A New Glitch in GTA Online: Money for Nothing!

By Satyendra Mishra – 22nd October 2013
TA 5 online players have found a new glitch in the game which has something to do with the reselling of in-game vehicles over and over. The cheating tactic will give each player virtually infinite amounts of money. The GTA online money glitch can be exploited by using a Pegassi Bati vehicle.

The GTA Online Money Glitch

The Pegassi Bati motorcycle can be bought from SouthernSanAndreasSuperAutos.com. The user should upgrade it as much as possible in Los Santos Customs and play GTA 5 Online through Invite Only Sessions. In order to make unlimited amounts of GTA online money, the player should visit Los Santos Customs again when he logs online, pause the game, open the Xbox Games Store and immediately exit the game. His character will be respawned in Los Santos Customs without the vehicle which can be found parked somewhere else. After finding the motorcycle and driving back to Los Santos Customs, the user should repeat the pausing and exiting procedure. The player will be respawned with the motorcycle. He should drive back to the same place, sell the vehicle and do the pause-restart sequence once more. The sell with bring a good deal of GTA online money and can be repeated with other vehicles of any type.

Are Unfair Gamers About to Be Banned?

According to some rumors, Rockstar Games took action against gamers who exploit in-game glitches and cheat their ways to the top of the scoreboards. Eskimo Press reports that there are several people who have been banned from the game due to misconduct.

Money for Nothing as an Excuse 

 As an excuse for the problems that have occurred from the launch of the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer version, called Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online), Rockstar offers this month, half a million of GTA online money to all online players with no exception.

In order to maintain the economic balance of the game, the money will be received by players in two sequences of $ 250,000 each. The offer will be active until the end of the month. Rules to receive GTA online money from Rockstar:

• You must have played Grand Theft Auto Online in October 2013 in order to receive the $ 500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account.
• Players will need to install the 1.04 update to the game which is meant to correct the remaining problems.
• Each of the two deposits of $ 250,000 will be made automatically and will appear in the in-game bank accounts of the GTA Online players.