys and when you look for them the amount of lucrative loop holes you have to go through to get them, that is why we are making this easier for you  Exactly November 10th noon GMT i will personally email all the winners. Please make sure to put [email protected] off your spam list as this is the email to look out for.

How to win a Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft beta key?

1. It’s simply just comment below why you should get a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta key!

2. Give this page a UP vote on Reddit and a Tweet(you don’t have to but we aren’t asking much!)

– We will then hand pick 100 winners with the best comments, then we will email the other 199 keys to all those who have left a comment below!

– Have patience and don’t spam as we will be going through each comment and filtering bots/spam/dupes.

  • yourshadowq

    Id like to play hearthstone what more do you want!

  • Jack.bauzer

    Really dude I need a beta key because I`m a huge Blizzard Fan 😀

  • Andrew

    I deserve a beta key, because, I have been spending at least 1-2 hours a day since beta invites starting being sent out, looking for a god damn key, so I can play this god damn beta, never win giveaways, never got one from email, and I’m getting fed up at this stage!

  • Nayomaru

    20th of September.. was my birthday.. friend lied at me that he got me a key, he used it for himself and now.. I’m left out with no key till now t.t
    checking streams.. reddits even websites for about 1 month almost 2 idk.. so yeah t.t i want that key so bad 😀

  • Xorr

    I need a key so I can give up my hope of finishing my university education and become a professional Hearthstone player!

  • Matt Kelly

    I’d be thrilled to finally get a key! My friend has been tormenting me ever since he got one over a month ago! Haha

  • Blueplastic

    Uhm, best comment? How about a joke?
    My lady friend loves animals so she asked me to draw one for her birthday.
    So I druid.

  • oskar

    my birthday is on tuesday next week so it would be a nice gift also please the tought of playing this game has made all my other games so boring to play i cant stop thinking about hearthstone

  • Ryan Bremner

    Oh hearthstone, why I need a bête key, well its the same reason I need food sleep and exercise

  • Fuzzfor

    both my friends have beta keys and i cant play with them. It has come to that i cant even be in skype with them because i can stand to hear about hearthstone.

  • canar

    I would love a key as I keep reading anything I can on the game and watching streams all day !

  • waacky

    I’m a huge fan of the Warcraft universe, I’ve been listed for a key pretty much since it was made possible and I’ve attended every possible giveaway, I’ve been able to get near :b I really want in on this beta!

  • Tim M

    I’d like to study hearthstone as part of a project for University. Help further education!

  • Ritums Cepitis

    I have been waiting for beta code so long :(

  • William Nilsson

    I want one because I don’t have one.


  • Ravelair

    I am not saying I deserve a key, what I am saying is that I really, really want it. I have been hitting F5 on my mailbox after any mention about an invite wave. I am simply crazy about that game as it seems like the best PC CCG there is. I’ve tried others and none were as good as Hearthstone seems to be (so many games watched on YouTube…).

    So yeah, I would really appreciate a key. Really! Because you know… David is my real name and GH is the best (both parts of that sentence are true!)!

  • Andrew

    I don’t think Blizzard is rich enough and I would like to give them all my money.

  • TechnoCookie


  • Tom Smith

    I would like the key so I can play with my friends. I have also followed this game since its announcement and want to finally get to play it.

  • Roberto

    i dont think im more special than anyone here, and i think everybody here wants that beta key, i love playing card games and i love warcraft, im just really excited to play this game and try it out,

  • ChipmunkMafia

    I would love to have a beta key because I have been following Hearthstone since it went into beta. I have been watching streams 4+ hours a day to keep up with the current meta of the game and I feel that I already have knowledge about the cards before even owning the game. I deserve a beta key due to my patientience and dedication to this game.

  • Azlum

    I think I should get a key because I’m a good little boy and I stay on Santa’s Nice List.

    Plus my 13yr old boy really loves Magic and wants to try Hearthstone in a bad way. His birthday is 11/11 so it would be a cool ‘gift’ for him :)

    In any case thanks for doing the giveaway! 299 people will be very happy.

  • Sick Boy

    I think i deserve the game because i entered pretty much all givaways known to man and still haven`t got my key

    • Daniel Marsh

      Woaaaah, not like anyone else is having this issue…you tard.

  • Markus Sørhaug

    Well i will Jinx myself here and say i will get a key 😀 hehe

  • Jan Cato

    A Dk walks into a bar: there is no counter!
    I’ve always liked DK OP jokes, no diss to all you angry mains now! 😀

  • PixelHazard

    I would really love to play this game against my friend who thinks hes the best. I think otherwise!

  • Galvayra

    I am a princess from a faraway land, and an evil shaman has cursed me into the body of a magical talking frog for refusing to marry him, the only way to lift the curse is a hearthstone beta key so i may defeat the shaman and reclaim my body . Only you have the power to help me.

  • moomoon

    If there is a god he’s not using his infinite power to cure world hunger, no, he is using it to prevent me from getting a hearthstone beta key…
    The reason i want it is because maintaining my sanity is quite important to me.

  • Tyler Forbes

    Wow this is a really awesome way to give out keys 😀 no rolling or contests or waiting days to hear if you won one or not 😛 Would love a key so i could play with all my mates and catch up too them 😛

  • Unoseye

    I’m not a huge warcraft lore fan but I grew up with Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft and It has allways been a small part of my life, I hope Hearthstone can be a small part to

  • victor meltzer

    I would love a key because it’s pretty sad to watch other people play game all day that I can’t even play.

  • jeppe

    Hi, I want to play too.

  • Alexi Santos

    Hi there, i’ve been waiting for a chance since the game went into closed beta. I would really apreciate to get a key after all this time joining infinite giveaways and getting nowhere.
    Thank you and good luck to everybody.

  • Guest

    I have play magic: the gathering for year. I have a lot of cards. I have played all the magic the gathering card games. I have been dreaming for a game like this. I need to play this game!

  • TehShadowZ

    I should get a Hearthstone key because I really want to play it lol 😉

  • 12th

    I spent 300+ hrs in WoW so i think its reasonible that i want to play this game.

  • Hearthofgold

    I’m even writing stories for people that’s giving out Hearthstone key’s, be my savior and save me from this curse! (It’s not a curse, but it’s a bit exhausting. Good luck to everyone.)

  • Railor

    I’ve been watching streams since day 1 and want a key so much! All my friends got one and I’m just stuck here waiting =(

  • Gábor Tóth

    I’ve wasted last 3 weeks on giveaways just to stand here empty handed..still wont give it up until i get one! RAWR

  • Daniel

    I have a savings account dedicated to this game… and its still not touched yet.. i miss my TCG’s.

  • CaptKirkAmerica

    I believe that being in on the ground floor of something that is going to be massive is a fantastic opportunity. Years from now, when hearthstone is ruling the gaming world, I’ll be able to tell my kids about the day I got into the beta for the game changing game that all others aspire to be like.

    I missed my opportunity with WoW changing the MMO landscape and spawning a multitude of clones. Every day, I withered away a bit more knowing that such an opportunity comes around only so often, until I saw the Hearthstone closed beta. I believed, nay I knew, that if I could just get into that beta, my years of anguish would come to a close as I opened a new chapter in my life. A chapter of hope, joy, and playing Hearthstone!

  • BuLsHiT

    you know why i need it!!! don’t pretend !!!

  • Calvin

    I would hope to get a key so I can play with you =D

  • Per Endre Liane Tengelsen

    First of all good luck to you all!

    My friend got a key and he plays OK, but after watching countless hours of Trump and read about the game I feel like I can do better! All my previous attempts at getting my hands on a key have been nothing but a wave of disapointments!

    I really hope someone that truely deserves a key gets one. My brother told me about his friends getting keys, playing it for 2 days, the quitting completely!

    Lastly, again, good luck to the participants of this giveaway!

  • Goodlife

    I have played magic the gathering for years. I have lots of cards of it. I have played all the magic the gathering games. I was hoping for an online card game like this, I have been dreaming for a card game like this. I need a beta key!

  • Casey Bement

    Been waiting for a long time, not getting in with the blizz invites.

  • jean-michel

    I would love to get a hearthstone beta key as all my friends have it except me and this is rather frustrating!

  • Tyler Richardson

    I’m having surgery on the 8th and will be out of work until the 13th. Need hearthstone to keep busy while bedridden!!!

  • leetz0rR

    *Random asslicking comment in hope of wining a key*

  • Justin Nguyen

    it’s my upcoming birthday on 2nd of Nov (I can prove by showing ID on Skype chat). So if I get a hearthstone beta key I would be more than the word Happy could express. I have been losing sleep and thinking all day, joining so many give away just hoping to get a key. Would be so nice of you to give me one. Much appreciated!

  • Smebbs


  • Flaxen

    After waiting for a beta key for many months, my best friend who isn’t even intrested in the game magically gets one somehow, uses it, plays the game for 20 minutes before getting bored and uninstalls the game. I find it tragically hilarous.

  • Copenhagen

    Played US an EU WOW Beta, then hardcored Vanilla, BS, WOTLK and touched base with Cata. I no longer have time for mmorpgs having since become a father of two and a full time employee, but I would love to get a whiff of the old WoW-days. A cardgame from Blizzard might very well scratch that itch. Beta-signup has yet to deliver. Help me David (my namesake btw), you’re my only hope!

  • jeppe

    This looks to be an awesome game. I want to be part of that, especially through playing. I also want to help make the community richer, and I think early access will help me in my quest to shape the world around me in a good way.

  • Hedgie

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Hearthstone hype train,
    Cho cho choo!

  • Ünsal Korkmaz

    RNG gods didnt help me, maybe you will.

  • DuckyBoy

    Im a Duck and i need a Hearthstone Key

  • Andre Noway

    I am trying to get into the beta for two months now with no avail. I don’t want to say that i deserve it more then anyone else, that would be an utter lie – but i want it! I want to play this game!

    Sadly I have only a shitty laptop where i cannot play most games on and that makes my life pretty boring – KEY PLEAS! :-)

  • Tomas Jančauskas

    Saw a chimney, my whole brain just went “What the hell!”

    Down there was a beta key!

  • Dovydas Strelkauskas

    i think i deserve it becouse im a true player of world of warcraft and this game is kinda like wow but its played with cards and i want it badly!!!!!

  • Chidd Lass

    Because I want it.

  • matiisi

    I want to test the cosmos. You could call it luck but I call it a reality when or if it happens. I want a beta key to enjoy Hearthstone as so many others have, so here I am, jumping into an ocean of chances, waiting to get a catch.

  • Andrei

    Here’s a joke to brighten your day: Why do snails hate speed? Because their eyes flutter xD

  • Andy Kung

    i deserve this key because i have lost every single giveaway i had signed up for, i’ve yet to get any codes from the NA waves, and i have whored myself to twitch streams for the chance to win a beta key. i’ve lost all dignity just to get a code to play this game.

  • Daniel Marsh

    Draenai are space goats… c:

  • Chris Johnson

    Since I’ve gotten to university I’ve been unable to play the only game I’ve enjoyed for a year and that is The Secret World. I’ve been so bored until one of my flat mates said that I could watch him and it was so fun so I’m hoping I can get a key so I can join him. Not sure what else other than I need to now to my essay question.

  • Maxime Castonguay

    I’d be so happy to win one! I’ve been doing all the possible deck and card mix up from online resources about the game! Thanks!!!

  • Miskav

    I’d love to have a key, been dying to play since I heard about it a while ago.

  • Duriem

    My blind 5year old just got cancer and i need to her final wish is for me to get a hearthstone beta key. Hope you will make my little girls dying wish come true :'((

  • Martin garrity

    Unlike everyone else I don’t have a birthday coming up, mine is in January but I do know that I would love this key. Me and my friends have been trying for it as soon as the EU close beta started, we’ve fallen in love with hearthstone and just can’t wait to actually get a chance to play it. Getting a key from here would I mean I could stream it for them that way we could all enjoy the game even if only one of us got it.

  • mira797 .

    I like trains!

  • gresha99

    Meow. As the cat God I demand a key. Please the cat God.

  • Natasch Lauch

    If i dont get one ill kill myself – big time

  • fgsfdss

    A haiku:
    A key of longing

    Waiting for you to lift up

    The Stone on my Hearth

  • Primzor

    I have entered so any contests at this point to try to join my friends on Hearthstone. So please gift me with a key :)

  • Nicolai Wøhlk

    I am a fifteen year old boy with a dream, and that dream is that one day, people will be reunited in game filled with joy and murlocs. That game is heartstone… Sadly to this day not even myself been allowed to enter the glorius joy alongside my friends and other heartstone people!

  • George Nemisis

    I don’t really deserve a key more than anyone elsem however I would love a key so that I can play with my friends (5 of my friends have key, I honestly have none (yeah bummer….)) that would be why I want a key ;D.

  • mindless

    The question is not why do I deserve it, but why don’t I deserve it? So far Blizzard and any other company doing major giveaways was cruel to me, which did bad for my mental health. It would be so much better for me, if I would actually receive a key.

  • Raukon

    As a long-time Warcraft and TCG-geek I’d love to be able to participate in a game that, quite frankly, just looks like an amazing way to spend my spare time in between exams. Right now I could not think of a thing that would make me happier than a Hearthstone key, nor could I think of a better way to relieve all the exam-stress I’ve built up!

    In other words… Gamerheadlines, pleaaaaase! 😀

  • Pjlt

    I get should key, because there is no really a reason why i should get it, it just i want to play it and have some fun experience, try this game myself, see how everything works and how fun it is.

  • Crodface

    You and me, we used to be together
    Every day together, always
    I really feel that I’m losing my best friend
    I can’t believe this could be the end

    It looks as though you’re letting go
    And if it’s real, well I don’t want to know

    Don’t speak
    I know just what you’re saying
    So please stop explaining
    Don’t tell me ’cause it hurts

    Don’t speak
    I know what you’re thinking
    I don’t need your reasons
    Don’t tell me ’cause it hurts

  • trepik

    I just want to play this game. Tired of begging everyone on the internet for a key…and no i’m not a bot and never used one. Good luck to real ppl!

  • Stefan V. Gretarsson

    I have been following this game for quite a while but so far been unsuccessful in obtaining a beta key. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of it, my kids have been watching streams with me and are always asking me when I can play so they can join in an watch me. And even try the game for themselves.
    Good luck to everyone who comment and congrats to the lucky ones.

  • Ossi Partanen

    As a long time MTG player (about 10 years) I’m quite sure that I will be able to stomp face on most of the players who are new to the genre, however, though having been a beta opt-in guy for many a month (around 4), I have not been able to get a key, even though I’m a long time blizzard customer, so I’m unable to prove myself on the arenas of HearthStone.

  • Drakthos


  • MattedMuskets

    When taking time from my hobbies of bear fighting and fire eating, I do occasionally enjoy playing the odd card game.

  • Filipe Deus

    I dont think i deserve it as much as the other people but i would like to win since ive been searching for one a long time

  • Luai Altajar

    i want a beta key plsssss

  • Theunlucky37

    Here we go again, down the rabbithole, trying to win a key.

    Here’s to luck!
    reads username

    Well eff!

  • Tullebukken

    As the RNG Gods have long forgotten me, I have decided to turn my faith to the only true godly being, namely David. Will he bestow upon me one of those betakeys? I have chosen to believe!

  • Robin Hagalid

    I could tell you a great reason, but that would have been a lie. I honestly just want to be able to play the game with a friend that got a key :)

  • Andrew

    If I had a Hearthstone Beta Key for every time I won a giveaway, I’d have 0 beta keys.

  • Asbjørn Bang

    How many players does it take to kill a paladin?

    2. 1 to fight him, and one waiting at the inn

  • Alberto Leiva

    I just got back from deployment in the military. Been trying to get into beta since start but no cigar :(. I eould love to be able to play this game and be part of the great community of gamers already in beta. Thx again for the contest. Best of luck to everyone.

  • adipsie

    i can´t really tell you why i of all people should get a key because there are plenty of good guys out there that could need one…but i can tell you that i am currently in a situation where i can´t leave my home for at least three weeks..so i have a lot of free time on my hands

  • AsurasFinest

    Will you slay the unaligned ant? What is the subtext of the unaligned ant? The answer to both of those will yours if , and only if, you give me a Hearthstone Beta key.

  • DeputyE

    I want my heart to beat in tune with nature as I play the druid.
    I long to hear my enemies scream as they are engulfed in flames by my mage.
    I hope to pierce the heart of darkness as a paladin.
    This is why.

  • ImR3d

    Hi David and Gamerheadlines.
    I really hope to get a Hearthstone key from you guys, It’ll be REALLY appreciated.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway :)

  • Epicspace12

    I would like a key as I have been already waiting for 3 months for it. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  • Bob

    When it comes to receiving a heartstone beta key, one must first ask oneself the truly important question: Who am I? Why do I deserve such a beautiful thing as a hearthstone beta key? By finding the answers to these questions one will better undertstand oneself and his own deserving of a gift of this magnitude. What would I do for this prize? I would certainly make an account and write existential whims down. If I were to receive this key then my life would have meaning and I would have true meaning to wake up and face the day that is void of purpose. I need Hearthstone to survive this world.

  • Jan Rychnovský

    I tried everything for a beta key.i promised to eat my underwear and put it on youtube …nothing..i offered some pretty disgusting boyz bj…nothing..i registered on every site that was giving keys…nothing.. i am opt in for 3months..nothing..ok no win here lets find some another giveaways..thx for doing this btw

  • Dexxin

    I’ve clocked in hundreds of hours on Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft BW, Starcraft 2 (even got to diamond!) and have always been a huge fan of Blizzard! I’ve also always been a fan of Magic : The Gathering and would love to have a chance to beta test such an awesome game for Blizzard!

  • jason

    I promised my girlfriend a beta key for Christmas and I’m running out of options!! HELP!! She will feed my gonads to the murlocs if I fail!!

  • Paralyz

    (/◔ ◡ ◔)/

  • xader

    I need the key because my whole family got cancer and the only thing that can make the cancer go away is the HearthStone beta key .

  • Gt Fo

    I’d love a key first of all ’cause i love the game. Even though i don’t have a key i get to play it once in a while at a friend,but i wonder if that isn’t more of a tease xD I’ve also been waiting for forever to get a key via Opt-in,clearly that did not happen. Most of my friend are already in and i can’t play with them. Also except lol and hearthstone i’m not playing any games atm,nor do i think i will (i just lost general interest in most games,but NOT hearthstone. i love it xD ). so i hope i’ve presented at least one good reason for which i think i should have a key,it’s up to you now to decide xD

  • Linards Krūmiņš

    Cooked potatoes for everybody, party at my house!

  • Tiberiu Drimba

    I’ll win this because : “The man who fears losing has already lost.”

  • Linards Krūmiņš

    But seriously, i need a key because this game looks so addictive and fun!

  • lol troll

    Well , if i dont get beta key i’ll probably loose my life in League HALP PLEASEE! ;c

  • Keith

    Would love to get a Hearthstone beta key, I’ve been a really card game fan since young and played many different kinds but not this yet! With it, I can have another game to keep me company instead of wasting my time away and play with my other friends who have the same interest too~ Been spending time looking for new games that are popular, and the only game which I really wanted was Hearthstone, really jealous of streamers when they play it D: !

  • FreeSpeeder


  • Kewin

    i like apples

  • Yumaro Le

    I want to become a pro Hearthstone player and I can’t practice if I’m not able to play it. I love playing Magic Cards with my brothers growing up and it brings back good memories 😀

  • Hinkledooper

    My cat was murdered by a bucket of molten cheese and as he died he spoke softly “get… h..hear…hearthstonneeee to kill.. this cheese!” I must avenge my cat named Hinkledooper by getting a key!

  • Flajper

    I already feel inner Leeeeeeeeroy Jeeeenkins just for thinking about playing this game I waited for nearly 2 months 😀

  • Cid

    Here’s to hoping for a beta key, after registering way back in the fall.

  • PeteW96

    I walk 10Km every day for a bucket of hearthstone streams. You can help me and other people in my situation with one donation of hearthstone so we do not have to walk another 10Km just to watch. Thank you.

  • Saphirahk

    Unicorn teats.


    Well shit after reading all the comments I don’t think i can come up with a better story/reason. Figured I might aswell give it a try but tbh alot more people here deserve the chance to play b4 open beta than me. Best of luck too everyone 😀

  • MosseR

    tried everything and still i havent got my beta key :/

  • TheMissingFactors

    * Jedi Powers* Everyone but me in the comments are not the people you are looking for to give a key to… I really hope to get a key so I can waste my life playing it. And possibly stream it.

  • john

    To whoever reads this, I don’t know you. I don’t know your name, I’ll never see your face. How you look when you are happy, how you look when you are sad. If I see you on the street, that is all you will be. Another face in a sea full of them.

    To me you should be nothing, just another person. But you are participating in this giveaway, just as I am. As i join in this giveaway, I realize, that although our thoughts exist in different moments of time, we are one. I care for you stranger. May you feel better, and good luck in this giveaway!

  • Charlie Ritchie

    I’d mostly like one so I can stream it while I’m participating in Extra-Life on Nov. 2nd

  • Jamie

    I will kill you….with cards.

  • Trummy17

    I should get one because I have been waiting since the damn thing came out and three of my best friends already have them, seems a waste to me to buy one online for real money like they did.

  • disqus_ROW7a8YHZz

    Heya there!
    I am currently on sickleave from my education duo to stress and sever sleeping disorder and I’ve been waiting for this beta-key since we were able to sign up :/ Getting one would at least give me something to do in the nights where I can’t sleep :)

  • Tsukiyama SLX

    Well I deserve the beta key cause …. THEY SEE ME ROLLIN THEY HATIN


  • Trummy17

    Whats your Twitter?
    You didn’t leave any info on that.

  • komarEX

    I will put yours site logo on my stream when I play Hearthstone.
    Good deal isn’t it ? >:D

  • Fodor Ferenc

    I just wanna get a key!c:

  • Kamber56

    David, has anyone mentioned how good your hair looks today?

  • Christian Nguyendinh

    I want a key because I love you.

  • D Boss

    I am an avid gamer with an intense interest in Hearthstone. I’ve been opted-in for the closed beta since it started and have been unable to be selected. I keep watching various streamers play and it’s make my interest, and frustration from not having a key, grow to unimaginable heights. If selected I’d do the realm it’s justice and smite down thine enemies.

  • jza

    i dont sleep since 1month, cant wait or i die 😀 my computer is angry because i dont touch it anymore !!!

  • Damian Freeman

    I need a one way ticket to the DANGER ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

  • Vincent

    I’m a unicorne and i would like to go back with my horsy family in my candy home ! :'( recieve a beta key is the only way to live this dream ! Please i would be so happy

    “-=~ _
    ~___( ~
    _| /—\_

    A mysterious unicorne !!

  • Ducebox

    Why hello there! You know, cats are cool because you don’t have to buy them. You see them on the street, take them home — they’re yours. You ain’t never seen a cat being bought out of the pet store. They just sit in the pet store. They’re under there like, ‘Meow’, and you be looking them like, ‘Oh they’re so cute. Let’s go find one like that.

    Hope you liked that one:D But in case if you wont give me one…………………………. I will find you… and i will kill you – Bryan Mills. Just kidding! Everyone, Good luck in giveaway and have a wonderful day!

  • JR

    My kitten, named puffles, has been diagnosed with hairballwithouthearthstoneaniitis which is an rare disease that causes immensely cute and precious kittens to uncontrollably cough up hairballs. The only know cure is a daily dose of hearthstone. This key is not for me but for puffles.

  • iAccentuate Accentuation

    I promise I am not a bot, I am a real person and I love hearthstone, it burns my heart not yet be able to get the key to her heart :(

  • cosmin286

    i would want a key to play with my friends, cause it’s more fun to play like this

  • Xassain

    I really want play this game, im just waiting for months >.<
    I have watched a lot streams and stuff, im just crazy about it. Few my friend have this game sadly im still waiting for key. I hope i will have it soon if not from u, i will get this from Blizzard tho 😛
    Remember, i dont want this key, YOU WANT GIVE ME THIS KEY.

  • Sherpa Alcalá-Zamora

    every second that I diddn’t get a key one teemo dies, DO IT FOR TEEMO!

  • Paweł Kolasa

    I have to get it because i dance naked to it’s streams.
    I do my sandwiches with a hearthstone sign.

  • Jénocres

    I wish I had better things to do than beg for a Beta key…

  • pbhead

    I was thinking about drawing some arts of some kind for this, but after sketching a few things out I realized that all anyone would see would be a link broken with spaces in it. So I think Ill just hope Ill get one of the randomly assigned keys instead.

  • Nicholas Teo

    Can i haz a key.
    I have no idea how to prove that I’m not a bot but really, I’m not a bot. Key me please! 😀

  • Michał Rosiński

    Hi, i no key and give me 😀

  • Charles Jin

    I will die unless I get a beta key. Please save me

  • DayNight

    I think this my last attempt for giveaways. There were so much, that I know what to say now. Just good luck guys!

  • Vince van den Kolk

    I would love to have myself a key, I love TGC’s and I have been trying everywhere to get me a key! Would love it.

  • Kam

    I think i should get a Beta Key cause i got all blizzard games, and all my classmates are playing HS atm and i feel so lonely without been able to play it.

  • LOM

    It’s not a case of me wanting to play Hearthstone. Hearthstone wants to play me.

  • The Villager

    Diablo is red,
    StarCraft is blue,
    Can I play Hearthstone?
    I would love you too.

  • Eric O’Connor

    I need a hearthstone key because a Priest just casted Mind Vision on my city. Jokes on him, I’m only a 1/1.

  • Tednikea

    Cause I got bored of shadow era xD

  • pablogasman

    I can’t speak, the terrorists got me in a remote place.
    Give me a KEY 😉 😉 for go out

  • Tan Pin Sian

    I am a princess from a faraway land,My kitten, named puffles, has been diagnosed with hairballwithouthearthstoneaniitis * because i love cats and You know, cats are cool because you don’t have to buy them.* BUT, an evil shaman cursed my cat and turn him into a hairy frog because i refuse to let his monkey marry my cat. The only way to help my kitten is of course put it to sleep OR… * i dont think there is another way :(*…HOWEVER maybe if I can get into hearthstone and defeat the evil sharman then drain his blood to create an antidote then maybe.. on the slightest possibilities that i can save it. So please give me a beta key so I can transform the hairy frog back to my lovely kitty

  • Jonny

    Winter is coming and a hearthstone beta key would keep me warm 😉

  • Gary

    Raise your hearthongers

  • Emiras

    It was a rainy day when we found the body at his house, heart ripped out of his chest, the lack of beta keys probably too much for him.

    Looks like he lacked…

    *puts on shades*



  • Renrawr

    I have been waiting for a card game from blizzard for a LOOOOOOONG time. When it was finally announced I had to get a new pair of trousers. I am so excited to finally play this game and looking forward to leveling up and having fun!

    Please I will love you foreverrr.

  • Superakira

    I am a princess from a faraway land,My kitten, named puffles, has been diagnosed with hairballwithouthearthstoneaniitis * because i love cats and You know, cats are cool because you don’t have to buy them.* BUT, an evil shaman cursed my cat and turn him into a hairy frog because i refuse to let his monkey marry my cat. The only way to help my kitten is of course put it to sleep OR… * i dont think there is another way :(*…HOWEVER maybe if I can get into hearthstone and defeat the evil sharman then drain his blood to create an antidote then maybe.. on the slightest possibilities that i can save it. So please give me a beta key so I can transform the hairy frog back to my lovely kitty

  • Tom Holmes

    I need a hearthstone beta key because, i’m Tom and I deserve a beta key!

  • Guest

    I haven’t play TCGs before, but I’ve liked it since I first saw the game. I’ve opted-in for 114 days now. Yeah I know, I count the days for my worst. Since then I’ve watched a lot of streams and podcasts about the game, but I know it’s not enough to be good at this, ’cause like with every game you need practice it as well. I like playing games competitively, so I hope I can attend to tournaments sooner or later.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • alexander waad

    My friend got a key the day after registering whilst I have been waiting for months. Also I can’t wait to play JARAXXUS

  • Eugney

    I gave mine to my wifes nephew so he could play with her since he moved back to costa rica and we are in the use id like to join them but id figured it would be better to let them still have something to do together

  • Varo

    God, I am getting really bored
    Of having no games when I’m done with work
    LoL is too dull, and I abandoned the Horde
    Please give me a key or I’ll go berserk

  • Nelis1993

    I know most of you probably aren’t going to read this, but next week I turn 20, and I want to become a farmous Hearthstone player. I know there’s a million people out there but I promise you im different.

    On December 14th, im moving to the North-Korea (home of the greatest Hearthstone player; Kim Jong-un) I’ve already started training my mind to continuously cast Mind Vision and make my opponents flee in terror.

    I may not be a pro yet, but I promise you that if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest Hearthstone player EVER

  • iHeartBBW

    We pay to be rejected by college. many sads

  • kryptonman

    Funny thing is I never played TCGs before, but I’ve liked it since I first saw. I’m waiting for a key for 114 days now. Yeah I’m still counting it for my worse. Meantime I tried to learn for others from different streams and watch podcasts as well. I feel that it’s not enough to play well in the future, ’cause like in every game you need practice as well. So that’s why I’m hoping for a key. Good luck to all!

  • Strenghtnhonor

    “I need this so badly.”
    I write with a frown
    for without a beta key,
    in my tears I would drown.

    On November the 10th,
    the truth will reveal
    will I get a key
    will my wounds heal?

    Look at this man,
    so heroic and cool
    David’s his name,
    I bet he plays pool.

    He came when we cried out,
    he filled us with hope
    I can’t BUY a key
    I am broke.

  • Firetempist

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to get a key I have tried so many ways to get a key but no luck ( about 40 contests no joke ) so thanks for the giveaway hope I win :)

  • ClauVur

    -A wild ClauVur appeared!-

    David: OMG What do you want?

    ClauVur: Give me a Hearthstone beta key. If not you’ll regret!!!!

  • jonh

    I played it on my friend account till he kick me out because i started wanting to just come over to his house an play it lol

  • xkaihenx

    i need a hearthstone key because, i like hearthstone lol 😀

  • Lasse Storgaard Kirchhoff

    I really want a key, beacause I am a big fan of the Warcraft universe, I´ve been playing both Warcraft III and World of Warcraft for many years now.
    Besides that I watch a lot of hearthstone on stream. I think its an amazing game which I´m really looking forward to play! 😀

  • Kris Landry

    I would love a key because I work hard every day and just want to unwind at night. Also, you’d be the coolest people on the planet.

  • Khaled Dayap

    I need this key because I am a very addicted to WARCRAFT! I will even name my son Ka’el or my daugther Rylai just give me ah key :)

  • Portgas

    I’d like to get a key, to be able to play with my friends and a brother in this awesome game. Thanks a bunch.

  • gyratinggiraffe

    The hearthstone key you donate will allow me Gerad, a giraffe with severe gyrating syndrome, to be able to stay my mind from the worry that at any point in time I might break out into the most wild helicopter dance you will ever witness causing uncontrollable damage on a monumental scale, it may even cause a tear in the time-space continuum releasing the dark lord Cthulu into the realm of the living and bring about the ultimate destruction of the universe. If you have any human decency and are willing to help out a lanky depressed mammal. Remember a giraffe in need is a friend indeed. All hail Jeffery lord of Bananas.

  • HartWieWolle

    Hi, i rly need a beta key cause i want to eat some warrior for breakfast.

  • Lalel

    Why should I get a Hearthstone betakey ?
    Because I want to play this game so bad, plus I haven’t ever recieved any betakey from Blizzard even though I play their games since Warcraft 2 and Diablo 1.
    So maybe you, kind sir, could stop this curse and offer me a betakey.
    Much love, thanks.

  • ALfred

    OH heartstone!! my heart is made of stone!!
    A key to break the spell,
    The curse to be lifted,
    Once and for all.
    Just to play HEARTSTONE

  • Vincent Roy

    I would love a key. Maybe a joke will brighten up your day?
    Why do all Asian girls have small boobs?
    Because only A’s are acceptable.

  • AasgardGuard

    It is so simple, I need it to protect Aasgard of course.How,you say?Give it to me,so you’ll see.

  • Chuck Barnett

    I am gonna be honest with you. I don’t need a beta key but I would really enjoy one. This game looks awesome and I would love to play it.

  • radu

    I just passed the bar exam in Romania and…what else can I do to celebrate? Play hearthstone!! But I don;t have a key, so … I hope to win one so I can truly celebrate! Cheers!

  • Tony

    Lets say that if we were in a dungeon and a beta key dropped, I ‘d go all *Mind if I roll need?* and if I lost, I ‘d go all TAZ’DINGO on everyone

  • Hanzolo1000

    I’ve been hunting for a beta key for weeks now. This game looks amazing. I have spent the last week just watching streams and Youtube videos of this game. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, the day I get my hands on it will be one of the happiest days of my life.

  • Rafael

    cant get back to town! hearthstone is on cooldown

  • Uğur Güner

    I should get a hearthstone key . Because i used to play magic the gathering a lot so this is like a habit to me .

  • Matt Wagner

    I pulled the good roommate card and gave my key to my roommate. now i wanna try it out :(

  • m1cr0n254

    my kidney for a key!

  • Dual1ty

    Because I come from the future and it’s NOT pretty! The ONLY way to stop the timeline from branching off in such a way that the world as we know it ends is for you to give me a beta key!

  • Oliver Polka

    I have been following this game since the start, I would love to play with my friends who already managed to get their hands on the keys but im still trying. I thought the blizz opt-ins would grant me one but i guess i have to try other ways as well. Thanks for the giveaway and GL to everyone, I hope im lucky this time,… ah who am i kidding…

  • Andre Marx

    3 fingers for a key … pls

  • tisonr

    give it to me baby i want it so badly for 2 month all i tink is Hearthstone it u give a key to me i will love u 4ever

  • Thorry

    I love the Warcraft series and i love magic the gathering soo i am really pumped out for this game ! 😀

  • The Goddamn Batman

    gimme a goddamn key

  • snoog


  • Brian Conneally

    well ive tried to write a witty rap involving hearthstone for the last 20 minutes, turns out murloc rhymes well with a lot of things, ysera on the other hand does not. so instead of a rap i will leave you with joke:
    i take the “the” out of psychotherapist!!!

  • David Metz

    What does the guy who just won a key say?

  • Toby Larone

    I would like a key.. cuz HEARTHSTONE

    c: <3

  • David Buchheim

    As a fellow David, I’m sure we can both agree that we Davids, as a small reward for all of the hard work, deserve the joy that Hearthstone brings.

  • Angelo

    Fire. Fire all around us. Through the blistering heats of the Red Sands, into the depths of the Mighty Jungles of Titania, around the immense Sea of Storms, I have never witnessed such fire. It surrounds us, holding us in like the boiling soup in a kettle. Two guards stand before us, Colossal Giants of unimaginative size. They stare down upon us, waiting. Waiting for the proof of our coming. The proof of the fruits of our labors. The key. The key to unlock World Beta, and awaken the Heartstone, sleeping beneath.

  • Fodor Ferenc

    because i want to try it :3

  • Psta

    In one sentence: because is MTG based and its made by Blizzard – best conditions for an awesome game! :)

  • Kendroid1337

    I would like the beta key because…… I have a streaming channel that no one ever watches and I would like this to help boost my channel on twitch and on youtube … and im irish so i think i deserve it more than anyone else here :) THANKS

  • Healiesxx

    I need a beta key cause Blizz hates me!

  • Alex C

    Hearthstone more like Buttstone AM I RITE GUYS HEHEH just kidding haha hey I wouldn’t mind a key thanks y’all thaaaaaaaanks!

  • Adam Pielbusch

    Because I have a heart(h) of stone and wish only to crush my opponents on the battlefield.

  • Peter

    Just give me a key and get it over with. Im exhausted!

  • FrankJoseph Colombino

    I’d love to get into the Hearthstone Beta to make my decision of either procrastinating to study or play really easy.. and that’s to play Hearthstone!

  • Chris

    HearthStone… Just because.

  • adisking2

    I was choosen by the gods to become Spartacus of Heathstone. They will fear me as the bringer of rain, I only need to be “captured” by hearthstone so they can train me so i can become their most feard Gladiator. Because I am the living legend… SPARTAcus..

  • Uğur Güner

    I just need it :(

  • Sirpimsywinkle

    Good lord sir i must requisition this key! For with this key i shall open up my dark kingdom to the very darkest nether realms of power! Don’t you see by doing this I will make you my right hand man, of course this means you will also be holdng the cards…. Wouldn’t you say it’s worth it?

  • Selim YILDIZ

    after yu-gi-oh TCG, Heartstone is the best card game and i want to play, pls give me the just 1 key thanks for now.

  • ilixsmith

    I need a key

  • Jan

    I don’t have many friends

  • inviduaL

    i want this game bc my friends all had this game and playing ,duel together i want this game soo much bc im looking like 2 months soo if possible i want this!!!

  • tomek

    I want to get beta key cause i need to get my 9-0 dream and troll Kripp, Trump and others streamers in arena with 6 frostbolts deck etc. I cant do it with unfair blizzard betakey giveaway. Wish you and me luck.

  • Wallah

    Don’t exactly know if I deserve one but I would really appreciate getting a key :) Getting kinda sad watching streams of an awesome game that I can’t play, and many of my friends I play games with have it so I’m sort of like a loner in our chat etc(asking one of them to stream it while they’re playing…. :P)

  • b1lly69

    I would really like a beta key because .. I have been signed of work for the next 5 weeks (I have broken my big toe …. ouch) and i need something to stave the boredom whilst i rest my foot….. plus im bloody amazing 😛 anywho worth a try many thanks in advance 😛

  • Devin Johnson

    Because my brother already got his, and I’m desperate to play a good card game with him. :-(

  • Bugra

    Because I have never seen my girlfriend want a game this badly.. I don’t want it for my self. She does not even know I look for a key for her.. It will be a gift.

  • FryG

    i want this beta-key, bacause im a fan of card games and good card games, and hearthstone is one of them, and both in one.

  • cindy

    i like warcraft. i like card games. hearthstone is both.

  • Akira Okihu

    After long and tiring journeys of playing Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering, after summoning the forces of good and evil to give the final blows to my opponents, that’s when I decided that my tale of TCGs would not be complete until I try every TCG out there. After all of them had fallen, one last champion remains, and I must defeat him to claim the role I seek for years. The Sacred Gods of TCGs have decided to give me the final battle, the last blow to my soul, but they needed me to prove worthy, and so they sent me here! My name is Akira and this is my tale of trying to obtain a beta key for HearthStone, the last champion I must defeat for my soul to rest. That’s why I need your help, fellow traveler!

  • Kevin Gomez

    Well I am looking for a beta key to give to my friend as a birthday gift. She was the one who got me into the hype of hearthstone and i know she has been trying to get one for a long time. This week I got my key and I entered it right away. Later I thought of what a good idea it would have been to give her the key, i felt terrible because she is very special to me and I have played the game and know she would love it and use the key more then I would.

    I contacted Blizzard support asking if i could let them transfer the key somehow or take away my access so that they could give her a key but they said they could not do anything about it, even when they really felt for the situation.

    So I for the past few days I have been frantically looking online and entering various contests trying to get a key for her.

    Ill be sure to upvote on reddit and hope i win!

  • Oliver Cirbus

    You hold the key to my heart(stone)


  • Burçin Eren

    Key is a lie. Even if its true, prove it to me.

  • scott mccrossan

    if i don’t get a beta key i will kill one Pokemon every minute until one is received thank you.

    That is all.

  • patpatpat95

    At first, i too, like most people on this site, told myself why i should be the one getting this beta key. But hey, as i wandered into my deep thoughts, i realized, why NOT? I believe that if i write enough words, and that tHiS looks long EnOuGH, and hAS enOuGh RandOm capItal letters, it will attract your attention, O {POWERFUL} one. So yeah, here i am begging for a hearthstone beta key.

    And never forget,


  • Michael

    Well, I’ve been trying to get a hearthstone key for a while now…haven’t got one yet.

    Never really wanted to play a card game so bad before… hopefully I can get a key~

  • wobbier

    I’ve played wow for quite a while before it became a little boring because i didn’t find MOP interesting / challenging. I still love the wow universe but i wish to experience it again in a different way 😀

  • Timidninja

    I was born in difficult times, these times were times of war, famine, and poverty. Known as 1994 I lived a hard life. Looting and killing just to stay alive. I never let it get me down, I had my head held high praying that some day the legendary Hearthstone, as the prophecy foretold, would come forth, and shatter the cloud and plague of darkness that had ravaged the lands of which I resided. Now, the legendary doors to the Hearthstone have appeared, but I cannot enter without the fabled key…
    The only way I can save the world, and the people in it, is with this key. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, then everything humanity has ever accomplished could be lost forever. Please… Times running out.

  • CounterR3jected

    How the historie beguns!! Far Far back in time there was nothing. The people was looking for food and clothes but the only thing they found was a strange key.
    they didnt know what to do with the key. They thought it was food but NOOO!.
    It was the key for Hearthstone. When they know it then they opened some packs with cards and summoned the minions . the minions are the animals in the planet and the hero’s are the persons. thats how the historie begon!!


  • Alxhy

    I came from a Island not known to man and i made cards out of wood in there and i send all the card i made at the island to blizzard and made a awesome game about them and forgot about me and i didnt get any respect or beta keys for the things i had done so i am asking you to give me a code to see how my cards from the island came up for a digital game.

  • ghost49270 .

    Pics of key our it didn’t happen

  • Armiston

    Bran Stark – who is sitting all the day at his computer – asks his father Ned Stark what’s the difference between Winter and Blizzard’s Hearthstone open beta ?

    “I don’t know my son”

    “None, it’s always coming but you never see it.”

  • Tim Spankie

    keys are good

  • Martin Mohlin

    __ __ __ __ __
    / / / /__ ____ _____/ /_/ /___ ____ / /_ ____ ______ ___
    / /__/ / __ / __ `/ ___/ __/ __ / ___/ __/ __ / __ / _
    / __ / ___/ /_/ / / / /_ / / / /__ ) /_/ /_/ / / / / ___/
    /__/ /__/____/__,_/__/ ___/__/ /__/ ___/ _ _/_____/__/ /__/_____|

  • Jordan Lomax

    i want betaaaaa

  • vincent

    hello im already waiting for 3monthes and still no key
    im still happy 😀

  • Sunny Kolev

    I will be honest, I can also try to post something original, but truth is from what I have read about the game it will revolutionalize digital card gaming, and I want to help in its testing by taking part in the BETA. This is the first game of blizzard I want to take part in testing, was too late with WoW. I have been a fan of the company since I was 5 and my first game was Orcs and Humans. I really would like to chance to help Blizzard develop this project.

  • megaheat

    To receive or not to receive: that is the question
    Whether tis nobler to suffer
    The delay disappointment that cometh with the key
    Or to believe in the heart of the cards
    And by believe in them? More disappointment
    No more. And by Disappointment to say we shed
    The manliest tear. The tear of sufferin’
    That within the sufferin’ we see a light of hope.
    The hope is none but a cake, but alas, we knew all along.
    The cake is a lie.

  • Pandominate

    The cake is lie. 100% sure the key is a lie. Please prove to me that the key is not a lie by sending a key to my email. Thank you.

  • krazybee

    It’s my birthday in a few days sooooo… *wink wink*

  • Sinicism

    I’m 36 years old, have played wow since beta and all my friends online are gone which essentially forced me into wow retirement. I just want to play hearthstone for the nostalgia of seeing all the great characters i’ve spent so much time playing and attempting to kill. Just give me this one joy.

  • Paul

    NO! – Don’t you DARE
    give ME the key –
    give it to the OTHER guy ^^

  • EagerBrad

    I was once walking through a tropical desert when a massive sandstorm made its presence known. It span around my hopeless body, hurling stone-flavoured lollipops at my feet. The storm immediately stopped, and despite my instincts I took a lick of a pumice-flavoured lolly. It is now stuck to my tongue, and I need a hearthstone key to get myself unstuck. GamerHeadlines, please help me!

  • Shikai Jin

    well guess no good story here but i do wanna play this game from the bottom of my heart lol :)

  • Morriok

    The world is on the brink of destruction. Massive engines of doom made by Blizzard wreak havoc over the whole world. Many have tried to defeat them, but they all failed.There is one way that remains to defeat them. The way of the Hearthstone. A key inserted in a back program will reverse the engines of DOOM. The key will transform them into glorious engines of FLUFFY PUFFY CUTENESS SO GIVE ME THAT KEY! 😀

  • shotiesp

    I’m a Paladin, small and stout.
    Here is my mace, and here is my mount.
    When I see trouble, I scream and shout,
    pop my bubble and hearthstone out.

    I’ll see everyone at the hearthstone dinner party, well every warrior and paladin because everyone else cant use plate.

  • fiveshay

    Our Rngeesus of the internet,

    blessed be your name,

    your open beta come,

    your will be done in the real world as in the internet.

    Give me today a beta key.

    Forgive me my deeds of twitch whoring for a beta key,

    as well as have forgiveness on my fellow sinners.


  • OlympicsNa

    Brother lives in North Carolina while I live in Ohio. Don’t get to see him much and he’s been wanting one of these for a while now. Would make a pretty awesome birthday present for him.

  • Tudor Cosmiuc

    I have been looking for a game that is fun to play, tactical and appealing, but which also is easy to get in and out quickly. So far, Hearthstone is the only game that I’ve found that accomplishes all of these conditions, and not only that, but as a gamer I can’t help to feel that setting the game in one of the best fantasy univere ever created is one of the best things ever. I would love to be able to play this game. Aka’magosh

  • Alaan Franklin

    I’ve been wanting to stream this game for ages. Would be nice to get a key so that I could finally do so.

  • Rjbend01

    One day, when I was trying to get through life without hearthstone, I saw a white rabbit hopping in my yard. I decided wth and followed the white rabbit down a hole. To my surprise I suddenly turned into Jaina Proudmoore in the middle of a battle arena. The doors across the field opened up and, in a bellowing rage, Garrosh Hellscream step out onto the field with his bloodthirsty eyes set on me. With a deck in my hand I knew what I had to do. Garrosh wasted no time and threw his minions at me. I was able to keep control of the board with my arcane missiles and frostbolts all while feeding my mana wyrm +atk. With control in my hands I threw down mirror entity followed by Ethereal Arcanist. When Garrosh lays down Arathi Weaponsmith I could not have been happier with my secret. I quickly wipe the board and drop 2 Sorcerer’s Apprentices. With magic power in my hands I hurt him badly with 2 fireballs and followed by a Pyroblast to finish him off. When I was leaving the arena feeling victorious I noticed David sitting in the stands writing everything down. I woke up with a feeling of triumph, knowing that even though this was a dream it would become reality soon.

  • Dogwalker4000

    A key would be very nice indeed. Used to play WoW alot and would love to dip back into the universe without having to pay a sub every month 😉

  • Sek

    Why should I get a key? Because the RNG gods have mocked me long enough! It is time for me to claim justice! JUSTICE DEMANDS RETRIBUTION!

  • Raymon Camitan

    Have you ever felt like a crack head searching through everything for a chance a a beta key? I have, and io currently am… I GOT THESE BURGERS MAN! I GOT THESE BURGERSSS *scratches neck* yeah, the struggle to obtain the key is real.

  • MJ Alberts

    -set in a desert somewhere in South Africa- ^english accent^ Gentlemen, I would like to receive a beta key for I need to be the 9999th African Hearthstone player with a unexplainable english accent. ^glares^

  • Ivan Sola

    I need my key man…
    I’m getting the shakes…
    Come on man I’m no cop, we can make a deal

  • SymoxN7

    Giiiiiive :(

  • `Typh00n

    How can I play with World of Warcraft cards,
    When all the keys, are surrounded by guards?
    I am Rogue by trade and I am stealthing in,
    Tell me Wrynn, is this truly a sin?

    Sneaking past the guards, one by one,
    Thinking all the time, is this someone’s son?
    Mercy in my mind, and staying my hand,
    After all that was taught, this was not how it was planned.

    What to do now…surely a distraction?
    Surely that is better, than taking action?
    Grabbing my smoke bomb and throwing it away,
    Much to my benefit, it led them astray.

    During the confusion, using sleight of hand,
    I swiped the key, right where they stand.
    Sprinting from the scene, I was never here to stay,
    Mission accomplished, no blood was shed this day.

  • ThomasPelicanius

    U see, as a pelican that i am, you need a beta key. If i don’t get this beta key within some days me and the other pelicans that did not get a betakey will get thrown out of the pelicans group and eaten by the seals! . You definitely understand me :)! Thanks

  • Dust


    comment”i rly want a hearthstone beta key …. i saw this post …
    aaaaaaaaannnnd now i’m searching on google “reasons why to love
    hearthstone” …. ”

    me:ok that’s good enough…it’s funny… and…um.. ok you know what it’s just funny.. i hope it will make them laugh….
    gamerheadlines:267 below and 5 new comments….
    me:fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu “table flip”… #bitchslap #wtf #plsgivemehacode #fuck10newcommentswhileIamwriteingthis #whythefudgedoyouevenreadthis

  • Jahog

    My family are being held hostage by ninjas. The only way to get them back safely is to beat them at Hearthstone. A beta key would help get them back sooner…

  • Vertoxis

    I named my daughter —->Kerrigan<—- Grace Lambert (named after sarah kerrigan of starcraft fame) …

    If that isnt enough i dont know what is

    (She was born October 7th, 2013 at 11pm.. weighed 7 lbs, 20 inches tall!

  • Kevin Woods

    I need this betakey because i went to all the recent comiccons to try and get one and with no prevail, so if i got this then it would be the end of all the gloating of about 50 people i know gloating that they got one and that i havent :(

  • Adnan Dedeoğlu

    Hey,first of all ı want this key because ı need this key ı love games so much ı review the games and i like it so much ı have all beta keys the other games ı tested all of them but this game ı can’t reach this game ı want so badly if ı take the key ı think coop myself to home for 2 week

  • Alex

    My grandmother Paula Deen said that she could only get her butter fix if I got a hearthstone key :L

  • Nacho

    I did not cry when Bambi’s mother died, not when Mufasa died, but will do for a beta of Hearthstone.

  • Yuri Boyka

    I’m the most complete fighter in the world!! So I have to get a key! 😉

  • Berserkpete

    Can’t dance can’t sing all i can do is hope for a heartstone betakey win.

  • Isna

    I’m addicted to Hearthstone videos. I wanna play it so badly. Please give me a key :p

  • Brandon Sato

    Mind if I roll need?

  • Kupaki Kai

    What wouldddd you ddooo for a Beta Key? I would do so much things for a beta key haha. I just really want to try out the game after being a Magic: The Gathering player so i want to compare between the two. However, so far Hearthstone looks so much better. Hope you pick me thank you.

  • Mattias Gillgren

    Barbarack obama are in danger some killers are about to kill him! only way to save him its to give me a heartstone beta key so i can get a mind control and mind control the killers to be good guys!

  • Chaitanya

    Well, i can’t come up with anything creative so, *Insert clever pun here* ._.
    But yes i’m dying to play this game. Blizzard, take me in already >:(

  • Liam Atkinson

    I’m just tired of all the mmorpg games today being the same setup and it just gets really boring – When I first saw Hearthstone I fell in love – a trading card game that actually looks great and is simple to understand!

    Good Luck to everyone.

  • Zeta

    I love u sooo !! Please love me, pleeeaaaase looooove meeeee, je suis fouuuuuhouuuuu de vous….

  • X9BlackHead9X

    i actually have a social life, this should not exist, that’s why i need Hearthstone 😀

  • Matheus Almeida

    I need one because I want to defeat you, or are you afraid?

  • Vlad_bel

    i have to get this key because im Batman!

  • Ethan Cormack

    I hate my fucking life. I’m a god damn failure. I’m 22 years old and I’m a fucking lowly cook at a fast food joint. This is the only job I’ve ever had and I will probably never get a better one. My coworker harasses me verbally all day. If I told my boss, he would just cut my already low salary. All that fuckface cares about is money.

    Outside of work, I don’t do anything. My best friend is mentally retarded, but I suppose that’s better than nothing. I am in love with one of my neighbors. She’s a gorgeous southern belle who just moved here, but I’m sure she hates me too. Fuck.

    I’m stuck in my home town because I never learned to drive. I fail the driver’s license test EVERY FUCKING TIME I TAKE IT. FUCK THIS. Worst of all I live in a fucking pineapple under the sea.

  • kik0o

    Since the oppotunity to get a beta key, i pretend to be a potato by wrapping in my blanket to get intention and live a better life as a potatoe.
    That’s why I want to have a better life by having a beta key.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Brady Quinn

    I need this key for if I don’t get one the world shall come to ah horrible end

  • Davy de baere

    Like all people i would just die if i cant get into this beta >.> nuf said

  • A.

    cuz i want it

  • Luis Kerrigan Alvarez

    I just need this because i’m God. Please, let God play HS.

  • Telzum

    I would love to finally have a hearthstone key – i´ve been browsing the webs for so long and just want to play myself finally :)

  • Pedro Braz

    All the space available to describe why i deserve this key is not enought. All i do all day long is trying to get a key, please free me! Thanks a lot!


    The Beta key search is bringing to light the inner gamer in all of us, during this scavenger hunt for Keys I have seen many betrayals, scamers and frauds trying to take keys from the honest gamer’s who want to enjoy a game.
    Anyway Good luck to all and Thbk you for the chance of a Key. 😀

  • martinica splence

    i want a key to play with my boyfriend ^^

  • Mehmet Seber

    I need one of the keys becouse my friends all playing this game and I m very jeolous

  • Yiannis Xenitopoulos

    I always had a passion for TCGs.
    I try most of the TCGs that come out including the small ones and i just havent been able to get into this big one yet.
    Thanks for doing this, i really appreciate it.

  • Matthew Davey

    I should get a beta key because I come from the future, where I was already given a key by you. Fulfil your destiny! If you now don’t give me a key, you risk damaging the space time continuum!

  • SunWa Ricci

    i like world of fantasy game

    But it is special in that hearthstone Is integrated into your cards :) goodluck all guy
    Dreams will come true

  • Matheus M Medeiros

    I don’t “want” a heartstone key, I just hubmly came here asking you to give me a chance to play this amazing game and tell all my friends about my wonderful experience. Thank you GamerHeadlines!

  • emanuele del monte

    its fantastic tank you the same!!

  • Jakob Leinert

    I was an explorer of the internet and of all the crazy stuff that
    happened in it. I saw things people shouldnt see. I thought i should go
    on a quest to get a hearthstone beta key by myself but then after soo
    many attempts i took an arrow to the knee. So now im just sitting here
    and trying to get a key without standing up from my chair since the
    release of the game.

    P.S: Hope ill be one of the lucky ones ;).

  • YoussefMedhat

    Reasons why i want a key :)
    1) lots of my friends that i play with got into the beta and i wanna play with them so bad since they don’t share there accounts with people
    2) it’s so hard to win a key and it’s kinda impossible to win a giveaway cause on the internet they smell the word giveaway and billions of people join ! 😀
    3) i have a laptop it’s not that old – not that new but it can’t open any of the modern games so a game like hearthstone with a low graphics it’s what i can run and it’s amazing and fun 😀 and thanks for the giveaway btw guys 😀

  • Stelio Kontos

    Mind if I roll need? ^^

  • m1cr0n254

    my kidney for a key!

  • almightly

    Good Luck All :)

  • rastiti

    Because i want an “Alicia Keys” I’m so excited by this “thing”

  • Anil Ongun

    Hi . l should get hearthstone key because i’m studing to university and i don’t have any good thing in my life now.l broke up all games for university and i just bored this life .so i want a new action in my life i need this shit :!(

  • GnomeHJ

    Now this is the story all about how

    My life got flipped, turned upside down

    And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there

    And beg for a betakey, now I will post with care

    In west gamerheadlines born and raised

    On the playground where I spent most of my days

    Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

    Thinking about Hearthstone all day long

    When a couple of guys, they were up to no good

    They started giving out beta keys

    I made one little post and my mom got scared

    And said “You have to beg harder in order to succeed”.

    And then everyone died. The End.

  • Alex Oh

    I need a key

  • Alan May

    One of the keys should be mine as the squirrel invasion will begin shortly, these are no ordinary squirrels, they have shotguns, yes that is right, squirrels with shotguns, they also have air reinforcements, the flying squirrel, they will drop their nuts (nut bombs) onto unsuspecting victims. The reason the squirrel invasion will be happening soon is because the evil nemesis of the squirrel army, is the badger, these badgers have chopsticks and know how to use them well, these badgers with chopsticks want to take over the world, and unless i get a beta key i will not be able to command my squirrel army into defeating the evil that is about to ensnare the world, please don’t let this happen. YOU have the power to save the world from this menace.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

  • Jalen Day

    Everyone has their reason for why they want a key. My reason is that I have been looking for some decent Card Games out here, but they just seem to not cut it. Hearthstone looks way too promising imo, so I want to try it out. Not only that, but a lot of my skype friends got a beta key, so I’m being left in the dust. Winning this key will give me an opportunity to catch up and try this Warlock build I saw on youtube. 😀

  • Ivangelus

    To play with my sister, we have always played together a lot of online games from LoL to WoW, and she managed to get a key, but I still haven’t managed to get one

  • cesele

    I need a beta because all my friends have one and marginalize me: (

  • Johan Karlsson


  • Inv3rtis

    Once upon a time there was a small boy (me). He was searching through games that he could play due to the fact that the ones he used to play, got a little bit boring. He came across a game, called “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”. He decided to have a look at it, and started watching others play it, because he didn’t have a key so he couldn’t play it himself. It seemed a little bit boring at start, but as he got more into it, he couldn’t stop watching. He thought, “Wow, this game is great! I wanna play it!!!”. He signed up for the beta straight away after that, and waited, while watching others play it, to be ready for the first time, to know what to do when he finally gets it. He was waiting, and waiting, and waiting but the key didn’t seem to be coming. So he came here, to the website “The Gamer Headlines” with a dream, of finally getting the key he wanted for so long, so that finally, he gets to taste the experience the game can bring to him, so that finally, he can take part in a battle, that the greatest ones did! This was his last opportunity, he could not miss it and took part in this contest, hoping that his dreams will finally come true!

  • skyced

    I have always been a fan of blizzards games such as SC and have never really had any interest in card turn based games but after watching many videos of people covering the game I have gain much interest and would really appreciate a key! Thank!

  • Incursus

    Row, row, row boat, gently down stream… Pain, anguish, misfortune, malnourish, Hearthstone beta key only dream. Such is life.

  • Marcel Stelter

    Im watching streams all day, all of my friends already got a key and like laugh at me because im the only one who’s not having one so far… Im kind of freaking out… i think i already spent more time searching for a beta key than i will be able to spend time on the game during the rest of the beta.. im seriously addicted to this game already now.. but i cant play so far :(

  • Harry Hopkins

    Hi guys, sorry that this isn’t going to be particularly quirky or witty but I do have a pleasant avatar so that’s something! Regardless, I’ve played Blizzard games since Warcraft Orcs and Humans, I haven’t missed a single one but so far Hearthstone has completely eluded me. I’d really love a key, I’ve been trying to find one for ages and I’d genuinely love to try it out. I’m a huge fan of Blizzard, mainly Diablo II and Warcraft III. Again, sorry this isn’t quirky or anything like some of the comments I’ve seen. I’ve upvoted on Reddit and sent the link to some friends, good luck everyone else.

    Enjoy this picture of a bald guy.

  • Jussan Jaeger

    Pick me because I believe in the heart of the cards and I might be the only one that can save the world from the dark

  • Joe Smith

    “I’m walking away from the troubles in my life

    I’m walking away oh to find a beta key

    I’m walking away from the troubles in my life

    I’m walking away oh to find a beta key

    I’m walking away”

    felt appropriate at the time :)

  • Dark Spirit

    This is the sad story about All the giveaways i have entered 2 win a HS beta key & have NOT been lucky at all. The live steams on twitch giveaways in french, german & 2 in english, the 4 twitter giveaways i had the keys but they were claimed already, the facebook giveaways ooooh the facebook giveaways. All the diffent sites I have liked, followed, chattet on, forums & tryed my luck i feel like a prostitude. I did win 50.000.000 g in Diablo 3 from Maximus following his twitch but not his HS key….. welll hope this is so sad Horror story that it Qualifies as top 100.

  • Nick Reis

    I’ve never seen my girlfriend want to play a game before, one that I would enjoy myself. She normally would want to play go fish or patty cake- I don’t know. She used to play trading card games and said that she would play this game, if I get into the beta and she could try it, or else she wouldn’t spend money on it. I just hope I could get a key, to bond with someone I really care about.

    Thanks for reading my comment and have a great one! Happy Hunting!

  • Simon

    I want to play hearthstone because it looks so fun to play. My friends are already playing the game and I am waiting patiently to get my chance at this game….

  • Gabriel Costa-Giomi

    I would love to have a key to try out this game! Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Charles Ho Chow Sian

    Sweet! I’ll join in the fun!

  • Guest

    I style my hair like Satyendra Mishra

  • Enneko

    I need this beta im so sad

  • Danirrou007

    A hearthstone beta comes in social life goes out

  • Taiga

    If they set that android free it will be the end of all of us!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Kirk Marshall

    I would like a key so i can kick the smug behinds of my friends who have gotten in!

  • OrangBlaze

    What is the difference between peanut-butter and jam?

    I cant wish peanut-butter hearthstone…

    soz for dry joke but it had to be done… :)

  • Andrew H

    I have a bottle of Jack Daniels and nothing to do for 3 days off. This key would be much used and appreciated.

  • FenioX

    Hey! I love you :)
    Wish my english was better so i could write something good…..

  • Etienne Tscherry

    I won’t even try to tell a story. Let’s just say my friends are getting annoyed by me quoting flavour texts
    from the cards in different actions – “This is our goal, scrub” is
    becoming my favourite and their most hated one, as I play defense in
    football 😀

  • zach

    a beta key would be amazing, I’m so glad websites are still doing giveaway contests!

  • Stefan-Gabriel Gavrilas

    First off, good luck to everyone.
    Secondly, I wish I had a hearthstone to go back home from work…instead of having to walk 6 kms by foot….got no mount either :) Even though I played WoW on official from 2004 to 2012 😀

  • Barry McKockinner

    Applying for the Beta House

  • Maxwell

    If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.
    Beta key would also be appreciated cause I’m a booger… so you should pick me first.

  • Lando W

    Quick! I’m a cat, but I can speak English for 60 seconds when I’m really really high and I need a Beta key so that I can meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow

  • Martin Holkovič

    I want a key because I really love card games and I want to play the game with my friend. Thank you

  • Varjakpaw22

    Good Luck to everyone!

    I’ve enterted many giveaways, but to no avail,
    i’ve waiting so long, i have grown a tail.
    i wanna play the game, so thanks for doing this
    giving me a key with fill my life with bliss
    i hope i win, i hope others do too
    Good Luck to everyone, i hope i pull through!


  • Lelyn

    Hi i would very much like a beta key because i have played the Warcraft series from the very beginning starting with Warcraft where you could play heroes such as Deathwing and Teron Gorefiend.

    I’ve loved playing these games for over 10 years now and unfortunately have not received a beta key yet.

  • Guest

    [22:44:35] Sylvia Toth: I need a key but what for it is a secret.

  • Mateusz

    Im just a sneaky rogue who wants some of yours bloody cards. With my Fangs of the Father i can defeat all of you, don’t even bother of running. With the power of ShadowStep i can catch you all and steal everything i want. PUF Vanish, try to find me now. Muahahahha.

  • ThatWasMyPlan

    I need a key but what for it is a secret,

  • Jason Rubenfeld

    I’m just gonna be serious instead of writing a funny fictional story. I personally think I should get a key because with past Blizzard Games I was never this determined to get into the closed beta stages of the game. I’m not gonna stay I’ve been playing their games for many years but I can say that this is the first time where I really care about playing the game before it is released. Never before have I seen a game that appealed to be this much just by watching people play the game. I’ve always been a huge fan of card games but I have never played online card games like Hearthstone before and I would love the opportunity. I guess I’m just trying to say that in the past I usually just waited for a game’s closed beta to end, not really caring if I get in before the game’s official release or not. But now, words cannot describe how much I want to play Hearthstone, and it would mean so much to me if I were to get a beta key, regardless of how close or far away the open beta is.

  • Reflections

    Hello, I’m Reflections.

    I’m an average gamer that is fond of card games ever since I was just a kid. I loved playing pokemon and yugioh when I was little. Being able to collect the cards you love and building your deck gives you an accomplished feeling that it’s your own unique deck filled with your ideals of what you consider the best deck. Then, you test your deck against other players and battle it out to see who has the best deck. That feeling of all the hardwork and effort you place into your deck and proving yourself that you’re the best really thrilled me. However, pokemon and yugioh soon died out as years passed by and card games(not sure about magic the gathering) never really made it to the competitive scene. But then, Hearthstone was announced and it quickly became one of the most watched game on twitch beating DotA 2 in amount of views. Seeing a huge amount of people being interested in the game and some streamers hosting competitive tournaments, I feel hearthstone has potential to breakthrough into the competitive scene as the most popular card game to date. With that said, I want to join the rising hearthstone community who are already playing and experience the feeling of putting effort into your deck and play competitively against others. I want to be like I was back when when I was playing pokemon and yugioh. I want to be the best. However, being able to be a part of the hearthstone experience and contributing to the rise of the hearthstone scene is only a priviledge that’s hard to get at the moment. But, if you’re willing to give me that priviledge out of 299 keys you’re giving out, I can only give you nothing but my sincere gratitude.

    Thank you and good luck to the others :)

  • Scott Bamford

    So all I have to do is leave a comment? COUNT ME IN!

  • Tom

    I need a Hearthstone key because I really really want to play and make a priest deck.

  • Tyler Martens

    I am doing this for my little brother! I moved away for college a few years ago and now that he is getting older, we hangout a lot more. He has been DYING for a HS key so we can talk about it and play together. It would be sweet if I could surprise him with this.

  • Nutzcracker


  • billy

    I feel i deserve a key for the amount of abuse ive taken from my mates about not having a key!

  • Tristan

    I would love a beta key becuase i havent gotten mine yet and im out of a job at the moment ive send in many applications at a car wash and a grocery store waiting for a response and I would love for you guys to help me save some time and money because im low on money atm or else im gonna buy a beta key for a early birthday present of ebay.

  • eatmypown

    I will be honest. I want a beta key because the game looks super fun and I want to experience it with all of my friends. Maybe today will be my lucky day.

  • Daniel Corrales

    I need a Hearthstone key because ….. mmmm wait… I forgot…….. why am I here? Is this real life?

  • ginko66

    I HAVE A DREAM THAT NON BETA KEY PLAYERS AND BETA KEY PLAYERS WILL CO-EXIST PEACEFULLY WITH EACH OTHER; maybe one day WE will ALL be able to play this wonderful game together. WE are ALL EQUAL. GOOD LUCK ALL we can do this together!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Jaston

    My Nuts are large, with them I’ll barge, using my Enrage, I’ll activate Phage,

    When I say Freeze, the worm is appeased, it leaves me with a warlock, a grudgy old ‘Beast’,

    The spells that I block, they hinder the rock, that charges at me with a silencing taunt.

    My deck shall prevail, your essence derail – and all of my cards you shall want.


  • Shatter830

    Dear Princess Celestia. I’ve learned a Hearstone key is way more powerful, than we expected. It made people watch a lot of streamer, enter giveaways and spam the sh*t out of reddit. But now i know, the only way is to get a key, is to be patient. Thats all.

  • Grindai Dai

    Hi there, I need the beta key in order to acomplish my quest to conquer the players and win all the cards and make sure i will be one of the best players in the word. Thanks for the giveaway and i hope i will be one of the 100 lucky ones that get the key. Have a nice day

  • Cavemanick

    Once upon a time, I was watching a Hearthstone stream. The person I was watching drew a Jaraxxus card. As soon as he drew it he decided to play it, and started playing the “You Face Jaraxxus remix” by MrVoletron. I started busting up laughing, and wanted to make a deck of my own with Jaraxxus in it. But sadly I am a part of Lord Jaraxxus’s Keyless legion, and am looking for a key of my own.

  • Nick Bailey

    Thanks so much for doing this you are the best!

    I’ve entered every giveaway known to the universe and watched streams that give away keys for weeks straight but still no key. Fingers crossed the 1005463th time is the charm 😀

    Good luck everyone else!

  • biskup191

    ohhh i just need this key man xDD

  • voiD

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

    It is a period of civil war. Gamerheadlines.com
    spaceships, striking from a hidden
    base, have won their first victory
    against the evil Galactic Blizzard Entertainment.

    During the battle, Gamerheadlines.com spies managed
    to steal secret beta keys to the Blizzard’s
    ultimate game, Hearthstone, a a trading card game
    with enough hype to destroy an entire planet.

    Pursued by the Blizzard’s sinister agents,
    Gamerheadlines.com races home aboard it’s
    starship, custodian of the stolen beta key’s
    that can save it’s people and restore
    freedom to the galaxy…


  • Saso Korotaj

    I’ve never been into card games, but when I saw Chaox streaming it this game really attracted me. I kinda lost interest after that since beta key were going for $200, but now I want to play it even more badly. Would be kinda nice to get a key from you. Thanks!

  • bigcatchandler

    I believe I deserve a HearthStone beta key because I am in a youtube group and almost everyone has one. I would love to play with my friends and they really want me to play too. I’ve been trying to get a key, but because I have such a low chance of getting one, I have yet to receive the key. So, because of you I have another small chance to play with my friends. Please give me a key to enjoy myself with friends. Also, Thank you for letting me participate in this contest.

  • Manu FS

    I should win a beta key because I am a good boy.

  • Conversewade3

    I died in 1983 in a horrific house fire……. that was long ago but i spoke to god and he told me i would be one of the lucky few that gets resurrected into a human rather then a animal of some sort. He told me with this new life he has given me that i must achieve only one thing to give my life purpose, and it was to post a comment to receive a Hearthstone Beta key the night before Halloween on that tragic day when i was burned 30 years ago…..now im here to complete my task.

  • TMinz

    after sitting through countless(around 250 by now) streams and giveaways trying to win a beta key, I have had no luck. Thanks for yet another opportunity to win, maybe, just maybe, I could win this time :) (Probably not :( ) Thanks anyway! and Good Luck all!

  • Sonny Karlsson

    I would very much appreciate a key to the game
    Not that I need one, I just think it would be nice ^^
    Have a nice day and thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Samnyasin

    If you give me key i not stab my neighbor. I from Ukraine and neighbor is nice and gives me juice so i not want to stab him.
    Save Volodymyr stop violence!

  • Jeffrey Huynh

    What do you call it when batman skips church? Christian Bale

  • Michael

    I just want a beta key. Entered so many giveaways, even the ones that aren’t in English. It honestly tires you out after so long.

  • eejit

    These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  • Chris White

    I’m the typical guy that has been waiting since closed beta, but still no invite…. Blizzard god hates me, and these 15 minute league of legends ques are getting a little tiring :(.

  • Conversewade3

    I died in 1983 in a horrific house fire……. that was long ago but i spoke to god and he told me i would be one of the lucky few that gets resurrected into a human rather then a animal of some sort. He told me with this new life he has given me that i must achieve only one thing to give my life purpose, and it was to post a comment to receive a Hearthstone Beta key the night before Halloween on that tragic day when i was burned 30 years ago…..now im here to complete my task.

  • Vincent

    All Hail Lord Jaraxxus!

  • Padaz

    Hello everyone !

    My name is Cédric Gaillard, I’m 21 and I’m from Switzerland. Actually, I’m an apprentice IT and my hobbies are dance (acrobatic rock’n’roll & hip-hop) and making video about counter-strike:source.. I’d like to make more video but I need a new computer because this one is fucked up..

    And now, I really want to make a video about heartstone. I mean with some cuts and speed up with an entertaining song, it could be amazing… I’m watching many stream and my irl friend is playing hearthstone and I’m really jealous hehe…

    About the game, I didn’t see alot of drood and I’m playing this class on wow since 7 years so yeah I probably will play it..

    Here’s my youtube account if you want to check my stuff : http://www.youtube.com/padazboy

    I hope my english is good enough, I’m a french guy :)

    Best regards, Cédric ‘PadaZ’ Gaillard.

  • Nicholas

    Oh pl0x i is 1337 at dis [email protected] @nd i is 12 player


  • Alton Ng

    Hi there. I want this key because i am a hero my self. i am a hero to my own cousin who wants to play this! Thanks

  • Readle

    I love this game. Watching streams all day. And I love card games!!!

  • Xavier Calvet

    Why do I need a beta key to hearthstone? is simple the game is really good and very, very powerful. Why I deserve this? I wear every day entering sweepstakes because despair is brutal, this game is not just a game, is a game for children … reminds me of my childhood when I played with my friends to “Magic the gathering” and not, to remember those feelings from my childhood, the feeling to play-it is even more .. (I’m being silly, hehe). I want to try the beta, to try to review to Blizz about the game, report bugs and especially congratulate them for the great job they are doing. They just made a child happy old, to create this precious game.

    Clearly thanks to you for creating this draw, not just for me, if not also for the unfortunate that even as I do not have a beta key.

    Thank you!

  • Xavier Calvet

    Why do I need a beta key to hearthstone? is simple the game is really good and very, very powerful. Why I deserve this? I wear every day entering sweepstakes because despair is brutal, this game is not just a game, is a game for children … reminds me of my childhood when I played with my friends to “Magic the gathering” and not, to remember those feelings from my childhood, the feeling to play-it is even more .. (I’m being silly, hehe). I want to try the beta, to try to review to Blizz about the game, report bugs and especially congratulate them for the great job they are doing. They just made a child happy old, to create this precious game.

    Clearly thanks to you for creating this draw, not just for me, if not also for the unfortunate that even as I do not have a beta key.

    Thank you!

  • Michael

    I deserve a code, because a bully took my lunch money at school today, and now I can’t afford one from ebay.

  • Adam Mahon

    On day one, there was nothing.

    On the second day, a young man was created. His name was Adam.

    Adam had very little needs or wishes, but he decided that one day, he needed to set off on an adventure. He traveled this new land, venturing far and wide. From grassland to grassland, Adam searched for what he thought to be something to treasure. Something of personal worth.

    Then, he found it. On a rocky plain he found a square like object. To his immediate left, an outlet. He connected these things together and created something known as “A personal computer”. Such a thing was unheard of in these parts. He felt truly special.

    But the icing hadn’t even hit the cake yet, for it would be within the next ten minutes of his quest that he would find the prize. They called it, “Hearthstone”. A mystical land filled with magic, fantasy, and adventure. Adam was enthralled by this, and wanted more. He wanted a way in.

    Adam raced to the gates that kept “Hearthstone” locked in. He was so close, that he could taste the new, fresh air emitting from Hearthstone’s keep. It smelled like the morning dew. And a little bit of lilac. As Adam approached the Gates, he heard something distressing. A guard stepped forward, holding his spear firmly on the ground. “Halt,” he said, “to pass through the Gates of Hearthstone, you require a Key. Do you have a Key?” Adam shook his head, and reluctantly took a step backwards. “Begone!” the guard yelled, hitting the butt end of his spear to the ground.

    Adam’s quest may have been halted, but his drive to enter the Gates of Hearthstone will not falter. Will you aid me in my quest?

  • Conversewade3

    I died in 1983 in a horrific house fire……. that was long ago but i spoke to god and he told me i would be one of the lucky few that gets resurrected into a human rather then a animal of some sort. He told me with this new life he has given me that i must achieve only one thing to give my life purpose, and it was to post a comment to receive a Hearthstone Beta key the night before Halloween on that tragic day when i was burned 30 years ago…..now im here to complete my task.

  • elie kassas

    Hello , my name is Elie 😀 Aka as Mokkii , I’d like to win this key because I simply love game cards like magic/yugioh etc. Thanks for this chance and good luck to everyone 😀

  • IMxD0NE

    I would love to win so bad if i got a hearthstone beta key i would never forget you guys retweeting much love if i do win have been trying to get a beta key forever!

  • watex

    I am nothing without nothing. That is why I want, not need, this beta key.

  • Tom riddle


  • Lukas Baumgärtner

    I really want this key! When Hearthstone released me and my little brother made us Hearthstone cards our of paper and played all day long. we used just paper and some cubes and it was so awesome! Would be so great if you could give me a key to i could play the game online with real other people!

  • Will c

    Long long ago in a galaxy far far away……… I forget the rest but it had something to do with potatoes

  • fp

    Because i still have none yet and want to play instead of many others just wanting to sell the key

  • Wy L

    Life is not about rejection. It’s about getting up, moving past adversity, and living through it. Today I got cold shouldered when I talked to a pretty girl. I moved on and was soon rewarded (hopefully) with a Hearthstone beta key by gamerheadlines

  • Jaeho Sheem

    I deserve one because I saved a baby from babyitis.

  • Madbalu

    I am already addicted of Hearthstone although I haven’t even played it yet.
    So give my precious and take my soul!

  • Bill Ca

    Today wasn’t too great. But it’s not about that. If you seek external validation for your happiness today would have killed you if you were me. I woke up late with a heavy sore throat, ended up staying very late (20+ minutes after everyone left) with a classmate because he had horrendous trouble working through problems because I couldn’t bear to be mean and leave him, I then realized how fruitless it was that the crushes in the next class I had would ever like me based on their interactions with the other people and just the general environment, then I got two could shoulders from two girls I approached just on a friendly vibe on seperate occasions at dinner at my campus. That got followed up with me choosing the most grotesquely disgusting “value meal” that looked good when I bought it, which I did not have the heart to waste or throw away or buy something else. So I sit here now, half still-hungry, slightly anxious because of the enormous exam tomorrow I am not prepared for but will try my best tonight to study for, to tell you that: external validation you should not seek. Because, in my life, you can get let down tremendously if you rely on that. Look to the positives, be thankful for everything. Whether you get a beta key or not, it is about being happy and content and grateful for what you have. – Bill Ca

  • Mexis

    I need the key to feed my family D:

  • Cody Coughenour

    I need freedom from the awful Magic the Gathering:Online Client.

  • Matthew Read

    Watched over 120hrs of hearthstone streams in the last 2 weeks I really need this game D:

  • Dewix053

    I deserve a code because al my friends got a beta key but i dont scumbag blizzard :s

  • Choppos

    I should get a key because im space marine from rainbow squad

  • iellawesirri

    Hey there! Thats awesome that you guys are giving out so many keys. I’ve been trying to get one for my boyfriend and I without much luck. We’ve both been in the beta forever and are dieing to try out hearthstone. I don’t have any really special reason to suck up with. Having a key won’t cure a kitten of cancer or end world hunger or anything like that. It would just make us very happy, and thats all I can ask for. :)

  • M Nuri Kara

    Done and İ want it hard

  • Harris Turner

    We left the first conference,
    Confused and ashamed.
    For what might be,
    The greatest game ever made

    We sulk and we cry,
    For a beta key is nigh.
    Just reach out your hand,
    And pull at the strand

    So we spend all our time,
    Stalking the net.
    Even willing to rhyme,
    For a beta test.

    Two months have passed,
    Still no beta key.
    Is this gods way,
    Of punishing me?

    But hope is at hand,
    In Gamerheadlines land.
    Our fingers are crossed,
    Lets hope we aint lost.

    This is the best gift i can give you right now, a gift without form called memory.
    Yes this was a clannad as reference, gl guys

  • Pootis

    I’m so tough that I gave a pitbull aids

  • Joe

    It’s early saturday morning around 3:45 a.m. Two months into the Hearthstone beta key rat race. I had been scouring the web for a beta key like a bloodhound on a scent. I turned, like many, to twitch beta key giveaways.These streams were honestly just viewer lures, but who could resist a chance at happiness even if it was so small? Because honestly, some people’ll still buy lottery tickets even if they continue to lose and what’s the harm in a free stream lottery?

    Watching streams for hours on end is tiring and even moreso if the commentator sucks, but I wasn’t giving up. Today was going to be my day, or so I thought. On the dice roll for the last key I hear the guy call my username and I’m estatic. Suddenly everything is instant smiles. My mind whirls with thoughts of saturday and sunday and how I’m am just going to be entrenched in this fantastic Blizzard game. It’s around 4:30 a.m. and I’m yelling into pillows and doing my own little victory jig. Then I hear it. “Oh, wait you’re not following my channel.” I turn and realized that for the one stream that finally god damn mattered I had not pressed the damn follow button. I had done it on all the others, but HOW could I miss this one? I was quick to press it upon hearing him, but it was too late and he announced that he would be rerolling, casually stating “Sorry dude, that’s the breaks.” That’s the breaks? THAT’S the breaks? You son of a bitch.

    Seconds ago I was screaming hallelujah into pillows and dancing around the room and now, I felt like a black hole had opened in my room and I was sinking like a rock in the mud. And then I realized there’s a fate worse than death. It’s like when you’re about to take your first step into heaven only at the last minute to have one minimal sin dip you into hell where satan’s waiting, laughing his ass off.

    So after reading this, I ask that could you could kindly, shed upon me one glimpse of redemption and prove that there is hope at the edge of despair. And with that I leave you with a slightly altered quote from H.G. Bohn: “Satan deludes youth with beauty, the miser with gold, the leader with power, the learned with false doctrine, (and the gamer with Hearthstone)”

  • På Neer

    Been trying to get key since day one, really hoping for one, im already huge hearthstone fanatic!! cant stop thinking about it!!! Im in love with Hearthstone so please dear sir help me get together with love of my life, cant really live without it!

  • Jens Ole

    Always been a big fan of strategy card games and have been playing a lot of magic in my life :) – please

  • John

    I really want a key because I really want to play with a friend ); I opted about 3 months ago and I still haven’t got a key since. I really want this key I’ve been trying to win giveaways for quite some time now but no luck, so please gamerheadline I hope you will choose me.

  • Selcri

    I want to have an hearthstone beta key because this game is very fun and i want to do videos on youtube but and i’ll link my videos for make u happy 😉 !
    Thanks you for all !
    Good luck !
    Your baby

  • Flmbrk Thslr

    Hi! If you read this text you probably found my beta key. I really love it, so please email me and claim your reward.

  • Ken Tewasart

    I’m really into card games, and the sight of this game really excites me. Ever since I first saw Hearthstone, I participated in lots of beta key giveaways yet have not obtained one since. I’d really like to play this game and play against amazing people, so I’d appreciate it if I was chosen to be given a key. Thank you!

  • Selcri

    Hi i want to have a hearthstone beta key because i need it ! 35 days i’m waiting for but nothink . please i realy need it !

  • Andrew Burgess

    I should get a Hearthstone key because every moment I’m not playing this game more and more cute innocent kittens are drowning in my tears. You know what the right thing to do is, because you don’t hate kittens… do you?

  • Jull

    I just asked my self “Why do i want a betta key?” then i was speaking with a friend about this game, and we where like “This is the new yugioh!, i need to play this!; but it gets better, the game is online! so you can kick some ass (and lose too is the way it is). Excelent game and im just a beta key away to play it so it would be great to have have one. Ty for the opotunity to have one and sorry for my english is not my native lenguage.

  • John Herbert

    I got a fat chocolate lab who will lick your face if you give me a beta key :)

  • Boris

    Looking Forward to play with my favorite hero – Thrall !

  • Chainy95

    There was once a man in the desert…… THE END.

  • Anıl Akhan

    For da love of GAMER GIRLS!!!

  • Zinarch

    Since the begining of time, wild vultures have infested the world. These vultures evolved quite a bit though time, they became stonger,faster and smarter. They always desired something new, then came the hearthstone beta and the vultures degenerated into horrible nagging grandmothers with a wooden stick holding up their chin. Boy that escalated quickly…

  • Josh Jones

    Simply out of desperation. I’m not clever, so a simple good luck to all should suffice. Good like :3

  • Никита Рой

    from each according to his capacities, to each according to key

  • Edward Fox

    Quick and easy: I’d love to get a key, just like all the rest of the people here. Best of luck to everyone.

  • Wy L


  • Gerard

    Just quietly between you and me, these Hearthstone beta keys hold immense dark energy that i can use to fuel my space walrus and travel back to my home planet. I need to deliver an important message that will save the universe and it would be nice to be able to play this game to occupy the 3239 light year journey. Help a fellow zobklorp out would ya!

  • massibro

    I am extremely excited about this game because other than loving TCGs (eg: MTG, Yugioh, etc) since I was a child. Plus I have been a fan of blizzard and its franchises for quite awhile, and the idea of a card game online made by them is something I would like to be a part of and help improve by contributing. The largest reason I would want to get a key though is because I wanted to launch a blog about video games and other news and I figured the best way to start would be by writing about hearthstone because of its popularity and hopefully get some followers. Thanks so much and good luck everybody !

  • Tom Kostel

    Because I’m Batman..

  • Terry R Jones II


  • Augusto Cesar

    Being diamond on lol is easy and boring so i’m looking for new challenges. And i think hearthstone will do the job just fine, because only by watching other people play it, already rides me of my boriness.

  • J. Lamim

    It’s not about the money, money, money
    We don’t need your money, money, money
    I need your beta key for HearthStone!

  • JukedXD

    This Halloween. One key will go on a epic adventure trough the horrors of the internet, a long journey to safely reach my inbox. Staring Hearthstone beta key, MY inbox, this contest, and 90% of the internet… Hearthstone and the journey to the beta. Rated: IWO ( i want one)

  • FatTyYanG

    I should get a Hearthstone closed beta key because every time I see the game plays and trailers of the game, I’ll just be more desperate to play it. I will post feedbacks and thoughts about the game to help improve the game. I love the game and I think I’m a good choice, so please !! :) Give me the key :)

  • Jeremy

    “Lad, no one feels ready. No one feels he deserves it. And you know why? Because no one does. It’s grace, pure and simple. We are inherently unworthy, simply because we’re human, and all human beings–aye, and elves, and dwarves, and all the other races–are flawed. But the Light loves us anyway. It loves us for what we sometimes can rise to in rare moments. It loves us for what we can do to help others. And it loves us because we can help it share its message by striving daily to be worthy, even though we understand that we can’t ever truly become so. So stand there today, as I did, feeling that you can’t possibly deserve it or ever be worthy, and know that you’re in the same place every single paladin has ever stood.” – Uther the Lightbringer

  • Kamilo

    This is my moment, I need to think a really good comment…… I want a key…… because……. I like……. the game…… yeah….. im fucked.

  • Yusef Alzaro

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Leeroy who?
    Why do I even try. This is my creativity at its maximum : (

  • chokichoc

    hi could i please get a hearthstone key ? i can give u a hug in exchange 😉

  • EuroStag

    Well I recently kicked out my wife for cheating,

    … she should have known that I take my card games seriously!

  • Alexander Robert Fish

    You’re going to give me a Hearthstone key. You know why? Because I am so very pretty. Look at that chiseled jaw.

  • Royce Au

    I heard that you can’t get a beta key until you sleep with a Blizzard staff??!!! Proof me wrong and gimmie the key please 😀

  • Jesse Thornton

    Comment asking for a key? Why don’t I do one better. I will use my powers held by the Heroes of Warcraft, TO COMMAND YOU TO…. Wait, I don’t have a key. Well then. Umm, I would really appreciate a Hearthstone beta key, been looking forward to it for a while but haven’t been able to find one. Much appreciated.

  • Rokujou

    Remember when you was a little kid, and for Christmas you wanted the almighty Robocop figure? You wanted so much, you gave every hint to your parents every hint what is possible on Earth, and then you just hoped. Hoped that you’ll get a Robocop figure. And then there is Christmas, you open your present with big smile on your face because you KNEW that you did every possible thing to get that Robocop figure from your parents. But then…in the box there was a pair of white socks. Your smile slowly fade away. The world is shattered around you. You’ve lost all hope. And see, I want a Hearthstone key. But when I don’t get that Hearthstone key, the feeling will be similar to socks. Not winning a Hearthstone beta key is literally sock.

  • Kevin Tran

    I should get a Hearthstone key because I been hoping for a fun game that will actually give my mind a challenge for a change.

  • Val Tolentino

    I should get the Hearthstone key because I would like to experience it with all my friends currently playing it. We played WoW for 7 years and it brings us back to those days. Good times!

  • Sebastian Alvarado

    I should win a beta key because i’m a simple 22 year old medschool student that wants to use his free time playing hearthstone, I will be forever grateful and i will be a happy person in general, thanks in advance guys.

  • Miyoung Fany

    i’ve already preloaded the game so i can play right away :DDDDD

  • Евгений Иваньков

    I need the hearthstone, got stuck in a pit in Nagrand.

  • BulletSafety

    Well I’ve been trying to get a key since it’s first release. Many of the friends, as well as my girlfriend have a key and I’m literally the last one that doesn’t have one. She does let me play sometimes on her account but I’d really like my own to play against them. I’ve entered countless contests and posted on many forums, but still no luck.

    I absolutely LOVE card games. I have thousands of Yu-gi-oh cards, pokemon cards and magic cards. I’ve also been playing WoW for 3 years. I hope I’m a good candidate for the key! 😀

  • The Blind Monk

    The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride
    fking with you. Fk pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.Well i ‘m pretty sure tho a hearthstone key will help!

  • Xariez

    I think i should have a Hearthstone beta key, i enjoy livestreaming and recording, and i know that i could entertain my viewers with this aswell, and play with my viewers having it aswell, not to forget the joy i would have.

  • George Ehrman

    I’ll cut to the chase. You hook me up with a key and I’ll plug your website on every social media outlet I can. In addition, I’ll recommend this website to all my friends and tell them to visit. Quid Pro Quo.

  • Bossman

    Only a beta key can save my soul

  • Morten Pedersen

    I should get a Hearthstone key because I really like that kind of games. I have been playing WoW TCG for a long time and all the various smaller card games(atleast where I am from) like duelmasters and Yu-Gi-Oh(?) and I have been playing magic since 2005. I really wanted to play Hearthstone but as I have yet to get a key I picked up Magic 2014 for the pc and played through that. But as I have finished all the singleplayer version of that and played too much multiplayer I have nothing to play until I get a Hearthstone key.

  • Joshua Frederick

    I have checked my inbox for a key 2 times a day for about a month. I have watched all of totalbiscuit’s videos on it. Also it is the only game i will have that can run on my computer. It is also my birthday on the 7th of November and my parents can’t afford a present. I saved up a lot for this computer and it would be awesome to have a game. It would really make my birthday special
    thank you,
    PS This game is the one thing that I really am enjoying in my life right now.

  • Saviih

    For the key!
    Good luck guys.

  • Runnerok

    Because Horde needs my Cookies!

  • tragged

    I ll like to have the key :)

  • Koko

    My cat demands it.

  • Zoltán Szabó

    Because i just sold my soul to Archimonde to get one.

  • Eloi

    Hello David, I am getting tired of running from one website to another looking for a key… So I got an idea: let’s give one to me so I can do something more useful of my day, like bashing Warcraft monsters 😉

  • tyrano


  • Jacob Andersen

    I should get a Hearthstone beta key because of my hard work finding one. I’ve been on hardly all the giveaways you have witnessed since the closed beta began. I watch Hearthstone streams everyday just to get the feeling of “Playing”. I want this key so bad.

  • Jonas

    I want a key becouse i’m a huge fan of this game i opten in beta since september and still no key… i really want to play.

  • Guest


  • dasinsin

    I need a key becouse I want to paly it!!!

  • Pyro

    I could say now, that i had birthday and want the key. I could say my little brother is ill and his last wish is to play hearthstone before he dies. I could say that it is my dream to get the key, because this game is so awesome etc. etc. . I could say, that i am a huge blizzard fan and have all of their games but this one. I could say i quitted my job just because i love this game so much and tried to get a key for it. I could say so many things. and people would maybe believe in what i say. They would maybe feel sorry for m ill brother, sorry for me, because i quited my job, but also supporting, because i quitted my job for my passion. I would get bonus chances to win the key, when i would say any of these things. But neither of them is true. I was always the one who was honest to people and the giveaway will not change that. That´s why i tell you the true reason: I just want to play this game, because it looked great, when i watched it on a stream before. Thats it. Nothing more. I just think that game has potential. So i hope i will get a key :)

    thank you for reading have a nice day :)

  • Youssef Mahmoud

    iam a card game LOVER i played Yu Gi Oh when it was a card game then when it because a video game i played that too then i did magic the gathering and played that too for long time now and now hearthstone been watching it for at least 5 month now on streams and I LOVE IT so please i want that game because its freaking EPIC

  • Latox

    The writer of this post got the beta keys from Voucherz – http://voucherz.org/cashout/hearthstone

  • Sartaras

    I should get a key because I’m entering every single giveaway there is.
    A fair prize for such an effort, right 😀
    And also BECAUSE

  • Polyák Zoltán

    I need to get a a key because I’m a huge Warcraft fan and I can’t rest easily until I can’t try out this game :)

  • Nemui

    There’s no reason I should get a beta key. I’d still like one though. :)

  • Slothman

    I should get a Hearthstone key because I have “Strength and Honor!”

  • Jose Antonio Sanjurjo

    I rlly want a betakey, looking for one since 1950.

  • Fox Mulder

    Giving beta key to me will set you free!

  • YogieBear

    (*reverse psychology*) i dont want the beta key (that should get them)

  • pantero

    I should get a key becouse i play w3 since i was a child!!
    I play MTG too :)

  • nemanja miric

    I need to start playing HearthStone so I can stop using drugs!

  • Billy

    My girlfriend left me for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. She hasn’t touched me in weeks. I want to rekindle an old flame with my first love, CCG’s. If you give me this beta key I will make love to this game like the sex deprived man that I am!

    Hook a bro up, bro.

  • Shaun Wieland

    If I get a jey I can finally stop watching twitch and pretending it’s me who is playing!

  • Aurassai

    I want to win a Hearthstone key becuz reasons!

  • Dzigator

    Please give me the key,
    I need it for me.

    I suck at poems :(

  • Raffael Bertin

    Since I don’t have a key for playing this game, my family have to stand me cleanning all the rooms of the house and they don’t know what to do to stop me. So they asked me to try and get one beta key so I leave the house alone and acumulate dirt. Help them please. =D

  • vojtech vacha

    I have entered about 100 giveaways and now one of my favourite sites has one. it has to be this time.. IM NOT GIVING UP

  • Rogerio Alvarez

    I really need heartstone to live :( give a beta key plssssss
    <3 <3 <3

  • Zhenya Marks

    i need it because i waiting for it 2 months and havent luck :/ so if i win i will love u for ever <3

  • Giannis Penev

    Hi, I would really like to try HS, and the only ones who can give me the possibility to try it’s you. I would’ve been really gratefull to you guys, have a nice day.

  • Vlada Hloba

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, so please give me HearthStone, I really beg you

  • Ivaylo Ivanchev

    I have been playing from a friends, account every day for a while now, and I want this game in my account so I can pwn him.

  • sergi

    nice page bro

  • Kaika

    You probably shouldn’t give me a beta key, because it’d break my long streak of bad beta luck.

  • Dominic

    how’s it feel to have all the power? 299 beta keys. man that’s gotta be awesome. me over here just wants one. 1. looking at about the author, david it is? You’re a good guy. i can tell. slip me a beta key and we can play together. sounds nice to me. what do you say man? =]

  • Splashey

    Im dying to try out this awesome game!

  • Viktor Drakfelt

    I should get a beta key because every other game I own is so boring when compared with hearthstone.

  • Pablo EP

    In the middle of a cold, stormy night… a phone call breaks the silence. A shivering hand reaches it, and, slowly, takes it to his ear: “You know what we want…” a distorded voice talks “Give it to us, and the girl will be freed…”

    (sorry for my bad english XD, but I still want that key though :/)

  • Chasqueira

    I deserve a Hearthstone key because my doctor gave me a month and a half of life due to lack of Hearthstone he told me. He told me that the only way to survive would be to get a beta key and get addicted to it. Please, this is important. I’m still very young to die!

  • Konrad Grzejdziak

    I want to play this game because i got uber hyped by all the youtube videos I watched about It. Also I want it reallly bad because I can’t play it yet :D.

  • James Wright

    I should get a Hearthstone beta key because i’ve been opted in for so long and I still haven’t got one. My friend got one yesterday and I was so depressed. With my school exams coming up, I really need a way to let off steam and Hearthstone would really help me with exam stress.

  • Wy L

    Because I need one

  • Kryptonman

    I think this my last attempt for giveaways. There were so much, that I don’t know what to say now. Just good luck guys!

  • Stooz

    schmengbadabengbeng giz the hearthstone plz. : > give it here or i swear i’ll wreck u m8 u cheeky cheeky

  • aodpip

    I need a beta key to play with my friends :(

  • AnUnhappyHobo .

    A beta key would turn this Unhappy Hobo to a happy Hobo. (In reality my brother got into the beta and I’m jealous)

  • José de Magalhães

    I would love to win this key because hearthstone is a game that really impresses me and makes me see videos every day about it. And all I want now is to be able to play it and no longer be a spectator

  • hrcho 6

    I should get the awesome key for the awesome game from the awesome you because I am also awesome. The amount of awesome would then be…

    … AWESOME!!!

  • jaskin

    Every day i dont have the key, I feel like a dayfly who has a bad day.

  • Nolan

    I deserve a HearthStone beta key because I need to return to my home planet among the nebula galaxy. The only way I can get there is to achieve perfect in 1000 arenas by the end of the year. Please I need your aid.

  • ginko66

    Hi there, you know I really want to enjoy this game like everyone else.
    Its unfortunate to say i’m pretty sure I won’t get any keys from the
    waves. My battle.net account got locked for some odd reason and it had
    all of my passed purchases on it. I made a new account but i’m pretty
    sure they’ll just think i’m a bot its kind of a bummer but I have to
    rely on giveaways like this! Its really no problem I don’t mind. But
    yeah I have always been a huge fan of the WoW lore and Card games like
    MTG all though its pricey I really just loved ever aspect of it. I think
    I deserve this because i’ve been waiting as long as the beta first came
    out. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m nothing special nor am i better than
    anyone else. I just really want to play this game and further better the
    community and work out all the kinks of this game together. I want to
    make new friends and make this game the best darn game it can be! I sure
    hope you atleast take a look at this! I’m pretty awful at writing
    things like this but good luck everyone!

  • anthony

    omg plzzzzzzzz

  • Brosnian .

    Because we wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little bottses. So wicked, tricksy, false!

  • Flaxen

    My friend got a beta key, played for 20 before uninstalling the game claiming it didn’t have enough depth, the smug elitist prick that he is, i find that tragically hillarious.

  • Bob Ross

    i should get a hearthstone key because i dont have one

  • Trey Viers

    If i don’t get a key I will have to make my Hearth out of soap or something.

  • anthony

    i want this game because 1 by 1 my friends are getting keys before me and they are rubbing it in my face that they have one and i dont

  • Nicholas

    Will I never get a key? :) please

  • Fuddu

    My friend just got one and I would really like to play with him!

  • Martynas Gurskas

    I would like a key. Also this is the most original comment ever. EVER.

  • moddizzz

    Im not going for the best top 100 comments.

    Yes i am.

    K. I’m not. I just want the key :<

  • Anthony Haegeman

    I just want a key because I’m so eager to play.

  • YellowKing

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would like to say that I should get a beta key because I have been trying to get one for several weeks now. Also, I have gone on various sites for giveaways that I almost broke my F5 key from refreshing them.

  • Andy Kung

    i should get a hearthstone key because i have lost every single giveaway. Depression Hits. Whored myself to every twitch stream for a chance to win a key. Dignity Lost. All my friends that wanted hearthstone got their keys luckily. Ease my suffering by giving me a key :)

  • Eirik Reinholdtsen

    played Wow since 6th grade, really want to try out this new game, been watching streams of HS alot, and it seems really fun. Would appreciate it alot if I could get the key. Thanks :)

  • Maxime Castonguay

    Please!! 😀 I’d be really really happy if I get one! 😀

  • brigas

    I need a beta key because I hate having a double personality, its awsome!

  • DaveJK

    All I hear is my friends talking about Hearthstone. It’s getting kind of lonely playing other games by myself and I would like to join them on Hearthstone. Please donate me a key! :]

  • Lloyd Brown

    I should get a Hearthstone key because my dog ate my other one.

  • Dylan K

    I would love this key because I’m getting deployed soon and I’d love a chance to play the game before I’m gone.

  • Aidan Shea

    I should get hearthstone because it is a fun, strategic, exciting, and intriguing game. It looks very fun to play and learn. I believe that i will enjoy this game and that i should receive this beta key.

  • Surskim

    I want a key because my friends play Hearthstone. Just kidding, I don’t have any friends. Jokes on you!

  • Sigurd Poulsen

    If you can’t answer this question without googling it. I will win a key 😀
    Where are the Faroe Islands? :) ( I live there 😉 )

  • Gareth Howe

    I need this key to open up the castle. Princess Peach is probably in another, due to past experience but its worth a try. Without the key I am doomed to… wait longer.

  • D.J. Blume

    I believe I should get a Hearthstone beta key because my fingers are bleeding from the number of entries I have entered and the number of times I have pressed ‘f5’ on /r/Hearthstone new looking for the giveaways.

  • Connor Richardson

    Dear Hearthstone I’ve been without sleep for days, Waiting for every moment I may receive one, refreshing my e-mails consistantly just for that one chance, but only sorrow awaits for me within my inbox :( I even check junk for the off chance of that beta-key

  • Sam Hatey

    A month of poor luck
    My want grows much higher
    Each day with no key
    My soul is on fire

    Along comes a giveaway
    for the fiftieth time
    though my hope is now dropping
    still i made you this rhyme

    Thanks for your time
    I’ll now be on my way
    If you could spare me a key
    It would make up my day

  • hallzm

    i want a Hearthstone key because i live with my aunt and uncle that hate me(im an orphan). they make me live under the stairs and there was this one time when i got a real nice letter about a place called hogwarts, a magic school, inviting me to join the school and become a wizard but my uncle and aunt didnt let me and said i can only be a true wizzard once i master this Hearthstone game. please, i really want to be a wizard some day.
    Regards, Hairry Pooter

  • Icepeng

    I should get a Hearthstone beta key because all of my friends have the game and I really want a key so I will be able to play with them.

  • Michael Henninger

    I have been getting my hours cut at work. I’m heading for a diet of Ramen for the next couple weeks. I’m hoping to get a key because when I get wrapped up in a game I forget to eat anyway!

  • hansmoleman

    eat shit faggot

  • Toast

    Every day my friends taunt me for not having a key id just love if i could get one to shut their faces up c:<

  • Zach Paurus

    I deserve a key because my roomate got one and all he does is play the
    game with speakers blasting and screaming about every damn move he makes
    and why it’s so awesome. He is literally attempting to torture me,
    especially since he got into the game two days after he applied for a
    beta. Please, help me take this bastard down by ending his torture.

  • Markus

    Hi i want this key becouse my friend birthday is in the weekend. He have talkt nonstop about this game so i wanna give him it but booth me and him have been scammed when we bought on ebay and we don’t wanna buy another so here is why i want it hope you pick me Best regards Markus

  • Kj W

    I should get a beta key because i made this handy reference guide on reddit which will make it easier for you to win your games 😀

    Anyways, thanks for sharing keys :)

  • James

    This is my rabbit Seven who I just dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween.

    I’ve been depressed lately so i’ve been watching Heartstone streams while holding him in my lap. Please, I really wanna start playing so I can play with my rabbit 7. He’s with me through everything.

    forgot to link picture https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1380822_10151800360523922_1588998330_n.jpg

  • LagLikeAPro

    Key pls.

  • Patrick McCarthy

    I have never wanted to play a game so badly but can’t cause of the worst luck ever

  • PrayedJoker

    Because I need something to take my mind off of precalculus, and I’m just so bored :(

  • Tyler Price

    I’m tired of playing on my girlfriend’s account. It’s pretty embarrassing….(and she gets mad at me for it)

  • Adam

    I should win a hearthstone beta key because like these others here, i have been waiting for luck for quite a while!

  • Destr0o


    Im a big fan of Trading Card Games and played Magic the Gathering. But I would like some diversity of playing those TCG’s. I know there are many other options besides Hearthstone but Hearthstone is one of the best rated Collective Card Games at the moment, which is another kind of card game I would like to try.

    Thanks for reading this comment.

  • David

    I believe everyone deserves a key because they’re a huge fan of this game, and for those who doesn’t get the opportunity to play should have a chance to enjoy the game (:

    Some may wait for open beta, but some (like me :3) just can’t wait to get our hands on some cards, because as a character says, “GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT! FAGGOT!” So I can’t fulfil by duty without having a key (:

  • Gruhlum

    I am way too uncreative for a good comment, so I relay on the other 199 keys.

    Tomato lasagne with cheese.

  • Justin Kim

    I received my laptop from my family two days ago and I’m away on a mountain school for the next 3 months. No games to play at the moment because live games like league of legends require decent ping to play. I know hearthstone is an easy game to play in my situation. It will be my only source of gaming entertainment here haha…So Please!! thanks for the giveaway

  • Kyle Wilson

    I came across this article online and thought “are my eyes deceiving me?”. To my fortune they are not. I have been searching for this from the ancient times of 2 weeks ago. I am an eccentric traveler who needs this. This will provide the defeat to the beast commonly known as focus. Just saying the name makes me shudder. Help defeat this beast in the valiant efforts of mankind. Tis one more reason why I shall receive this gift, and it is…I’m broke

  • DM

    I’d really love a key, i don’t have a amazing joke/story to tell, i just really want it.

  • Slawek Urbowicz

    I’d like some keys pleys!

  • Anders Mattson

    I would love a key but there’s no real reason for you to pick me out from everyone else but it would make my day if you did :) good luck everyone else!

  • Elitar

    Roses are red violets are blue, give me a key because i love you.

  • Chezy

    A beta key
    A beta key
    A beta key for me.

    I do not wish to purchase one
    for soon enough you’ll see
    the game will be released
    my worries will cease
    and I can play for free

    But until then,
    I hope I win
    This golden beta key
    So I can play the perfect cards
    While I scream GG! :)

  • Daniel Asparouhov

    I just moved into an apartment with my girlfriend. We are very low on funds after the move and don’t have many ways to entertain ourselves. We both like Hearthstone and watch it on Twitch every day. We would love a chance to play it together after a long day at work.

  • Brian Gallagher

    I’ve just been looking to get a key because my friend’s birthday is November 3rd, and I know the drawing is November 10th, but even late, it would make him pretty damn happy if he got a key. So here’s hoping I can snag him one.


  • Edward B

    I’ve played a whole bunch of Trading Card Games and I’m absolutely in love with them. Recently, I’ve been playing Shadow Era (for about 2 years). I’ve ran and hosted multiple tournaments and got pretty famous in the shadow era A1 guild. I’ve started my own SE youtube channel and I upload videos whenever I have spare time (check me out!) http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWJSfkOuJaibc-lRZFl1gw

    I really think I have a lot to contribute to Hearthstone Beta. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I’m a pretty good deck builder, and I plan to share all my decks. I can’t wait to test out Hearthstone and get involved in the community! :)

  • syx

    i dont gots nothin witty to say so i roll with the other 199

  • Talisk

    I’m unemployed and bored waiting to hear back from job applications *sob*

  • chiefsparten

    Don’t give me a code. Under no circumstance should you give me one.
    I repeat. DO NOT GIVE ME A CODE.

  • Alberto Leiva

    I should get a HS beta key b/c im a avide gamer, im a college student and broke,and i been playing TCG since i was a child with Pokemon. And b/c i love anything wow related. Also ima Iraq, Afgan Vet. Support the troops hehe

  • theclothesthief

    By the time November 10th rolls around I’m sure I will have already won a key! So you should give me this key because I have great ideas for key giveaways. Nothing brings the community together like interesting and creative key giveaways!

  • Forss

    If I’m lucky enough for you to find my comment worthy of a Hearthstone key, my luck will be all run dry.

  • Taylor

    I have been trying to get a key for weeks now, i hope my luck will turn with this giveaway :)

  • David S

    I should get a hearthstone key because I’m sad that avid WoW players don’t get special treatment… after playing the game for 5 years, all i could ask for is a beta key for Hearthstone :)

  • Jimmy Mei

    I would love a key to open the game beta

  • Vereign

    A week ago my lung collapsed and I had an emergency operation.
    At the moment i am still at the hospital i am not allowed to move much and only got my notebook with me…
    I need a game that doesnt need fast reactions or something like this.
    Thats why hearthstone is perfect, i am waiting since pax for a beta invite. Watching streams all day long… No luck yet :-(
    I need to stay at the hosptial for more then 1 month…
    Please give me the key that I can play and have some fun :-)

  • kysx

    I’ve been trying to get a beta key for a few weeks now. To my luck,no success. I’ve tried every giveaway website in the past 3 weeks to attempt to receive one. To my luck, no success. I was even contemplating buying one out of desperation, but with being in debt, It’d be a bad idea. No success. I’d like this beta key to put me out of my misery and to help me out as a little boy who adored TCG card games with a passion. Good luck to whoever you decide on! You’ll make someone very happy. Hopefully, It’s me. Thank you and Have a great day!

  • Panos Tsaousis

    The first time I saw this game, I thought “ugh, another TCG… damn…” But then, I watrched it again and again on streams, and though, hmm, this actually seems kinda fun, so I decided to give it a go, haven’t had much luck with any giveaways, but still crossing my fingers on this one.

  • Nib

    I should get a Hearthstone key because contests never work in my favor, nor does arguing with coworkers and I may also have ADOS which is Attention Deficient Oh SHINEY~

  • Charlie Maynard

    I’ll make this short
    So don’t retort
    A hearthstone key
    Is right for me

  • amaiyume

    I won a key in a giveaway already… and then I proceeded to do the right thing and give it to my bf because he wanted to play the game sooo much! XD Now it’s MY TURN, bwahahah!! Please select me and you’ll be flooded with so much karma, like me! :)

  • Lckybuny

    I want to first thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to get into this wonderful game’s beta. Your generosity is noted and i shall be sure to tell my friends. I believe that i should get one of your keys because i have been in quite the slump for entertainment. I have been quite stressed from school work and all of my tests. I need something to get me out of this slump and i think Hearthstone is the game that will do just that. If you do not give me a key i understand however i will continue to pursuing my dreams of winning at least one beta giveaway, I thank you again for your very generous giveaway and i wish you good wealth.

  • Hobender

    I really should get one because I enjoy card games and I really wanna try hearthstone out! I also like winning and winning is great don’t you think.

  • Cecho

    Our gamerheadlines, who art
    in heaven, gamer be thy name, thy HSbeta come, thy key be done, in
    Hearthstone as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily betakey, and
    forgive us of our F5 spamming, as we forgive those who F5 spam against
    us, and lead us not into scammers, but deliver us to Hearthstone.

    Praise the Lord and everlasting gamerheadlines, praise his son David,
    our savior, and praise the holy beta key, it flows through us all and
    gives us life. For without the beta key, man would not have conquered
    the arena, and the world would be lost to scammers.

    At the table, gamerheadlines took the key, gave thanks and said “take
    this all of you, this is my beta key, it has been given up for you. Do
    this in memory of me.” When supper was finished, gamerheadlines took the
    cup, gave thanks and said, “take this and drink from it, this is my F5
    button, it has been shed for you and for all so that your sins may be
    forgiven, do this in memory of me.”

    I spent 30 mintues writing this… beta key.. please..:(

  • Kinaori

    My boyfriend already has a key and I don’t. He wants his computer back. <3

  • Roble

    Knock knock

    Who’s there?

    Witch Doctor

    Witch Doctor who?

    Matt smith!


  • Kade Ponville

    I should get a key because, well… On second thought i got nothing i just want a key.

  • Tyler Sinclair

    Would just love to get into the beta! Signed up a few weeks after the opt-in went live and still nothing. A few friends signed up within the past month and every one of them has gotten in. It’s frustrating as all hell.

  • Sulman

    I should get a beta key because I have never played a blizzard game before because I was abused as a child and was never given any free time I have been working for my entire life

  • Bernardo Martins

    I really want a Hearthstone key because I live in Brazil, and there is no way to get a key here. And besides I want to play another card game.

  • Sciyro

    I should get the hearthstone beta key because the only way my heart will become whole again is if I get it. Also, because my dog is a cat so I guess that’s kind of an obvious reason

  • Honza Razorek Hospůdka

    When i was young boy, kung-fu master Hokaido from Dreamland told me this : One day, there will be that one card game from Blizzard – you will become the living legend in this game. But it will be in closed beta so you have to follow giveaways to achieve your first step which is claiming the given key. There will be a lot of other competitors, you have to show your patience and balance. So i followed his advice and here i am, Wishing i will be the lucky one who will recieve this key :)

  • Frozen Emperor

    I don’t deserve a Hearthstone key, but I really want one.

  • alex j.

    I believe I deserve a beta key because I’m a broke college kid who needs something to get excited about . Plus I want my undeserving friend who won a key to shut the hell up.

  • Karael

    I want to feel the sensation of saying ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ with my Paladin when I enter a new game.

    When I win the game. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    When I lose the game. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    When he gets his 3 drop hammered of wrath. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    When his yeti gets truesilvered. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    When I just kingsed my enraged worgen and slam his face.
    When I aldor peacekeeper his Venture Co, argent protector trade then brew it back just ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ WELL MET ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • IMXFlare

    I have been trying to attemp at getting one from many sources and of the group of five i have wanted to play with i am the only one without it and its is getting sad. Forever alone. :/

  • gokhantr

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The key shall free me for hearthstone is my new passion.

  • Vince

    Because getting a key would just be awesome and hopefully I and others can pay it forward if we ever get another key.

  • si

    cant wait =)

  • imdapro

    I want a hearthstone beta key because I will be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    To collect them all is my real test
    To duel is my cause
    I will travel across the internet
    Searching far and wide
    Each card, to understand
    The power that’s inside
    Hearthstone It’s you and me
    I know it’s my destiny
    Oh, you’re my best friend
    In a world we must be friends
    Hearthstone, a game so true
    Our love will pull us through
    You teach me and i’ll teach you
    Gotta topdeck ’em all!

  • Allan Qin

    It’s simple. Blizzard is amazing. WOW is amazing. Hearthstone looks amazing. And, these keys are AMAZING.

  • Patrick Westberg

    gooby pls

  • Coree

    Everyone of my friends is playing Hearthstone and im just sitting here playing Diablo 3 = (

  • WarDoom

    I will spend lots of money on it, so blizzard can create more great content :D. My wallet is ready.

  • Kenneth Villatoro

    Last night I had food poisoning. As I was on the pooper doing my thing, I had the need to barf and my solution was to stand up and puke in the same toilet I was pooping in. As this was happening, splatter of fecal matter and piss were received by my face. This was the first time I have ever cried in years. Later that night, I “won” a key from a website giveaway. I was ecstatic and as I put my key in, turns out it was already claimed. One of the worst nights I ever had. So here I am hoping to win a legitimate key to make myself feel better.

  • silvoxer

    Get a key so I can fight. For the Horde!

  • Matt Chu

    I should get a beta key because November 10th is my 18th birthday and a beta key would be the best bday gift ever! Please this beta key is the one thing I want most for my birthday and only you are capable of giving it to me

  • Adam

    I should get a Hearthstone key because one day I hope to rule the world as a warlock…. and I need some practice.

  • Edison felipe

    I would want to get fun with addicting game and it would be an honor, really want to play every minute of my day in this addictive game.

  • Nythrow

    I should get a hearthstone beta key because it is the right thing to do.

  • Claiff

    If I don’t get a key I will put Legos on the floor of your bedrooms and leave your ACs on overnight so you all wake up with stuffy noses.

  • g43riel


  • Gina

    It’s a fun game. I want to play it!

  • Emilio

    I should get one cuz i m going to STREAM the game so other ppl who don’t have can know more about the game.

  • Frederik Christensen


  • Boose

    because I want one? thats honestly a terrible reason but it is in fact all truth others may spam some may bring a tear in your eye but at least this guy was upfront about his want to play a really fun game I just wanna play some games with friends and just have fun so thats it in a nutshell

  • Ercument Karakus

    I am the one and only Yugi-Oh and i heard that this so called Hearthstone game was better than mine. Give me a beta key so I can try it out and see it myself!

  • Jona Barto

    i just want to play this F…..G game. pls, im goin crazy men!. xD

  • Dildo Dildovi4

    I should get it , because i’ve played it yesterday at my friends place, and I’m afraid I’ll kill him if i won’t get my own :(

  • Shafat Rashid

    Because i like Blizzard and TCGs, so i really want it

  • quinis

    I’ve been watching streamers play Hearthstone for a few weeks, and I got intrigued. Of course after learning to recognize the game, three of my neighbors have gotten keys and started playing! I need to get a key myself so I can show them how a real nerd loser plays CCGs!

  • Cody Lolakis

    “Some people want it all
    But I don’t… want nothing at all
    If it ain’t you, baby
    If I ain’t got you, baby

    Some people want diamond rings
    Some just… want everything
    But everything means nothing
    If I ain’t got you, you, you”

    The song just happens to be by Alicia “KEYS.”

    Please <3

  • KtotheB

    You know, to play ‘n stomp ‘n shit. :)

  • Sam Threader

    I would love a key if you would be so kind to choose me! I have a stinking cold and would love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa with my PacMan blanket, Unicorn Slippers and Skyrim mug full of coffee and *play* the game istead of stalking YouTube videos of game play and sighing wishfully.

    It will also stop me religiously checking my emails hoping that I am a chosen one…

    I also upboated on Reddit.

  • Alexander Khalkin


  • Remigo de Meirleir

    I would love to win this, all my friends have been playing it and I feel left out :(
    I will try not to destroy the world if I get the key!

  • Forgetabootit

    I don’t deserve a Hearthstone key – but this beautiful man would love to have one anyways.

  • piko.Cop

    I would Like to win a Beta Hearthstone key waiting already from the beginning!!!

  • Xav1er

    I would like to win a beta hearthstone key please!

  • Ryou

    TCG player all the way

  • Misaki

    Cuz I’m a gamer

  • KissOf Dawn

    Why i Deserve Hs Beta key ? i Don’t Deserve anything, This is Closed Beta and it need luck to get in, im in same line than others, i will get 1 or not, but i will play Hs in someday im sure. Tryed many key Givenaways in Twich and im bored to be online 24/7 have 1/500000 chanche to get 1 key. Maybi i get now 1 or not, but Good luck to all to get 1 , we just need wait little more, Open beta will come there someday,,,,month,,,,never.,.,.,

  • Canyon0101

    I want this game because i love very much the card games. And i want prob. my deck. LITTLE TEAM WITH PALADIN! 😀 :DPlease! And i’m the dream princess, who get your ass into your face.. DO U UNDERSTAND ME?:O

    So, the true : I want this game, because i love it. I see a lot stream, video. And i subscribe a lot guys, follow a lot guys, for i can get a key. But nothing else. So please, if u can, give 1 for me.:(

  • Nance

    I have a deck of cards with flavour texts on them, but all my cards are http://www.hearthpwn.com/cards/687-noooooooooooo

  • Max Rubin

    A Hearthstone Beta Key is like an ocean full of dreams, and, by god, I’d like to be swimming in that ocean.

  • AHearthstoneDeprivedPuppy

    My soul has been stolen like everyone else here. We all lie in wait with hopes of a hearthstone key coming our way so that we may jump onto it ,and steal back our souls.

    I ask you the favor to give me a key so that i may reclaim the soul that is rightfully mine so that i may board wipe all the things!

    • Anduin Wrynn

      Hope this guy gets a key.

    • Sam Jung

      good luck for the beta key i think u might get one

    • Ihaveaferrari q

      I hope you get the key bud 😀

    • Martijn

      I hope i get a key bud

    • Simon

      Sir, i honestly think you should get the key 😛

    • Zed

      This puppy… it’s over everyone, GG all the keys will go to the puppy D:
      well played

    • Camilo Almada

      Good luck, I think u deserve it

    • Toms Strubergs

      nice :)

    • RoRis land

      lol nice

    • Mbao Wang

      hope you get the key. lol

  • Greg Romans

    Why shouldn’t I get a key?

  • Billy Wacker

    key please??

  • Ahmed.b

    seriously the only random stranger here …..
    wish everyone the best of luck …and myself aswell

  • Koh We Kiat

    Hearthstone is the best trading card game I have seen so far. Even though I am an avid RTS and FPS gamer. This game still catches my eye!

  • Dwight Smith

    I want a key sooo badly

  • Essillore

    I would like to start writing about Hearthstone, sharing my progress of learning the game, and helping other people to improve in the game. I feel like i could really give to the people that would read and follow me. To do that, I need to get the game and play it!

  • mira797 .

    Best comment in the world!

  • Aivaras

    I just got a Beta key. So im going home to redeem the code and out of nowhere a rouge apears asnd steals my key. I tired to chase him but he was to fast. I come home and see this beutiful contest and hope to Hearthstone gods that i win. Thanks.
    P.S Good luck to everyone 😛

  • Hemdal

    I’m a huge magic: the gathering fan, and I fucking love playing card games!
    The thing is, all my friends who I used to play with moved out of town, and this would give me the opportunity to reconnect with the TCG community and play a game that I love and know
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • magnerp

    Every one is writing poems and stuff and i’m sitting here beggin’ for a beta key ;_;

  • Shmee

    I’ve been waiting forever for a key. please god.

  • Digi

    I think I deserve the key, because in the past month I have been training my new Blue&Gold Macaw pretty hard, and she (it is her, Eli) was doing so good! Finally yesterday, she did all the tricks we learned perfectly! So thats why, we made quite the progress.

    Haha this is kinda different than others I think, but I am pretty happy about that, so I had to share :)

  • planet200

    If i get one off the keys they will release me from the psych house. And its start
    to be boring in my cell so can you please send me a key. And this is the only hour Iam allowed to use internet. You are my last hope to get free.

  • Nanco Lin

    I have entert many contest but never won so plz let me win for once

  • WoldeX

    Almost all my friends got in to the beta except me. They all complain that priest is OP etc. so i want to get into the beta to have fun with them and find out a way to counter priest 😉

  • coolboypai

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Andrew

    I hope this key tastes Purple!

  • Eivind Femten Martinsen

    I’ve used way too much money on pokemon tcg online to fill the empty void that should be hearthstone – please save me from all the 12 year olds with insane decks :/

  • DeadSkyy

    good luck everyone

  • ijustwanttoplaythegame

    I should get a betakey because i have followed this game since early beta and i just want to play the game. it’s as simple as that

  • Franco

    I have loved Warcraft since the first game, i really want to play this one, i been trying to get a key for so long.

  • swimble


  • Charles Shores

    Its a new blizzard product. Blizzard always puts out quality games, and I love TCGs.

  • SomeLady

    I need to get a key before my older brother does! Please let me have something before he does, haha. It would not only make my day, but my YEAR. 😀 I need a head start to become better than him.

  • Bob Shien


  • Dominik

    The unseen key is the deadliest.

  • Jay

    so i can kick my friends ass, he wont stop bragging about it

  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

    300 keys…. 657 comments…

    mhmm, nothing to lose.

  • Δημήτρης Τζιβάκης

    Good luck everyone ^^

  • Fuzzfor

    Sup bre give key baby

  • ludalex

    Would really love a key.

  • Nomisi

    You should give me the key because i have neither the creativity nor the wit to compete with the top comments ;_;

  • Dominik

    Random comment.

  • Zetterdahl

    I would love to have a key because of the fact i have been wanting one from almost day one. I have played the game at my friend’s house and Iam in absoulute love with it!

  • bantspandit

    I want a hearthstone key because i am an impatient child who can’t stand waiting for a game that will likely be in open beta within a month. I want it so that this nightmare of searching for a key can finally end, i can find fulfillment and disappointment and then i can take a long hard look at myself afterwards and ask, “was it really worth spending hours refreshing the new tab on reddit instead of doing what you were supposed to be doing?”


  • Megastary

    Why should I get a key? Because I shoul show everyone how to play this game T_T

  • clevergoat

    Beta chance again?
    Need to play with Warcraft cards.
    Hearthstone Haiku Help!

  • Nicholas Gilliland

    I have been waiting forever for this key. So long that I forgot how long I have been waiting. I would really like a key so that I can play with a friend of mine who I have been playing games with since high school. We always play games together and he already has his beta key. He won’t play without me but I feel bad that he is waiting. I would like mine so we can both start playing.

  • Sean Wrywood

    You guys going to handpick the winners? I pity the guy that will have to read all the several thousand comments, also he should get cake after he’s done!

  • Robert Burström

    I’ve waited since the beginning of the opt-in for a key, all my friends have got one. It’s just so frustrating being the only one without, especially when i’m better at Hearthstone than them since i’ve watched about 100 hours worth of stream.

  • Ieuan

    Ummm… key please

  • JohnTT

    I’d like a hearthstone key because I’ve been waiting on a key for around 2 months already to no avail.

    Interesting site, good luck everyone!

  • Fredrik Folkesson

    Please, so much please! :)

  • Cody Sierra

    Would be gnarly to win one.

  • Lilgreen

    Thank you gamerheadlines.com. I have been dealing with not recieving a beta by refusing to acknowledging the game exists. Now that I am diamond in League of Legends I have nothing to live for. In the last 4 days I have overdosed on 25 Hearthstone episodes by totalbiscuit. 25!!! thats maybe 7 hours of video content a day. If I am still alive by the 10th I would greatly appreciate being able to play this game.

    Thank you for the opportunity. Shame to be the poor bastard reading every comment.

  • Rodney Lo

    I should get a Hearthstone beta key so I can own some noobs.

  • Johnathon James Garner

    three keys for the elvish-kings under the sky
    seven for the dwarf-lords in their hall of stones
    nine for mortal men doomed to die
    one for the internet commentor waiting so patiently
    in the land of azeroth where time goes to die.
    one key to rule them all, one comment to find it,
    one key to bring the awesomeness of hearthstone to a comment
    in the land of azeroth where time goes to die

  • Whynotme

    I climbed to the top of the tallest mountain in search for it…
    …I dove to the deepest depth of the almighty pool, deeper than any gamer before me (Just over 1.3 meters)…
    …Until at last I came upon (xD) the golden gates of the all powerful God’s of RNG…it was there that I did call upon them for their favor, so that I could claim the treasure for which I sought…but all was for naught….
    …For my Inbox was still empty…my quest incomplete…
    …And so I must now turn to the dark side and beg upon you to deem me worthy to receive a Hearthstone beta key, I care not through what unholy magics you used to receive all 300 of these relics…plus I hear you has cookies…
    …Deem me worthy and I shall tweet and up vote and perform any other unholy task to praise your oh so mighty name…
    …(God I hope you’re a geek :)

  • Cecho

    I’m trying to enjoy the Harrowing but i can’t cause i’m far away from home and all my friends are playing Hearthstone before going to a party..wish i could at least play Hearthstone >.>

  • konstanty

    I just want to play, g’dammit :(

  • scarlet sky

    I guess I just want to play this game. It’s not like not getting the key would end my life but getting a key would be really great. Thank you i guess for giving a chance

  • aru_azif

    I deserve it as much as the next person. Just hoping to be lucky that you guys pick me. ^^

  • junan

    Because i start working soon and have time to waste, not a good reason I assume

  • Chalachernaminato Valgosapinat

    I have not much money but searching since 1 week to get such a betakey…

    im watching streams every day and just bounded on this game… actually i play league of legends a lot of time, but when i saw some streamers play hearthstone i completly fall in love with this game !!! i know a lot of things already from watching streams and stuff, just not able to play it till now :(

    You would make my biggest wish come true with letting me play this game before the official release !!! otherwise my heart would be break in a million parts :)

  • Ryan

    I would love a key!

  • Caleb Boone

    I’m a college who student who has always struggled with procrastination. This semester, I chose to discipline myself and beat it. I’ve completed the work for three of my courses in the last couple of days, and now have 5 weeks with almost nothing to do. Hearthstone would fill the void quite nicely, at least until I have to start next semester.

  • Žan Tomaž Drozg

    YES! a beta key giveaway! and all I need to do is write an amazing comment!
    Okay, I am going to write a comment so funny that when David reads it he’s going to LHFAO all day, so amazing that people will be reading it all day long and share it everywhere and so clever I’m going to recieve a nobel prize!
    Okay! hmm…. uh… m…. CRAP. My brain is having a mental breakdown I’ll never think of something as epic as that :((((((((((((
    Epic idea: “Let’s just write about what my comment is supposed to be like, I’m sure that’ll make it good!”
    I feel so ashamed that I actually posted this. Someone please kill me. OMFG.

    And that’s why I think I should get a beta key.

  • Karl Viktor Ståhle

    I’m in love with Jaina Proudmoore.

  • David

    What do you call something that’s brown and stick?
    A stick.

  • jowhee13

    As Mufasa himself said..

    “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

    Not sure how that relates to this Beta key give away but I want one and its my favourite movie!!

  • Justin

    I’d love a beta key at this point to stop the agony of continuously losing at these contests lol. I’ve been excited about the game for months and would love the chance to FINALLY (sorry) play it for myself.

  • Nora Tao

    because i wanna fit in

  • Aron Musiał

    Indeed I am hoping for the best,
    When blizzard puts my patience to the test,
    I may count on with a steady pace,
    That gamerheadlines will be such a place,
    Where true may dreams come,
    and finally I will get my Hearthstone!

  • Incanus Rabo

    I would really, really enjoy a Hearthstonekey.
    Since the Game is out, my favorite thing to do in the evening is to watch TotalBiscuit fail in the Arena.
    Now i wanna do better and show whos boss, and for that i need a key!
    It will probably bomb my studies,but hey whats life without some fun?

  • my original story

    i walk 4 miles everyday just to check my email, plz no copy pasterino.

  • alant

    My roomates are both playing it and I wanna play too. please.

  • HansOtto28

    Like many others I registrated a long time ago for the opt in and ever since I participated in every giveaway i could find, but it wasn’t to be. Eventhough I’m still trying as hard as on day one I’m getting a little depressed thinking about open beta starting after blizzcon. If I would have to wait that I could not enjoy HS at all, due to the fact that my final exams will take place soon after. So I hope you can gibe me a little funtime with this great game before i have to concentrate on the exams. :)

  • Swished

    Hey, nothing special about this post really, just one of the many hundreds of players who’ve signed up for contest after contest. A key would be really sweet :)

  • cosmin

    My father asked me : Son what do you plan on doing today ?
    I answered : Father i plan on getting a hearthstone beta key .
    And here it is my key , that i know i will get .

  • Definitely_Not_Misogyny

    A hearthstone beta key is like a spouse:

    Hard to acquire, but once you have one it is a drain on both your social life and your savings (but you also get a tax break).

  • Александр Бушланов

    I commit suicide if you do not give me the key. I sit for a week at different sites, and find the key.

  • Sanji2k3

    Well….its really simple. My Wife just won a key just about 2 Weeks ago, playing hearthstone all the time and i finally need to beat her in that game cause…well..you know how women can be when they win 😀

  • Anton Snigur

    Oh, I think its a best game ever! And i want play it right NOW!:D

  • Scott Jacobs

    All the best to everyone who entered. The more people on Hearthstone the better. I can’t wait for this game to go live, it’s going to be really fun.

  • Razyni

    I log onto my WoW account and use my Hearthstone in hopes that one day I’ll get a key, feel free to be the people to make my dream come true!

    Thanks for the opportunity and GL all.

  • Robert Dąbrowski

    I don’t have anything clever to say,
    But I’ll always try if there is a way
    To somehow get my hands
    On a key, that everyone wants

    I check my few times a day
    So maybe finally I could play
    The card game to end them all
    But with every day my hopes fall

    Every contest I am trying hard to win
    To every stream giveaway I have been
    But it seems I am not lucky enoguh
    And living without the key is rough

    Maybe this giveaway will be the one
    That will finally get it done
    I hope it brings me the key
    You can’t imagine how happy I’ll be

  • Flexandor

    I am a Nigerian prince and I have been left lots of money by my rich father. Despite emailing everyone I can find and asking them to give me money so I can give them millions I have yet to get enough money to buy a Hearthstone Beta key. If you find it in your heart to give me on of the keys I will make you a king in my lands and give you my Nigerian prince e-mail accounts so that you can make money too! (On a serious note, great competition, woo Hearthstone!)

  • AxLBR

    I should get a Hearthstone key because I’m crazy to play this game… I really want play it.

  • Aaron Blok

    I will show my manly boobs for a key!

  • andreas

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    im bad a ryhming
    i need a key wuuhuuu

  • Kevin L

    And a key would be fantastic here haha

  • Gustavo Sanz

    I need a beta key because I need something new to keep feeding my addiction to video games and keep procrastinating real life.

  • Basikninja

    I’m the long lost champion of Hearthstone,I have played this game in my previous lives,I should say that I was at my peak form in 250 B.C. and I would like to become the champion once again

  • Tucker Bethune

    I’m glad this is here so I don’t have to sell my soul twice just for potential to win a key 😀

  • Spellsw

    Here here Sire, If you shalt grace upon mine trembling hands thy
    precious key of beta, this mere peasant shall forever be humbled and
    thankful. I shall declare you as the conquering yet noble hero, who does
    not look down upon us meager peasants who have only thus far been able
    to look upon your magnificent travels and be woed by them. If you would
    grace this aspiring peasant with thy key, I shall make thee my lord and
    master, following you unto battlefields unknown.

  • Aggelos Tsif

    Why you should give me a Hearthstone beta key? Hmmm, it’s easy!

    Because all my friends have one and they say that this game is better played with company!!! Don’t you agree?

    – PS: Ohh and btw thanks for your time reading this! There are plenty of comments out there to choose from. Hopefully I am one of them.

  • Guest

    I want to switch because I was deceived when buying. I decided to get it at any cost. Sorry for my English (I am Russian)

  • exLaZee

    There was a man seeking his honor back and his only way to retrieve it is to win a hearthstone beta key and has been searching for this key of honor for 3 months.


  • Dan20071

    Don’t really know… I guess I just deserve to be happy, can you relate? :(

  • Scott Kendall

    I’m not going to post a sob story here, or tell you about how long I’ve been waiting for a key. I’m even going to admit that I actually got a key a couple of days ago. What I’m am going to ask for though, is a key for a buddy of mine. Hearthstone is my first Blizzard game and it would be nice to have someone to play and discuss it with. It would mean a lot to me, and I’m sure it would mean a lot to him as well if you would give me the opportunity to allow him to play this fantastic game.

  • 4eatMan .

    I have to get the key because I was deceived when I decided to buy it. And then I decided to get it at any cost but the money I had not. Sorry for my english … (I’m Russian)

  • BeepImaJeep

    I’ve been “tracking” a key since I first saw Hearthstone on twitch,
    that’s when my fingers began to itch.

    I’ve been trapped in this “Hellfire” and it burns like hell,
    so I’m not feeling too well.

    “Mindgames” of not having a key are devouring my head
    and soon I will be dead.

    So please… to “Lay on Hands” on a beta key,
    would finally set me free…

  • AnnanFay

    Meh. People put way too much effort into these things. If I get a key now I’ll be happy now, if not I’ll be happy later.

  • Eimantas Morkūnas

    Because I want it D:

  • Swarley

    I belive in the RNG

  • Donnacha Murphy

    I simply think i should get a beta key because all my friends are playing it without me and its very annoying seeing as ive been opted in for beta far longer.

  • Vali

    Hearthstone is the best game !! I would like a beta key pls 😀

  • Peter Campbell

    All my friends have a key and i’m just sat here masturbating

  • potatosam

    They took it from ussss. My precioussssss…

  • Hompsa

    Okay lets face it. We watch trump, hafu, nolife kripparian and other famous streamers who play this game.. It looks awesome and u just want to play it. But when u don’t get key from blizzard u begin to desperately find keys from internet and it leads u sometimes to dark places and sometimes to nice places :)

    Good luck everyone!
    If u dont get key, u dont deserve it!
    warm regards from blizzard

  • Kochida

    Im gradually getting lower grades at school by looking for a damn betakey..

  • TAW Subcarpati

    I really enjoy the warcraft universe ( I would write really as much as I could but that would make me look a bit silly ) . By now, most of my friends got in the beta and I’m still waiting, even though, I’m the one who introduced them to the game ( talk about bad luck ) . How I feel at the moment http://static.fjcdn.com/gifs/Dr_066302_792573.gif 😀 Hopefully, this is my lucky day.

  • ivoka

    Please please please please please give me a key i’ll give you anything but not my soul :3

  • Nathan Johnson

    Looks like a fun game. Just want to get the chance to play it.

  • Millhouse

    A key, a key… A kingdom for a key… Cause with the time i put in trying to get one, i could’ve built one.

  • Waste Lands

    Nice site :)

    I should get a key because I’m tired of browsing r/hearthstone ;P

    Ex mtg player wanting to give hearthstone a go to see what blizzard have done with ccg’s

    Hopefully get lucky this time and beat the bots, gl all :)

  • Hardy

    GL to everyone.

  • Pedja Ivanovic

    I would love to get Hearthstone key. :)

  • evannaismith

    I’ve won rolls on twitch and have been lied to twice about the key. The third time my internet cut out and i lost because of it. Been watching stream after stream to try and win but so far no luck. Would very much appreciate the key been waiting for a month for this awesome game.

  • Sam McIntyre

    I am not going to get a beta key from here or anywhere else.

  • Ask Øren

    I’m just like most of us here… Without a hearthstone key, pressing f5 till my hand hurts, entering every contest you see on twitch even though you know its probably scam. Nothing out of the ordinary for those who has been waiting since day one. But since there is nothing to do but to wait il use my time to increase my chances of getting in by writing something here.

  • Daniel Azzopardi

    I’ve been watching this game progress from other peoples eyes. Now i am hoping that i will finally get a chance to experience it for myself!

  • Bobby B

    My kids want a key so badly

  • Jon Brown
  • Claude Kenni

    Why should I get a key? Let me set you a scene. Shut your eyes… wait actually you can’t read this if you shut your eyes. Keep your eyes open but figuratively shut your eyes, and just listen. Listen to those tears, the crying baby in the other room, crying it’s eyes out. Wait, no, that’s more annoying than sad. The baby isn’t crying, not because it’s dead or something that horrific, I’m not that sick, but yeah, the baby is sick, that works. It’s not crying, not because a crying baby is annoying, but because it’s sick, and it’s cold.

    Did I mention the cold? You can’t listen to the cold, but it’s cold anyway. We’re talking naked in an igloo cold here. No, the baby isn’t in the other room in the igloo, it’s a regular house, but figuratively again. Have you ever been naked in an igloo? I haven’t either, so maybe naked in a walk-in freezer? Yes, that one’s a long story, but a different one, and lacking in the pity I’m trying to create here.

    Not only is the baby cold, and sick, it’s hungry too. The cupboards are barer than old mother Hubbard’s. Would you deny this baby a key? Would you? You heartless b… oh wait, you wouldn’t? Well perhaps you would, I mean a baby in that state couldn’t do much with the key. And if the baby was capable of typing up their story in the comment section, then it would be a little creepy… hyperintelligent babies… spooky. And if not, then it would be the baby’s parent posting this, and if they’re posting here instead of trying to keep their baby warm, feed it, and taking it to a doctor, so you would very much deny them a key!

    Wait, that’s not where I wanted this to go. What if the baby was suffering from Hearthstonitis, a disease caused by the lack of a Hearthstone key? Then you would of course give the baby a key, after calling child services to get the parents dealt with… wait, unless it’s an orphan baby! Yes, that’s perfect, an orphan baby, suffering from Heartstonitis! Would you deny this baby a key? Well, unless you wanted to create a new type of baby Batman, of course not.

    So, that’s why you should give me a key. Because… ermm… of all that stuff! No, none of that stuff is relevent to my situation, but it easily could be! And as this is merely a comment in a digital environment, surely this sort of hypothetical scenario should be avoided by sending me a key. Or maybe two, one for me, and one for the hypothetical baby.

  • Dustin

    Key plox?!?!

  • benjouille

    Basically I’m in that state :
    Maybe it’s a good thing there is no date for open beta, I would probably have asked Butters to freeze me too 😮

  • Willy the Pig

    I eednay a eykay
    Oh so adlybay
    You know what this means!

  • Sad&Witless

    Oh shit, a lot of these comments are great. Why oh why didn’t The Mighty Hearthstone God give me wit, now that I need it more than ever. But here’s to hoping that these glorious people will look beyond wit and wordplay, and give mere mortals as myself a chance aswell, because my dumbass friend got the horseman mount on his first run and a beta key the same day, and I’m pissed.

  • Francesco

    One of my best friends has been playing Hearthstone for over a month now from when he got his own key through email. Have been watching streamers play it a lot recently and I’m also playing another card game so when I get to play Hearthstone, I would be at the top of my game. I may not win this giveaway, but I am really looking forward to one day playing it, especially when it is officially released!

  • Lord Jaraxxus

    I laughed when they attempted to summon me as a minion, then, I decimated them for the disrespect.

  • Whit32na

    Save me from the constant russian MM in doto with a HS key 😀

  • Forhavu

    The sweet sensations of the final *CRACK* as the enemy finally is crushed fills my body with pure joy. As I relish in the beauty of my victory, my eyes open. Lying in my bed, staring at the blank, boring wall, the realization comes once again to me: I do not have the beta key.

    I reluctantly get up, my motivation to get through the day exponentially decreasing as my mind mulls of the dreary fact that I am not one of those lucky people. If only I had the key, I could participate in such a joyous experience, discover bugs and report them to Blizzard to help the improvement of the game. And most importantly I could be part of such an amazing game and wonderful community. But alas, the key is yet out of my reach. Maybe soon. Maybe I can be one of those people.

    Until then, I shall dream.

  • Rudthapol Lui Sirichoompun

    I’m Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft fan.
    Would love to play this 😀

  • A Dota 2 Fanboy

    Cuz all I ever wanted, was to get in beta
    All I ever wanted, was my beta key
    My friends are all waiting in Hearthstone beta
    All I ever wanted was my beta key

  • James the intellectual giant

    I heard you like………. MURLOCS!

  • Defsuxzz

    I have been watching hs streams for like 30 hours in 2 weeks and it looks rly cool !

  • andaro


    My name is Andaro and i played a lot Magic when i was a kid. Recently i tried a lot of TCG like MoM:Duel of Champions or MOTG but i want to try Hearthstone and his dynamic gameplay.

    Thanks you for the giveaway..

  • Defsuxzz

    I’m sry if I double posted but I dunno since I’m on my phone, I have been watching streams for like 30 hours in this last week and it seems super cool

  • Prohost

    Thank you!~

  • Mateus Roscoe

    “Hello My Friend, ready for a key ?”
    -Yes, please please, i need that key

  • RandomSadVirginKid


  • Kate

    I would love to surprise my little brother with a key!

  • BetaKey Jester

    I’ll “entertain” you if you pay me in beta keys first.

  • Peter Ottosson

    Everyday im wating for a key to pop up in my inbox but in vain. Like everyone else im coming to these giveaway sites in hope for a key. Cant describe how much it would mean if I won one so that I could play with my friends
    Regards Peter

  • William Robert

    Give me the key and nobody will be hurt

  • :)


  • I’m gonna write my reason as if I were a 3rd grader writing his first essay. Here we go.

    I would really like a Hearthstone key because it’s a really fun game and my friends are playing it but I can’t because I don’t have a key but I could get a key if I win one. First, it’s a really fun game. Second, I like it a lot. Third, I have watched a lot of videos of people playing the game and I can’t play it at that makes me feel sad. That’s why I want to win a Hearthstone key.

    Firstly, this is a really fun game. You play with cards but the cards are on the computer so I won’t lose them like I did with my yugioh cards. And it lets me waste time while my mommy is getting ready to take me to school so I can have fun before I go to school. That’s why I think it’s a really fun game.

    Secondly, I like Hearthstone a lot. It has cool monsters and stuff that are really powerful. If those monsters were real I could summon them to hurt all the bullies at school. It also looks really cool on my computer. That’s why I like the game a lot.

    Finally, I watched a lot of people play Hearthsone. I watch them because I can’t play Hearthstone. It makes me sad. I want to play the game and have fun and not having fun makes me sad. If I don’t get a key here, I’ll still be sad but it’s okay I can ask Santa for a key for christmas.

    In conclusion, I want a Hearthstone key because Hearthstone is really fun, I like it a lot and not playing it makes me sad.

  • cupofwater

    Would love a key! Thanks <3

  • ThoseDiableNewsletters

    My poor children are having seizures because of all the hype they have for hearthstone!

  • Smooch01

    <(''<) (>”)> Kirby dance for a beta key.

  • Alex

    I never would have expected wanting a key so bad and entering so many giveaways but damn I just really want to play this game.

  • A Hungry Zebra

    Anyone seen that Chinese knockoff of hearthstone that has already reared its ugly head?

  • Domagoj Kralj

    i like the game
    seriously these people are just trying their hardest to get people with fancy words but we just all want the game because we love it and would go far to get it like being up and just looking at every possible giveaway

  • Tristan Jan Lucas


  • Peter Crawly

    That moment when you give up hope and decide to wait for open beta.

  • jonathan

    I sold my soul to the devil for a GODDAMN COOKIE! A WEEK before hearthstone was in closed beta. GOD DAMMIT I’m kicking myself hard for that one.

  • Max Riesewijk

    I really want to have a beta key so I can test for Blizzard if it works on a stone pc like mine. I’m glad it can run my browser to type this

  • PsyCLown

    Hearthstone BETA key for my birthday?

    Would be a great present from Gamer Headlines!
    *waits patiently while twiddling thumbs and staring at his screen*

  • NinjaDao

    hearthstone pls

  • Mikkel H. Andersen

    Jobs done!

  • Mantas


  • Ellie Phoenix

    Time and time again, my confidence in getting a beta key gradually declines. But yet here I am desperately opting into every competition giveaway to try and obtain one of these highly sought after keys. I’m sick and tired of wasting countless hours on something that will probably providie with nothing. So in my last ditch attempt I am asking sincerely, for a beta key! Would absolutely love one, no doubt. But it’s hard to get excited over something that is increasingly difficult to get into.

  • FasterMaster

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. I really want a key, yes thats true.

  • Anduin Wrynn

    Got my key from a buddy but good luck to those who are still hanging on!

  • Judment

    Hearthstone beta key
    Desperate, needed, beta key

    A Haikustone by Judment

  • ArchangelPT

    You should give me a key because that’s what Jesus would do

  • Spoonless

    I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even heard of hearthstone until last month, on my birthday. I turned thirty, wasn’t really expecting too much.
    Then, my fiance’ told me she got me another special gift, outside of the bedroom.
    A new game had come out (or so she thought), called Hearthstone.
    I was quite happy, as it was a free game as well, so she was gonna download it for me. She couldn’t find it of course.
    She had me watch these videos about people playing the game, and it looked so fun. I used to play WoW back in the day for a while, and it was fun. Still play some MTG every now and then as well. The two combined, I don’t know, would be incredible if executed correctly. By the videos, it looked like it was.
    So I did some research, because she couldn’t find it.
    Lo and behold, the breaking of my heart and hers.
    She was so happy to be able to find something for me on my birthday that didn’t cost too much as our funds have been tight lightly. We recently moved to Georgia so she could finish up here Bachelor’s degree. Can’t really afford a whole lot in the way of new games. This would have been great.

    So please, I would like a Hearthstone key, not only for myself, but to cheer up my soon to be wife. So she can give me the gift she was looking forward to surprising me with.

  • Sveinn Olafur Arnorsson

    I used to watch atleast an hour of Hearthstone content on Youtube every day. Now Ive found some great players who I enjoy watching but they dont make content fast enough for me to enjoy. I would like to get a hold of the game for myself so I can make my own videos and upload to youtube. Once the beta is over doing something like that would just be much less interesting,

  • kirt rosamilia

    please pick me before i give up!

  • Immortal_Spirit

    Can i get a Key? I mean I asked (at least) nicely.

  • Shellycooper

    I heard this stonehearth game was fun
    Can I play doe?

  • Bibdyret

    I have a depression, so heartstone might shed a little light on my life :)

  • JCTeo

    i died readings all the comments

  • AJUK

    Hoping for a key!
    For the horde!

  • B Mender

    What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated in a gold key in the hearthstone arena, and I’ve been involved in numerous tournaments in hearthstone, and I have over 300 confirmed wins. I am trained in early game rush and I’m the top hunter in the entire EU server. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this board, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the battle.net client? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of allies across battle.net and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your silly warlock deck. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare palladins. Not only am I extensively trained in supportive decks, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the hearthstone cards and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the board, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

    I would say this if i HAD Hearthstone :”(

  • ryanms15

    I would like a key
    Gamer Headlines is the best
    This is a haiku

  • omer681

    I’m lazy.

  • André

    I should get a Hearthstone beta key, because if i dont i ill spend my hours seducing a lot of a girls and make a bunch of babies with them, overpopulating the earth and making more ppl waiting the key, and like my child i ill teach them to do the same and creating an infamous and vicious circle of greed, lust and chaos.

    So for the good of humankind is better if u just gimme that key.

  • Phil J

    Good luck to all. I hope to see you soon ingame. :-)

  • Patrik Saellström

    Because all the people around me seems to have one, bringing up the subject at work to people, only to be met “Oh, I got a key (insert date here)”. Please help me! #LeftBehind

  • Soujyo

    While I know I don’t just down right deserve the key, nor do I feel entitled to it. I know it’d certainly help pass the time while I’m recovering from the surgery after having my Achilles tendon smashed while at work, not any ones fault just an accident but for now I’ll be stuck in bed drooling as I watch Hearthstone streams hoping to join them one of these days.

    Any ways thanks for the chance at getting a key, and if you happen to send one my way many thanks in advance!

  • Tommy Michaud

    Key me blazzer!

  • Umm Huh

    Why should i get beta key ? because i want it very much. Simple enough ?
    Good luck to me.

  • Chris La Tigre Penner

    Ever since the Hearthstone beta began, I needed to play it. As I watched, all of my friends started getting keys, sometimes two but, would never share. Always selling them away with greed; dollar signs in their eyes. I am sure all of you as have seen such unjust and cruel actions taken by fellow man, and I’m here to put a stop to it. This key will ensure that no man will ever defile this game with their filthy greed again and bring joy to the masses. Good luck to all.

  • Soli

    I want this game so hard

  • Hunter

    I am a warcraft addict and I need a fix of the newest addition to the warcraft universe. I must possess the epicness that is Hearthstone, or I will likely just die from hearthstone deprivation.

  • Yuunyxz

    For every key i tried to get on stream, for every giveaway i entered, for everytime i checked my email a beatiful kitten has died, the number of kittens that already died is too big, you can’t allow more kittens to die, please stop this and give me a key so all kittens can live their happy cute lives again and so they won’t have to live in fear that they can die anytime when i get disappointed again

  • ildian

    I already have a hearthstone beta key, but I log onto teamspeak every day to see all of my mates crying their hearts out and banging their heads against the walls, some even started cutting fingers off their hands…
    If I were able to get one beta key, then I might be able to take one of them out of their misery and enjoy the best card game ever with some friends =)

  • Arzilol


  • Jastrzab

    I need a key, because I don’t have one.

  • Zachary Friedman

    I need a key because with the impending Sriracha shortage, I will need this game to keep myself alive.

  • Chris Winterburn

    me please because I am awesome

  • Niko LegenD

    Becuse ,ehh, just give it to a random guy instead..

  • elos

    Get betakey or die trying!

  • Commander Pancake

    There was a time in my life when I would have begged and pleaded for entry into the game I so desperately wanted to play. Those were dark days. I would rage online, and terrible words filled with vitriol would rush forth from my fingertips onto the virtual page when I didn’t get my way. But those days have long passed. Age has taken my anger, entitlement, and arrogance and, in it’s place, replaced them with wisdom and hope. I might not be willing to yell or swear or troll, but I can still hope that I will get to play this game soon, if not, well…there’s always open beta.

  • Nuno Santos

    Good luck to al u guys :)

  • Cristian Daniel Cordoba

    I’ve been waiting for a beta for over two months, y really want a beta key,

  • Andrew

    Deep into strategy, never played game.

  • Mads Bedholm Laursen

    Hey David
    Love that you are doing this!
    I will not give you a great comment, but mey you have a nice day and another big thank you for being awesome!

  • Chemu

    Boobs-They always win!

  • Nicolas Crider

    I wish I could tell you that I have a disease that will kill me before Hearthstone goes [open] beta. Unfortunately I’m just a normal bored dude waiting on a game because he loves TCG’s. Hearing about adventures from friends can be saddening. Anyway, I wish I had a more original story, but unfortunately, I do not. Anyway, thanks for doing the giveaway and congrats to whoever gets it.

  • Paukky

    I check my Email
    Browsing for Blizzard’s Email

    • Andrew Price

      Close, but you messed up the last line.

      • Paukky

        I can’t count

        • YoshiShun

          Shoulda replaced the last line with “I have no Email”

          • Rumdm

            L’d mao at that

      • Question Hound

        The last line is 5 syllables…it’s a correct haiku

        • Paukky

          It’s right NOW.

          before it was Disappointment ( which is 4 syllables)

  • Paul Ly

    Help this Pikachu get a key.

  • Ditches

    You should give me that key because i lost my faith in humanity, im my experience nobody really gives away anything.
    Probably you made this so you can grab some more members on this site.
    By giving me that key you can prove me wrong and help me regain some faith in this world.

  • Samuli Sormunen

    Gimme the key plz

  • ErrorCode

    My pantry is empty,
    My clothes are dingy,
    And my heart is breaking,
    Because you’re so stingy,

    A key for the poor little noob :)

  • GimmeMyHearthstoneKey

    Hearthstone Hearthstone,
    They hear me cry,
    Suffering in my bed,
    I just wait and lie,

    All these waves and no luck,
    Slowly, slowly, my dreams are crushed,
    Oh what I would give to get a key,
    For a game I would play for eternity,

    I really do hope for the best,
    To get a key like all my friends,
    But another week I can endure,
    After all, its just one more.

    In all seriousness though, I would LOVE a key :)

    Good luck everybody!

  • Shai

    I just can no longer be creative with these giveaway posts. I have spent far to much of my time trying to break codes, making creative or funny comments, or just absolutely destroying my f5 key in attempt to get a code. My time of desperation has passed. Now I will just pray to the RNG gods before I go to sleep.

  • CJ Li

    Pls give me the key!!! Why my comment is missing?

  • Urien (仙人をリンク)

    Well I wanted to play Hearthstone, so I tried to register my Diablo II, but I can’t find all the CDs and apparently my nephews took my Warcraft III so I can’t register my copies :c

    Sadly, finding a job is hard so I can’t really play any more Blizzard games and I actually love Hearthstone after seeing all my friends play.

    I’m broke to the point where I can’t wipe my ass with my poverty. Help a brother out?

    • Godhimself

      wait when u register diablo II u get a key ? ! OOOMMMMMAAAAAFREAKITY GUUUUUUUDD…

  • Emil Boman

    I really want Heartstone Beta couse i usually play LoL. But the community is so toxic and i really suck so i want to try a new game 😀

  • charlie martell

    I stream Starcraft and League of Legends, I’m not terribly popular 50 viewers average. All my viewers only want to see Hearthstone and I want to make them happy D:

  • Umbreon20

    Ever since this was announced I’ve been waiting for a key, probably participating in like 2-3 giveaways per day, but always was unlucky.
    Now I really hope I get a chance to play this instead of only watching streams

  • BL

    Education is important but big biceps are importanter.

  • Chris Carven

    I have literally typed blizzard in the gmail search bar so much for fear of missing the email that it suggests blizzard when I type “b”. Please, sir, please give me a key!

  • Warren Haskins

    After jumping through endless hoops for endless giveaways, please, let me have just one key. RNGesus owes me one for not going insane.

  • Aleš Herman

    Have fun :)

  • Olle BN

    My body has been beaten and my sense has been shattered, this may surely be my last try on a key after several months…. Pretty please can i have a key?

  • Andrew H

    i love chocolate milk.

  • Panagiwtis Garoufos

    I would like to get the key cause i watch streams like idiot to learn playing and i cant play!!Thats all!!
    Thanks in advance and GL to everybody!!

  • Hype Monster

    How can I bubble hearth without hearthstone? :c

  • BillyMiske

    Well, like everyone else I have been in countless giveaways with bots grabbing all the delicious keys (stupid bots….). So why would you pick me? Well, for starters, I am awesome and I love cats. You might ask yourselves who doesnt love cats? Apparently Blizzard. (stupid cat haters) So if you give me a key, you are not only supporting “me” but also all the cats in the world.

    BillyMiske signing out. PCE

  • Harry

    I got stabbed today….It was with a needle, by a doctor, which I had just signed the consent for. But still… Stabbed!

  • AlpacaNinja

    If i get a key,i will take over the world with swarms of merlocs!

  • creamdog

    because Leeroy Jenkins

  • Florian Osmani

    Get Email
    Get Hyped
    It’s from Blizzard
    WoW Announcment
    Lay on ground and cry

  • AJUK

    Because I’ve been trying to get a key for so long that I don’t even remember if I’ve already commented here! :(

  • Henke

    The date was the 22nd of March. I woke up with the sunlight in my eyes and
    as is custom I walked over to my PC. Checked the webs for a few minutes
    and what did I notice? Oh Blizzard has posted a cinematic trailer, it
    was for their latest creation Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

    Ever since that fateful morning my fingers have been busy, entering
    every single giveaway and fighting with teeth and nails for a chance at a
    key. But alas it was not to be, the poor gamer was without a key. He
    was starting to get desperate, he would dream about all the decks he
    would build, all the arenas he would conquer. No where was a key within
    his reach…

    So now I turn to you, oh blesser of random people, thou great owner
    of multiple betakeys! Give me, a poor student the gift of a lifetime.
    Recognize my desperate situation and see to it, that it will be
    improved. For this gift I would be eternally grateful!

  • Drop in the sea

    Worth a shot

  • Nicolas Casademont

    I’ve been dreaming of a key for as long as the beta is out, I just can’t stop watching stream, I can’t stop hurting myself so much. Help me 😉

  • KebabForceField

    Having watched streams to quench my curiosity, I have now gained and unshakable craving for playing Jaina and her awesome spells of death.
    And that’s why I’d love to finally get a key. ^^

  • Nika Khol

    I have been waiting for a Hearthstone Beta key for over a month now. I’ve been searching through twitter, reading comments, applying myself to every giveaway possible; nothing has worked.

    I am not saying I deserve a beta key or that I will use it as well as other players, but I do feel like I have done a lot to try and get one and would like to play the game.

    The only other thing is that w a bunch of my friends have a beta key and have been playing hearthstone for a while now and sometimes I feel left out in their stone sessions.

  • Richard Isdahl

    I have been playing cardgames for a long time, and i think hearthstone seems like a really good change of pace. I haven’t really had much fun playing lately, due to myself overhyping this game, hoping it will be more fun. I just want to go back to a life where i don’t have to check my mail 10 times a day, only to get dissapointed each and every time.

  • IllegalPit

    I’m just gonna hope I get chosen.

  • Smerle

    Pick me, pick me plz :)

  • Thekuradikurat

    I’m broke. Can’t and won’t buy it on ebay. Played it at a friends house. It fueled my thirst for it even more, it’ll consume me soon unless I get a key fast.

  • Stephen Gacio

    I will not beg for a key.

  • Niceguy

    so here is my story:
    1 day I checked my messages and I had gotten 2!!! keys from a giveaway from twitch.
    I was all excited and immediately pmed my friend who was also waiting for a key. I pmed the extra key that I had gotten to him and he activated the game. Then I entered my key and an error occured… The key was already taken.
    My friend felt really bad when I told him that my key was gone :S The last few days, me and him have been playing over skype, which is fking awesome but it feels different.

    I really hope that I can get another key!

  • natthegreat


  • HearthstoneOrBust

    Not being able to play Hearthstone over the past couple of months has been about as enjoyable as falling into a bed of used needles and syringes.

  • chris

    My hopes are rekindled once again, hoping that this this they won’t crush and burn leaving me with nothing but darkness but that this time by fire I’ll be purged (yea Ragnaros is my favourite card :D).

  • Floyd B Dijkstra

    My heart yurns for a beta key, so I can finally play with my friends who already are playing.

  • Patrick Pister

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Give me my Hearthstone key
    Or i will sit in the corner and cry

  • Adam Michalski

    Hey I have a one in a million chance of winning! Sure I’ll make it!

  • Pustul

    I hope to get a key for my friends to play with me
    I hope to get a key to end my endless study
    I hope to get a key to not turn crazy
    I hope to get a key to beat others in a frenesy
    I hope to get a key to enjoy eternity
    I hope to get a key to thank you immensly

  • Evochill

    Well I will say that I have been waiting for over 4 months for a key. Watched over 90h of streams. Entered countless giveaways, and still no luck. But there are many the same as I. So at this point I am happy for anyone who wins because at least they can enjoy the game. Good luck to all, hope you enjoy it as much as I would.

  • HaikuHearthstone

    Because i made a haiku :)

    A Hearthstone beta key
    Nowhere in sight, I can only hope
    To win one now.

  • Tom Price

    From what I’ve seen from my friend who started playing hearthstone and encouraging me to do so over the past few months it looks like this game has a real chance of putting a dent in WotC’s Magic the Gathering.

    However, it’s interesting to compare how willing some are to spend money online vs how willing others are to spend money at a local game shop.

  • Berkin İnan

    I m tired of giveaways yet can’t stop joining them

  • ShuppaX

    Because, because, because, because, hmm *thinking for a good sad story to put here to get a ket* *ERROR 404* *Page not found* *BSOD* so, i have no story to put here i have no soul and i haven’t had a soul for like 7 years, and i still want Hearthstone only to play it with friends.

  • Howiewowie

    So our story begins in a land far, far away. It’s a simple land, full of people all looking for the holy grail. Now some people have already found said holy grail, and they are able to enjoy the wonderfulness of its awesomeness. However the majority are still lost, drifting in a sea of despair and helplessness. They cling to the hope that one day they might find their happiness by finally setting their sights upon the holy grail, but for now they sit and wait. This is where I come in.

    I drift along in this crowded sea of despair, wallowing in my dingy of shame as I scour the oceans for any chance at finding the holy grail. The holy grail is the only opportunity to escape the mundane, torturous world ruled by the Grad Master. The Grad Master is not a kind and merciful king, but rather a cruel, heartless, soulless, and most of all, too smartness ruler. To him, everything is trivial and easy to see, but yet life is so hard in Schell. The holy grail offers a chance of renewal, to strengthen my reserves of strength as I recuperate from the back-breaking work of homework that is assigned.

    And that is the jist of why I desire a beta key. To once and for all find the holy grail that will help me keep the Grad Master at bay while I seek to renew my willingness to work with the simple things in life that help us through the day. :) So please, help me in my quest by providing the holy grail of my salvation! :)

  • Martijn

    Hello Outlook, my old friend..
    I’ve come to check upon you again.
    Because a blue was softly tweeting
    about beta waves while i was eating.
    But when i afterwards check my mail
    but to no avail
    I’m still without hearthstone…

    (Original melody by Simon and Garfunkel)

  • KyKy

    i would come up with a good reason to give me a key but sadly i am only an eel

  • Benny Ying

    Cz I’m in love with Hearthstone and you don’t need a reason for love

  • Rafael C

    I’m a big fan of TCG and CCG and the WoW unniverse, so this game looks really interesting!

  • Schmied3

    I’ve stayed up almost every night watching streams because that’s the only time my favourite streamers like to stream. By giving me a key you would not only save my sleep cycle, but my sanity. 😀

  • dask

    well im i have opted in since july for the beta and still havent received a key!All my friends have already keys and playing.so i want to play with them!Also hearthstone is a very good game!thats all!Hope i get one :)

  • Mikael Jarfors

    *Knock* *Knock*
    Garrosh: WHOS THERE? *slobber slobber*
    Player: DEATH
    Player: DEATHWING, your minions DEAD!
    Garrosh: ARRGHHH LEAGAGEA *random slobber*

    So why shouldnt i get a key?

    well why not? 😀

  • Pedro Mendes

    I have been looking everywhere for one, might aswell try it here.

  • daniel

    i need a key to stop doing what others say in order to get one.

  • TriflingGnome

    To be honest, I just want to be able to play the Lord Jaraxxus card, at least once in my life. Because it’s pretty damn cool.

    And, so help me, if I don’t get a key soon, I’ll bloody well learn dark magic and summon him in real life if I have to! I mean it!

  • Erick

    I want a hearthstone beta key so I could spend time playing it with other friends that have a key. We always play the same games so no one is ever lonely. It would awesome to get the key to continue our tradition and have together.

  • Marinescu Cristian

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I don’t know what rhymes with key
    Please give me a HearthStone Key.


  • Hdlss

    Waiting for a key for months, entering every giveaway and waiting for opt-in. My every friend has it and I STILL DON’T! I’m just sad checking e-mail evey time and getting nothing over and over again. Cheers

  • Muedin Emin-Adrian

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Hearthstone is the key
    For happiness guarantee

  • Swedishdeathmetal

    you should pick me because i am strong like bear in forest

  • Ishimiro

    Oh please I feel like I’m getting younger and younger because I don’t get this key and I feel I’ll be annoying as a kid to all the people I know if I won’t get it soon

  • vojtech vacha

    My mum told me to get her a new Hearthstone so im here

    (btw : hearthstone means a indoorish fireplace)

  • Slyte

    me go 17 miles everyday only for watchings of hearthstone streamerino, I quit job in pototo factary to became pro in hearthstone, my wief leave me becuase I of not makings monyes but I wrok hard for drem to come tru, all I needings to make pro in hearthstone now is betakey. Sorry for bad englando please no copy pasterino, is only the story of me dream.
    On a more serious note, id really love to get a hearthstone key, I’ve been trying forever to get one and spent many hours on giveaways 😐

  • Kwait


  • Exacerbated

    I’ve had to endure almost a month of my friends talking about Hearthstone on Teamspeak.

    Hundred’s of giveaways, several opt-in emails, and followed dozens of streams, still to no avail…

    And only spam in my inbox to show for it.

  • Elias Wilson

    I have checked my email hourly everyday for the past 3 weeks waiting for a chance to get in on the action with no luck. All my friends have the game and are awaiting my arrival.

  • Brian

    Please put an end to my constant refreshing of the /r/sharehearthstone sub reddit. Only a beta key can stop the madness.

    Good luck everyone; fingers crossed (and pressing F5)

  • Safo

    I recently found out a friend of mine beta-tested my girlfriend. Getting a Hearthstone key before him would make things even.

  • Pat Nave

    Gonna be frank I just wanna play the dang game. After watching over 100 hours of youtube and twitch it be nice to actually get my hands on this game. Plus it has found a way to get me off the band wagon and back into the world of warcrack!

  • Zhone

    After a long day at work as an Orcish peon, slaving away for my master, me would love to win a Hearthstone Beta Key so me can pretend to be a Hero and destroy all my enemies and unleash my pent up rage from working hard and being ordered around by stupid master all day. Me thanks you in advance!

    P.S. Please don’t tell master what me said, me don’t wanna go through resurrection ritual again. Zug zug.

  • Jeffrey

    As i have started to lose hope on getting a beta key, a new light has begun to shine. Though the light might not be bright, it still symbolizes my hope to entering the beta. I have entered many giveaways, but alas I have failed

  • Andrew Price

    I am a high school teacher. I host a table top/TCG club after school, and I have had several students ask me about hearthstone. Several have keys and have asked me when I will be able to play with them. I use games as a way to connect to students and create a relevant environment for instruction. My club also allows a safe and judgement free area for many students to be themselves at school, where they may not feel comfortable being themselves the rest of the time. I would really like to start playing with my students and offer an official review for the club as well. Thanks!

  • Christian

    Well i dont have anything witty to say, just an honest post. My and my
    friends have been trying to get our hands on a hearthstone beta key
    since the giveaways startet to pop up, but without any luck. So by
    sending a key to me, you would not only make me extremly happy but also 4
    of my close friends! It would give us many hours of fun since we can
    discover this game together. I/we would be forever gratefull! Oh and if i
    get a key or not: thank you for doing this!

  • Mens2000

    strategy may not be my strongest point, but i could still give this game a go.

  • Avery Gordon

    RNGesus pls let me get a key

  • Demir Myrteza

    Best comments aren’t really my forte so I’ll just talk I guess. My best friend loves card games, yugioh, pokemon, magic etc. and while I’ve never been into tcgs, I’ve always loved Blizzard games so this seems like an appropriate game to ease myself into tcgs to play with my bro.

  • Saroth

    Im waiting for a wave. every single day. the days go away,I’m frustrated and try to get keys by waiting on the next wave,
    giveaways and Streamers. I think Im not the only … we all do so far.
    So God of the TBC give me a key to balance the justice of the World.

  • Luke Sand

    I call myself Furnace Butt. My butt creates so much heat that when I sit on the couch I have to move every 20 minutes because the cushion has become so warm.

  • Zelleee

    I always wanted to play Hearthstone, like everyone else here. When I first found out about the game I loved the idea (Im a card game addict) and I LOVE World of Warcraft. As the waves of keys started to go out I would sit at my PC for an hour spamming f5. After doing this 4 times I already felt pretty… down however it didnt help when all my friends got beta keys in the last wave. One of my friends even sold his :<

    I would love to get a key, thank you.

  • spiros tsoutsis

    Greetings David it is a very nice gesture and thanks in advance for sharing your key here so some people has the opportunity to play.

    Personally I had been Tired to watch day over day my friends playing,I was always a fan of card games and applied for over two months for opt-in.

    Really now,over 12 year customer of blizzard, bought almost all games published, I can deal not inviting me in but how can that company is still sending me/Spamming me with new mails for different reasons or to buy tickets for bliz con
    and expecting me to deal with that,,,its a shame!
    I am watching every day the contests on Twitch.tv and joining at all giveaways in third part sites but seriously my luck lvl is -9000.
    Anyway I wish Good luck on everyone and ConGrats @ the winners.
    Peace 😀

  • NLWGamingCrew .

    because i have a tiny dick. dont you think i suffer enough.

  • wowsoHearthstone

    beta key pls ._.

  • Brig

    I’ve been a fan of similar card games since my younger days, all I want is to get back into them with people who still play.
    All of my friends have moved on from all the major trading card games. All I ask is just one key, that’s all I want.

  • Crunchles

    I should get a Hearthstone key because home is where the hearth is. Right now, I can’t go home.

  • Billie Joe

    Unoriginal comment

  • jared rogers

    Key pleaseeee!

  • N3twalker

    Well, it’s either a key or a bullet…
    … and bullets are pretty pricey.

  • NLDevilDog

    I have been waiting for many nights, going to sleep dreaming about a gem in the mail. A mail from blizzard. And that I did get but not with my precious key. Blizzcon instead :(

  • Sean

    This is all I want for halloween this year. Pls santa

  • Belerin

    It really sucks seeing all your friends playing Hearthstone, I’m the only one who doesn’t have a key yet :( Thats why I’m participating in every Giveaway, but wasn’t lucky yet. Let’s see, maybe this one will give me luck^^

  • Michael Tevet Citizen Petersso

    I own pretty much every Blizzard game (including Rock N Roll Racing), still I haven’t been included in this beta, I feel left out. If this continues I will actually have to start working on my essay…

  • Caleb McGarvey

    Dissapointment is strong in this one.

  • Poker Pop

    Why I should get a HearthStone key? Well, I’ve been waiting for once since months to no avail. Of course I am not the only one that was waiting. And to be frank, I probably won’t do any videos.

    One thing I will do though, is have fun with it.

    I was, and still am, a fan of the Warcraft universe, which counts for something, even if it’s little.

    And every fan of this universe, whether be from the Warcraft 1, 2, 3 era or from the WoW vanilla days, or even the recent days of Wow, every fan has a right for this game to enjoy.

    Do I deserve the key? Probably as much as the next guy.

    Do I need it? As much as anyone who comments here.

    Do we all deserve the chance to get one key for being fans of a franchise which manage to forge new friendships, new adventure and eve love? We do!

    Even if I do not get a key today, or tomorrow, or on the November of 10th, I know one thing.

    One thing only…

    That at least one fan will have his day made brighter by a simple string of numbers.

    And that at least one person WHO deserves the key will actually have it!

    So I ask, no, request, one thing. One thing only.

    To give out the keys to the ones who deserve it, but not necessary need it.

    To the brothers and sisters who have been waiting for it for months.

    To us…


  • elliott haworth


  • Cody Landry

    I really want this beta key so I can begin the healing process and move on with my life. I have debated countless times about going to a psych about this issue, however that would tap into my initial Collection fund for when/if I ever do get HearthStone. A Key would be amazing. Thank you either way!

  • Elliot M

    Well, I thought about going with the “I just had a baby and I need some sanity” pity plea. Then I thought about the awful haiku plea (see previous comments). I even thought about telling you about how i’m a time traveler and one of my contacts in the future will rule the world if I’m not allowed to battle him and break his spirit with HearthStone. Alas, the truth? Because….wait for it…..aliens.

  • BoratNL

    I’ve tried countless other sites but none have worked so far, so please give me a key

  • OAtmosphereO .

    Last night I had a dream. I stood atop the greatest mountain viking hammer in the air and was struck by greatness. I was choose to be a symbol of all the weak and downtrodden, I would be the one to liberate those oppressed by the overlords. I charged into battle and threw my shimmering Nordic lightening hammer “Smorg” high into the air and cracked up the enemy lines. yada yada yada I slain the dragon and saved the maiden fair.

    I also, got a hearthstone beta key.

  • Cyrec


  • Protism

    I have been waiting for almost four months for a key, and in that time, all of my friends have gotten a key, some of them even opting-in <a month. I check my email every 15 minutes, and I would really enjoy it if I got a key. This isn't a game I would play fro a week then give up on. I appreciate the opportunity and thanks for giving out some keys :)

  • Kevin J Valenzuela

    Well ! honestly, im hoping to get a key simply because i am a bouse ! and we must all raise our dongers !

  • James Helgeson

    I’ve had significant-if not extensive experience in Magic the Gathering as well as Yu-gi-oh and the Pokemon TCG, but despite my equally significant history of playing Blizzard games from all three major franchises, I have my doubts about Blizzard’s newest offering to the gaming world.

    Perhaps I am just tired of regular TCGs, of the smelly overweight nerds
    with hygiene issues that make up the majority of Magic tournaments I’ve
    attended, of the theft problems, of the overblown prices.
    I love Magic the Gathering, with it’s complexity, its willingness to break it’s own
    rules, the thoroughness and dedication of Wizards of the Coast to
    continue to improve and better their flagship game. But sometimes I just want to be able to come home after work, and sit down with a group of friends, to play a game of cards(not poker), but who has time for cards nowadays?

    Given my experience as an MTG player, and given what gameplay I have seen from HS, I am quite skeptical about how well the game will match up against something with a history as deep and long running as Magic’s.

    I want this chance to see if Blizzard’s Hearthstone can give me something Magic never could, a comfortable casually competitive game that I can play with friends from the comfort of my computer chair. A pastime I can enjoy without having to spend thousands of dollars, a way to share my experience with other people I never would have met.

  • djowsereno

    I’ve betakey in a poker game and lost. sry im addicted

  • Michael Wachs

    While I was locked in a deadly battle with Diablo and the other lords of Hell, my soul was stolen from me by a crafty, little imp. I have battled for ages trying to reclaim that which was rightfully mine, but had yet to find a way through the dark infernos that had consumed my entire being. Until one month ago, I came upon a scroll that was barely legible from the tears and burns it had received. But what I could make out was this: “The only way to reclaim one’s soul and escape the eternal, torturous flames of Hell is to unlock the mysteries of the Hearthstone. I have desperately been searching for a way to unlock this so called “Hearthstone” ever since. I have grasped after every faint whisper of a rumor in my quest, but to no avail. My latest clue has led me to this place. So I beg of you, if you know of this key that would free me from this torment, I would be forever in your debt.

  • xnakki

    I would like to get a key because I broke my leg a week ago and I can not go outside and I don’t know how to spend my free time without hearthstone :D(And I’ve been waiting to get a beta key for over a month)

  • Leon

    I should get a key because all of my friends (who wanted to get a key) got one and they told me last week: “come play hearthstone with us … oh wait u dont have one” then laugh on me that was very depressing. So i try to get a key and play against my friends… THX :)

  • de4med

    … I upvoted on reddit and tweeted 😀 but as a bonus for your kindness giving out beta keys, i may have even facebooked 😉

  • Kevin Yang

    Blizzard broke my puny heart. :<

  • Umdum08

    I’d like a beta key since I’ve been following the game very closely and I’m obsessed with it already without even getting my hands on the game. I just want to get into the beta and start playing asap.

  • Christoffer Simons Thygesen

    I’m throwing in my best two cents, with the worst comment in this community :)

  • Joako T

    This is my story:
    Unlike many, I did get Blizzard’s email with my key laying there waiting to be used. So why am I posting this msg, you might ask? Well, the thing is that one week ago, I had a huge fight with my gf because she thought that I was cheating on her. What does this have to do with anything? It does, just wait…
    I forgot my notebook at her place and I don’t usually delete cookies. Thanks to this, she logged into my email account to look for “cheating evidence” as she called it later.
    AND, yes, SHE FOUND BLIZZARD’S EMAIL. Now, as she might had recalled, I’ve been talking all day and night about HS, nonstop. And, as she couldn’t find any email between me and the girl she assumes I’m cheating her with, she got SUPER MAD, and she deleted the email.
    When she told me what she had done, I instantly broke up with her. We haven’t spoken since then.
    And here I am, begging for a key as I know Blizzard won’t send me another one…
    I really hope I get one, it’s been a hell of a week. Anyway, thanks for reading my story.

  • Fckn

    Hi, I am a student in Game Desing, I would buy a key but as a student I’m poor. I tried the game, a friend logged into my computer and I Played all night even if I had an exam the day after, Also I think I fail the exam because this game won’t let me sleep. I was just not able to leave the game I leveled like 4 of his hero to lvl 20 that night and If I had my own acount I know I would be playing this game ALL THE TIME, I’m a dual-screen user and my second screen is asking me to display hearthstone all the time! Also, I WILL send feed-back to blizzard because thats what a beta is made for.

    I am the best beta-tester of all-time :D. I participated to almost every blizz beta, can’t imagine I wont participate in their best beta-game ever.

  • Potato Charles

    Me an 10 year old potato from portugal me walk 10 miles to see hertstone strem, when i grow up me wanna be a famous broccoli.

    Plz no copi pasterino donterito

  • Jonas

    I need a new game to play instead of doing work, and Hearthstone meets my qualifications.

  • GamerGuy09


  • Donny Zhao

    “I wake up and I ask myself, can I survive another day without hearthstone or should I just blast myself?” – Tupac sept 13, 1996

  • CollegePastime

    I would love a key because if I had a dollar for every key I’ve tried for at this point and didn’t get I’d have enough money to end World Hunger and still have enough money leftover to buy everyone here a lifetime supply of cats. Seriously I’m starting to see the words “Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway” in my sleep.

  • Tyler Shin

    I would love one 😀

  • Naedzik

    Warlock Guld’an walks into a bar, he says “I greet you” and proceeds to play a game of hearthstone against another hero. Nek minut, “I AM Lord Jaraxxus, EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION”, “OOOOOOOOOOOOBLIVVIIONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”. Please grant the key so that Jaraxxus can reign supreme!

  • GoTFan99

    I want a key as much as anyone else, maybe even more, i want this key so i can begin livestreaming, i don’t feel confident in other games and TCG to livestream because i am not that good to other games as i am to TCG, i don’t got the money to keep up my Magic the Gathering online account, so i just really want a beta key so i can start doing it.

  • 2Siders

    I’d like to win a beta key since I’ve been trying to get one for quite some time, all of my friends are playing, and I’d like to try it over half-term. Ahoy

  • LoL Doge2much

    Because i need something to play with 10 years long ques of lol D:

  • sknighti

    One key to rule them all

  • woo_woo

    trololol i am so creative and funny, pseudo epic story, my life is broken since dawn of man because i have no key, nonsense story about shit hurr durr… seriously just give me a key!

  • Rulerrobin

    Well I don’t really have much to say like these other people except that I would really love to get a key and play this game.


    I would like to play hearthstone not only because all of my friends play the game and I’ve been trying for weeks to get a key. Last December I tore my ACL by doing a baseball slide down a long flight of stairs. I had to get two surgeries for it and a near death experience because of it. my brother was killed two weeks ago by some idiot drunk driver and I can’t get over it! All I want to do is play hearthstone so I can get it off my mind! I don’t understand why it is so hard to get a beta key! If it is possible that you can give me a key, I will love you forever and also I am going to UP Vote you… You will be my first UP Vote just so you know! THANKS FOR READING. :)

  • red3221

    Because blizzard sucks at giving them out.

  • luckystrike

    I was and still am a big fan of Blizzard games and was always interested in them and one of the games I really look forward to is Hearthstone.

  • Caio Rodrigues

    i just want a key

  • yolo swag

    a very long comment for a key

  • Smack

    Would like to take my bromance a step forward with my gaming friend if I am lucky enough to get a key.

  • j23shadow

    I think i should get one because i said pretty please…

  • Niels Henrik

    I really want the Hearthstone beta key, because i’ve tried too long to get a key :(

  • Benuker

    Hey, Thanks for doing this
    I would like to have key, because i really like this game. I watched a lot of streams and videos and iam really enjoying it. Blizzard has created again awesome game that will be popular like WoW or Starcraft 2 and else (hope so). I would like the key becouse i really want to finally play HS Iam searching for giveaways like this for months.

    Hope i can get one now :) (y)

    PS: Keep up great work Blizzard !!

  • Niels Henrik

    I really want the Beta key because i have waited to long for a key. I’ve tried all kind of methods to get it.

  • Zarlur

    I’ve played a LOT of warcraft games and i NEED to play this one, i’ve been waiting for far too long, i need to smack gorehowl into Anduins face, i need to mind control Deathwing and rape his previous owner, i need to bring the mighty lord Jaraxxus to the field to take my place, i need to pyroblast the hell out of Garrosh, i need to do smack Jaina with a 20 dmg Holy Wrath…. There’s so much things i need to do… but above all I NEED A HEARSTHONE KEY :<

  • ketz

    I need a key
    Just to play my mage
    Day by day
    I’m bored in this cage.
    Yea, so i need a key to unlock the cage. /story

  • tuszyn

    Malfurion Stormrage

  • j23shadow

    i should because i said pretty please :3…

  • divy

    roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    I’m dying to play hearthstone,

    Pick me, I beseech you!

  • jimmoyle

    Hoping for a random!

  • Alan Nguyen

    I am slowly dying away as I continue to fail to get a key so I beg that you give me a key so I can sate my dying soul before it is too late.

  • Shyonn

    Oh, Hi!

    So… I cant think any reason to you guys give me a key, the only thing i have to say is: im a gamer, everytime i play i game i do my best, i really take it seriously, some people think “dude , its just a game” but you know, its is just a game for they, but for me, a game like hearthstone is like a gate opening for a new bunch of things like , meeting new people (online ofc) , learning new cultures sometimes and of course have fun playing the game. i think that’s all i have to say, if you guys give me this key , you are not making only 1 player happy , you are making a whole comunity happy. 😀

  • Ryan Ames

    I have two reasons why you should give me a beta key, first would be because November 10 is my birthday, and it would be the best birthday present EVAR. secondly, i play a lot of league of legends, mostly with these 4 people, now these four people have stopped playing league with me because they all got hearthstone invites and i’m the only one who did not. So for the sake of not being bored beyond belief, i would like to ask you, CAN I PLEASE HAVE A HEARTHSTONE INVITE?!

  • Iryerris

    Like so many others, I really want a key, and signed up for the opt-in ever since day1 etc. etc. But for me, I feel it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be getting a key this way. Reason being that my account was compromised a long time ago and used for gold selling in WoW in the last week of my subscription after I decided to stop playing WoW altogether. Now I have a banned WoW status on my account. Now I don’t know what Blizzard’s criteria are for recieving Beta keys, if they have any, but if something would, this would be it, because of something I had no control of.

    I already entered a lot of giveaways on external sites, the reddit pay it forwards threads and twitch streams, but to no avail. But I keep trying, hoping that this time, I get lucky.

    Maybe this time.

  • Leonard

    gimme key. my mom will be proud of me if I get one :>

  • GoGoGoymer

    I would love a Hearthstone key. There is no good reason to pick me instead of someone else I just really want to play this game.

  • john

    I have waited for this moment since the games annoucement. I can only hope that I will be able to receive a moment of luck and hopefully receive the key. I don’t really believe that I am the biggest nor the most deserving, but I can tell you one thing; I will truly appreciate and enjoy the game.

  • YeOldeTimeCapsule

    Because it’s all my friends have been talking about the last couple of weeks after I was the one to tell them about it. O.o

  • Fishy

    I don’t really have any fancy poems or stories or anything, I’m just gonna post here and hope I’m one of the random keys.
    I need it to finish the pie I’m making, so if I wait until release it’ll have gone cold, thus the need for a beta key.

  • casey2161

    I’ve watched so much content for this game and would be very excited to get a key.

  • serrid47

    just comment

  • Elvir

    I check my mail,and nothing.I really hope there is a chance to get beta key.

  • Adam Worth

    The frustration this game inspires is intense to those of us outside looking in. I’ve got several hundred deck builds I want to try having never seen the game firsthand. Please let me build these decks, for the good of humanity.

  • Raul Uriel

    Why do we need anything, when we can just play heartstone?

  • Andrew

    I’ve waited since a month after they made the closed beta, but still no key. I hope that you can put and end to this never-ending pain of not getting a key!

  • nikchern

    Well… I have been always interested in TCG games, but my interest was shut down by the complexity of TCG and the lack of interest among my friends for such kind of games. But Hearthstone become an exception, it is slightly simple to learn and many of my friends also lusted to that game and finally I will have the company to play with! But… unlike my friends, I didnt get that so much desired key.

    I understand that there are many of people who want to get that key – and I didnt see a compelling reason that it is me who should receive it foremost, so I just wish you all good luck! Sooner or later we will get it!

  • David

    The only hearthstone i get to play is the hearthstone i have in WoW :(

  • WarDoom

    I am very depressed and hearthstone will take that depression away 😀

  • Adrian Weimer

    Riot pls… just kidding.. blizzard please :(

  • Loreto Fernández

    This is siriously my last attempt to recive a key, i’ve been doing every type of survey, event, etc to recive one, and always fail. I feel im doomed to not recive one, but who knows if this will be the day i will.

    Props for the event btw, and sorry i cannot tweet this, i don’t have twitter, but yet, i upvoted this on reddit.com/r/sharehearthstone !

  • Tony

    I would love a beta key. I don’t really have a particular reason as to why I should get the key over the other 5000 people who will be commenting here. However, what I do know is that getting a hearthstone key would make my day.

  • Megazord

    I want one because, like so many others i’ve slaved away trying to get a
    key for quite some time going through site after forum post after
    stream but haven’t had any luck and want to try out this promising game
    to see what all the fuss is about. Thank you!

  • mike wedeman

    I adore everything about hearthstone. It’s a fun game, makes you think about how you want to take each turn. It is a game but not another mindless “click and win” game. You are fighting other players for position for Arena wins and to have the coveted all golden collection!

    I only ask for a key so I may start my own journey , so I may join many of the others in the wonderful world of Hearthstone and Warcraft.

  • pimpampum

    u should pick me cuz i love flamingos

  • Sara Foss

    David Duchovny, why wont you love me? Give me a CD key and i’ll be your lovely. This was seductive was it not? Thanks for the giveaway contest David!

  • FtFxFez

    I don’t really want a key. I lied

  • lortefisk

    Gusy please, i need this so bad, my freinds have it and they are having fun. But i’m beta-less. i don’t want to be beta-less. Help me out! :)

  • Rikard Ström

    I have been in like 20 giveaways and I haven’t gotten anything yet, the possibility is bigger to get one than not get one at this point. This is the last one I’ll sign up for but I’m really hoping

  • Micke Furberg

    I’ve been following the game for a long time and im really in-depth with the strategy even though I haven´t even played the game yet. I need this key !

  • Àri Lútzen

    I want to beat up every warrior, cuz I despise Garrosh so much.
    Thanks for doing this! 😉

  • Josh McCune

    Im an avid tcg junkie. I’ve played magic the gathering, yu-gi-oh and pokemon avidly and semi competitively. I would just love for the opportunity to get my hands on this game =D

  • Filip Lindbom

    I want the hearthstone beta key because it’s cold here in sweden, and I don’t want to go out.

  • Blazeworker

    To be able to win a key would truly, truly outrageous. The chance to share the experience with my friends, is what people would say, to die for.

    We’ve all become mindless beta-seeking creatures and I think it’s time to break this streak.

  • Elisa Maria Have

    At first i looked all over the place to find a key for my Bf, he finaly got one. Then i saw how fun the game looked, and now i am desperate to get a key myself:b

  • Andrew

    I wish to play Hearthstone. All my friends play it and laugh at my expense. :( It is like being the only gay person in a group of straight people. One does not belong.

  • Gemini

    If I asked you to give me a Hearthstone key, would the answer to that question be the same answer to this question?

  • Negri

    best comment

  • elluvian

    I wish i could play Hearthstone , BUT I CAN’T ;(

  • Sejin Kim

    My name is Buk Lau (Sejin) an Asian who’s hopes and dreams have been crushed due to a single email I have been wishing to have for days and weeks and even months.
    After a long wait, this poor soul has slowly been mentally damaged. (Some say a brain tumour has developed due to massive amounts of stress)
    One of his symptoms has caused him to make a great decision of uninstalling League of Legends due to an extremely desperate heart. He has kneeled before multiple persons for a key but not a single one has been so merciful.

    So at this moment, he pleads before the Lords of Gamer Headlines and cries out “OH DEAR LORD REDEEM A SOUL WITH THY MERCY AND LOVING GRACE” So please… Help me :)

  • David Cao

    Day 56. The pain is slowly eating away at my body. I need some Hearthstone or I fear I will die. The daily streams are not enough to sustain my card-hungry body. Please…

  • Brandon Heggem

    I have four cousins and a next-door-neighbor that were all waiting for hearthstone keys and entering contests alongside myself since mid August. With the new larger waves of keys going to opt-ins, every one of them except me has received a key within the last 2 weeks, and they are playing happily while I keep hoping today is my day. I am going over to my cousin’s house tonight to hang out for Halloween and they will be playing Hearthstone right in front of my longing eyes. At least I can watch, they say. Please consider me for your giveaway! Every other attempt I’ve made over the past 2.5 months has been for naught! I will love you with all the bloody chambers of my hearth… I mean heart… if you would only send me a jumble of letters that would grant me access to the digital wonderland that is HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft. Amen.

  • Morten Skarstein-Hatlen

    256 giveaways – got nothing
    3 months waiting for opt in beta key – got nothing

  • David Kim

    herpa derpa, hearthstona awaits ya

  • Tony

    Been looking for the beta key since its release T-T..and the funny thing is my friends who only sigh up less than a week got the key…

  • Bladiblubb

    Roses are Red.
    Violets are Blue.
    Poems are hard.

    • Ziriguidum2tres

      That is so true.

  • Matthew

    I should win because there is a team of secret agents holding my family hostage and in order to get then back, I must beat their leader in a game of Hearthstone.

  • mikko arjola

    I would like the hearthstone beta key because I have been waiting for it since the closed beta started. I must have seen more than 50 hours of gameplay from various youtubers already, and it just saddens me not to be able to play this game already.

  • umbI2a

    I am a gamer. I work as a game tester. And last but not least I played the games made by Blizzard since 1998, when Starcraft was released.

    Thank you!!!

  • Wantakey

    I have been searching for the key through all these annoying streams and unidentified urls… Every morning I wake up I immediately open up /r/hearthstone or /r/sharehearthstone. I have entered numerous contests but my luck is no good… Therefore I kindly ask for a key to this ultimate card game!!

  • Sahil

    hearthstone ftw?

  • KingRawr

    Attack on Beta keys

  • miki

    i just really want to play the game lol

  • Tomasz

    I want a key, like dog wants good owner.
    I want a key, like rainbow needs people that watch it.
    I want a key, like newborn milk.
    I want a key, like it is autumn of my life.
    I want a key, like USA wants good Gov.
    I want a key, like quite a bit.

  • JoeySundin

    Please oh please Sire! I would really like a Hearthstone beta key to play with my friends and be a part of the awesome gaming experience, I thank you in advance for your genorosity!

  • Thomas Hellemond

    (WARNING this is quite an offensive joke)
    What is better than winning silver in the paralympics?

    Not being retarded

  • Patrik Grefstad

    Hoping for a key, getting really desperate. I think i’m addicted before even playing. I mean it just looks so GOOD. Just a post from a desperate swede. Best of luck everyone!

  • Priwate

    There is 1000 comment and i am in there so give me the key that i could go home :) Sorry for good english

  • Suvarin

    I love Blizzard and their games, especially the Warcraft Series. I want to complete this love by helping them test their seemingly awesome game Hearthstone, because this is what beta tests are, fun aside, actually for – to help the devs improving their game and I really wish to participate in this.

  • Alec

    I’ve held in my powers for long enough, if I don’t have a key by the end of this contest, I will use all of my will power to throw a tantrum and cause myself to be in a depression for not being able to play this game. :(

  • Ziriguidum2tres

    I was gonna make a joke about Xbox, since we’re in a videogame website… but it would never Kinect. :/

  • Sean

    A key would be nice so I can play with my best friend. But it’s okay if I don’t get one, we still play other games. It would be nice though!

  • Evgeny Lugniev

    i should get a key for HEARTHSTONE, because I don’t want my heart to become a stone
    (after waiting in since aug)

  • Jay Kent

    I honestly think that Blizzard are doing are a pretty poor job with this whole closed beta thing, they really should just open it up or make it like a Dota 2 style way of getting in

  • PeaceAlien

    Plz pick me

  • Artiom R-tea Mikhaylov

    I’ve been with Warcraft from the start. Lore is one of the best for me. And MTG was the thing I would definitely want to play a lot, tho can’t afford it. So this game was like a heavenly Blizzard out of the bright sky. Checking my email every morning for a chance to touch these wonderful, yet only watched at virtual cards.

    tl;dr: I really like everything about this game and really want to get a chance to try it!

  • Morgan Orr

    Why should Big Morgan get a Beta Key? Why shouldn’t he get one is a better question. Big Morgan knows his way around the card game scene from that crisp holographic Charzard to slamming down Jace the Mind Sculptors like it was nobody’s business (that’s both pokemon and MTG for you simpletons). He’s been around the block 17 times and knows what it takes to be a true card game champion. Do you need to ask to smell Big Morgan’s left hand? It would smell like lifetime of card holding; and his right hand? Victory. So hook this brotha up.

  • Rory Cartwright

    I have no hearthstone and I must scream.

  • hdn

    Good luck to everyone, hope I’m one of the 299

  • Everett Dampier

    My time lived in peace, that is until the Hearthstone nation attacked. It’s never off my mind. Constantly checking my email for a key. Save time the injustice of surfing the web in hopes for a key. Save my finger from constantly pressing F5 to refresh pages for giveaways. In short, save the world.

  • ajbucci

    Nat Pagle
    Edwin VanCleef
    Earth Elemental

    Illidan Stormwing
    Ice Block
    Tinkmaster Overspark
    Ethereal Arcanist

  • 1337Shadowfactor

    Hello, I need a Hearthstone key, i will send you a kidney if you need one, or an extra arm.

  • ShrivelTwitch

    Only 100 hand picked? Might as well as just hope for being one of the 199.

  • Shinon

    I would really appreciate a beta key

  • Anthony Michael Childs

    I wish I could hearthstone to Blizzard and send everyone beta keys.

  • AllIWantForChristmasIsAHearth

    I just really want this game. No sob story, no poem, no joke or funny story. No begging. Okay, maybe I’m begging a bit. But please. I just really, really want one.

  • Bojan656

    Tbh, I don’t even want this key. Fuck you, I’m not gonna beg you sick motherfuckers!

  • Grant Patterson

    My souls die every time that i try to get a hearthstone key but don’t. Its like I am Lord Voldermort, but i don’t have any powers or a british boy with a scare trying to kill me. My soul needs this. Pls… help me. Think of the Children. I will nominate your for a Nobel prize.

  • Nivius

    I would like a key to giveaway to my Girlfriend, she have been wanting one for a long time and id like to surprise her :)

  • Pieman

    Hearthstone is blue,
    We all want a key.

    Stick to it like glue,
    I might get a key

  • Thore

    Time will say nothing but I told you so,
    Blizzard Q/A only knows the price we have to pay;
    If I could tell you I would let you know.

    If we should weep when Ben Brode puts on a show,
    If we should stumble when we watch Zeriyah play,
    Time will say nothing but I told you so.

    There are no cards yet to hold, although,
    Because I’ll love you more when I can play,
    If I could tell you I would let you know.

    The Beta will come from somewhere, when, they know,
    There must be reasons why the devs delay;
    Time will say nothing but I told you so.

    Perhaps the Arenas now want to grow,
    The vision of your streams make it hard to stay;
    If I could tell you I would let you know.

    Suppose all the minions get up and go,
    And all the humans and orcs run away;
    Will Hearthstone be the greatest game to yet unfold?
    If I could tell you I would let you know.

  • Gndreas

    Hearthstone is a stone
    I want it to be bone

    Bone i can crack
    But Hearthstone i can’t hack :(


  • Ryan Vo

    Day 1: Discovers Hearthstone

    Day 2: Desires Hearthstone

    Mid-Day of Day 2: Opts-In Beta


    Month 5: Still No Key

    Month 6: Still Waiting

    During Month 6: Joins every single giveaway seen online. Only hope: LUCK.

    *Still Waiting*

    … 5 Years Later: Still Waiting to own a BETA KEY

  • kymeia

    I am at the point where i have watched so much hearthstone that it does not satisfy me anymore. I must move forward into the realm of Hearthstone itself!

  • Harris Lenz

    I’ve been waiting for a looooong time. Mine hasn’t arrived but I’m still expecting it to show up in my email in a day or two saying “Hi there! Blizzard here, we totes forgot about giving you a key. Knowing that you’ve been with us for more than half your life and have bought almost every single game of ours and have spent more than 6 years on wow. Here’s your key!”

  • Tarkan Al-Kazily

    We all want keys here. Obviously, I do too. But, unlike many others here, I have what it takes. I play Magic the Gathering, but I just don’t feel like I can expand to be large enough in my playgroup. Hearthstone is my opportunity. By applying strategy, time, and plenty of internet resources, my plan is to become in the top ranks of Hearthstone. And a beta key will give me my chance for greatness.

  • Chris Marlow

    My loved ones have been taken hostage and if I do not come up with a Hearthstone beta key I will never see them again. Help me get my loved ones back.

  • Luis Gil

    I need a betakey for complete the mission that the shaman of my tribe order me. Give it to me so i can keep leveling up!

  • Vojislav Bozickovic

    Because I know the difference between needing and wanting something…

  • Junichi Kikuchi

    Never beg for anything.

  • CraX

    Why? Because i can!

  • Buğra Kılıç

    Played every single blizzard game starting from warcraft 1. So i guess i deserve to test the hearthstone beta aswell.

  • Cyron

    Just recently entered the wide world of trading card games with magic the gathering, but I only have a very limited circle of friends that I play with. Hearthstone is perfect for me due to the nature of it being online, also I used to play world of warcraft and the game brings back nostalgia. Thanks for running this giveaway, may the best/luckiest people win :)

  • Juan

    I should get a beta key because i have no life and will retweet/upvote/share this to all my friends so that you like me more 😀

  • Sean I

    Would love a key since all my friends are playing it right now. its torture being in skype listening to them XD

  • pure plasma

    have always wanted a key and have been signed up for beta the longest time so when my friend who signed up for beta not long ago got one you could tell i was a bit mad so i ask please fulfill my dream of playing hearthstone and let me have a key.

  • I actually live in a subdivision named “Hearthstone”. The Gods doth will it so.

  • NaSki

    I’ve been playing MTG for atleast 7 years, but most of my playmates
    have started to play hearthstone so I also kind of have to, and the game
    looks awesome!

  • Guanyi Wu

    Because I’m sexy, and if you pick me, you will be sexy as well.

  • Vanny Wu

    I just need something to take my mind off of:
    A. Being unemployed
    B. Applying for many jobs
    C. Fun with friends who only play hearthstone

  • Arthur


  • Ross Lepkowski

    I have been waiting for a key since i was in the womb kicking at my mother’s belly, i need a key to sell at the pawn shop for $0.30 so i can get a handful of gum at the dollar store, please give it to me

  • sapilas

    If you don’t give me a key,i am gonna throw a pyroblast in your face!!! 😛

  • james chen

    As a long time MTG player (about 10 years) I’m quite sure that I will be
    able to stomp face on most of the players who are new to the genre,
    however, though having been a beta opt-in guy for many a month (around
    4), I have not been able to get a key, even though I’m a long time
    blizzard customer, so I’m unable to prove myself on the arenas of

  • The Juggernaut

    I’m pretty upset that I have to resort to givaways, definitely a botched beta by blizzard. Thanks guys !

  • Steve

    Job interview: “What’s your greatest weakness?”

    Me: “Honesty.”

    “I don’t think honesty is a weakness.”

    Me: “I don’t give a fuck what you think.”

  • Dương Viết Dũng

    I love Hearthstone. Yet fate seems cruel to me…

    I bought SC2 and Dialbo 3. I’ve opted in the beta since the begining, I got in plenty of fansite key contest, I solved key encrypted in binary hidden in pictures in reddit, I’ve prayed to the RNG spirits, but they rarely answers…

    For the love of mankind, orcs, and baby unicorns, I deserve a key. For justice!

  • Jack Rowell

    I’ve been waiting foreva
    To get into beta

    I try and I cry
    But nothin’ seems to fly

    I watch and I learn
    The game that I yearn

    Alas the man in the sky
    Just wants me to die(without a beta key)

    Forever Alone…

  • Pete Pellizzari

    i havs harthstone plox?

  • steven

    because i drew u guys a picture of rexxar. :3

  • Dec


  • Ignideus

    My email is so full of spam at this point from all these sham giveaways, getting a key would finally let my email stop being the village bicycle.

  • James Morton

    For only he who holds the key, can go through the door.

  • discordances

    i like draw spells, especially when you draw for more draw spells

  • phong.truong

    reasons with no bs:

    -I want it because its rare haven’t gotten one yet?

    -looks like a fun game

    -been waiting for a long time for a key.

    -been looking for an good online card game.

  • Jamie Waters

    Pls internet gods, grant me your blessing to initiate myself into the next phase of the nerdlife

  • Bazargo


  • David Scherer

    It may not be well known, but the Hearthstone beta has been going on for centuries now. A curse has been passed down in my family for generations so that no member of the clan may ever receive a beta key. My father, and his father before him, and his father before him, slaved their entire lives in the coal mines, hoping one day to find a beta key in the wild. Please, end this curse, put my ancestors’ souls at rest.

  • jammou

    I would give my firstborn for a key at the moment.. Tho, i dont have a firstborn, so you gonna have to wait for a while.. Like do i… :(

  • epa caguei

    I’m your average 20 year old guy.
    I go to college. I consider myself decently well adjusted. I do OK in my studies and manage to keep my girlfriend and family happy. I hope all this hard work was worth it, otherwise I should’ve been snorting cocking and drinking myself to sleep every night.

  • sawyer0917

    I need a hearthstone key!! i want to play very much!!.

  • chiou55858

    pretty much pushed that button 20 secs !!

  • Sam Jung

    This is a Haiku just for Hearstone Beta Key
    Refrigerator is cold
    😀 jkjk
    Hearthstone Beta Key
    I seek in desperation
    To unite with you

  • samuel appasamy

    I want to play Hearthstone because Hearthstone wants me. Plz make this happen

  • WarDoom

    The past 6 months have been hard for me, due to my concussion injury. After the first 3 months I thought it had gotten better, but upon returning to school I began getting very harsh headaches in morning probably due to my concussion triggering migraines, that is what one of my doctors said, yet no medication helps simmer the pain. These headaches last anywhere from 3-6 hours. Stress from missing school takes a toll since my grades are dropping every day i miss. I can barely keep up, and at this point I don’t want to. I am a senior in high school, and I hope to god I have enough credits to graduate. What used to be my most favorite game, League Of Legends, I can now barely play. It gives me bad headaches due to the concentration it requires over a long period of time. I hope that hearthstone will lighten up my day, and since the games are shorter than an average game of LoL I will be able to take easy breaks in between. I probably won’t win, but thanks for the chance. Bye

  • ian dang

    Hearthstone – a game that doesn’t require dedication. With school, it’s hard to balance gaming and academics. Although I favor school, I would still like to game once in a while. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Matt Vandersluys


  • Henke

    date was the 22nd of March. I woke up with the sunlight in my eyes and
    as is custom I walked over to my PC. Checked the webs for a few minutes
    and what did I notice? Oh Blizzard has posted a cinematic trailer, it
    was for their latest creation Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

    Ever since that fateful morning my fingers have been busy, entering
    every single giveaway and fighting with teeth and nails for a chance at a
    key. But alas it was not to be, the poor gamer was without a key. He
    was starting to get desperate, he would dream about all the decks he
    would build, all the arenas he would conquer. No where was a key within
    his reach…

    So now I turn to you, oh blesser of random people, thou great owner
    of multiple betakeys! Give me, a poor student the gift of a lifetime.
    Recognize my desperate situation and see to it, that it will be
    improved. For this gift I would be eternally grateful!

  • HearthstoneSeekingTurtle

    What seems to be the officer problem?

  • PooptimusPrime

    I have been appeasing the gods of Hearthstone-Keys by sacrificing Angry Chickens over a Basic campfire, every day.

    PS. I also have King Mukla’s bananas and I would like to return them to him.

  • Rajan Aggarwal ✯

    I would like a beta key to sate my desire for a user friendly trading card game. That and to not be disappointed everytime I check my gmail and see an email from blizzard… about Diablo 3.

  • Joshua Floris

    1, 2, 3, I have no key, 4, 5, 6, murlocs in the mix, 7, 8, 9, emotion = crying.

    I spent a solid 1 minute thinking of that, a key would be much appreciated :)

  • devoq81

    I want a game to play with my girlfriend who isn’t into computer games but will play boardgames. Crossover time.

  • Zerguet

    I can’t think of anything funny, so I’ll just pray for a random one!
    I know that everyone wants it badly as I do. (:
    good luck to ya all!

  • R.A.D

    beta key i come

  • jambiks .

    i have known about this game only for a short while, like a month or so, and i just fell in love with it… cant stop watching streams or vods on youtube but to be fair to others im nothing special or out of ordinary guy, yea i could talk about how im crazy about the game for hours and that i deserve a key just cuz im such a huge fan but it wont change me as a human being just trying to be fair and honest. everyone here tries to get in beta early and play to their hearth content and good luck to all of them including me, so let the best comments and lucky draws be with us. i would be ecstatic to key a key. best regards to everyone jambiks

  • rikupiku

    here is my reason : http://imgur.com/pTvVN0x

    i allready tried to sell my soul to the devil(ebay), but instead the devil took my soul for free and my 60euros… and im still without a key. – rikupiku, soulseller.

  • Dolmac

    Epic game

  • Andraž Junc

    Well I have a bet with my freind if I get a key I must shave my hairy back.

  • Xade

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Hearthstone key for what seems like ages now. Checking my email serval times a day, logging into Battle.net just to see if it might have popped up there without sending an email, and I’m just getting tired of it. It sucks that pretty much the only people who gets a key are the ones who are running a popular stream.

    I understand why Blizzard gives out keys to streamers, they want recognition for the game, fine. But since this game is still in development, give the people who are not running a popular stream with thousands of viewers a chance to try it out, and to give you our thoughts on what to improve. In my opinion, if you want the game to be better once released, give out more keys to the non-streamers.

  • Hearthstonedeprived

    Here I am trying to get a hearthstone key,
    Oh dear god, please pick me,
    If you give me this chance to play
    I’ll be happy for days

  • YuPhone Yan

    Please give me the key, I wait Hearthstone for long long time.

  • Johnson

    I joined many activities, but I still have NO Hearthstone key. Please give me the key. And thank you very much.

  • Anon

    You should give me 1 key, bcs Warcraft universe is my favourite one :3 And I’m waitnig it from Sept :C

  • Atobe

    Ever since the first day of the beta I’ve been watching streams and VoDs and generally immersing myself in all that is Hearthstone. I’ve spent many a boring class theorycrafting when I should have been paying attention. I’ve tried to learn as much as possible by watching the best streamers around. But sadly I have yet to receive a key.
    I would very much appreciate a chance to experience this great game first hand. ^.^

    Also thanks so much for doing this giveaway, it means a lot.

  • 欸 阿峰

    Here I am trying to get a hearthstone key,
    Oh dear god, please pick me,
    If you give me this chance to play
    I’ll be happy for days

  • JohnThery

    I can’t make the best comment because i’m french and my english is limited, so i let the chance try to make me win and let’s hope !

  • Jir Kardo

    We all wish for that little something in life, that something that will make us complete. Some travel the world in hopes of finding that something, that true love. For the past three months i have been doing the same. If you could give me a hearthstone beta key my life will be complete and my search for love will be over.

  • Jesse Kok

    Id like to win one, im searching for a beta key for literally 2 weeks now but havent won/found anything yet. Im a huge WoW fan and have been playing since 2007
    hope I win! Sincerely Jesse

  • Aaron Burrough

    My Friends have locked themselves away from mankind playing this game and the only way for me to see them ever again is to lock myself away and play this game too!


    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Beta’s no longer a deadend,
    Thanks to you.

  • ShavedGuy

    I have been waithing for a code for a long time please make my halloween perfect even if its past helloween.

  • Adein

    Good luck everyone

  • chu123

    I’m not really witty enough to write one of the best comments, but I really really would like a key!

    Edit: Or spell properly it would seem :/

  • Tom Jones

    Many a night have I stayed awake, stalking the depths of the internet for any chance at a beta key. Hours have melted around me, dragging days with them. Day after night after day fuels the disappointment and and desperation that is growing within me. I fear what might happen if too many days pass. I can feel it inside, something that I’ve never felt before, growing stronger with each passing day.The terrible sense of chaos and overwhelming emotion that it instills in me terrifies me to the bone.

    I fear what I may become

    I write this in the hopes that a beta key will save me from this torment.

    Please, it may be to-

  • DjCriso .

    Would love a key. have been in love with the game since day 1, spending countless nights up watching livestreams or youtube videos. Have been opted in since day 1, with no luck so far. Have entered every giveaway so far, with no luck :/ Nothing would make me more happy than to get a key. I would be forever grateful and in your debt <3

  • Isaac Teo

    “The best free game that no one can play.”

  • LexLee

    Everyday I look
    into my emails
    Sadly I despair
    and Hearthstone’s nowhere.

  • bigmac

    Ive been waiting and dreaming for the day I could finally get a Hearthstone key. Please let this be that day! I am sad watching my friends play without me :(

  • Ladri

    The first thing I do every morning is browse my e-mails for a beta-key but my hope was never fullfilled. Hope you can help me!

  • 王球球

    The game is fun to play with everyone

  • InsertHearthstoneHere

    GAME: Hearthstone
    COST: Beta key

    1 Player []
    2 Players [] []

  • Amos Treiber

    well damn im not creative

  • Ernestei

    I like this gaem, wanna play it badly. I won’t post a lame comment sorry.

  • Tim van der Hoek

    Honestly, I don’t deserve one — at least, no more or less than anyone
    else on here deserves one. It’s a game that will eventually launch
    to the public anyway.

    That said, I would like one because I like being part of the creative/development process of games.

  • 瀚 張

    I wait for key for a long while, and really want to play this game with friends..
    please give me a beta key

  • 蔡智宇

    there is the only one reason that I need this key: For Azeroth!!!

  • Yen Jui Chen

    Hey bro Im from Taiwan I try to get beta key very hard
    but its too difficulty so i try to another country web to get beta key
    so plz give me a beta key… i really want to play this game

  • ChanHoMan

    i would like to be the hero……i am hong kong people and i am 8 years old…
    my english is poor so i will try my best to write down some thing to take this key…..
    thanks for your watching my hope!!! i dont give up it !!

  • Ray Ting

    I lose the beta key games every time. I don’t want to lose anymore!!!!!!

  • Christopher Heard

    I have watched so many streams and VODs on this game I feel
    I almost have some kind of transcendent understanding of it. I will certainly
    immediately achieve the title of the first Hearthstone grandmaster, even though
    there isn’t a league for that yet. People will revere me. I will rise to fame
    and glory. Eventually, due to my sheer greatness, I will become undisputed
    leader of Earth. I will use these powers for good, righting the wrongs of the
    world, teaching people the ways of the card and unifying the human race as
    whole. We will live peacefully for a time, until the aliens invade. When that
    happens I will present them a challenge. Vanquish me at Hearthstone for the unconditional surrender of the human race, or leave in the disgrace of defeat.

    I will fight.I will win. And I will save you all. All I need is a key…

  • Deano

    I have a dream that one day I shall receive a hearthstone beta key and on this majestic day I shall scream from the rooftops because I, Dean Parsons, will be free from the dreaded waiting of an email from blizzard!

  • M0UL

    can i have a key

  • Officer Lahey

    I used to run a lot of raids when I played WoW. I still remember how the shit clinged to the air inside Naxxaramas before the shit boss.

    It was a bonafide shit blizzard brewing.

    I’m talking full on shit up to your knees both ways in the middle of Shitcember. My favorite thing to do was cast Seed of Corruption on the shit spiders. Shit numbers blasting on the screen as shitrachnid corpses littered the shitwebs.

    Years later, beautiful shit angels flew down from the sky to tell me this game lets me Seed of corruption unsuspecting perps. This information rubbed against my bowels like two sexually frustrated shit plates deep under the earth’s surface – furiously eager to get this shitquake started. Despite my heroic effort, a wave came across me harder than Lady Vashj’s adds on an enraged shit timer. Just like then, I finished as I did all those years ago – 0 wipes and massive drops.

    In the distance, I hear the sound of sweet angels crying.
    Waiting with bated breath, I open one eye.
    In that moment, I watch the shit cling to the air once more.
    Assuredly, I know.

    Shit winter is coming.

  • Veyan

    I need a key because my husband got his and keeps rubbing it in my face :( pleeeease help me shut him up :p

  • Pedro Avena

    just trusting my luck

  • Levi Geeraerd

    My name is Levi Geeraerd, avid gamer known as thrudx, friend to people with keys and loyal servant to the TRUE god, Blizzard. Father to a murdered dream, desperate to play. And I will have my key, in this life or the next.

  • JiN


  • Garry Waters

    Hunkered here with haggard hands, I hunt. Harried by hundreds of haughty harpies, hasting headlong for the hallowed haven.
    Hearthstone hovors upon the horizon, as if hewn from the helm of heaven. It, a harbinger of harmony and I, a hapless human, hemmed in by a herculean hunger for the honor of hoisting but a humble helping of Hearthstone above my head.
    Yet hubris hugs my heinious heart, for how can I have even half my heartfelt hope? With humble heritage and haphazard habits I hustle amongst hundreds of homologous inhabitants, a horde of honest heros hankering for the holy Hearthstone. Haikus and hyperboles are heaved hither and thon, incessant haggling without humility. No hiatus hides upon this horizon so I must hurry this hwyl for my hindmost hope hinges on the hospitable humanitarian who adheres to this handicraft.
    I emplore you to hear my entreaty. Help me assuage this huge hole that is hearthstone in shape. I’ll pay homage to thou, you honorable, handsome, hearty, humble, heavenly, hero you.

    hamburger herring heretic hermits.


  • Jamie R

    Been stuck in my house for 1.2 years now because of illness. Would mean the world to me.

  • GuyWhoReallyWantsHearthstone

    As you may notice, I am indeed a guy who would very much like Hearthstone. Just FYI.

  • Hugh Roberts

    I would like a hearthstone beta key because i have watched alot of people play it and i would like to experience it for myself.

  • Raffuu

    Because why not? I’ve tried getting the key for the last 2 months, and failed miserably. I’d love to play the game, because I’m a big fan of TCGs. Also, I’d like to stream it, since there are no streamers in my country that’d do it. So please, let me make my dreams a reality!

  • Ixadin

    Would love to win one!

  • nint8835

    I have friends who are constantly playing it and going “Hey… Hey…. Guess what…. I HAVE HEARTHSTONE” over and over again, I just want to play it :'(

  • hans hansen

    This is what i’ve been waiting for. I have always loved games like these, but they never really had a development in the game, neither a good history of the characters, mobs and so on. But this game got it all, the history, a great firm behind it, with fantastic developers, as first mentioned, everything i’ve been looking for. I’m really hoping that i will win a key!

  • Mizugetsu

    I’m too tired of playing card games with gramps, and solitaire is too depressing, so I’m hoping to receive a hearthstone beta key so i can play hearts online with everyone 😀
    Wait, Hearthstone is that kind of game right? Oh, am I confused? Then the name is highly misleading…

  • Joe shaw

    There is a hole in my life… a hearthstone shaped hole :(

  • Paul Trang

    Always loved TCG such as pokemon and yugioh but they’ve gone out of style to play with friends, would love to experience a new TCG again that is popular.

  • felix andersson

    Hi my name is Felix. I been trying to get a key since the heartstone closed beta started i have been playing wow, sc2, diablo 3 and the old warcraft so im a ”payment” star at blizzard still didnt get one. Now all my friends are playing it and im just sitting alone in the dark every day begging to god to get one. I hope you will consider me as a winner and make my gaming nights worth to be gaming nights and just not sitting in skype and hear how much fun the heartstone is, YES IM JELOUS. Thanks for reading this comment and i hope you make me as one of the winners. PEACE <3

  • Peter Kejlberg Madsen

    Heartstone is awesome!! need a key

  • Dudly

    Man I just love TCG’s, I have been watching so many streams and youtube videos containing Hearthstone. I really wanna play it myself now.

  • ServiK

    Because I want to play with Murlocs!

  • felix andersson

    Princess Zelda has her faithful Link
    And Peach has her plumber Mario
    I am not as brave as them i think
    But anywhere to help you I’ll go
    So would you be mine?
    I will play you day and night i will threat you like a baby
    I will win many arenas to make you and me stronger
    You the one i want to play even though i havent a key
    So please could i get one so my heart will get back to what it should be


  • zerokk

    I have played Blizzard games alot and this game is the only one i can´t get on my own. I´ve tryed to get this game alot but never got it. I´ve never won a lottery but hopefully my luck will change so I may play the game I really want to play!

  • jansensor


  • Katrina

    My husband received a beta key and he’s been playing nonstop for a few days now, I really want a key so that we can play together. We have both been looking forward to this game for a long time.

  • Virpoja

    I would sell my soul to the devil for a key… Damn shame I already sold it to get into GTA Online

  • krayho

    I don’t deserve it more, than everybody else here, who wrote a commment. I don’t deserve it more, than all the people that log on every day, watching there E-Mail Accounts, hoping for a Beta-Key. I deserve it as much as every other big Blizzardfan, so I hope I get lucky this time, but also wish the best of luck to everybody else.

  • milo

    i want hearthstone.

  • lexx

    Well, my middle name is Uther.

  • Joancamos

    I want a beta, that after 2 months waiting. I deserve.

  • milo

    i guess all comments have been taken so im just gonna tell you my own story.
    ones upon a time there was a guy named Milo(me), Milo was a greedy boy/man. So he downloaded all the keygens(you generate gamekeys with them) he could find aka trojans :C. then Milo cried for about a week becasue hes pc that he had spent all his money on was broken. Then Milos birthday came up and Milo got some cash, quite alot 1k it was hes 18th birthday. Milo immidietly bought some pc parts and built a pc. After an hour after the pc was done Milo tought to himself how do i get a key???. And right now here i sit writing this amazing story on a giveaway that may or may not work. anyway hope everyone gets a key before the beta closes. Love, Milo

  • Buu Mutiato

    I need a Beta Key as I have tried downloading several Similar games such as ‘Shadow Era’ yet spend 20 hours of the day watching youtube videos of Hearthstone. And I have a blue eyed white dragon

  • kurudesu

    After my epic journey of scouring the internets i have come across no tresure chests or epic loot.
    All my friends have gotten a beta key and i really want one cuz hearing them in skype stinks :( Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Thiago

    Im sooo tireddd i want this game so much i asked people and buyed but i got scammed many many times i want to play this game so much so please can i get one . I mean all my friends had this game they having so much fun i want to be apart of it (sorry for my bad english)

  • Hollow Echo

    Gahhh gimme beta key (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    ┯━┯ノ(º₋ºノ) sorry about that guys
    Leeeee..┻━┻…( .o.)…rrrrooooyyyy……Jennnkkk……..(ノ °益°)ノiiiinssss

    • animesoliderxx

      you deserve a key my friend table flipping friends for life
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
      ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) i’m sorry that was rude of me

    • James Linton

      hahaha nice

    • Chillbro Swagins

      You deserve a beta for that profile pic lol

      • Hollow Echo

        Haha thanks man love the name

    • Ihaveaferrari q

      hahhaha i hope you get a key bud :)

  • GuyWhoReallyWantsHearthstone

    Well, as you may be able to tell, I am in fact a Guy who would very much like a Hearthstone key 😛

  • Athem

    Long-long time ago, when I played World of Warcraft, there was one item in my inventory called: Hearhstone. It was a very precious to me, because it represented my home to me, where my hearth truly lies.

    During my adventures, I encountered many dangers, many places and foes, but one thing was sure: I could alway find my way home, since there was my precious Hearhstone.

    But one day I encountered with the most evil wizard, Blizzard Ghostcrawler. He used a forbidden spell on me, which was called: Patch Day!

    Since then, I’m wandering aimlessly in Azeroth. I thought that I won’t be able to go home again, but then, Mr FAQ , the almighty told me: “In your old spellbook, there might be a solution for you to go home.” Can it be? My precious Hearthstone is in my spellbook? As a warrior, I never ever had to open that book, and now… I wish I could open it, but there is a magical lock on that, which can be only by a very rare magical key: The Beta Key !

    So please, help me to get my precious Hearthstone back! So I can finally go home. Mr. Google, the White Wizard told me that you guys got this key and you can help me. I hope he was right!


    -Ps.: Sorry for my bad english.. English is not my native language, I’m only speaking orcish fluently. –

  • Enzo

    Well, I can’t really tell you how much I want this game. Let’s leave it like this: Game of the year? GTA V? Pokemon X or Y? Nope, just waiting for a key since 6 months ago. I used to play WoW and a bit of Warcraft, so I was looking forward to getting this game and playing, so I’ve been entering so many giveaways in these 2 last months, but no luck…I just wonder, if I’ll make it to the beta someday…

  • Noogy

    I’ve been in the loop for hearthstone since forever…still haven’t gotten a key :(

  • Tamir Ibrahim

    My hearth has become scuffed. I need a key so that I can go get some hearthstone to replace my hearth. I need a hearth to build a fire. I need fire to keep my family warm and to feed them. How will I feed my children with no hearthstone, David!?

  • klanderfil

    I told all my friends about this game.. i follow it since it came out and i realy want to play it.. now all my friends have beta keys but i dont =( .. plase give me some love! <3

  • Michiel v L

    Because I’m Merciless Gladiator Kamisei. Hmpf.

  • Joseph Karim

    I’ve watched enough videos to make my eyes explode, thankfully they haven’t so I can still possibly get a key. Also it helps that I love blizzard, and card games.

    I don’t know what else to say…

    ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ Give HEARTHSTONE pl0x!!!

  • r2356497

    I love this game. And,my brother find me to play together. So,I need one key that I’ll play with him. I think I will be thanks for you.

  • Demassing

    Because I want one

  • Jan

    You’re the one I can’t live without
    This fact is true, I have no doubt
    I love the way you smile at me
    I love the way together we’re free
    You may be strange and slightly loony
    But all this means nothing to me
    Because you are who you are
    And I can see your beauty
    Inside and out
    Which is what threw me

    When everyday I see you
    Till then I cannot wait
    To know what we will go through
    Are in the hands of fate
    The first time that I saw you
    I knew I must steal your heart
    I hope that it’s mine for ever
    And that we never do part

    You are the one I love the most
    And to this here fact I propose a toast;
    May we grow old and still have fun
    Because I love you Hearthstone I hope you’ll be mine.

  • Zavahl

    There once was Student from Switzerland,
    for whom not everything went as planned.
    He had to do studies,
    and wanted to play with his buddies,
    but he had no betakey in his hand.

  • Loco Loco

    Because for me, HearhtStone is like bacon: the more i google it, the more i WANT IT. I like bacon, i like everything related to Warcraft lore, i like TCGs, i will play it while eating bacon. Nuff said.

  • GimmeDatHearthstoneGirl

    I need a beta key you guys, like man, I’ll give you guys like 7-ish dollars, like 6.50 or you know. Or you know what, let’s cut to the chase here, forget the money, I’ll buy you guys a hot meal, ANY HOT MEAL, and maybe I’ll even though in one of those capsule toys I got at the Papa Johns. Maybe. Just Hearthstone for a hotmeal and maybe a toy, no questions asked, deal?

  • Veselin

    I’m a king without a throne unitl I get a betakey for Heartstone.

  • lobi

    I want to play with friends who already got keys T_T. I’m the only one missing from our group with a key.

  • Soap

    Looks like fun…

  • Kennan Seno

    I need a beta key cause you guys are awesome and i’m awesome and awesome people need to help each other out! 😀

  • Will4035

    I want that key, beacuse this game is just AWESOME!!

  • Emelie Magnusson

    I would like a beta key so that I could give it to my boyfriend. He’s been really excited about Hearthstone, but I’m the one who got a beta key from Blizzard (and I’m not nice enough to give him that one.. it’s MINE!), and he’s still sitting there without one. I want him playing so I can beat his pink, paladin butt!

  • borchator

    I’d like to get this Beta, simply cuz i like the game and i want to play it =D

  • borchator

    id like to get the beta key cuz i like the game…be fine =)

  • Joakim Pliniussen

    Such game.
    Much fun, so skillful.
    I find it very entertaining to watch and i would really LOVE to get my hands on one single key for myself, so i can play it :)

  • Louis Durand

    Since my girlfriend and I had a baby, I can’t play without being disturbed. It’s always a crying baby, a diaper that needs to be changed or the baby needing to be fed. I fear my gamer’s life might be behind me…

    A key would allow me to play on my laptop, hidden in the garage away from all the noise.

  • Damir Šehić

    Why should you give me a key? We as gamers should be all think like this: “If I find a game that is really fun and addicting, I should give my best to help other gamers have fun as much as I did playing that game.” That’s just my cup of tea, cheers!

  • Philippe Ruiz

    Once one said: “Go forth my friend, everything u desire with such strength, you’ll accomplish. Your wish shall become true if you are truly dedicated to it.”

    And here i am, with all the hope and dedication i can, asking you to make my with come true!

  • Littleg13

    I’ll take it, ok paragraph time. I am no special kid I just want to play hearthstone and help improve it. I’m average, I don’t have much money either. I just really want to play this. I love guys like you that send out beta keys because they are really helpful and I have been waiting since early release for this and nothing. I like battle.net’s games, I’ve played wow since I was like five and this is just like reliving my childhood because when I see a card or character I remember it reminds me of when I first got WoW and that was when my parents were still together. I hope you really consider me for one of the keys.

  • Runar Vestmann

    This game has taken over my life. This game is what i live for. I understand so much without even playing it. I have been going on and on off trying to get one key. Just one little key for one little man living in a little town called Akureyri. but have never succeded. I would really appreciate this key. Could you find it in your heart to make me the happiest Icelandic guy in the world?

  • Bryan Boomsma

    All these giveaways and not even one key..

  • Frigyes Vitek

    this song tell everything what i feel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX-4W4VDZ8Y

  • Ethan Hagin

    Would love to get one of these keys. Been trying for so long…

  • YoshiShun

    I will eat babies and smash keyboards each day I do not have a copy of hearthstone.

    Each like will generate a magical prayer that protects keyboards from being smashed.

    But we all know that’s a lie, I only really want it so I can afk through my last challenger promo game by playing this game.

  • DhokSC

    I really want a Hearthstone beta hey,
    That will set me (Dobby) free.
    I have been searching everywhere,
    Now it;s your turn to see the flare

    They say that 60% of interwebs in porn,
    That means I searched the other 40,
    This last part doesn’t rhyme,
    I would take a Hearthstone key anytime

    lol 😀 thanks for your attention

  • jesper kullegard

    I have a life thats need to be stolen by a real hardcore game.

  • Dennis Brask

    I’ve been waiting for this game since they announced it on blizzcon, but still no beta key. Real blizz fanboy here haha! Hope to get a key! :)

  • Sam

    My girlfriends father will not give me permission to marry her until I best him on the glorious battlefield of Hearthstone. Without a key I have no way to practice and will surely lose.

  • Ričardas Faturovas

    For eons I have scoured these barren wastelands known as streams and giveaways, hopping for a salvation that is a key. Endless days and nights passed, my food supply dwindling, my patience going thin, but worst of all my sanity starting to avoid me. Hallucinations occurring more often than before, keys flying left and right, and me trying to grab them, but to no avail, as all of those keys were but mere illusions. And here i find myself following one of those illusions here to this site. Please make my illusion become a reality. Make the key real for me…

  • Aaron D

    I want a key so I can game with my friends who have access and are making me jealous. I want to battle it out with them in this awesome looking card game that has caught my eye. Really been trying entering every giveaway I can find to get a key but have had little luck. It would be amazing if I could win one here.

  • Luc

    Comment didnt appeared…. so trying again.

    Hearthstone is the fire that keep us warm at night and that lights the world.
    The Gamer Headlight is the site that will provide that!

  • Bora

    Hey, i just played WoW and this is crazy
    i want this hearthstone, so write me maybe. 😀

  • Mythit

    When I first heard about HearthStone 3 monts ago I thought to myself.
    “Wow. This game would be just perfect. I could play it whenever I’m at
    lecture.” So I opted-in for it, but so far I wasn’t able to get my hands
    on this bloody game. 😀 It’s kinda sad and I hope you can brighten up
    my day. :)

  • Mathew Hao

    Can i have one please?:)

  • Ryan Dflame

    One night, I was walking on a bridge…. Then suddenly I see a wizard with a code on his shirt! I was chasing him because I knew it was a Hearthstone Key. He ran so fast because he drank this kind of potion that makes him “Speedy Gonzalez”. He ran so fast that I got tired and I never found him again. Please give me a key so I can find him once again in the Hearthstone Arena. I will avenge my defeat!

  • animesoliderxx

    Hmm best comment you say hmmmmmmm don’t say i got one mind if you can spare a comment so i have a comment.

    • animesoliderxx

      Oh wait i just commented so i have a comment well this is a stranger comment of events

  • Shane Phelps

    I just lost my job and had to sell my MTG collection to make rent. I need this!

  • Duckers

    Since i was a small child many strange things have happened to me from pigeons dropping strange cards of a strange design on me in the street to old crones screeching “enotshtraeh” at me as i ran through the forest on my totally normal day or foresting. even as early as my 4th birthday i found blue crystals in my cake (i assumed, as any keen 4 year old would, that it was meth until i realised i couldn’t open my birthday cards until i’d collected 5 of them.) eventually the planets aliened and after years of research and months of tracking through the Peruvian rain forest i activated the blizzcore, unlocking dev team that had been working on hearthstone for 300 years chiseling it in binary on the walls of an Aztec temple. unfortunately the release of the game cost me dire, i had to sacrifice my beta key to start up the blizzcore and release the game. all i ask is a chance to finish my life’s work and see the beauty of 300 years or labour

  • PhilipJFry

    I am alone :[

  • Daniele Donsuso

    I should get a hearthstone key because I’ve mind visioning all your thoughts and I know I will win! :)

  • Arek Brzeziński

    Im low at league of legends so i would like to try if im bad at HearthStone too.

  • WangDang


  • Nora Tao

    every time i check my email and i see new mails i get my hopes up but when i look at them they all succeed in disappointing me

  • PhucMang

    Hi, my name is Zach. I’m fat, and I live in my mom’s basement. I’m losing reasons to stay here, if I do leave, who will take care of all the poor mice and slaves who live here? I’m running out of reasons to stay, and I think this Hearthstone thing might just keep me here, for who knows how long, maybe even an eternity! Think of the children! And their children’s children!

  • Jonathan Bolzan

    I could try to express in words how much I want to play this game, but I probably wouldn’t even get close to it, it’s something out of this world. Since the first day of the closed beta, I wait eagerly for an blizzard e-mail that will probably never come. Day and night, I try to find giveaway sites, watch streams, try everything I can think of, but it seems I ran out of luck. If you could gift me a key, I’d probably be a happier person ’cause the wait would be over.

  • Jetsuya

    Everyone wants a beta key, we beg, we lie, the things we do sometimes sickens me so i would like to win one fairly like this or in a give away, people who scam people out of money for a free game…just ruins the game and for the people that gets scammed it makes it even harder for them. So please i would wish to win a key.

  • Adrian Sebastian Volcinschi

    I won a beta key for HS, y was very happy and the dude just decided not to gave it to me. I play card games since i was 8 years old and i keep playing the,.

    I would really like to play this game, even more when i “had” a beta key and the streamer decided not to give it to me

  • Nitrosol

    Good lord, sending out 300 emails by hand is one hell of a chore. Respect. Rolling the dice for a key, myself, because blizzard doesn’t like me very much apparantly.

  • dbg1728

    Because I have a Hearthboner that I can’t properly deal with..

  • Luiz Henrique

    I want the key too prove too my friend that HearthStone is better than
    Duel of Champions!!

  • Dasik

    Vodka and hearthstone

  • Jesús David García

    Hey Blizzard, I’m number one billboard
    Give me the code, or I’ll get in rage mode,
    Hey David, I will do a raid,
    Horde will come to give me beta keys!

    Hey Hearthstone, I’m like acetone!
    I’m inflammable, let me get to touch you!
    I’m in the couch, and I’m getting to be….. A GROUCH
    Don’t make me crouch, to search for ya!

  • Alex

    Hi, I’m a college student who needs another reason to procrastinate. Plus this girl im interested in plays so it would give me an in. :)

  • Aiboh

    Losing my siq gains because im too sad about not having hearthstone =(

  • blaatje

    I’ve made my own cloud computing software, so my friends can play all their games on all their devices. Just think about playing Hearthstone on an Ipad. I would love to get a hearthstone key so I can start getting it ready to support Hearthstone before it comes out.

  • PIlip

    I would love to win a key, my friend won one and said I would never get a key before the beta opened. And I want to prove him wrong. Also it remindes me of yu gi oh, and I wanted to get back into the play scene, But my friends think card games is for kids…

  • Christian Alexander

    Well, I play alot of Dota2. My fiance said I should play a game of cards with her instead. I told her, yes, if I can choose the game.
    Heartstone is the game!
    That is if the betakey comes my way 😉

  • Red0ne

    I just would like to play :/

  • Hazelnutx

    My entire life is in a little box thats closed and to make it open , i need a key . But to unlock the box of doom were i am kept , i need the key that solves all the problems in the world .

    And for that i ask you all to give me the chance off getting out of that box , and solve all the problems that world has.

    The key is placed in the ground , is the one called the Hearthstone , has the power to cure the world of wars and diseases.

  • sinergyy

    Simply because I’m waiting for a Beta Key from Week 1 of it’s release, and on 13th November is my birthday and it would be an awesome birthday gift.

  • nDizz

    I want Hearthstone because it looks fun

  • Giorgos Apollon

    I have been traveling for months trying to find the hearthstone beta key island but there is no sign of it i have seen things none will ever see in the huge waves of the seven seas the legend said that when you are the strongest one and you have a clean soul you can see the entrance of the legendary hearthstone beta key island thousand tryied to find it but none ever seen them from their failed attemp to step on it.I can barely see the shores from my rusty ship deck and my tired crew and all these months seem to be worth trying to see this legendary island may the key bey with us.

  • Staniak

    I really hope i will get key becouse i watching videos from this game and cant play hearthstone make me sick

  • Klaus Buch

    You know what is so awesome about this game?

    The Sound Design:

    “Mind if I roll neeeeed”

    “Just me and Mr. Bitey!”

    “This is our town, Scrub. Yeah, beat it!”

    “Give me a Quest!”

    and of course: “mgrlllmgrrr”

    They get stuck in your head immediately and stay there forever. I would like to
    experience them in a game of my own, but to this day I was unlucky with the key

    “Y-Y-You gotta be kidding me!”

    Surely “Mistakes were made”, but I keep trying. Someday
    someone will say: “You win this one, friend”.

  • Lucas Kerckhof

    trying my luck!

  • Staniak

    Becouse I am famous

  • TrashSplasher

    I should win a key, because i am the most awesome chap i know, notice how i used chap instead of guy? im just mlg like that…

    Jokes aside, i just really want to play hearthstone because it kinda hurts me to look at youtube videos of Hearthstone and not even have the oppurtunity to play it… :( so please, find a spot in your heart and give it to me ^^

  • bTonyd

    Everybody’s post is special,

    Everybody’s comment is unique…
    What can I do, to just grab it?

    Should I write a funny story
    A weird, a twisted one
    Of how I met my pony?

    One lie would not be that cool
    When you have so much in stake…
    When you need it from the pool…

    David…I’m not that dummy!
    Trust me, I’m not!

    Here’s a picture of my bunny.

    Hah! You guessed it…
    You guessed it right
    It’s me…I’m a clumsy brat.

    TL;DR: My bunny costume from kindergarten. Good luck to everyone!

  • Mikkel Nyborg

    My reason for a beta key?
    well every day i die a little when watching others play the game, and my reason for wanting the hearthstone is…
    i dont wanna die!

  • Luis Antunes

    For centuries I’ve walked through the mountains seeking for keys, the journey was hard, but the desire for the gaming glory was too big to be contained, as of now, my body lies weak and damaged from my searches, this shall be my last one, the one who will carry my legacy.

  • Leyth

    I would like a key because I am actually going to beta test the game. I’ve worked QA for years so I honestly think I would be a good candidate to offer some game testing.

  • Gary

    Hearthstone is the best trading card game I have seen so far. Even though I am an avid RTS and FPS gamer. This game still catches my eye!

  • Atreyou Rolland

    I hope I am not too late.
    My friends got accepted into the beta, and have been bragging to me all week about the game. I watched so many videos on youtube of playthroughs and I have entered too many competitions to count. I have even considered BUYING a key off eBay (I got talked out of it by my brother).

    I really wish I had a key to play with my friends!!

    Thank you!

  • Zorboxo

    Every day I lie in wait, hoping for a key.
    But every time it leads to hate, with blood all over me.
    “I hope I win, I hope I win,” I say it as I cry.
    One more chance is all I need to play with other guys.

  • Giorgos Apollon

    I have been traveling for months trying to find the hearthstone beta
    key island but there is no sign of it i have seen things none will ever
    see in the huge waves of the seven seas the legend said that when you
    are the strongest one and you have a clean soul you can see the entrance
    of the legendary hearthstone beta key island thousand tryied to find it
    but none ever seen them from their failed attemp to step on it.I can
    barely see the shores from my rusty ship deck and my tired crew and all
    these months seem to be worth trying to see this legendary island may
    the key bey with us.

  • Kordallon

    I’ve been signing up for beta key contests and giveaways all throughout the closed beta. I’ve been doing anything I can to actually be able to play the game. I haven’t been as lucky as some other people here, but I sure as hell know I’ll be playing the game a lot. It’s been around 3-4 months since the closed beta started. I would greatly desire a key.

  • Andrew Hinson

    a ton of my friends have this game and i slay all Grendals just as Beowulf to have a key

  • Richard Hill

    I need a key…

  • BillyLanden

    i wanna play this game so much -_-

  • Martin Boström

    A little halloween rhyme for you :)

    Witches and goblins, spooks and elves,
    With sprites and gnomes from elf-land delves,
    Tonight are flying here and there,
    Yes, up and down and everywhere.
    For this one night in all the year
    They rule the earth and bring great fear
    To all the naughty little boys
    Who tease good girls and break their toys

    Also followed twitter and upvotted on reddit for you guys :)

  • Fegaldzzzzx

    If you don’t give me a key in the next 10 minutes, something terrible will happen to this poor little panda. See him having fun ice skating with his hula hoop? well i have a team just waiting for my approval to JFK him!! Go ahead now, give me this goddamn key. And do not call the police!!!!

  • Rheaza

    I just want to enter this give away , with a comment that says nothing, but everything.

  • Regun

    Hi i really would like play hearthstone please :'(( Like 2 week i search a key

  • NoDiretideNoHearthstone

    One night I was walking through this street, which I normally go through anyway. But in this night everything changed. 2 of my friends told me they got their key for Hearthstone. Naturally, I was so excited and checked my emails. My mobile internet was so slow every email that was new came in a 10 second interval. My heart was pounding and my eyes were sore, because I wasn’t blinking from anticipation. Every email was taunting me, but finally an email from Blizzard. I’ve already gone through what kind of decks I would make and how play the whole night with my friends. The email, that Blizzard sent me, was about 7 free day of playtime for WoW. My optimism and excitement changed into anger and disappointment.

    To this day, I still hope to find piece with my soul that is being consumed by the sheer hunger for Hearthstone. Plz I beg you ;-;

  • nimrick

    i hope i get a hearthstone beta. i am really into the warcraft mythos and i like ccg’s

  • Simon Johansson

    All of my good friends have Hearthstone now, including my 2 roommates. I was the one who introduced them to the game and have been following the game since PAX. I want to be able to play with them and have fun :)

  • Matthew Peddle

    I have been watching stream after stream of this game waiting, hoping to get into the Beta. I’m starting to worry I won’t get a key at all. Several of my friends have gotten in, but no luck yet and I’d love to play with them.

  • Kenny Dong

    I’ve watched over 100’s of hours of Hearthstone play, soon I can be the pokemo– errr Hearthstone master, when I get my key because I’m gonna win!

  • Josh Olin

    Hearthstone is the missing piece of my heart.

  • Luka Bartol

    I’m watching this game daily since the first day and I really want to be a part of it before open beta, because this game is for me the best card game ever made or will be made!

  • Zero

    It’s my birthday so I should get one!

  • Konstantinos

    I want to play this game so badly that i read guides and watch livestreams all day. I would really appreciate it :)

  • Dennis Brake

    I’m waiting for a key since the gamescom in cologne this year.
    My “heart” turns into “stone” for the time I can’t play Hearthstone.

  • Fabio Battiato

    If you don’t give me the key my parents will beat my too hard pls give me the key of hearts.t.gd.gd…. heeeeeeelp

  • cappers

    pls give key

  • Yaomon

    As to why you should pick me, I don’t have a sob story. I don’t have numerous friends discussing the game leaving me in exile. I don’t have broken limbs or painful physical injuries. My battle.net account doesn’t have any games on it and I did, in fact, create it just to opt in for Hearthstone. I am like many others; entering an uncountable amount of giveaways for the simple reason: I want to play the game. But of course, you are the one with the key. Now how would you feel about making my day, me, a random stranger you have never met on the internet. What do you really have to lose from just clicking the message button, pasting the key in and hitting send? The game will be out eventually; the key will be worthless. If you send the key, your life will go on. Maybe you won’t send it to me, but someone else. The difference it makes to you is little, but the difference it makes to me is the world. Thank you for your kind deed regardless and for your consideration. Have a good day!

  • johnjohn

    fried chicken is seriously the best. chicken fried anything is the reason that world peace is even a thing. i think id rather have one hundred heathstone sized fried chickens than 1 fried chicken sized hearthstone key

  • walp kuczerski

    I’ve been waiting for a long long time. I’ve grown tired of proving that I’m more worth then anyone else who haven’t played. I only hope that the key with my name on it will find it’s way to it’s rightful owner very soon.

  • nhutchen

    Every day…every day that involves an opt in…I sit there, and wait. I wait and I wait and I wait…hoping, believing, praying that I get a key. I will sit there, checking my email repeatedly until late in the night, refreshing reddit, closing and opening twitter. And I wait until the day I get a key, even though that day will never come. I know it won’t come…but I wait either way.

  • Peter Hartman


  • kynaeb

    A few weeks a go, some of my friends got their hands in some beta key, most of them exepct me, i asked them not to play it infront of me, because that would only make the situation worse, then 1 week later, i was so stupid that i didnt watch the road as supposed, it was just a quick stop, and a quick look, (i was driving my car) and that led to that i got hit by another car, no fatal or major injuries tho, i broke my left leg 2 different places, and damaged my neck, and now im stuck in the hospital for the next week. So now im cant really do anything else that searching for a hs key, the internet here is so bad but still good enough for some search, so i cant really play games.
    Every day, at a minimum of 3 hours, i search facebook, reddit, twitch, twitter, youtube, the forums, and where there else could be any sort of hs giveaway, if its 100 keys, or just i dont care, anywhere there is a giveaway, i have a chance to win.
    But havnt had any luck yet.

    I cant force u to believe me, and i dont expect u to, i dont really care of what answers i get, from other commenters, the thing is that this is real, i do really hard work trying to get one.

    if i do not win a key at this giveaway, then gratz to all of the lucky winners.

  • Sorkkis

    My soul is hurt, and so is yours. I don’t seem to know what is truth. Just let me have the key, and we can all live happily and free.

  • DevotedHearthstonePeasant

    I’m not even trying. It’s just pure luck. Gamerheadlines please gives me salvation.

  • Christos Christodoulou

    I have been watching multiple arena streams for the past month and i believe i have learned a lot. I spend about 8 hours every day watching streams about this game and i think now is a good time to actually start playing it. Only problem is that i don’t have a key yet :p I check my email everyday but i never find a key in it.

  • Derek Zable

    I deserve a beta-key. Why you ask?

    Because the corgi puppy demands it.

  • mtz94

    +1 ecookie for a beta key. nom nom nom!

  • ZebraFish

    Well i guess i should get because using upwards of several hours a day on a game i can’t even play is rather silly now isn’t it?

  • beakerdan

    A key would be pretty awesome. Would love to play with friends. Thanks!

  • Sergnio

    My F5 key ACTUALLY broke from overuse.

    So i have to manually click on the refresh button every time :'( this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Now i must go about, living my life, having to click a button manually.

  • HearthstoneAboveAll

    I spent my last few days watching HS streams preparing for the game. Christmas is almost here, so you’ll make me so happy if I get a key.

  • BluR

    One has only so much time to play an epic game like this!

  • MattMonte13

    Thank you so,so much for a chance.I hope i win this.GL everybody.

  • Randolph Carter

    I want this so badly

  • Tortita

    im not sure if i should get one but ill keep trying, i have tried everywhere and havent won any.

    Wish me luck!

  • Logan Alkins

    I have entered 16 contests watch 6 streams that give away keys and signed up for more than a dozen twitter feeds to get a key… I think I might go postal soon…

  • Sky Gallagher

    Hearthstone, I have been praying waiting, checking my email every hour on the dot. I sacrifice 42 black cats on halloween day. No email. I unleash my beast in the pet store and fight a large iguana. No email. I ride my kangaroo into the mist so I can ready my body for the game. This is why I need a key. Don’t make me ride my kangaroo anymore please for the love of pepito.

  • aohkhoa

    I am here to win a Hearthstone Key. But I realise that I am a cow

  • watex

    i love the game thats why

  • Wy L

    Because I love the game

  • Thomasf

    because i have waited since the release and i cant bear the waiting ;_;

  • Alexander Khalkin

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Hearthstone

  • MegaBassManGaming

    I am very interested in Hearthstone and very much want to play it a lot. I have played it before, though not on my computer.

    I thought it was fantastic and I loved it. It is the simplest TCG I have ever played and is very easy to get in to. Though that may seem like a downside, I actually like that aspect.

    I have many more things to say, but I do not want this to be a big wall of text.

    Overall, I am just very anxious to get a key.

  • Patrick Martin

    Throw me a fricken hearth-bone here.

  • Sokaroudota Ryosey

    i just want a key cause my gf got 1 somedays ago and want so much to play it with her

  • Domininc Sutherland

    If you give me a Hearthstone beta key I can give you life’s greatest reward. If you email me? Well… I can tell you what isn’t in the colonels secret recipe. Oh yeah…

  • Cippie

    I have been watching this game from the sideline on Youtube for what feels like years now. I would really love a key just like everyone else in here.

  • Vivian

    i want hearthstone because it has so much swag and i like having swag <3

  • Matt Ramasaus

    It’s been like 2 months now since I’ve been waiting for key in my email, entered every contest alive- no luck. Watched streams 12/7- no luck. I have literally nothing to play now, every game is soo meh now, everyone is playing the game,everyone is talking about it and so on, and I just can’t stand it.., Please hearthstone key : [

  • OptimusPanda

    I just want to play with my friends… Friendship is power

  • disqus_OOyWSgPAxI

    I would like to receive a key because this game seems like a lot of fun and I enjoyed WoW TCG, YuGiOh and MTG, which means that I will probably enjoy Hearthstone as well.

  • Gonçalo Ferreira

    I should get a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta key because i really enjoy this game and all my friends have it so i want it too! And i follow your site everyday and only u guys can give us this oportunities to get a key! U are awesome!

  • Paul Michon

    I want a beta key cause all my friend has got a key and me im alone on wow :'(

  • Bennett

    Been playing Diablo WoW Starcaft for years and then also waited for a beta since august. I know that now im begging but i really think this game is the next big thing and just to have that feeling that i own it would be great. I vewatched so many giveaway stream Eg: Teldo, Koroshi and the whole of bloodytech’s stream.
    I would love to play this game and i really do hope you pick me, Good luck to everyone and may the odds be ever in your favour! 😀

  • AJUK

    Because I have 3 twitter filters, 5 facebook groups and 2 sub-reddits bookmarked dedicated to finding a key and only you reading this can end my suffering! :'(

  • Pedro Mendes

    My dreams have been shattered at the end of every single giveaway. It’s too much for me. I can no longer check my e-mail without severe disappointment.
    You can change all this.

  • Mantas Žukauskas

    C-can I get one? Pls respond

  • Evan Smith

    Hearthstone is the epitamy of Trading Card Games. It stands above all else as the champion of greatness. It strikes down the corrupt and stands at arms for the weak. That is why I must be a part of the growth that is Hearthstone.

  • Søren S

    My life IS hearthstone. I eat, live and breathe Hearthstone. Or that would be the case if i was the lucky winner. I have used countless hours, researching where to find get my beta key.

    You will make 100 people very happy the 10th. I sure hope i am one of them!

  • IVIidnightGaming .

    Id love a key

  • Kevin L

    And as i lay here posting for a chance at a beta key, i can’t help but notice that my comment will be the 1337th post.

    Ingrained in our gaming culture, the means of elite, a misspelling perhaps, or some genius. It comes from our need to win, for us gamers are winners,

    So embrace this fact, for we are all winners, and we will all eventually win a Hearthstone Beta Key!!!

  • Chapss

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Nam Nguyen

    When in doubt, bubble hearth …stone out? – Every paladin ever.

    • Battle o Yonkers

      hahah!! yes!! this!! gets you out of a sticky situation! 😛

      • Nam Nguyen

        definitely!! unless u miss-time it… then its over… u just dance till they annihilate u…

  • Roxasr

    I had a dream. A dream that one day, an Hearthstone beta key would drop into my email and i would be able to jump into the fields of battle and vanquish my enemies. Make this day ever closer by giving me a key

  • Bora

    Someday the Hearthstone open beta will come, but until that glorious day many people will try their luck in bloody giveaways and raffles where only the luckiest people with the greater faith can survive.

    My watch started long weeks ago and i’m trying to get that single beta key on every chance i get, not for selling it or giving away, just for enjoy the game of pure awesomeness.

    I hope my strugglin will end soon, thank you for the opportunity.

  • BrunoBalboa

    I should get one because I want to play it

  • LavenderAkane

    Every day I long
    For a Hearthstone beta key
    Are my hopes in vain?

  • Rezyn

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise Ur Hopes ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • Lasse Holtz

    Because Blizzard has thrown so much shit down my throat giving away Beta Keys to all my friends so i can enjoy/hate listen/see them play the game…
    I have now digested so much Blizz-shit that my body has expanded to the size of a Tauron, soon to explode and cover the rest of the world in Blizz Shit.. stop this madness and be a part of a good charity program..
    – The Depressed one

  • Alexander Balchev

    I just recorded my speech and I think that this is more personal than writing it up. Here it is – http://goo.gl/AtvcLu

  • HappyBlub

    I’ll be my life task to destroy priests and their freakin’ mind controls.Should you play priest,however,I’m most certain to have lowered my chances to 0,0000001%.But that’s okay because I don’t like priests.

  • Attila Voltam Kovács

    I just simply want to play this game so badly :/

  • Lazy Panda

    Becouse now I’m using my fireds acc, and he’s pissed off of it, so I need my own

  • Panos Tsaousis

    I just want to enjoy this god awesome game as soon as possible

  • Robin Deliens

    My brother and I have been waiting for a beta key since forever. days ago my brother got one. I would love to play with him. And maybe beat his ass.

    I would love to finally get rid off: I got a key and you didn’t.

  • žan Zelenko

    I really want his key I watch streams and websites but i don’t have luck…so please please !!!

  • ExilFighter

    i wanna wiiiin :O

  • SkyXkeeper

    Pfff…. who want a key i dont want a key. i would fight and kill all who try to steal it from me i will protect it with my life and i will carry it back to my Pc

    I will be the one who can stand in frond of my friends and say fuck u all i got a key and u will not see me again in a long time

    So let the blood flow and giva me a key

  • ferboard

    is simple, i need a beta key to be the nº 1 and gotta catch´ em all! so..
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR DONGERS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  • Acácio Abreu

    violets are red roses are blue if you give me hearthstone i will love you too!

  • Dávid Lukács

    Iam not creative but iam poor. Please help the poor guy

  • TrashSplasher

    I really want a key, so i can start playing with my friend. ( he got a key a couple of days ago) and maybe he want’s to train me, idk. But the main reason i want this key is because it looks awesome and it’s sad to watch streams or youtube videos with other people playing it, when i dont actually have it, so please, find a special spot in your heart and give it to me (Baby, aha aha). I hope i win a key :)

    -Majestic Duck (TrashSplasher)

    Btw, i really like bacon


  • kkajdi

    i would love to get a hearthstone key because ive never really played any otcg games before and i think the game looks amazing

  • Simon

    This game is similar to Magic The Gathering. Have played MTG for a long time and would like to try Heartstone. Have seen many livestreams and the UI/UX are well made.

  • Olivér Kürtössy

    There is a guy in class. One day, I was sitting behind him as he played Heartstone. I was fallen in love instantly with the game. We started to talk a lot with that guy, and we became pretty good friends, but I’m still sad that I can’t beat his ass in game, because I haven’t got a key yet:/

  • Jake

    …Searches email
    Finds Blizzard Entertainment Email
    Opens email ready to enter HS key
    Fuck you Blizzard, Fuck you.

  • filipe monteiro

    The world is dark place the aspects have lost thier immortality and the threat of a new invasion draws near but yet all i can think is of that cursed box, that cursed card game that i’ve yet to play. The world is going to shit and just want to try it, and all i need is a key. I’ve been begging for weeks, will you grant this poor mans wish??

  • Drmixable

    Why should I get a Hearthstone beta key you ask? Well people of Gamer Headlines, currently, Hearthstone is something I want, but can’t have, however, I did find a way. A friend nearby got his code and now, it’s like a drug, I pay the man for an opportunity to play just a little arena match, please, save me from this horrible dealer and allow me to fuel my own addiction, no reason to bring down others.

  • Mike Yang

    (insert a cheesy yet funny reason that will make everyone jealous of that comment and make some people hate that person to win a key here…or make up a weird smart ass comment that is either true or not and a big dick for the extra surprise and random comedy)…… 8=========D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O:

  • DefiasRingleader

    I think i should get a hearthstone key because.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdh_yOhLDtw

  • Hearthsthomeless

    I must have hearthstone, i have lost my house and my children have nothing to eat, our souls were stolen away by the spirits of hearthstone, and the only way to get them back is to win agai- Oh no! They’re her- http://www.myinstants.com/instant/murloc/ ….

  • Austin Sanderson

    These people think Warcraft is their ally. But they merely adopted the game. I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see Hearthstone until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING. The odds betray them, because this key belongs to me! I need this key to show you where I have made my home while preparing to play Hearthstone. I will break them!

  • Ambit


  • Lasse Bjerre

    This is the Hearthstone police. I am pretty sure you guys are in possession of some stolen keys. To verify this, I will have to see one of them. Mind if I take a look?

  • EveryPostAHaiku

    “I’m not that bothered,

    I’ll just wait for the release.”

    -Said no one ever.

    • Rumdm

      Ha, love a haiku

  • Jordan

    My friends keep making fun of me D:

  • JJJcak

    Need a key to light up my boring life

  • Like everyone else I would really like a key to play this game.

  • vasya

    Hearthstone… can wait no longer

  • sertugakc

    i need it o.O

  • Johnny

    Hello, I would love to win a beta key! I have been waiting since August for my key and still haven’t gotten one. I have tried TONS of contests, and still no luck. I have watched over 1000 hours of hearthstone footage on youtube and I want to play it already!! Plz I am begging you!

  • cpl

    Thought I’d join my mates who have got Hearthstone already :)

  • David Abeledo

    I usually smoke weed while playing,so giving me a beta key will give u all lot of free wins unless.., sorry forgot what going to write.

  • Guest

    I keep thinking of you Hearthstone Beta Key… and I wish upon a star that, somewhere, you are thinking of me, too…

    Sweet dreams of love, of us holding us away from each other tight and I keep whispering its meant to be us…

    And I hate being nowhere but in my room playing World of Warcraft and thinking
    about you and me…

    Every person on earth dreams every night. Many dreams are laced with emotions masking their true meaning, while other dreams are easy to interpret.

    My dream is to own you Hearthstone Beta Key.. I would play you every day and every night.

    Please, grant me this Beta key and I will be forever grateful.

  • Melleduvet

    I keep thinking of you Hearthstone Beta Key… and I wish upon a star that, somewhere, you are thinking of me, too…

    Sweet dreams of love, of us holding us away from each other tight and I keep whispering its meant to be us…

    And I hate being nowhere but in my room playing World of Warcraft and thinking
    about you and me…

    Every person on earth dreams every night. Many dreams are laced with emotions masking their true meaning, while other dreams are easy to interpret.

    My dream is to own you Hearthstone Beta Key.. I would play you every day and every night.

    Please, grant me this Beta key and I will be forever grateful

  • Samlj

    Woop Woop! Beta Key me cause everyone else is l33t haxors with their invites and key bots

  • Haradeas

    I would love to get a beta key for Magic The Gathering Online ! …..
    Wait… wrong site… I would love to get a beta key for Hearthstone !

  • Hellway

    give me a beta key i have been waiting for sooooo long

  • Matthew Taylor

    gimme gimme gimme

  • Ariel Stura

    My hopes and dreams crashed down the ground when my subscription to WoW ended, now with hearthstone Ill have the chanse to get again in that magical world behind the walls of stormwind. After try that many times to get 1 key im getting kinda Rolmaster in here.

  • Henri Winterfeld

    Hearthstone made me wanna play it since i first saw it and now everybody of my friends got a key and i want to get one aswell so i cant play with them <3<3

  • Speedy

    All my friends are playing Hearthstone recently and talk about it all day long! I want to join them!

  • Guest

    Reallllyy really want to play. Got a game on a friends account. So good.

  • BonaQ

    Hearthstone !!! :)

  • ebubu

    I would love you for the rest of my life if i receive a key. But hey if you dont i would still love you !

  • Tomáš Suchopárek

    Give me key! Plz!

  • Domagoj Kralj

    because i really like the game and i don’t have the key

  • Beau James Matchett

    because I wonna play the goddamn game

  • Matej Klopac

    My best friend got a beta key and he was so kind to give it to me but now he hasn’t got one any I don’t have anyone to play with… Please help me help him 😀

  • Heath McCasland

    Here goes nothing.

  • imgodp .


  • Distilled

    I want a key because i’m currently locked out of my house in the rain and typing this on my phone. #moist.

  • Alex

    I am unsure on whether or not I have commented here yet but I really want a key so sorry if this is a dupe

  • pFreak

    I want one.. :)

  • Jukez

    I need a key!
    I want to play!
    When everyone gets a key
    I’m still waiting
    I feel so sad
    I can’t wait longer
    I need to get a key tonight!
    PS. Really want a key!<3

  • Il Nico

    I need a key, please (╯°□°)╯

  • alexander

    Will do lots of nasty stuff for key….

    Hearthstone not even once.

  • Mihai Petrov

    I would like to win a key :)

  • Frank Bauer

    Well, I need it. I think that is enough.

  • Degen

    we should just take all the hearthstone keys ノ( º _ ºノ) and then give it to many other poor kids who dont have any invites (╯°□°)╯ and that was my storie for today, I hope I can win a key from your website, cause I got a banana today and was swimming with my bicycle in the rain.

  • dexter holland

    one more hop over the loop

  • czaraa

    i wanna have fun

  • Kamil

    Oh cmon, just wanna play ;(

  • Teemu Niemelä

    Blizzard is 2 good.

  • Edwin Nunez

    I’d like one!!

  • Manisam2

    I want the hearthstone beta key soo much! Please, make this year better for me.

  • sinergyy

    Look at your key, now back to me, now back at your key, now back… to me.
    Sadly, it’s not my key. But it could be, if you were kind enough to give it to me.
    Look back at your key, the key is now good karma.
    It’s all because you want to give it to me, the man your key could be with.

  • joey duran


  • Bernas


  • Benne

    Need one plz

  • Alexander Burt

    I’d love a key! I was offered one by a friend but declined it in favor of someone else getting it as I had little interest at the time due to not having actually looked too much into it. Since then, I’ve regretted it. Now I’m glued to twitch streams, but it isn’t the same! I can’t think of any reason why I should be favored over any other person in these comments, but I’d surely be grateful to GamerHeadlines.com if I were to receive a key!

  • Renzo

    i want a beta key

  • Nuno Santos

    Ill do want a key, cause im following the game since the first streamers and trying everyday for one, no luck till now :)

  • Tyler Powell

    I’ve been opt’d in for so long and been in so many give aways yet still have never gotten a key :/

  • Guest

    well i guess if you dont give me key i got chicken

  • Dylan K

    The only cure for my illness is a key.

  • Natasch Lauch

    i need a key pleaseee

  • Krakoxz

    I want one because I wanna play whit my friend who got one 6days ago, so I really want one to play whit him.

  • tothbebe


    well at least i got chicken if you dont give me a key

  • Marcus

    I’ve been in misery ever since hearthstone came. Every day of the week I’ve been checking my mail, but in vein. To save this young life from any more misery. It begs of you, to consider if you in any way can save it from all this madness. Please send a key this way and save me from any more misery! :'(

  • Havard

    Frankly, many people don’t know a hearthstone beta key isn’t a key to play hearthstone. It is a key to happiness. Many people, as I, am constantly searching for happiness, but it still evades me. I have searched far and beyond, dealt with shady people claiming they have ‘happiness’, but I have been shot down everytime. Now I turn to you gamerheadlines, do you hold a key to happiness? If you do, please share some happiness with me.

  • Alex Woody

    /roll 100 100

    [Alex Woody rolled 100 (100-100)]

    Perfect roll! That means I win, right?

  • Potgrond

    I would like to get a beta key so i can finally play with my friends, I love card games so that would be awesome. Thanks and goodluck to everyone.

  • Sebas

    So this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a game called Hearthstone. In west Ogrimmar born and raised. On the battlefield where I spent most of my days. Killing out mages, relaxing all cool. And all playing some hearthstone outside of the school. When a couple of guys, that had no key were sad and made random comments on this thread and I’m all out of creativity so can you spare a key?

  • Littlejake

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Hearthstone is… AHH SCREW IT I NEED A KEY PL0X !!!111

  • Marcus Karlsson


  • Shawn Ingerspm

    I’m trying to win a key for my friend. Hearthstone is a lonely place when none of my close friends can play it with me. So here is hoping!

  • Kobe Kim

    I’ve been lying in wait for months, endlessly watching streams. Wave after wave and nothing has changed, but a glimmer of hope still shines. Don’t let my wait go into vain, and help me get a key! Gl everyone :)

  • Fil

    Hearthstone = awsome game

  • Theonceknown

    pls I wan’t it so much.

  • AndreasRasmussen

    Mrghllghghllghg! -Murloc out.

  • Lucas

    You should definitely give me a key! I’ve been wanting to play with a friend for ages now, and if you give me a key I finally can! It would be amazing!

  • Chrizzmeister

    not really bothering to make a big effort to do a good comment, just like all i just want to play this damn game and throw my money at blizzard in the store

  • Aaron

    Why should I get hearthstone? Let me tell you about why you should save 15% or more on car insurance.

  • Andreas Skaiaa

    I’d really like to put an end to my key begging spree.

  • Deurox123

    Hey :3
    I think i need a HeartStone beta key because i waited about 4 months and still don’t got a key.
    Oh and P.S

  • Kilopoil

    I’m posting from Belgium so you should give me a beta key. It’s as simple as that…

  • Isaac
  • AndyF

    I’m simply looking to win a beta key for my best friend so we don’t have to share accounts anymore. :)

  • Tomasz

    lets try :)

  • Powerkeeper

    I’ve been opted in from day one. I’ve spent the last several months entering every giveaway on every site I could find. My F5 key feels like it’s about worn out from refreshing the subreddit. Worst of all, I’ve been let down on several streams that were supposedly giving away a key. I even won a drawing once but the code given to me was invalid and when I tried to say something in the streamer’s chat, I was banned. I need my HS fix!

  • LordJaraxxus


  • Fredrik Wildheart Rochmann

    hearthstone looks really cool

  • Domas Sonicas

    I have been hoping for beta key, like from the very moment i heard about Hearthstone as a game. As a big fan of Warcraft and card games such as MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh and such. Every friend around me got the keys, even those who doesnt even play it. It breaks my heart everytime i see blizzard email on my mail and it’s just blizzcon/WoW/etc promotion or even just simple non-blizz related email as long as it’s new one in my inbox. I hope to win this giveaway, because I’ve been in countless giveaways to see how other people win and their joyful shouts over twitch chat. No luck for me. Even if i’m not going to be picked at least someone else will be and that, even if it breaks my heart a little, it also brings some joy, because at least someone else who waited and hoped for this will get it and enjoy this awesome game. Cheers guys, good luck to everyone :)

  • João

    just comment for trying a key for one of the best games ^^

  • Dirk Zuber-Goos

    I would really love a Hearthstone Key, Blizzard is by far my favourite Computergame Company, I own every Blizzard game starting from lost vikings. I finally want to be able to get back to my early World of Warcraft Days, and play Hearthstone. Thank you very much 😀

  • Johan Ehrencrona

    Would love to get a key :)

  • Alex

    I would like to win a key because I’ve seen my friend play it and I want to prove to him that I would be better at it. He won’t let me play on his account. It’s time to show him how it’s done 😉

  • James Enright

    Been trying for a key for months now. Opt-in, giveaways, nothing really seems to be going my way. Hopefully, I can turn my luck around right here.

    As to why I should get one? Because if I happen to get a key, I plan to pay it forward. If I get an opt-in this time, or win another giveaway, I’ll pass any extra keys along to someone else.

  • HansOtto28

    Like many others I registrated a long time ago for the opt in and ever since I participated in every giveaway i could find, but it wasn’t to be. Eventhough I’m still trying as hard as on day one I’m getting a little depressed thinking about open beta starting after blizzcon. If I would have to wait that I could not enjoy HS at all, due to the fact that my final exams will take place soon after. So I hope you can gibe me a little funtime with this great game before i have to concentrate on the exams. :)

  • Xervier

    When i first saw footage of this game i fell for it. I have been registered for the Blizzard opt-ins but I have not gotten a key from them yet. I have tried almost every giveaway site or stream etc that I have come across. Still no luck.
    I hope that I atleast have a chance here. Thanks

  • Marcus Aleksander Renshusløkke

    I logged on to Eu.battle.net and found a big freaking door, the doors name was Hearth and it was made out of stone, it was freaking huge and had a little key hole. i have searched for months for a key and i could not find it, but now i see that there is 300 for give away right here!? i need one so i can get this door open and see what is on the inside of this door.

  • Simon

    I’m not gonna lie guys. I just want the GOD DAMN code -.-

  • Eduardo Graça

    give me a key

  • Daniele Donsuso

    I would like to get a key! I like rexxaaaaar :)

  • Lucas Raaf

    An other chance appears, for us to take.
    To play the game that kept us awake.
    A couple of months I signed up for the key,
    but the Blizzard mail I could not see.

    My friend got one, and that brings much joy.
    But why does he get this gamer’s toy?
    All I want is to play this game.
    Not being able to is such a shame.

    So all I ask from you,
    is let this little comment pass through.

  • TK

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Give me a HS key
    And i’ll love you long time

  • Damyan Momchev

    I’ve been a fan of TCG for a very long time. I started following Hearthstone ever since the first streams came up live on twitch. Even though I have tried many different contest and giveaways I still haven’t been able to win a key. My friends are playing and sometimes sharing their screens or streaming for me so we can discuss moves, decks and strategies together but the fact that I still don’t own the game is quite unpleasant. It would mean the world to me to receive a beta key, if I don’t I’ll understand. There’s many in the exact same situation as me and I’m just one of them all.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • zebhartio

    I’m subordinated to this key, i need it to live, please, for my life.

  • DrGero

    I would appreciate a key so that i can relax playing this game after a hard day at work.

  • Alessandro Miele

    Make my heart of stone!

  • AncientTree

    You probably do not choose me, because there are a lot better comments, but if by some miracle I was able to bring to your attention, I would ask you to choose me. I would love to play the Heathstone this is a great game and I can not wait for the release (or though Open Beta)

  • Whizark

    I should get one simply because ive been waiting for 4-5 months.

  • Frederik Van den Houdt

    I have a poem that describes about 99 % of people posting on this page :

    Waiting waiting always waiting
    Waiting for your Love
    Waiting for your true Friendship
    Waiting waiting always waiting…

    We love each other
    We hate each other
    From my side it’s true
    But what about you…? ? ?

    Waiting waiting,
    Always waiting.

  • Ryuzaki

    I wonder…. If i can get a hearhstone beta key!

  • Zerneas

    Um I’m not going to lie I just want to play this game SOOO much so yea gimme key make my dreams come true and uh yea pineapples kthxbai :3

  • Andrew

    My kingdom for a Key!

  • idontwantakey

    you know what, don’t even give me a hearthstone key. loljokes. GIVE ME A KEY PLEASE :'(

  • Amadeus

    I would be most grateful! 😀

  • Dennis

    My Blizzard optin was deactivated somehow :( This makes me a very sad Panda (+2/+2). I’ll promise to send you cookies for a key! Realy…..honestly. Panda’s honour!

    Besides! November 10th is my birthday! ^_^

  • Gekko

    Check email.
    No, close it, there isn’t a beta key there
    Open it again just to make sure
    Oh, still no…
    Did you check the spam folder?
    What if there was a mess up and the email key was called “Free Credit Reports” accidentally
    Better make sure
    Oh big surprise
    Ten minutes later, better check again just in-case they sent out a key

  • Māris

    Because i won’t try to come up with a bunch of lies or sad stories to get a key.

  • David armstrong


  • Sasori

    Wanna hear a joke:
    My sex life..

    Hearhstone pleasee!

  • Evochill

    Well I will say that I have been waiting for over 4 months to get a key. Watched over 60 hours of streams, entered countless giveaways. But lots of people are the same as me. So I’m just happy for who ever wins and hope they can enjoy the game as much as I would.

  • Wotan

    Hit me up with that key

  • Michael Burger

    Would love a beta key :) thanks for doing this!

  • Lewis

    One key to rule them all. One key to find them. One key to bring them all and in the darkness bind them to Hearthstone.

  • Sonix

    I just failed exams, failed my promotion series on league of legends, failed the exam for my driving licence, almost all my friends have a key and I’m still begging everywhere for a single key to share their joy. Please brighten up my period of bad luck ! I beg you..

  • Tastycatnip

    Long time MTG player, I have been waiting weeks for my beta key!
    Been watching Hearthstone streams every day and I know the game/cards really well now.
    I check my email 3 times a day but still no key..
    I would appreciate it so much if you could give me one! Thanks for doing this, I’m sure the majority of other posters are in the same situation as me.

  • AwesomeKoolio

    My parents have been take hostage and I need to get a key to defeat someone so they will give me the money I need to free them. PLZ I WANT TO SEE MY PARENTS AGAIN!!! Ha JK LOL I just want a key :3

  • Vincent Legend

    I should get a hearthstone key because I’m an awful rotten traitor of a man.

    Now hear me out I’m not a selfish person but when I got the key from blizzard in a fit of adventure I used it for myself instead of giving it to one of my many CCG loving friends. I really like the game but I must find redemption

    I could really use a friend to play with.

  • Gerhard Kruiger

    Guys im locked in my room, need a key!!!

  • MrHearth

    I’ve been watching streams for the past month and man can I not wait to get my hands on a key myself. This game is how WoW kicks out magictcg from the video game market! such a great product even in it’s beta phase. Good Luck everybody! See you in the arena!

  • shlepky

    To ask for one or not to ask for one… That is the question. I’m asking for one.

  • Kim Bo Rasmussen

    To give me something more interesting to do during chemistry lectures 😉

  • Tamir Ibrahim

    Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey. But most importantly, key for my hearthstone!

  • IWantHearthstoneKey

    LIke everyone else I too want a key so um yea pick me :3

  • Kevin H. Winther

    Been wanting a key since closed beta release, but i also wanted to play battlefield 4 but that shit crashes 24/7!! help me Hearthstone!!!

  • AntonHansenTammsaare .

    ive been looking for a key for a month, pls be my hero :)

  • SargentSwiggy

    not more important than anyone else i want a beta key so i can enjoy one of the best TCGs ever made as a gamer and fan of Warcraft and its lore it is only natural i should have a key ! GL everyone

  • Brandon Demeria

    Will divorce wife for beta key.

  • Jerko Mikulic

    My 5 friends got a key and only I haven’t so it would be nice if I could play with them.

  • icedandreas

    I need a key, so i can beat my friends.

  • sobolok

    It’s a 13th giveaway I’m entering, should be a lucky one.

  • Steve Fairweather

    I’d like one please, plus I have the support of barnyard friends.

  • Taco Belmont

    My kingdom for Hearthstone key.

  • Markus Mühle

    I have been a TCG fan for a long time. So far Hearthstone is the only TCG that promises to deliver everything I have ever wanted from a TCG. I just can’t wait till I finally get a key!

  • Rico Blaere

    I really wana get my hands on a beta key already!
    Can’t wait any longer to play this game, it’s torturing…
    Checking e-mails every day only to get an e-mail from blizzard, getting all hyped up! Oh wait.. it’s just for Blizzcon..FUCK!!

  • Chris Pargeter

    Like many other students at this time of the semester, stress kicks in and we can do nothing but drown our streess in vast ammounts of booze, save a poor young man’s money (and liver) and gives me a beta key :)

  • Zeeby

    ‘Cause I’m in the same boat as the other betakey gatherers! I have just not managed to harvest one yet D:

  • jakob

    jaokb se thes

  • Roffe Hoffa

    Give me the key to your heart(h).

  • thesounds

    Hearthstone is a game that i’m very interested in. i aways loved MTG but never could play it. But now i really want to play Hearthstone. This game looks amazing and i check everyday to see if i won a beta key but everyday i’m left disappointed like everyone else here =/. anyway, i don’t think luck is on my side but i though i would give a try to win a key :)

  • Joe Hogan


  • gno

    I need one!

  • Kw

    Thank you for giveaway! I really liked heartstone since i first heard about it and it would be great to try it out :D.

  • Trolluen

    i would defenetly enjoy wasting my time with hearthstone…just a matter of time till i sell my soul, might as well sell it sooner then later

  • Arran Paice

    I Want a key because honestly Hearthstone is the ONLY game i’ve ever fully wanted to come out, the only game that’s actually grabbed my attention, and i’d love a chance to play it (: also i really wan’t to stream it haha (: thanks for doing the giveaway mate whoever you choose.

  • Alex Hillbom

    I’m stuck in limbo (inception like) and I’ve been hunting for almost a 100 years now!
    There’s no key to be found in this dreamland of mine. Please help me get back to reality!

  • Grifwich

    What are they for?
    Sure, they’re fruit.
    But what is a fruit?
    Do we classify them scientifically, writing them off simply by their appearance?
    Do we think of them only for our own gain, our own sustenance, thinking only of ourselves?
    Do we merely attach a name to an ephemeral concept of a glucose-enriched seed-shell, the byproduct of vigorous tree sex?
    Is the name “apricot” really just a way of coping with our own inability to understand the world, to deal with the inadequacies of our perceptive abilities, to understand the true nature of objects? Is an apricot a metaphor for the human condition?
    Well, I can think of another way to cope with my own lack of understanding of the universe.
    I could play Hearthstone all day.
    Please– A beta key for inner peace.

  • Carlos Osorio

    Might as well give it a try!

  • Lord Dyses


  • Mate Ggavds

    please key

  • Robson

    I need get lucky with the other 199 keys, there are many good reviews.
    Good Luck.

  • Fotis Kyriakou

    Nobody is prepared.,……..But me

  • James

    So pretty much I just want to scream “YOU FACE JARAXXUS” at my computer screen.

  • Calastor

    Everyday we wonder through these empty streets to find that small bit of happiness. The thing that can make us happy. The small bit of sunlight in our dark days. The mindblowing sensation of finding new hope, new adventures, new friends. All of this can come from 1 single change in our lifes….
    Ofcourse i’m talking about…

    Getting a girlfriend! But seeing that can take a while let’s just start with a game of Heartstone!!

  • juress

    I want my enemies to face the eredar lord of the Burning Legion!

  • Chillax

    I don’t want a PS4 or Xbox One, all I want is a Hearthstone Beta Key. It will make my day! 😀

  • Carlos Fernandes

    I want a Beta key cause “Leeeeeeroooooooooooyyyyyyyy Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins” that’s why!

  • Temoos

    Choo Choo betatrain coming right at you! Give me a key so u can ride me!

  • Jerko Mikulic

    pls key

  • Daniel Kavanagh

    I really, really want one. Oh god please!

  • Bjarne

    I should get a Hearthstone key so my brother stops making fun of me cause he has gotten one ! :-( 😀

  • rebalgames .

    I wan’t a key because hearthstone seems like a really enjoyable game, and all of these other peoples sucking up aside i honestly just wan’t to play it because it looks like loads of fun :/

  • Steve morning

    hey ty

  • James Cubed

    I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career of gaming. Skills that make me a nightmare for players like you. If you give me a key now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you in the arena, I will not pursue you in any match. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will clear your board.

  • ExtraCitrus

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This game is too awesome
    Here´s a beta key for you!

  • Igi Tuzon

    ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE BETAKEY! TY <3

  • Mate Vilac

    please key

  • Folio

    I actually came back from time to prevent future HearthStone champion from conquering the Earth. I must stop him now!

  • Slayer


  • Aisling

    My boyfriend’s already better at these sort of card games than me (Magic: The Gathering for instance) and we’ve both been trying to get a key for ages now… but he got one last week and has been playing it non-stop. If I don’t get a key soon I’ll never have a chance at getting good enough to even be good competition, let alone beat him ever.

    Please. He keeps rubbing it in my face a little too… >.>

  • Emil Fenenko

    Been a fan of blizzard games for a long ass time and this one looks like the best of them yet, due to the different approach.

  • Lillan

    My computer is terribly out-of-date. It can’t handle any of the new games that are out, and I’m too poor to afford a new computer. I just want to play something that doesn’t require a lot of computer power…

  • cheese

    Donate a key to the “save the f5 key” charity here.

  • Evgeny Mihaylov

    I would like the key becouse i very very like this game)

  • Mandelmassan

    This is jsut something that will raise my hopes a little of playing hearthstone before release, though for me it always ends in dissapointment 😛 please give me a key..

  • Oddne Brandsøy

    Keys given, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until I get my key. I shall buy no code, steal no key, use no bots. I shall use no multiple accounts and loose my honour. I shall live and die at my keyboard. I am the mouse in the darkness. I am the watcher of the reddit posts. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that searches the giveaways, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of keys. I pledge my life and honor to the Keys Watch, for this night and all nights to come.

  • Cristian Castelló

    I need one, my girlfriend has one and she will get better than me at the game :c

  • Simon LF

    Just wait a long time….and long time

  • Lim Kok Yee

    Been watching streams of kripp to trumpsc to hafu to ek0p to elohime and still hoping I could make good use with all the stream observing experience whenever I got myself a key!

    Meh doesn’t seem convincing enough. Here it goes: I would get myself stone gazed and heartstrucked just to beg for a key! 😀

  • Miles Spaceboots

    To be honest I just really wanna play the game like tons of other people out there I’ve been opted in since day 1 with no luck so far in that regard. Been playing TCG/CCG’s throughout my childhood and love them. From what I’ve seen from the likes of Trump and others the game looks like a ton of endless fun. Just wanna say good luck to everyone trying for a key like myself!

  • Jonhard Hansen

    Because i’ve been putting myself into every single embarrassing situation since the closed beta release, to get a key. And as eveyrone else inhere, i never got one. PLease i beg you end my pain.

  • Fenryl Lucas

    I want a key because i don’t have one.

  • unlife94 .

    because i said please.

  • gsdadgsgdas

    key key key pls

  • Cristi Damian

    You are not prepared… to receive so many comments!

  • Marin

    well,i signed up for beta when the game was annouced and didnt really had any hopes in getting a key,but then i saw that actually many ppl from my country(Croatia)has won a key and my hope is back,to play hearthstone one day,maybe,if i get a key. :)

  • Bilge

    I would leave a smart comment here but I only know how to play video games.

  • Jay Jang

    I love Hearthstone!!!

  • Scott

    Save me from being productive today, please!

  • Petter Rudbäck

    It feels like all my friends have a key and i have been trying to get one since the very start… :( so i would be very graefull if i got one :=)

  • Andrei Cofaru

    6 waves on europe,don’t even remember how many waves on usa,can’t stand it anymore

  • Mikkel Natorp

    If you pick me for the key, ill jump on a random horse, and ride into the sundset, with my laptop on my lap, and play Hearthstone with your wonderfull key! How can you not want to see that? 😀 no but really.. horssy and me would be gratefull to get a key! ohh and yeah.. I’m a boy!

  • gdsahabasdf

    OMG pls key

  • Chalachernaminato Valgosapinat

    I think i can write much about dat but as all others i relly wanna have a key to rape some asses :)

  • Miguel Arevalo

    Been wanting to play HS ever since this game was announced months ago

  • Tom Jeavons

    If I was Nat Pagle, and I had a 50/50 chance of winning a key with every contest I’ve entered… I’d still be empty handed.

    Ah well – I guess the Bonescale Snapper I caught earlier will suffice.


  • Zach Stephen

    Hey GamerHeadlines, I need a Hearth Stone Beta Key. Not for the same reason these other people want them though. I’m a Jedi and I train Padawans, I want to use Hearthstone to help teach my Padawans about strategy. Currently, they only have monopoly and risk. While these are both great board games, Hearthstone will teach them how to vanquish their foes while sharpening their minds like knives through butter.

    Thanks for your time, Gamer Headlines, please help us, you’re our only hope!

  • Hearthstonepro

    Gief Key plx

  • pauljoost

    Every morning I wake up, hoping that the torment will end.
    The endless waiting..and waiting… But the moment never comes.
    Can you release me from this pain, simply by sending me a code, the code to end this.

  • Dasper

    Been participating in about 80-90 giveaways now, im just commenting for the random 199 keys since i don’t know anything origional anymore ._.

  • gdsfajjercas

    keys everywhere

  • Hayden Sigal

    When I was younger, I would play WoW and hours and days would melt away as I lost myself in a beautiful world. Now I have “responsibilities” and “a job” and I desperately long to experience that again, this time with trading cards with cute pictures! please grant me my wish :)

  • Emanuel

    Give me heartstone because om so edgy

  • bestestPenis

    My pennis is 13cm so with HS beta key it will be more then 16cm Kappa

  • Tommy Michaud

    I love hearthstone, i want to play!

  • Rojo


  • Matthew

    I just want a key :(

  • htrwhzwbtv

    lol give me key

  • Alex

    Heathstone is pretty much the only Game I never played and pretty sure know nearly all of it already though. (Thank you Internet…).. xD
    Please let me get my hands on it so I can prove myself wrong.

  • Rivery

    I really enjoy card games and love Warcraft and I want to be a part of community as early as possible. That’s why I need a key.

  • Dominik

    random comment passing by.

  • m1ndshaker

    i deserve it because……………. The game is AWESOME 😀 i cant think anything else all the time

  • João Oliveira

    Cause I must beat TrumpSC, it’s written in the stars

  • Jon

    I’ve had to use a friend’s account to play hearthstone on and I am so addicted that I have spent over 20 dollars just buying packs and arena on his account. I would love for my own account so I can start building up my own deck for after beta.

  • lovrinjo8

    I should get the key because i have been trying for months every day for 5-6 hours on the net for giveaways , i am crazy about this game and i am on twitch every day to try to get it , facebook,twitter…. tried it all just so unlucky .PLS PICK ME

  • Fuzzy Woozie

    The reason I would like a Hearthstone beta key is because all of my friends have one. And I would like to hold competitions with my friends. :)

  • gasghgrew

    key op

  • Santiago Fernandez

    All my friends have hearthstone, the game is awesome, and I’m dying while waiting for the opt in… That’s the truth.

  • yum999

    This would be perfect present for my girlfriend birthday :)

  • Nordy

    I’ve been sick with Chronic Lyme Disease for about a decade. I’m 21. I’ve been unable to attend school or work. I’ve been on treatment for over a year now. Games are a great way to pass the time and get through the day.

    I’ve always been interested in trying a TCG like Magic, but having to buy physical cards and having people to play with was a turn off for me. I got really excited when I first saw Hearthstone. It just LOOKED fun to play. I’d love to have the opportunity to play this game before it is officially released.

  • Justin Levine


  • Tsyvatsok

    Because right now nothing else would work on my broken PC except Hearthstone :(

  • stefan husth pedersen

    GIEF KEY Kappa

  • Lor Madigan

    Paladin, Priest and Shaman oh my! I want out of Narnia and in to Hearthstone :)

  • disqus_N9KUUGkKY7

    I just spent all night on my friends computer playing. I would love to actually earn cards on my own account!

  • Murt

    I’m a grad student, with little time on my hands. I used to play Starcraft II to get my competitive fix, but I can’t quite manage my time to be able to play as much at the level I want to. Hearthstone will fill that niche perfectly for me.

  • Vakma

    If you guys give me a key my gffriendsfamilyfuture will never, ever, ever forgive you

  • Duran Fortune

    I haven’t been this excited since the Diablo 3 release. All of my friends are playing.

    Don’t leave me all alone in Barrens chat… :-(

  • Anton Barkovsky

    If the next statement is false, I deserve a key.

  • George Michel

    I have been playing warcraft games since WC2! I was like 10 then still loving the warcraft games can never quit! would love to play this game too gimme a shot mang!

  • Atlas

    I’ve already grown my gamer beard and dumped my girlfriend in preparation for this!

  • gycklarn


  • drlech

    I’m checking my e-mail pretty frequently. Recently I log in and I see mail from Blizzard – I’m soooo excited and hyped and when I actually looked at it… it’s just Blizzcond ad… and still no key. Aaaaand all of my friends are already playing.

  • Xallert

    Blizzard stole my will to live and put it in Hearthstone, I want it back ;(

  • Carlos Henrique

    Thanks for doing this

  • braincrash

    “Insert the greatest comment ever made here”.

  • Harlow

    Because… You get a mill house. Ill get a millhouse. Every 1 gets a millhouse manastorm!

  • Crye

    This is an awesome comment.

  • SkorcherX

    Been dying to get my hands on this. Been watching twitch streams everyday.

  • HeartbreakStone

    I, like many of the 1600+ people already here are desperate for a key, and I know you will do your best to distribute these keys to those who are in the most dire need for them. I just wish my desperation will shine through this message.. Oh Hearthstone, what you do to me..

  • Marlon

    I can’t stop thinking about this game since I discovered it !! I participate in all giveaways that I see, and still nothing.. I simply don’t have luck …

    This game is awesome, it’s something new, fun and strategic, something you don’t need to spend lots of money to get better at, but only play and understand the game..

    Maybe luck ‘ll be on my side today ? Let’s find out ;D

  • Paradon

    I cleaned out the dirtiest and most horrifying corners of my brain in the search for a smart and witty comment, but I only found a bunch of horrible pictures of bears and dead bears. On the bright side, I found a bunch of thanks for you guys if I could get a key, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. Sorry, that’s all of them!

  • John Crave

    I already have hearthstone

  • Eric

    Because I always lose at this sort of game. But I’m cool about it. Everyone loves a friendly loser, give me a key and I’ll go lose to other beta members :)

  • Heart-stone combo-disease

    I have cardiovascular disease and kidney stones. I am probably not going to last too long. Cardiovascular disease is a disease of the heart(h), and kidney stones, well, you know…
    I feel a need to play this game, as my heart-stone combo-disease is going to kill me in a not very long time. I need help.

  • Fredrik Folkesson

    Because the game just seems so god damned fun! 😀
    (I dont know if i’ve already posted here)

  • Michael B. Laursen

    Roses a red,
    Violets are blue.
    I don’t have a key.
    Please give me one.

  • Kieran712

    Always worth a try, the opt in waves have beat my optimism so far down its started at the top again!

  • Hans

    I’m not a fun guy, I’ll try my luck this way!


    November 10th.. that day, at the edge of our hope, at the end of the selection time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but the RNG gods. There is not a man nor woman in here that will stand alone. Not anymore. Now we face the monster that is the Blizzard selection process at our door and bring them to the fight. November 10th, WE ARE CANCELLING THE HEARTHSTONE BETA KEY APOCALYPSE.
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ so raise them beta keys and let me in ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.

    (all original content)

  • Skim

    Well, I probably deserve this key as much as the next guy – for the simple reason that I want to play it. There’s nothing that sets me or anyone else apart – we all want to play this game. I don’t think that writing how much I want it actually conveys the truth, so I’ll leave it at: Good Luck to everyone!

  • Gábor Juhász

    pick me

  • Mammam987

    My boyfriend and I met playing games together, as time has gone on, we’ve lost games to play together. He just doesn’t like LoL anymore and I suck at Dota too much to play with him. Then he got his Hearthstone Beta Key and I sat patiently waiting for mine, but it hasn’t come yet. He really loves MTGO but I can’t afford to play it, so Hearthstone is the perfect game to be able to bond over again.

  • Sansi

    Heart of the keys!

  • André Escudero

    I should win the Beta key because.

  • Patrik Grefstad

    Hello! Hearthstone just looks really good and i am really interested. It would really make a dream come true if i would receive a key. Thanks for having this giveaway and best of luck to all those who receive a key! (do not know if i have posted here earlier.)

  • bongooh swendah

    Don’t really have a sob story, just an average guy waiting for this more than average game for what seems like an eternity.

  • Cory Dove

    My buddies have started playing and I want in on the action! Nothing better than gaming with your college friends after you’ve graduated!

  • Phenethylameanie

    Each day I lie in wait, my hopes both high and low,
    Checking my inbox in an effervescent haze,

    For a ripple off a much larger wave,

    But I still retain hope that one of these days,
    The tide will come in, along with it a new road paved.
    gib key pls

  • Funkysocks

    My roommate got a key, and he is really bad. I made a hunter deck on his account and he went 0-6 with the deck, he told me it was rubbish. To show him, i played my deck and went 6-1.

    If I get a key, I will truly show him humiliation of my clearly superior hearthstone play.

  • Dex

    Do you want to know why should I get key? I was trying so long to reach key, about a month 24/7. Then I finnaly won one key. But my friend had birthday I wanted to be good guy and good friend so I gave him that key. Now I just want to try this. I missed only one chance to win the key, actually I didn´t but I did a good choice, gave it to somebody and it was very nice see his face and hapinness. I´m just praying that i can reach another one for me :(

  • Zedus

    Why not? give me a key pls 😉

  • Bruno Costa Cruz

    I need to start HearthStone because this game is amazing!!

  • Roman0

    In hope of getting a key… may Nuffle the God of Dice be with me!

  • Robert Koczy

    Ever since I was little boy I was wandering what is wrong with me. Everyone treated me like a freak. When I was some about twelve years old kids started to call me: “hearthstone motherf*cker”. Since then I am trying to solve why I am so devoid of compassion. I am twenty now and I believe this game might help me.

  • Lucas

    Give the key PLX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raicov

    I want a key because since Hearthstone come out i got a ticket for the Hype Train.. Sadly all my friends got one key and now i’m here all alone waiting for a key ): I have 10 years+ of TCG experience and i want play the arena because after 10 year of TCG i think i never saw a game modality so balanced, where the skill > cash. Hoping to get a key gonna wait on the Hype Train (:

  • s3

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Please. Key. Want. Thank you.

  • lindexel

    Need dat key!

  • Piotr Br

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I suck at rhyming
    But you could potentially give me one of your keys because I want it so much.

  • Dylan Fayke

    Something something raise ur dongers

  • Nitzan Elbaz

    i dont think i should get a beta key more then the other people but ill be really happy if ill get one.

  • chiefsparten

    I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!

  • Joshua Si

    Guten Tag! Grüszie I am a bavarien my english isnt very good i trade a brezel for a key? Do we have a deal?

  • Patrick

    I need it to practice the combat sport of the future.
    Like this and send me a key for me to explain.

  • Megastary

    I should get the key, because I am… uhh.. just another of these sad months for keys looking guys, unsuccesfully :( Good luck everyone tho :)

  • Sebastian Frederiksen

    I would give my left kidney for a beta key!!! 😀

  • Karol Wolf 

    I’m not an emotional girl so I will just post this comment, wait patiently with hope and won’t beg in any case for a key… won’t beg… for a… won’t cry…

    Omg… please TTATT

  • danielisme94

    Give me a key please!!!! or I will find you….. and I will kill you (ill be the one who knocks)

  • Charlie Lim

    Hearthstone beta keys are like fish AI to me… they’ve always moved away when I get close :(

  • Iamwizardirl

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Hearthstone Key ,please!

  • Micha

    I get this beta key or this cute puppy sitting near me will die

  • Kawjiryu

    Because i waste all my time watching hearthstone streams and listening to my friends talk about how much fun the game is while im the only one without a key.

  • Kibbi

    I need a key so I could play with my fiance who is 5k miles away from me :)

  • Gentleman’s Club

    I would absolutely love a key for hearthstone! I think that I deserve a key because I absolutely love these kinds of games (MTG etc) and this one looks amazing :). Also…

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give HEARTHSTONE

  • wtf

    Make my life complete. Please.

  • trogg

    I’d like a key please.

  • Frederik Duiveman

    Can’t wait to start collecting the cards, haven’t read the flavor text as i’m looking forward to reading it every time i get a new card 😀

  • Yosi

    I am a loyal player of blizzard, I have a long experience of the game, I can help them debug, and have fun.
    I have tried many ways to get the serial number, so please give me a chance, thank you

  • Evgeniy

    I would pray for one who give me a key.
    Thank you.

  • v1rtuall

    I’ve been waiting for so long

  • Jonrobo

    I believe in the random Gods. Bless me with a key

  • Niall maxwell-thompson

    I should get a hearthstone key becuase if i dont lord jaraxxus eredar lord of the burning legion will not be happy and will flip all the tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Finchley

    Because when there is no more room in hell, the dead will rise and Hearthstone beta will be the only way to decide political leaders. I always wanted to be President.

  • Pshemko

    Everyone want key, i want too.

  • Fraser Weir

    I should get a beta key because I had a vision last night that the Queen of England stepped down her throne during a busy day and demanded it.

  • Nicolas Crider

    I wish I could tell you that I have a disease that will kill me before Hearthstone goes [open] beta. Unfortunately I’m just a normal bored dude waiting on a game because he loves TCG’s. Hearing about adventures from friends can be saddening. Anyway, I wish I had a more original story, but unfortunately, I do not. Thanks for doing the giveaway and congrats to whoever gets it.

  • Rui

    I should get a key because i dont have one! and because i have been looking for so long! and because i never win any giveaway! and because i have been dying for a key! pretty much please! To all the gods pick me and make a MAN happy! :)

  • TrickOfHat

    because it’s heartstone

  • Silenth Silz

    i want to play

  • Tiago Pinto

    I should get a key ’cause I need it mommy!

  • Husum

    Hey, i would love a HS key. Been participating in a shitton of streams and giveaway but still havn’t been able to play this awesome game :/

  • iPas

    Been playing card type game since forever, games like yugioh, can’t wait to play this one! But no e-mail from blizzard so far :/

  • Eduard

    a beta key would make my day

  • Panagiwtis Garoufos

    gimme one key i beg you!! i am checking my e mail for like a month like crazy plz!!

  • Evgeny Lugniev

    i want this key because
    roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    everyone plays

  • Søren

    Me and my brother have been following this game from day one, would LOVE a key so please send one!=)

  • Bruno Aguiar

    Well i would really like this key i’ve been waiting for ever, if you guys could help me i would also have a slight chance to go pro

  • Charlie

    I WANT TO WIN. But if I don’t…

  • Kyle

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give BETAKEY

  • Max

    All of my friends are playing this truly awesome game and I really want to play it as well :o)

  • Kim

    ಥ ̯ ಥ can i pls hev… beta…. key pls ಥ﹏ಥ sumtime… nid to fid femily… pls blizzerd pls …. ಥ ̯ ಥ

  • Tijs

    And I have upvoted on reddit ( Ophiy ) and since only 79 upvotes atm and so many comments. I am surely worth a key 😀
    no other cool games around.

  • Robert Wróbel

    i play a lot in warcraft 3 and i love dota pls give me that key

  • Katrina Loui

    I’d like a key, because I don’t have one yet ;( I’d love to play with my friends!

  • Vido

    I have a burning passion for collectible card games and I will not sleep until a key has been earnt so I can play the shit out of this.

  • Ben Jones

    Thought I opted in for beta ages ago, turns out it didn’t register :(, been waiting ages for a key

  • GuyWhoReallyWantsHearthstone

    As the name may suggest, I am indeed a guy who really wants Hearthstone. Just sayin’.

  • Hoberdan

    Hu3 Hu3 Br Br Br

  • Brian Kirst

    I am a spammer robot.

  • Ron Mayers

    I should get a beta key just because

  • Grzegorz

    Just to have fun! Maybe i dont deserve a key, because im not fanatic follower of warcraft universe, i only spend 6 years playing World of Warcraft (i now, its a shame:( ), but i just want to spend nice time playing with and defeating (I hope!) my friends. :) Thanks!

  • Tynivictus

    Why should I get a hearthstone beta key?

    Because I asked, so please?

  • Necrorrior

    Give me that key please.. I love card games and I can’t stand waiting for Hearthstone realese. :)

  • Vondoomed

    Wouldn’t mind a key please and thank you

  • Darktemplar4me

    I have a good feeling about my luck on November 10th!

  • AvoX

    I think everyone will agree with me that sitting on youtube/twitch and watching people play this awesome game and already know all the cards from every hero while still not owning the game just sucks. I wish the best of luck to everyone who doesn’t have one yet :)

  • Nivalen

    I like to fuck dogs and Hearthstone helps me do that everyday

  • John

    yu gib key now i raport u

  • Kosta van der Bij

    most of my gaming friends got a beta key allready (5 of my friends) so im just watching them playing on skype when we split screen :(. so i will just play with them and have fun :DDD

  • RupertDanson

    Only reason I can think of is that it’s my birthday today…

  • Péter Boda

    Get lucky!

  • TroyDsX

    welp xD honestly , i jsut wanna play the game already xD
    even had a dream of me playing it , so sad when i woke up xD

  • Riley Beale

    It’s sad that some of my students have gotten into the beta before me, what’s a English teacher in Korea meant to do at the end of the day :(.

    *refreshes email once an hour*

  • Dan Nema

    A friend of mine with cancer and a dead brother needs the key. Being able to play Hearthstone is what might make him not suicide.

  • Gustav Leander

    Spending hours a day looking through the reddits for new key giveaways, oh wait, here is one! 😀

    I might be able to soon build an amazing druid deck that I’ve checked around and watched youtube videos for and slay some OP priest people! =D

    Good luck all of you, we all want this key probably equally as much. ;D

  • Guest

    My mind is controlled by this game

  • Karvamasa

    Rectagator is an alligator what lives in anus. It’s very dangerous and hard to get rid off!

  • Keil0l

    I’m waiting since release of closed beta and im still waiting : D

  • Ramlevy15

    I came
    I saw
    I conquered.

  • zown

    I should get a hearthstone key because i was a nice boy all year and christmas is coming. So gamerheadlines confirm what i said with santa and sent me a key please. God bless you all guys and good luck 😀

  • Richard Hill

    Look at your key, now back to me, now back at your key, now back… to me.

    Sadly, it’s not my key. But it could be, if you were kind enough to give it to me.

    Look back at your key, the key is now good karma. It’s all because you want to give it to me, the man your key could be with.

  • fatjack2b

    I keep getting good ideas for comments, but then out of the blue comes Anduin to use thoughtsteal and use my awesome comments to claim beta keys in front of my eyes.

    So needless to say, I need a beta key so I can beat Anduin up in his own game, and I’ll be like:”might over magic ya dingus”.

  • Tuck Soo



  • Quazzl

    Plz pick me

  • failu


  • Hiviel

    i would like a beta key because then i can finaly start streaming the game and become super mega famous and make aliving out of it 😛

  • Xuso B

    I want this beta key because I’m a Blizzard games’ gamer and I will be very happy if I get it :)

  • Krueger

    I’d like a key!

  • Razik

    would be great to actualy be able to play, i mean watching streams is fun but i really wish i would be the one playing.

  • Varska

    Hmm, witty comment.
    NOPE. BetA Key PlS!11!1

  • Eyal

    Hello, My name is Eyal Dassa and i’m from Israel.

    Iv’e been waiting for a key at the opt-in waves for 4 month now and even at my birthday i didn’t got one :(

    for the last 4 month (as soon as I heard of the game) I instantly started watch streams of it and trying to understand the characters and how to play.

    I stopped playing league (league of legends) as much as i played before, I started to watch only hearthstone streams. Every one says that the “hype” is over. But mine is not. I’m still trying to get a key and i’m still trying to win giveaways. but winning giveaways are extremely difficult and the chances are low.

    David pls

  • Krzysztof Smoliński

    A bitter M:TG vet needs key to b*tch about “kids these days”.

  • Artorias

    The key to win is Pacience – Yoda

  • Angel Contreras

    I wish there were still dinosaurs

  • randoomguy1 .

    As a owner of all blizzard games my very soul is in pain from the hearthburning sadness of me not having the blizzard game that judge my power on the strategical board on the wooden lands of a board. To decide my power on a playing field the same as chess masters decide it on. For me that would be the greatest honor of them all, to not be able to use this burning passion in my chest is trully, trully sad.

  • Fran

    Every day, I look at my email. Always I hope to get it, but no. Never there is a ………. beta key. I WANT IT. TY gamerheadlines.com 😀

  • Kristian Valur Laursen

    I do hope i get a key <3
    I've been waiting so long

  • Jeremy George

    I have watched 300 hours of hearthstone streams and I’m slowly dieing each hour i watch without playing. Please all i ask is for a key :(

  • Mojachiee

    Roar Hearthstone!

    I would really like a key, just as everyone else would.

  • Luna Olivia Lei