Fallout 4 Rumors – Making It More Interesting Than Ever

By Ivan Staraj – 30th October 2013
Fallout 4 Rumors – Making It More Interesting Than Ever

Fallout series has gained much popularity over the last couple of years because of Bethesda’s makeover of third part of this series in 2008. This series enjoyed continued support and huge fan following. Now its fourth version (Fallout 4) is ready to be released soon.

Though, the official release date of this game is announced but up till now there is no concrete information about the game. Therefore, rumors have been spreading in air about its features. Recently, GNR_informant, a Reddit user came forward with some gossips and information about Fallout 4. Information from GNR_informant might be unreliable because sources mentioned by him were without any verification. Though, news from him is unauthentic but still he’s was able to get huge following.

Rumors that are making Fallout 4 more interesting are as follows:

  1. Firstly, Fallout 4 is taking place in Boston or it is directly related to previous Fallout sequels with minor changes like few groups returning.
  2. Fallout 4 publishers have no plans in reinventing leveling up system for making it like Skyrim. They want to make it completely different because of similar complaints in Fallout 3 and Oblivion.
  3. Groups like Brotherhood of steel and super mutants are avoided in Fallout 4 because of their complaints in Fallout 3. There are rumors that a new race, centered in Boston might be used by Bethesda. Game publishers are looking for some lovecraftian fiction because Boston is present around “Love craft Country”.
  4. Androids will be playing a huge part in Fallout 4.
  5. “The institute” used with commonwealth sounds more like New Vegas or downtown DC but Boston will be completely changed from last Fallout sequels. Most probably there would be buildings on more pars with retro-futurism and cyberpunk.

Apart from above mentioned rumors, there is no official information available about Fallout 4 and fans are anxiously waiting for its release.